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What is Halo Diamond Engagement Ring?

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The Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is featured with a central diamond encircled by smaller halo diamonds or gemstones, the main goal of this ring is to make the centerpiece shine even more splendor. By creating stunning designs, we aim to make diamonds longer and more radiant. It has different shapes, sizes, and cuts, ranging from classic round brilliant to fancy shapesย  like oval, cushion, or pear.

The process typically begins with selecting the center stone, there are variety of option like round cut, cushion cut, oval cut etc. this center stone is securely surrounded with the small halo stones on side to highlight the brilliance of main stone.ย 

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Why do people like halo rings?ย 

People are attracted towards the halo rings because of its captivating allure and serval other attributes. The diamond halo setting popularityโ€™s stem from its ability to captivate the brilliance of central stone which appear larger and more radiant, this illusion of increased size and sparkles appeals to those seeking an elegant impactful design.

Halo rings offers a versatility in style, you can choose from different shapes and allowing personalization in designs from vintage to modern.understand the style and significance of halo engagement ring before purchasing diamond halo rings.Hence, the allure of halo rings lies in their visual appeal, adaptability, and symbolic representation of enduring commitment, making them a favored choice among many.ย 

What is best diamond shape for the halo rings ?ย 

Generally, Round and cushion cut diamond is mostly preferred choice among all diamond shapes due to its ability to maximize sparkle and complement of the halo ring. Letโ€™s explore in detail about the Different Shapes of Diamond which is best for halo rings:ย 

  1. Round Cut Diamond
  2. Cushion Cut Diamond
  3. Oval, Pear, and Emerald cut Diamond

Round Cut Diamond: The round cut diamond is known for its unparalleledย  brilliance it creates amazing look through its exceptional sparkle and fire, its symmetrical shape harmonize seemlessly with circular halo creating a classic and timeless look.ย 

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Cushion cut Diamond: it has rounded corners and larger facets enhance the stoneโ€™s brilliance and provide vintage charmย  that pairs with a halo setting. With its romantic and elegant appeal, The softened square shape complements the circular halo, resulting in a blend of sophistication and allure.

Oval, Pear, and Emerald cut Diamond: These fancy shapes also work exceptionally well in halo setting ring, offering a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. The enlongated contour of oval and pear shape, along with the sleek lines of emerald cuts, creatingย  a striking contrast with surrounding halo, adding a modernity and elegance. Ultimately, the "best" shape for a halo ring boils down to individual preferences, lifestyle, and the desired aesthetic. Each diamond shape brings its own charm, offering a diverse range of choices to suit various tastes, ensuring the halo setting enhances the stone's beauty and allure.

Pros and Cons of Halo Engagement Ring:ย 

Pros of Halo Engagement Ring: Halo engagement rings offer an exquisite blend of elegance and allure. Their captivating design, featuring a central diamond encircled by smaller stones, enhances brilliance and creates a timeless, dazzling appeal.letโ€™s understand the advantage of halo engagement ring in more depth:ย 

  • Enhanced Brilliance: The halo setting amplifies the sparkle and perceived size of the central diamond, adding a captivating allure to the ring.
  • Added Protection: Surrounding smaller stones provide a protective buffer for the main diamond against potential damage.
  • Versatile Design: Accommodates various diamond shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of style choices to suit individual preferences.
  • Illusion of Size: Creates an illusion of a larger center stone, providing an impactful look while being cost-effective.
  • Symbolic Significance: Beyond aesthetics, the halo can symbolize eternal love and unity, adding sentimental value to the ring

Cons of Halo Engagement Ring: The cons of halo diamond engagement rings are subjective and depend on individual preferences. Some considerations include:

  • Maintenance: The smaller stones in the halo setting might require more frequent cleaning due to potential dust or dirt accumulation.
  • Cost and Complexity: A halo setting can increase the overall cost of the ring due to the additional smaller stones and intricate craftsmanship.
  • Style Preference: While many appreciate the added sparkle, some individuals might prefer a simpler or more minimalistic design without the surrounding halo.
  • Center Stone Size: The halo setting might visually overpower a smaller center stone, affecting its perceived size compared to a ring without a halo.
  • Trend Dependence: As with any fashion trend, preferences might change over time, and the halo style might become less favored in the future.

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Types of Halo Engagement Ring:ย 

Halo engagement ring are featured with central stone surrounded by smaller stone resembling a halo. This stone symbolize the brilliance of center stone, creating illusion of larger diamond. Here are a different types of halo engagement ring :

  1. Single Haloย 
  2. Double Haloย 
  3. Hidden Halo
  4. Pave Halo
  5. Colored Gemstone Haloย 
  1. Single Halo : this classic style which have one halo encircling the stone, adds elegant and sparkle to ring.ย 
  1. Double Halo : this style offers a more dramatic and glamorous look with two coordinated rings with smaller stones around a center stone.ย 
  1. Hidden Halo : In this style halo isnโ€™t visible from the top view it adds sparkle and faint look to ring.ย 
  1. Pave Halo : Tiny diamonds set closely together cover the haloโ€™s surface, providing continuous shimmer and maximizing sparkle.ย 
  1. Colored Gemstone Halo: Instead diamonds, colored gemstones like sapphire or rubies encircle the center, adding vibrancy and uniqueness to the design.ย ย 

There are many designs and shapes in engagement ring, you can customize engagement ring as per your dream jewelry by choosing best style and diamond cuts you prefer.

Best Halo Engagement Ringsย ย 


Banner showing the front view of double halo engagement ringย Emerald cut halo ring with green color center stoneย Pear Engagement Ring in rose gold metal band with halo diamondsย Product link of cushion cut engagement ring with blue center stone surronding halo diamondsย criss cross lab grown diamond ring with halo diamonds product linkย product link showing the black oval cut diamond as center stone which is surrounded with halo stonesย 



FAQs :

1.What is the Purpose of Halo Engagement Ring?

ย The primary purpose of a halo engagement ring is to enhance the central diamond's brilliance and perceived size through the encircling smaller stones, creating a captivating and dazzling appearance

2. What is Halo Cut ?ย 

Halo cut" isn't a standard term in diamond descriptions. "Halo" typically refers to a setting style in engagement rings where smaller stones encircle a central diamond. It doesn't refer to a specific diamond cut, but rather the design around the main stone, enhancing its brilliance and perceived size.

3. How many carats does Halo adds?ย 

A Halo Setting typically adds the visual appearance of about 0.25 to 0.50 carats of the center stoneโ€™s perceived size.ย 

4. Are halo setting expensive?ย 

Halo setting can vary price, but generally , they are often more affordable then single larger stone of same carat weight due to the smaller diamonds or gemstones encircling center stone.ย 

5. Does a Halo setting makes diamond look bigger?ย 

Yes, halo setting creates illusion of making center stone look larger due to the surrounding smaller stones amplify its size and sparkle.ย 

6.How to personalize your halo engagement ring?

ย  ย You can personalize your halo engagement ring by choosing:

  • Different Halo Designs: Opt for a single or double halo for varied looks.
  • Unique Gemstone Halos: Select colored gemstones instead of diamonds.
  • Customized Metal and Band Styles: Choose metal types and band designs reflecting your style.
  • Custom Engraving: Add meaningful inscriptions or dates to personalize the ring further.
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