1 Carat Diamond Ring Best Guide

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  • Why Choose 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond For Engagement Ring?

We all know that every occasion is extraordinary and memorable for us. But, lab diamond jewelry plays a key role in increasing happiness on your face in those moments like engagement, wedding, and anniversary celebrations. When the Bride or fiancée wears diamond jewelry, she looks lovely and stylish.

But, one question is ubiquitous, and that question is: which diamond jewelry types look more beautiful? Is the diamond ring looks more luxurious and classy than bangles or bracelets? The ring is the best choice for a beautiful and unique look.

Let's look at the most asked questions by customer mindset.

  • Is a 1-carat diamond best for an engagement ring?

Everyone who purchases a 1-carat diamond ring has a different opinion; your interest and opinion matter. In addition, when purchasing a diamond ring with a 1-carat lab-grown diamond, the jeweler assists you with various diamond rings.

There is no space for variety where you're purchasing directly through stores. But, in our analysis of the market then, we recommend online stores ahead of direct stores. You'll be aware of many different styles in the online store and select one that matches your choice's standards.

A 1-carat diamond is better than a 2-3-carat diamond size. They have characteristics. If you have the strict financial provision for purchasing a diamond engagement or wedding ring, a 1-carat lab diamond is enough for a striking look.

  • Which diamond is better for a 1-carat lab diamond ring?

All shapes of diamonds are available on the market for 1-carat diamond rings. But, for the best-looking diamond ring, you must choose a round brilliant-cut diamond at the top of the first rank.

While looking for an elegant diamond, the princess-shaped diamond is an out-of-the-box choice if you need brilliant scintillation and sparkling light. In Princess Diamond, the prime benefit is the comprehensive table surface. Due to its wide girdle surface, a 1-carat Princess Diamond Solitaire ring looks on hand classy and luxurious.

If you want elongated and broad squarish shapes as an alternative option for a princess diamond, you can choose 1 Carat Cushion Halo Diamond Ring.


[1 Carat Cushion Halo Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [1 Carat Cushion Halo Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

Some stylish cut diamonds have recently come to market through their elegance. For example, the Octagon cut diamond. But, choose only the solitaire style with decorative baskets for a fancy diamond engagement ring, especially in an octagon cut.

You can also choose the different shapes of diamonds that are your favorites, like an emerald, pear, or cushion. These shapes of diamonds also enhance the beauty of the dream engagement ring.

If you're confused and have not decided to choose a 1-carat diamond for your ring, you must take accurate suggestions and then meet our expert gemologist and designers. They guided you in starting to end process of your selected designs and styles without any hesitation.

Also, Star Cut Diamond is an exquisite choice for your engagement and wedding ring.

  • Is Diamond Clarity Affects The Selection Of Engagement Rings?

First of all, you have to knowledge about the clarity of diamonds. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) approved the clarity of diamonds, which are listed below:

  • IF=Internally Flawless. This is the only clarity that shows that the diamond has no more impurities. Highly Recommended

  • VVS1 = Very Very Small Inclusion1. It indicates that the diamond has no more inclusions.

  • VVS2 = Very Very Small Inclusion2. The tiny inclusions are available on the surface of the diamonds, there has no visibility to the naked eye.

  • VS1 = Very Small Inclusion1. In this clarity, the diamond has more inclusions on the table surface than the VVS1 clarity.

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  • VS2= When diamond inclusion is shown to the naked eye with total concentration, it stands for "Very Small Inclusion2."

  • SI1=  Small Inclusions1. This diamond clarity type describes that the diamond table surface has more inclusions, which shows quickly.

  • SI2= Small Inclusion2. A diamond has more inclusions on the girdle surface. It scores SI2 clarity.

  • I1= Inclusion 1. In this type of clarity, diamond surfaces are covered by impurities during the polishing process. Not Recommended
  • I2= Inclusion 2. While diamond has more inclusions than diamond, which is unnecessary for a brilliant look, it prevents bright light from reflecting. These clarity types of diamonds are known as "Milky Diamonds.", which have no more transparent appearance.

So, if you wish to get a brilliant, sparkling diamond ring, choose a VVS1 to VS2 clarity diamond. There is a diamond shape factor that also plays a chief role. Suppose you select an Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond with SI1 clarity in a 1-carat size; it looks like it has an inclusion that destroys the whole beauty.

When choosing a radiant cut diamond with the same clarity and carat described above, a radiant diamond is the best choice ahead of an emerald. Due to extra facets, a radiant diamond hides impurities and helps light to exit.

  • Which Color Grade Is Best For A 1-Carat Round Diamond?

When every diamond shape reflects light, it is decided by the color of the diamond. On the color grading scale, diamond color is graded between D to Z. When a diamond is colorless (white), it is graded with a "D" color. So while diamond has more colors like yellow, it shows that "Z" color.


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Here, the diamond shape plays an integral and important role in color. For example, suppose you choose D-color in a round shape Diamond; it's a perfect selection for an engagement ring. Choosing a D color with an emerald shape might release less sparkling light than a round brilliant cut diamond.

Because round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds have an extensive table surface, which is a key factor in the reflection of brilliant scintillation.

The deciding factor in choosing a diamond for a ring is the color of the diamond, and with that, remember about the diamond shapes.

In short, if you wish to get an "I" color diamond, then you should choose a cushion-cut diamond ahead of a brilliant-cut round one. Cushion shape diamond is a different choice for an eye-catching ring. For a wide and swallowed table surface, Cushion Diamond is the spectacular selection.

  • Vintage Style Engagement Ring In 1 Carat Diamond:-

Yes, this question is asked by 80% of consumers. A ring style is a deciding factor for the perfect ring style. If you select a perfect diamond shape, all your concerns are worthless after choosing the wrong ring style.

Remember that the diamond shape and ring style you prefer will be matched with each other to glow on the top. Here are some styles that are shown for your clear understanding. So, refer to the below collection of diamond engagement rings.

[1 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [On Hand View Of 1 Carat Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

Lovebirds most prefer a solitaire-style ring. Yes, that's true. We analyze that solitaire ring demands are increasing by 58% in demands from last year's markets. Furthermore, after COVID-19(recently) and time, solitaire rings with brilliant round cuts have 67% of the demand in all ring styles. It hints at how much solitaire rings are popular.

[Halo Diamond Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [On Hand View Of Halo Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

In a halo-style ring, a 1.00 CT Lab Created diamond is placed in the center of the ring band. At the same time, small carat diamonds are also set around the center diamond. It is quite an elegant choice for a stylish diamond ring. Also, you can choose colored diamonds for a beautiful ring, like yellow, pink, or blue.

[Radiant Cut Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Radiant Diamond Ring For Her]-[Ouros Jewels]

Solitaire Accent Ring is now trending for engagement. In Solitaire Accent Ring, Shank is fulfilled by another shape of diamonds. A 1.00 CT diamond is placed in the center of the Solitaire Accent Ring. Other diamonds are set around the prime diamond. In Recent times, 1 Carat Radiant Lab Grown Diamond Ring has been the 1st choice for engagement.

Do you think which diamond is best for a three-stone ring? Don't worry; we'll assist you in getting the suitable masterpiece in your hand. You can choose an emerald, a princess, or a radiant-shaped diamond in the Three Stone Ring.

[Heart Cut Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Heart Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

But, 1.00 Carat pink heart-shaped diamond is unique for an exquisite diamond ring. A heart diamond is called a "fancy diamond," which means this ring is known as "fancy and flashy."

While searching for Bridal Diamond Set in 1.00 CT, the below bezel set ring is the right choice for you. A bridal set usually comes with a halo style. But, the bezel set provides security for the center diamond. In Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Set, Channel Diamond set band plays a supportive role in splendid yellow gold. A Bridal Set Ring is made for the Bride to enhance her beauty.

[Round Diamond Bridal Set In Yellow Gold]-[Ouros Jewels] [Brilliant Cut Diamond Bridal Set]-[Ouros Jewels]

A bridal set ring has two separate bands. So when you want to wear a solo band, you can quickly wear it on hand without any problems.


  • Price Of 1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring:-

If you go for the 1-carat diamond ring, you first have to remember the shape of the diamond. For example, if you want a 1-carat cushion diamond for an engagement ring, you must spend around $1250. But if you like the oval cut diamond, then you have 1400$. So, the diamond price changes from shape to shape.

Also, there is a major part of the clarity and color. You must spend more dollars if you want a "D COLOR" Diamond with VVS1 Clarity. While G TO J COLOR Diamond is easily available at 30% less price than "D COLORED Diamond."

Now we are talking about the 1-carat lab-created diamond ring costs. You can refer to the below chart for the price.

[1 Carat Diamond Ring Price]-[Ouros Jewels]


  • Expert Gemologist Word On 1 CT Diamond Engagement Ring

In this blog, you see which clarity is best for 1 carat diamond? Also, which color is suitable for 1 carat diamond ring? And get answers about diamond shape and ring styles. This article concerns the customer's behavior and concerns about a 1-carat lab-grown diamond ring.

If you choose 1 carat diamond for engagement or wedding ring, then it is quite an excellent choice. A 1-carat lab-grown diamond is an exquisite choice for stylish rings and wedding bands. In addition, a one-carat diamond is also used in making jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and pendants. 

Special Note:- 

I hope you get answers for a 1-carat diamond ring. If you want to get an exquisite diamond ring, we are honored to give our best efforts and craftsmanship.

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