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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings The Expert Buying Guide For 2024

Pear diamond engagement ring for her

Explore the beautly of pear-shaped diamond engagement rings in 2024, which are great for those looking an unique and significant symbol of love. With their elegant teardrop shape, these rings stand out from the crowd and beautifully represent a couple's journey together. This guide will help you through the process of selecting the perfect pear-shaped ring, including important factors like a color, clarity, carat, and cut (the 4Cs). Whether you're planning a proposal or celebrating an anniversary, learn how to select a ring that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impact. Dive into a universe of pear-shaped diamonds and find the ring that will steal your heart.

Many couples dream of wearing an engagement ring as a symbol of commitment and emotional connection. Engagement rings are seen as gives of love in many cultures, connecting two hearts. When selecting an engagement ring, consider your partner's particular style and preferences. This shows that you truly understand their needs.

Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of colors, clarity levels, carat weights, and cuts, with over many different designs to select from. With these, pear-shaped diamond rings stand out as a unique and beautiful choice. These teardrop-shaped rings wonderfully symbolize your commitment, with their look and price affected by the diamond's 4Cs: color, clarity, carat, and cut.

This article covers all factors for pear shaped diamond rings, which will help you purchase a beautiful love signature that you can present as an engagement ring.

Let's start by knowing what a pear diamond engagement ring means.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Meaning

The meaning of pear shaped engagement ring signifies commitment, loyalty, gratitude, and a new start to a love life. This diamond ring has a teardrop shape, which is round and curved from one part, and the other part is sharp. Thus, it represents an "Eternal Love" and "Grief Removing" between couples, increasing faith and transparency in relation.

The pear shaped ring offers an elegant and sophisticated look that represents a sign of love, showing individuality and emotional attachement of sentiment value, indicating the growth and transformation in love relation, and referring to romance and passion.

Ultimately, the pear shaped diamond engagement ring shows the emotional attachment between two individuals and adherence to promises.

Why Select Pear-Shaped Diamond For Engagement Rings in 2024?

Selecting a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring contains six benefits: it's unique and eye-catching, looks elegant and long, is versatile for any occasion, represents sentimental value, and has a teardrop shape and customization possibilities. From these benefits, couples prefer a pear-shaped ring for their unbreakable commitment sign.

Let's understand these beneficial facts in little detail.

  • It's Unique and Eye-Catching

Pear diamond has a combination of round curving edges from one side, and the other edge is sharp, which makes it captivating and distinctive. The pear shape's internal facets and flatter surface provide ideal brilliance reflection in darkness and light. So, you can select a pear shaped diamond to make the ring unique and noticeable.

  • Offers Elegant Look and Long Surfaces

The elongated shape of the pear diamond provides an elegant look and long surfaces that reflect sparkle from top to bottom side and right to left side. An extended surface is usually bigger in pear shape than the same carat weight round cut diamond. So, offer a charming appearance to your love partner by selecting a pear diamond ring in the halo, vintage or three-stone designs.

  • Versatile Choice For All Occasions

Pear diamond has extensive surfaces that look better than other diamond shape and offers an exquisite appearance. Also, the pear-shaped ring is presented as the commitment of promise implementation in a love relationship.

So, you can choose a pear diamond ring as an engagement, wedding, promise, and commitment. But consider the ring design according to your partner's preference. A pear shape ring is wearable for all occasions as a love sign and presenting gratitude towards a love partner.

  • Represents a Sentimental Value

Selecting a pear diamond for an engagement ring shows an overwhelming sentimental value and represents how much you're connected with the relationship. Presenting the pear-shaped ring in your partner's preferred ring design then it refers to your endearment readiness for them.

Also, giving a uniquely crafted pear shaped diamond ring manifest your passion and open-hearted nature for a love relationship. As a result, one partner from the couple surprisingly presented a pear ring to give more value to the relationship.

  • Teardrop Shape Signifies Joy of Tears

In pear diamonds, the curving and sharp-edged combination, top to bottom pattern, respectively, refers to a teardrop shape. This diamond shape indicates the joy of tears that every couple has to experience. The joyful tears allow love partners to understand their importance to each other.

Also, a pear-shaped diamond refers to the raindrops, which offer the mind calmness and thinking power for making perfect decisions. For making an engagement ring beautiful and meaningful, a prefers a teardrop shape diamond according to the ring designs and preferences.

  • Customization Possibilities From Design to Metal Tones/Purity

In pear-shaped diamonds, there is an option to choose customization for adding more intricate value to it. You can request customization in solitaire, halo, vintage or three-stone design for engraving a filigree work and a special character that represents your relationship with your loved one.

On the ring's band, you can choose an infinity or an east-west pattern that is coherent with the ring design and your partner's preference. In metal selection, there are two options available Gold and Platinum. A yellow and rose gold metal combination for pear shaped engagement ring shows excellent value.

Ideal 4cs Diamonds For Pear Shaped Rings

The 4cs of diamonds include color, carat, clarity, and cut, which is the universal method to check and inspect the characteristics of stones. The ideal 4cs grades for pear diamond contains D to I color grade, 1 to 4-carat weights, VVS to VS clarity, and Excellent to Good cut grades.

Thus, from considering the mentioned ideal 4cs grades in pear-shaped rings decides how much the sparkle reflected and which price you have to pay. The 4cs grades make your engagement rings appearance special, so choose it according to your preferences.

Refer to below mentioned ideal grades of 4cs for pear shaped diamond rings.

Choose D to I Color Grades

Color chart for pear shaped diamond

In the D to I color grade, the pear shape's surface is free from the unnatural hues that affect the anatomies reflections. In these color grade diamonds, the pear shape gives a natural and actual reflection. From selecting D to I color grade diamonds, you actually get colorless and nearly colorless stones which offer a higher quality.

The price of 1 carat D color grade pear shaped lab grown diamond starts from $2000. But with that, other factors influence the cost for pear-shaped diamonds, such as cut, clarity, and symmetry. Thus, choose a color grade in the pear diamond ring according to balancing the choice and budget allocation.

Diamonds colors grades are scaled between D (Colorless) to Z ( Light Yellow/Brown or Fancy Colored) depending on which hue lights the stone. This color grade is made by the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America). The color grade of the diamond is decided by comparing the stone to a master set of diamonds in controlled light conditions.

Select 1 to 4 Carat Weights Diamond

Carat weight chart for pear diamond shape

Have a strong desire to offer a distinctive and value in the pear shaped engagement ring, then choose 1 to 4 carat weights. In these carat weight ranges, a pear-shaped diamond looks ideal and exquisite compared to a round or cushion cut, respectively. Mostly, 1 to 4-carat weight pear diamond is selected for an engagement ring due to their elongated shape.

Remember, when you select a more carat weight in pear diamond, consider the ideal length-to-width ratio. Because here, many buyers choose mismatched carat weight and L/W ratio. For example, an elongated 1 carat pear shaped diamond's ideal L/W ratio is 1.70:1, not 1.50:1. While for a slight square-shaped pear diamond with 2 carats, the L/W ratio should be 1.30:1 to 1.50:1, not a 1.70:1.

In pear diamond rings, the carat weight selection matters significantly because it decides how big your ring looks. The pear shape diamond has the swallowed structure from the pavilion(backside), so select the carat weight according to ring designs like a halo, solitaire, accent, dainty, vintage, three-stone, or Toi et Moi.

The carat weights decide the pear diamond ring prices, and it should be selected according to your budget. For example, a 2-carat pear-shaped ring price starts from $3000, depending on the quality. So your budget is around $3000 to $4000 for buying pear shaped diamond ring, then 2 carat is a sufficient choice.

While a 1-carat pear-shaped lab-grown diamond engagement ring is available from $1500 to $2000 in 18KT gold with a solitaire design. Before choosing a particular carat weight for a pear-shaped diamond, consider asking your love partner for a better idea.

A diamond carat weights are measured in grams and milligrams units, too. For example, a 1-carat diamond weighs .20 grams and 200 milligrams. While a 3-carat diamond weighs in .60 grams and 600 milligrams. The 1-carat diamond is the 1/5 part of the gram unit.

Prefers VVS to VS Diamond Clarity For Marvelous Reflections

Pear shaped diamond clarity chart to know

Select VVS to VS diamond clarity in pear shaped engagement rings for experiencing marvelous light reflections. In these diamond clarity grades, fewer impurities or inclusions exist on the anatomies, which offers 70-80% similar reflections as FL clarity. However, it is still an appreciative choice for any ring design.

For example, a 1-carat VS clarity pear-shaped diamond suits vintage and three-stone rings. At the same time, a 2-carat VVS pear-shaped diamond is suitable for halo and solitaire rings. You can select IF (Internally Flawless) or FL (Flawless) clarity in pear diamonds, but it might be 20-40% costlier than a VVS clarity grade, even in lab grown diamonds.

A VVS diamond is a set of two clarity grades as Very Very Small Included 1 and 2, which usually has fewer blemishes, just as an exception. While in VS diamond clarity, more inclusions are available than VVS grades; it is still an acceptable choice.

To offer a better wearing experience to your girlfriend, choose a diamond clarity according to that (considering the ring designs). Diamond clarity has 11 types, which are decided from the inclusions or blemish amounts on the stone's anatomy.

For example, when not a single tiny inclusion exists on the diamond, then it's Flawless clarity. While a diamond's anatomy covers the blemishes and provides a faint reflection, then it's I1 to I3 clarity grades.

Pick Excellent to Very Good Cut Grade Diamond

Pear shaped diamond cut chart

A pear-shaped diamond has a rounded curve from the top side and a sharp edge on the bottom, so the cut grade should be Excellent to Good. In these cut grades, pear diamond carries the ideal pavilion depth and girdle thickness, resulting in a brilliant reflection.

Choose Excellent to Good cut grade for all kinds of ring designs in pear-shaped diamonds. These cut grades of pear diamonds carry prominent pavilion and girdle thickness on the anatomies.

For example, an Excellent cut graded pear diamond doesn't have more depth than a Fair or Poor cut. An Excellent cut-grade diamond's girdle is slightly thin and covers less anatomical space. As a result, you can get the best brilliance in these cut-grade diamonds.

A diamond cut defines from the length of the pavilion anatomy and girdle lines properties. If the diamond has more pavilion depth and thick girdle anatomy than usual, then it counts as fair or poor cut. These diamond-cut grades are used in the necklace and bracelets due to their slight light reflections.

A Bowtie and Length-to-Width Ratio

Pear shaped diamond length-width ratio chart

A length-to-width ratio for diamonds measures how much the stone's length complies with the width. From the L/W ratio, you can understand in which shape the stone appears in the rings. In pear-shaped diamond selection, pay more attention to choosing a L/W ratio that is identical to the ring designs.

For example, if an L/W ratio is 1.50, it shows that the diamond's width part is 50% of the overall length. In this diamond, you can get a wider surface. While a 1.60 to 1.70 L/W ratio in pear diamond refers to the elongated shape. Thus, choose a length-to-width ratio according to your choices.

The length-to-width ratio should comply with your chosen pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring design; a 1.65 length-to-width ratio is perfect. While for vintage pear rings, the L/W ratio is 1.60. You can select a length-to-width ratio from "flat," "wider," and "longer" surfaces; it depends on you.

The pear-shaped diamond may contain a darker area in the center where the light resonations appear, which is called the bowtie effect of the diamond. Consider choosing a minimum bowtie-effected pear diamond for experiencing nonstop light reflections. You can neglect the bowtie effect for pear shaped diamonds; it's work as the exception.

The Importance of Diamond Symmetry in Pear-Shaped Ring

In a pear-shaped ring, the diamond symmetry should comply with the ring design and quality of the stone. Because a diamond symmetry approves and finalizes the light reflections from the teardrop shape diamond, it should be an ideal grade. For a pear diamond ring, symmetry is the most important part to choose.

Excellent diamond symmetry grade

Diamond symmetry has five grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, and these grades decide from the accurate and proper placements of the facets of the stone's anatomy.

Thus, if you're selecting a pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring, then select Excellent to Very Good symmetry grade for a better appearance. While for a halo or three-stone-designed teardrop-shaped engagement ring, pick Very Good to Good diamond symmetry grades.

Best Metal Tone For Pear Engagement Rings

You have three choices for the metal selection in pear engagement rings, but the best and most precious metal is 18KT white gold. In 18KT white gold, pear diamond rings look more stunning and exquisite. Your budget is $3000 for pear-shaped rings, then 18KT white gold metal is an excellent and alternative choice for 950 platinum.

The price of metal tone and purity differs from each category. For example, 18KT gold in all three tones (Yellow, Rose, and White) is 20% cheaper than platinum. While for the cheapest metal, a 925 sterling and 935 Argentium silver is an option for pear-shaped rings.

Otherwise, there is an option to choose metal from silver, gold, and platinum. Refer below for wanting a variety.

1. Gold

  • Gold Tone = Yellow, Rose, and White
  • Gold Purity = 10KT, 14KT and 18KT

2. Silver 

  • Purity = 925 and 935
  • Tone = Sterling and Argentium

3. Platinum

  • Purity = 950
  • Tone = White

Now, let's see the appearance of the pear shaped engagement rings designs/styles.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

In pear shaped engagement rings, there is a choice for selecting it according to your budget and love partner's likes. For example, if your budget is $1500, she likes to wear a halo design ring in 14KT gold. With this budget, you can choose a 1 or 2-carat pear-shaped lab-grown diamon as a center stone in a three-stone or vintage design ring.

A pear diamond is a teardrop shape representing a tear of joy, so select the ring design by considering personal intentions and preferences. Every couple intends to offer pear-shaped diamond rings to their partners as a sign of commitment, fidelity, emotional attachment, and equality.

See the pear diamond engagement ring designs below and choose one suitable for your love partner's hands and appearance.

  • Pear Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Pear Shape Toi et Moi Engagement Ring
  • Three-stone Pear Shape Engagement Ring
  • Vintage Pear Shape Enagagement Ring
  • Teardrop Shape Diamond Engagement RIng
  • Bypass Style Unique Pear Shape Ring
  • Halo Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Let's see the specialty of these pear shaped engagement rings which can be helpful for deciding identical ring design.

Pear Shape Solitaire Engagement Ring

[Solitaire engagement ring with pear shaped diamond]-[ouros jewels]

A solitaire engagement ring indicates that love is never affected by other obstacles and distractions and saved the love partner to trap in the solicitude. In simple terms, when a lover presents a solitaire ring to their love, then they directly suggest except them nobody can enter in a love relationship. Thus, a pear-shaped solitaire ring is a passionate love symbol.

In a pear diamond solitaire engagement ring, 1 to 4-carat weight selections are enough for gaining a stylish appearance. The price for a solitaire design ring in pear-shaped lab-grown diamonds starts from $1500 to $3000.

The rose gold metal is a good choice for a solitaire-style ring. The brilliant cut and rose-cut pear-shaped diamonds are available to add extra value to the ring design. Choose the design according to your intention and preference.

Pear-Shaped Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

[Pear shaped and round diamond Toi et Moi ring in white gold]-[ouros jewels]

Toi et Moi's engagement ring represents "You and Me" in the love relationship. Thus, if you want to make an engagement ring unique and special to offer a loving one, then Toi et Moi ring design is the perfect choice for you. This ring design called east-west or bypass style, always appears distinctive for endearment.

In pear shape and round diamond, a Toi et Moi ring looks more stunning and attractive due to the combination of circle and elongated shape. Also, the round diamond refers to a traditional brilliant cut and pear diamond known as teardrop shape, which indicates the joy of tears.

If your budget for buying Toi et Moi engagement is around $1500 to $3000, then you can choose the pear-shaped lab grown diamond with a brilliant cut. 14KT rose gold and white gold metal is a gorgeous selection for the Toi et Moi ring design. Select your Toi et Moi engagement ring by your loving one's preference.

Three-stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

[Yellow pear shaped three-stone engagement ring]-[ouros jewels]

A pear shaped three-stone engagement ring shows the tenses as past, present, and future. This ring design is used as an alternative choice for eternity bands and halo ring styles. In a three-stone ring with a pear diamond consider choosing 2 or 3 carat weighted center stone and prefers 1.50 TCW side stones for an elegant appearance.

The three-stone ring's shank has varieties of split, V-shaped, or curved shapes. Select the shank according to your love partner's preference and metal tone. For example, a split shank is an ideal choice for the rose gold metal tone. While a V-shaped shank is preferable for white gold.

The price for 1-carat lab grown three-stone ring is $1500 to $2000 in VVS clarity and E color grades. But, the price fluctuates according to the diamond's shape, color, clarity, and carat weight. When selecting a pear-shaped lab-grown diamond for a three-stone ring, consider choosing the ideal length-to-width ratio.

Vintage Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

[White gold vintage engagement ring for women]-[ouros jewels]

A pear-shaped vintage engagement ring is the classical choice for its elegant appearance on the hands. The pear-shaped art deco ring style is the most famous and vintage design due to the engraving band pattern and usage of rose-cut pear diamond.

In vintage ring designs, a rose-cut pear-shaped diamond provides an ideal quality and value to the wearing person. Have the desire to select a classical choice in pear diamonds, then a vintage ring design is a good selection.

The prong settings hold the pear diamonds properly to secure the symmetry and anatomy from falling in vintage rings. A pear lab diamond vintage ring looks attractive between 1 to 3-carat weights, and its prices start from $1500 to $3500 depending on color, clarity, and cut.

The metal selection for a vintage-designed ring prefers 14KT/18KT rose gold because it represents romance, endearment, and emotional attachment to the love partner. While platinum is an excellent choice rather than 14KT/18KT white gold.

For a pear-shaped diamond vintage ring, pick a VVS to VS clarity grade because it has fewer inclusions or blemishes that do not affect the reflection ability as much. Moreover, a VVS to VS clarity pear diamond is significantly cheaper than an IF or FL clarity diamond. As a result, you can choose a pear diamond in VVS to VS clarity.

Teardrop Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

[Colorless teardrop pear shaped diamond ring for women]-[ouros jewels]

A teardrop-shaped diamond represents the joy of tears that every couple has to endure; It is not a disease but represents an unbreakable bond with a love partner. When a love partner cannot bear the far distance of his fiancée, he gives a teardrop diamond ring to ease the pain.

A teardrop-shaped diamond refers to a pear diamond because it has a rounded curve on one side, and the other side of the stone is sharp. The elongated teardrop diamond shape shows a beautiful facet placement in the inner structure which increases the value of the ring.

When choosing a teardrop-shaped ring, then choose fancy colored diamonds and colorless accent stones to give a special sign of love. In a teardrop-shaped diamond, choose a halo or vintage-inspired ring design to experience the ideal light reflection from a center pear diamond.

When shopping for teardrop diamond rings for women, consider factors such as prong settings and metal selection from gold, silver, or platinum as per your preference. Also, focus on choosing the best quality in color, clarity, carat, and cut for pear-shaped diamonds.

A 1-carat teardrop-shaped lab-grown diamond engagement ring with 18KT white gold is available for $2000 to $3000. In teardrop-shaped diamond rings, choose the carat weight according to your budget because if you need more carat weight in the diamond, you will have to pay extra.

Bypass Style Unique Pear-Shaped Ring

[Yellow gold pear shaped engagement ring in bypass design]-[ouros jewels]

Pear-shaped is a fancy diamond due to its elegant placements of internal and external facets. If you are looking for a special present such as an engagement ring in pear diamond, then a bypass setting is the perfect choice.

A bypass ring looks contemporary on the finger because it represents artistic appeal, versatility, and promise. By selecting a bypass-designed ring for engagement, you're offering a gorgeous appearance to your partner.

This kind of ring design couldn't be worn as an engagement or wedding sign but also as a party and function wearing, too. You can engrave a filigree pattern on the bypass ring for a more attractive appearance that complies with the wearing personality.

With pear-shaped diamonds, select 1 to 5 carat weights for bypass rings because these diamonds look bigger than round cut diamonds. For a suitable metal tone in this ring design, choose 14KT yellow gold for its shining reflections.

Between VVS to VS, clarity diamonds looks ideal for the bypass ring for engagement because the natural lights will reflect. In lab grown diamonds, you can get a beautiful pear shaped bypass ring between $1000 to $3000 in 14KT/18KT yellow gold with certification.

Halo Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

[Blue pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring]-[ouros jewels]

A pear diamond halo engagement ring symbolizes a bright future love relationship because of its ideal appearance on the hands. In pear shaped halo ring, you can select a wedding band with it too for accepting the proposal for staying together. A 2-carat pear diamond as a center stone provides an elegant look, but the condition is that it has ideal quality in color, clarity, and cut.

You can select a fancy color diamond in a halo engagement ring that signifies your intention. For example, a pink pear diamond halo ring is a sign of a strong attachment in a relationship. While a blue color pear-shaped halo ring signifies a commitment and connection that makes the trust more robust.

You must have a budget of around $1500 to $3000 to buy a pear diamond halo engagement ring in 18KT rose gold with the best clarity, carat, color, and cut. Also, with the mentioned price range, you can get better symmetry in pear-shaped lab grown diamond halo rings. While a metal option is available as yellow gold and silver gold.

How To Wear a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring?

The right way to wear a pear-shaped diamond ring on the finger is that the ticking point should be pointed to the sky side, not your hand side. The sharp-edged part of the pear diamond should be upward to the sky to avoid injury.

The pear-shaped diamond sharped facing point should be towards the sky until you can't select a bezel set style. This wearing of a pear diamond ring saves your fingers from severe injury due to the sharp edges.

Are you ready to buy pear engagement rings?

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This is the guide for buying a pear shaped engagement ring in 2024. With the proper knowledge about pear-shaped diamond and ring designs, you can experience a better purchase experience. The mentioned diamond quality in coherence to the 4cs grades should be selected in that range.

Thus, consider selecting pear-shaped diamonds in better 4cs, ring styles, and metal. The ideal price to pay for pear shaped diamond rings starts from $1000 to $4750. Depends on the quality that you choose, the allocation of buying budget, your preference, and choice.

This guide is based on the pear lab grown diamond engagement rings which are identical to the natural diamonds.


Q1. What does a pear shaped diamond ring represent?

    Ans. The pear shaped diamond ring represents commitment, gratitude, equality, independence, distinctive choice, and emotional attachment to a love partner. As a result, couples prefer to offer an ideal value to a love relationship by selecting a pear diamond ring.

    Q2. Can pear shaped ring be a good choice for engagement?

      Ans. A pear-shaped diamond combines sharp edges and round curving edges, making it a unique choice rather than a brilliant-cut stone. This attribute releases beautiful light reflections from the anatomy. Also, when you desire to reveal your emotions and feelings towards your love partner, a pear-shaped engagement ring is a good choice for asking for her support for the rest of your life.

      Q3. Is a pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ethical for my engagement ring?

        Ans. A pear lab grown diamond is an ethical selection for your engagement ring because they made with considering the sustainability and ecosystem of the environment. These diamonds are made in artificial laboratories, which don't require mining or digging. So, you can choose a pear-shaped lab-grown diamond in the best color, clarity, carat, and cut grade according to your convenience.

        Q4. What is a bowtie effect in pear shaped diamond?

          Ans. A black and grey colored place on the table anatomy of a pear-shaped diamond counted as a bowtie effect which affects a light's reflections in little amounts. With a bowtie effect, a pear diamond is used in necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and hoop earrings for their stylish appearance.

          Q5. Can 18KT rose gold metal be suitable for pear diamond engagement rings?

            Ans. An 18KT rose gold metal is ideal for pear diamond engagement rings because it represents romance and endearment. So, you can choose 18KT rose gold to prove your emotions and feelings by offering your partner a pear shaped diamond ring. Make sure the ring's band has an 18KT gold purity hallmark for real gold has been used.

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