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$350k valued Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

[Ariana Grande Engagement Ring]

  • Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. Ariana was born on 26 June 1993 in Bocan Rita, Florida. Ariana Grande is a very versatile singer and actress who is known for her singing skills and acting skills. In addition, she does many concerts for charity purposes and awareness programs. Ariana Grande started her career at 15 in a broadway musical.

[Ariana Grande Engagement Ring]

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  • Which Awards Won By Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande has won many international and national awards for her singing skills. Ariana Grande is known for her voice at musical evenings and concerts worldwide. Ariana grande did hard work to become a music sensation in the world. Grande wanted to sing always from childhood, and she succeeded in that desire. Her versatile voice became very popular in the youth generation, and she got a noteworthy return in the form of acquiring awards. As a result, Ariana won the following awards from the audience's love and critics choice:

  1. Grammy Awards
  2. Brit Awards
  3. Bambi Awards
  4. Billboard Music Awards
  5. American Music Awards
  6. 9 MTV Music Awards
  7. 27 Guinness World Records

  • Ariana Grande’s engagement ring from Delton Gomez:-

Delton Gomez is a luxury real estate agent. Delton and Ariana Grande met at the family function. After this, Ariana and Delton have soft corners for each other, which is why Ariana Grande wished happy birthday to Delton on Instagram. Arian Grande met Delton Gomez in January 2020, and they dated each other for 11 months. Ariana Grande and Delton Gomez were very confident about their relationship, but they never disclosed it publicly. However, in December, Ariana Grande announced her engagement to Delton Gomez in the same year.

[Ariana Grande Engagement Ring From Delton Gomez]

But, Delton Gomez is searching for something special for Arian Grande, like Engagement Ring, which reflects love symbolism and appealing looks. So, Delton went to Solow & Co. He told the jeweler to make some special and unique engagement ring for him and Ariana Grande. This engagement ring made a wedding ring for Ariana Grande in a form of pure love.

When Solow & Co.’s owner Jack Solow was interviewed for this Ariana Grand Engagement Ring, he said, "This Ring is made with Oval Cut Diamond and Pearl Birthstone in Toi Et Moi Ring Pattern.” Added that Jack Solow said that Delton Gomez personally took updates for her love Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring.

  • What’s special in Ariana Grande’s engagement ring?

In Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring, Brilliant Cut Oval Diamond is fixed on the right side band, while pearl birthstone is fixed on the left side. In this ring, platinum metal is added for optimum looks when Ariana Grande wears it on hand. When Ariana Grande asked why she liked the pearl birthstone ring? Then she shared the emotional story of her grandfather.

[Engagement Rings Of Ariana Grande]

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In 2014, Ariana Grande’s grandfather Nonna told his wife to give her a pearl birthstone gold ring to Ariana. But, Ariana’s grandfather passed away due to cancer, and her grandmother was gifted a pearl birthstone gold ring. Ariana Grande’s grandfather told her grandmother that Pearl would be protected Ariana.

[Pearl Birthstone Ring of Ariana Grande]

Buy a pearl birthstone engagement ring now

Let me explain. Pearl is the birthstone for June month, and birthstones are very important in everyone’s life. So, Ariana Grande liked pearl birthstone, and Delton Gomez engraved it on their engagement ring. So, when Ariana Grande wore this Pearl and Oval Diamond Engagement ring, “she said that Pearl Birthstone is very special for me.”

Arina grande engagement ring and wedding ring is the same because Delton Gomez proposed to her with their his feelings. So, Ariana doesn't want to purchase another ring for the wedding. As a result, Ariana Grande's engagement rings became popular as wedding rings. People don't know that Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring is the Wedding Ring of her love life.

  • What is the value of Ariana Grande's Pearl Engagement Ring?

Ariana Grande's pearl engagement ring value is $350k-$800k, according to sources. In the Ariana engagement ring, oval shape diamond and pearl birthstone are placed in the Toi et Moi yellow gold plated band. A Natural Oval Diamond has brilliant cut symmetry and polishing grade. While the clarity and color of  Ariana's diamond ring is vvs and e color grade, respectively. Such an expensive engagement ring from Delton Gomez to Ariana grande.

Ariana Grande's wedding ring has a pearl birthstone and brilliant oval cut diamond with yellow gold metal. The price of the wedding ring for Ariana grande is $800k. How expensive a diamond wedding ring is from Delton Gomez to Grande. He corrects the phrase, "Love never counts money."

Delton Gomez and Ariana Grande married in Montecito, California on May 15, 2021. 

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