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Antique Diamond Rings

Antique Diamond Rings Is The Precious Collection To Give Love Waves To Her

What is antique diamond ring?

In love, an antique diamond ring is very famous and trending now just because of the uniqueness of its craftsmanship. An antique Diamond Ring means it is made with glorious creation of minds which reflects the love symbolism. In ancient times, people wore only traditional rings in gold and silver.

After the ancient era, people wore diamond rings on their hands which are known as engagement rings and wedding bands.

Why people selected antique diamond rings?

In modern times, people select an antique diamond ring for their engagement because they believe in the benefits of diamonds that protect their love life. As a result, customers now select antique diamond engagement rings from worldwide jewelers, indicating that customers are starting to like antique diamond rings.

An antique engagement ring is an affordable option for those who want to make the love moments more mesmerizing and special. Also, for selecting an antique diamond ring, the reason is the uniqueness because it looks different and noticeable.

In the antique cut diamond ring, you can also find a butterfly shape diamond ring. Are you kidding me? You think that, right? Yes, we made a butterfly-cut diamond ring for lovers of antique collections of diamonds.

Not only the butterfly diamond ring we made, but also we will make a cross ring or floral shape diamond ring. In ouros jewels, find the perfect matching ring you want to give your better half and reveal your thoughts of lovish.

What is special in antique diamond rings?

Antique diamond rings are made beyond the imagination and feature the same components as common diamond rings. The special thing about antique diamond ring is that they carry a different and unique appearance from the commonly used diamond rings.

Also, antique cut diamond rings are bigger than other diamond ring sizes and have a specialized crafted diamond engraving.

The specialty of antique diamond rings is that they have nontraditional shapes, which we loved so much in childhood, like LORD BUDDHA CUT, Colored Butterfly Diamond, Moon Cut Diamond, and many more. Most importantly, in antique diamond rings, we concentrate on the 4C’s of diamonds because it’s deciding factors of value and price.

As a result, you can find specially crafted antique diamond rings, which you can’t show anywhere except at ouros jewels.

When we make the antique diamond ring, then we follow all standards of GIA and IGI because we know you’re not spending money, but you want a real love sign ring, which we provide you. So, don’t keep doubt in your mind about us.

Antique diamond engagement rings

Antique-cut diamond rings are made with lab-grown diamonds, which is eco-friendly. In antique diamond rings, favorite colors, clarity, and cut grades are available if you want.

For affordable price antique diamond rings, then see butterfly diamond ring, floral style diamond ring, flower branches diamond ring, and many more. Propose to her with these antique diamond rings at a candlelight beach dinner or a special alone dinner moment. Tell those three love magical words to her with these diamond rings and get her lifetime support.

Unique butterfly engagement ring

A butterfly antique diamond ring is the best selection for engagement and proposal when you want to hear those 4 magical words from your better half. In this antique diamond ring, the metal is used in the form of 18kt white gold.

While on the center of the white gold ring, a 1.40-carat butterfly-cut diamond was placed with VS clarity and EF color grade. This diamond white gold ring's framework shows a tiny butterfly's flying wings.

Antique butterfly diamond ring

Shop Unique butterfly diamond ring.

On the head of this butterfly diamond ring, a marquise-shaped diamond is placed in a horizontal and vertical position as a crown. On the white gold band, round cut diamonds are fixed with exact proportions with VS clarity and EF color grade.

This butterfly diamond ring is truly a sparkle indicator of a love relationship. Select it now for her to make a meeting moment memorable and exclusive.

Antique floral diamond ring

Select this antique floral diamond ring with a trio of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. In this floral antique diamond ring, three types of flowers are used as follows: first is the blue water lily, second the chrysanthemum, and this is the common lantana. On the shank of this antique diamond ring is a round-cut diamond fixed with EF color and VS clarity grade.

In this Floral Shape Ring, the diamond anatomy is verified with the certification report and approved by 20+ years of experience diamond evaluator. We used certified diamonds for antique engagement rings. We offer an authenticated certificate for the ring if you want.

Antique diamonds floral style ring

Shop Antique floral ring in gold and diamond.

The antique floral ring has pear-shaped diamonds on the flower pattern, which is in yellow, rose, and white gold metal. A pear-shaped diamond is fixed with prongs for more durability, and the band provides stability to this antique ring's left- to right sided corners.

This floral pattern diamond ring looks like they are wandering on the round gold curving band. The making and crafting process of the floral pattern antique diamond ring makes it more beautiful. All flower patterned gold frameworks create no obstacle to other flower gold frameworks.

Kangaroo face diamond antique ring

A Kangaroo face diamond antique ring is the best choice if you love to relive a golden era of ancient times. This kangaroo diamond ring helps you to recreate the traditional moments in your life.

This antique kangaroo ring uses VS clarity and EF color-grade Round brilliant diamonds. Black triangles and marquise-cut diamonds are placed on the eyes and nose of this mammal animal ring.

Antique diamond kangaroo shape ring

Shop Kangaroo shape diamond ring.

Kangaroo ring features stability from white gold bands across the head, face, nose, and ears. All shaped diamonds are engraved on the kangaroo's head, face, and ear surface for more glittering sparkles.

Enjoy the sparkling reflection of this antique diamond ring. We give an authenticated certificate to you, so don't worry about purchasing this Kangaroo Diamond Ring.

Lotus cut antique diamond ring

In lotus cut diamond ring, marquise and round cut diamonds are fixed in frequent patterns from right to left. In this antique cut diamond ring, 0.70 Carat weighted lotus cut diamond is placed with VS clarity and EF color grades.

This lotus diamond ring is made in 18kt yellow gold metal with appealing craftsmanship. So, buy it now for your love without jumping the boundary wall of budget. Give your maximum budget price, which you can afford to buy this lotus diamond ring.

After your budget proposal and requirements then, we can count back on your offer with the best available price.

Antique lotus diamond ring

Shop Lotus Antique Diamond Rings

This lotus cut diamond is made with a lab-grown process that is eco-friendly. In the antique ring, the diamond symmetry and polishing grade of the is excellent. For those who want to give a lotus love to their better half, then an antique cut lotus diamond ring is a better option.

For customization in this lotus cut diamond ring, then we can do that from request. So, we can add colored lab diamonds to the lotus diamond ring without breaking your budget wall.

Buy the ring now from Ourosjewels. You have to note down the requirements and send to us. We are looking into it with the best deal for you. You can send your requirements to us via WhatsApp, chat, or email. We will surely return to you with the best quality and prices which suits your budget. Contact us.

Curving white gold band

The curving white gold band indicates a high level of craftsmanship with modern technology support. In this white gold band, round and pear shaped diamonds are fixed with prongs. VS Clarity graded round shape diamonds are used in this white gold band. If need customization, then freely contact us. We don't close our doors for it, but we welcome it.

The curving diamond band shows the life cycle where once a time person has a chance to feel like a king. At the same time, the person feels sorrow about their work and life problems. But here, this curving band can give boosting power to your love life when you open the box in front of her.

Tell her those magical, loving words with this curving white gold band to make the bonding of love life stronger and more constant.

Antique diamond ring in white gold

Shop Curving gold band in diamond.

We can make this diamond curving gold band from your mind and our hands. If you want to add diamonds to the curving band, we can also make it for you.

We never disappoint you with our craftsmanship and service. We inspect your diamond band before shipping and take the approval of chief gemologists. If you find some errors, we will rectify them for you after purchase.

Final thoughts

The antique-cut diamond rings are the best gift for your love because it's beyond the imagination. Meanwhile, you can create your customized antique diamond ring with ouros jewels in the budget provision.

Our antique diamond rings are made with a lab-grown process and polished by a diamond grader worker who has 10-20+ years of grading experience. They know a diamond is not just a substance, but a diamond is a link between two hearts where engraved in an engagement ring or wedding ring.

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