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Asscher Diamond Ring Guide

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Asscher Cut Diamond is known as Sparkle King Of Diamond Shape because it has a combination of parallel and step-cutting facets around the surfaces. Asscher Cut Diamond has a brilliant sparkling ability. That's why most customers select Asscher diamond for wedding and engagement rings. Asscher Diamond is a fancy cut diamond, but it's totally different from princess shape diamond.

Princess diamond has sharp edge facets in four directions and it has only step facets. At the same time, the Asscher diamond has step cut facets on the table, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet which is called as diamond anatomy.

  • History Of Asscher Cut Diamond

Reports show that an Asscher cut diamond was founded in 1902 by a famous diamond cutter named Joseph Asscher. He was the founder of I J Asscher diamond company.

In 1920-30, this Asscher shape diamond gained popularity from customers. While other shape diamonds were on top demands, Joseph Asscher found the Asscher cut diamond, which is very similar to a princess-shaped diamond in a square shape.

When a customer is looking forward to getting some exceptional and ideal diamond ring for his fiancée, then a diamond shape releases some extraordinary sparkle lights on eyes called “Asscher Cut Diamond.” 

  • What is Asscher Cut Diamond?

Asscher cut diamond has the width and length of a princess and cushion diamond, but the faceting patterns are different. The ideal ratio of the Asscher cut diamond is 1 to 1.04 from width to length. Asscher cut diamonds to represent the cross and parallel aspects in the 4 directions and match with each other. Asscher cut diamond has a square shape which is similar square shaped diamonds. In the Asscher cut diamond, the transparent appearance is available if the diamond inclusions aren't available, and the clarity grade is better. 

  • Difference of Asscher Shape and Princess Diamond?

A fundamental difference between Asscher and Princess diamonds is their cutting styles. Princess shape diamond doesn't provide a transparent appearance because it has a step faceting style on each facet. While Asscher cut diamond has exact faceting style like as ladder. So, in Asscher Diamond buyer can see the transparent looks. 

In Asscher vs Princess Diamonds, the buyer has to select Asscher shape diamonds because it has parallel faceting patterns. Asscher shape diamonds look similar to princess diamonds, but it has soft curving edges, important for  reflections. In Asscher diamonds, the curving edges will allow the lights to gather the elements and release with full fledge.

Princess diamond has more step-cutting facets on the surfaces, while Asscher Diamond is a combination of step-cutting and parallel facets. Asscher shape diamond has more ability to glimpse than a Princess diamond. 

When people buy to Asscher shape diamond, they’re confused between Princess shape diamond and the Asscher. So let’s find out the difference between these types.

A Princess shape diamond has sharp edges at four side cutting edges. In addition, Princess diamond formed with the different faceting styles on the table surface. There is not step-cutting facets on surfaces available as the Princess-shaped diamond. But, still get sparkling lights which attract eyes to it.

Now, an Asscher shape diamond is different from a Princess shape diamond. Asscher diamond features step-cutting faceting on all surfaces. Also, In Asscher cut diamond buyer gets soft cutting edges which place in four different directions.

In addition, especially in the Asscher diamond, the “X” faceting style is placed to enhance the beauty of the diamond, and this faceting helps the overall look with elegance. 

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  • For Asscher Diamond Ring, which color grade is the best?

Asscher Diamond ring, G color grade is best because it carries the nearly colorless tag that helps the Asscher diamond sparkle. In Asscher Diamonds Ring, the G color grade diamond will collect the sparkles from all corners and spaces to curve it on the eyes at exit times. That's why Asscher Diamond Ring, G color is the best, whichever the ring style is.

All of the customers are very curious to know about Asscher diamond color when they’re buying or inquiring about the characteristics of the diamond. While talking about Asscher shape diamond structure, it is very different from other traditional shapes of the diamond.

Asscher diamond has step faceting styles, then G-J color is best for halo style ring. Also, because the Asscher diamond features a square shape, if it has a K-L color grade, the diamond is released colored lights that are quite simple than D-F colored diamond lights.

In short, the Asscher cut diamond looks bright and excellent in D-F color grade for an engagement ring. 

  • Note about Asscher diamond ring

The Asscher diamond ring is the best selection ahead of the princess diamond ring. Because the Asscher diamond ring has the same appearance as the princess ring, but the faceting styles differ. Asscher diamond comes with a cross pattern and parallel style faceting, which increases the ring's appearance.

The princess ring comes with more n more faceting patterns in the internal structures, which blow the sparkles in various directions. That's why the Asscher diamond ring is the best selection. 

  • Which clarity suits for Asscher diamond engagement ring?

You must be selected VVS1 to VS1 clarity for the Asscher diamond ring. This type of clarity shows that diamond has no more inclusion in VVS1-VVS2 clarity. VVS Diamonds are ready to give a better amount of reflection in Asscher engagement ring when less inclusions not available. At the same time, VS1-VS2 clarity shows that the diamond has unrequired inclusions, which reduce the overall look of the diamond.

[Asscher Cut Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]In all shapes of diamonds, clarity plays a crucial role in looking diamond stunning. That is why clarity is must have exquisite for Asscher diamond. If the customer gets the wrong clarity diamond, his diamond ring looks classy and does not release sparkling lights.

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  • Which ring styles are better for Asscher diamond?

Asscher diamond featuring step-cutting facets then cluster style is a very exquisite choice for having the better polishing gradeing scales on the anatomies. Asscher shape diamond has a square shape than a vintage style, and the halo style is also a good option with yellow gold and rose gold.

You met with two different styles in this below ring style: Classic and Vintage style. In addition, a baguette and round-shape diamonds are placed as accent diamonds on the stylish gold platform, which provides sustainability to whole structures of diamonds.

[Asshcer Cut Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

Special Note: In this ring, you can see the center Asscher diamond and Accent round diamonds placed in four corners of direction, which means you’ll succeed in all directions. Also, from four directions, auspiciousness is showering on you. So, purchase this multi-shape diamond ring with antique styles. 

(This is only old beliefs. We’ve not approved these types of beliefs.)

The second ring style is made especially for Asscher Diamond Eternity Ring. In this ring, Asscher diamonds are fixed in platinum metal prongs. Asscher cut diamond eternity ring is usually made for wedding rings, but now couples select it for an engagement ring.

[Asscher Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this ring style, a gold basket is crafted with elite engraving craftsmanship to enhance the overall beauty of the Asscher Diamond ring. This style ring is a comeback in demand after Covid-19 Pandemic. It is called as "Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band."

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  • Final Thoughts

Asscher Shape Diamond has parallel and step cut faceting styles. The 4c of the diamond will impact the beauty of the Asscher cut diamond ring. So, when you think about purchasing an Asscher diamond engagement ring, you have to consider the best clarity, color, and ring styles for your selection. Now you can easily be bargaining with a jeweler for an Asscher cut diamond ring. 

Also, you can select the best metal tone or type for your engagement ring with Asscher cut diamonds. Asscher Cut Diamonds are featuring best brilliant and stylish appearance throughout the surfaces. Want the most precious Asscher cut diamond ring to contact us. We help you with our expertise in craftsmanships.

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