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Bridal Earrings For Women 2022

Bridal Earrings are made for bride especially but it's your choice to make your love partner again bride to deliver these earrings
  • Introduction

If you want to give a something special present to your loved one for your love symbolism, then you can select the lab-grown diamond earrings. Lab diamond earrings have been placed with the finest craftsmanship in gold baskets like screws back, threaded posts, butterfly pushbacks, and hoop earrings.

In medieval times, women wore worn gemstone earrings with different back styles like screw back(Butterfly Style Back), hoop earrings, chandelier style earrings, etc.

When you choose lab-grown diamond earrings, you look for sparkle and scintillation for your love, Right?? Then, of course, you purchase gold earrings for a stunning appearance. 

Lab-grown diamond earrings are the daily ornament of women. So, if she wears the diamond earrings every day, she takes some necessary steps to protect the earrings as newly purchased.

Best Chandelier Diamond Earrings made with lab-grown diamonds for women in gold and platinum

In addition, when you want to surprise a present for your marriage anniversary present or first meeting anniversary gift, then buy man-made diamond earrings. Secondly, you should decide on the back style of earrings.

Every back style of earrings has benefits to secure from pollution or air. Due to a polluted environment, diamond earrings need security and cleaning frequently.

So, let’s check out the diamond earring's back styles or types. Also, in which type of ways can you secure diamond earrings' optimum appearance as newly purchased? Need a clear-cut answer, then stay engaged until the security guide.

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  • Types Of top 5 diamond wedding earrings Styles

    1. Butterfly push-back earrings

    In Butterfly push-back earrings, an ear band is connected with a diamond’s prong or basket framework. A butterfly wings lock has been added to these earrings for easy wearing and removal. In push-back diamond earrings, the lock is fixed in the “O” shaped curved style. 

    These push-back style earrings have blue and pink colored round diamonds on the center surface. The metal of this butterfly push back earring is 18kt rose gold metal; you have options for customization like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

    Butterfly push back earrings for women in gold and platinum. Butterfly earrings are trending in diamond jewelry industry for customers

    So, as you see the push-back earrings horizontally, it looks like an “8 number.” In Butterfly push-back gold earrings, the wearer benefits from a stylish appearance in both ways of view, like the front view and back view(behind the ear). 

    We surveyed the customer preference choice of the earring's back styles. 65% of customers prefer the Butterfly Push Back Earrings style.

    • Which Problems do you face when buying earrings, and how did we solve them?

    There are many problems you face for buying an earring from an online jewelry store, like as fewer communication options; diamonds not fixed properly in the earrings(sometimes diamonds fall), the different metals used in earrings without your permission, high price tags, not getting a timely update, sometimes the broken earring you have to take on delivery.

    But you're in the Ouros Jewels store, where you get a 24*7*365 customer support option, 10-20+ years of experienced craftsmanship, 20-50% less price tag from the market, and a secure delivery option with 60 days warranty. Contact us now to see why we can transform your problem into happiness. From that concerning stress, your mental health will affect. As a result, we can take responsibility for solving your problem efficiently.

    2. Screw back styles of wedding gold earrings

    In the screw-back gold earring style, the lock features a screw, which is easy to wear and remove earrings. In this screw-back style wedding gold earring, 2.25 carat weighted yellow colored cushion interacts with yellow round cut diamonds.

    All diamonds have VVS diamonds with the best reflection ability. Round-cut diamond has a 0.35-carat weight which we can increase if you want. You can freely tell us your requirements.

    Screw back diamond earrings are easily wearable for women because it made with care and combination with white gold and yellow gold

    When a woman wears the screw-back style earring, she looks like a queen. Because screw-back style earrings feature engraved ear bands at the back, and the forward part of the earring is covered by diamond sparkles. 

    In the screw-back earring style, diamonds are fixed in the basket, and it provides the wearers with a gorgeous look. After the butterfly push-back earrings, the screw-back earring style is famous for its luxurious appearance. You can customize the screw-back earring style with a basket type of prongs. 

    Note:- Wedding Couples are most preferred to the Screw Back Earrings Styles For their love symbolism.

    3. Threaded post-wedding earrings (secure lock back style)

    In threaded post earrings, the screw and nut of the ear band provide security to earrings from other destructions. In these threaded post-wedding earrings, a 2.05-carat weighted old mine cushion diamond was placed with vvs clarity.

    Threaded post earrings are made with gold and platinum with lab-grown diamonds. Diamond earrings are best selection for wedding present for wife

    Old mine cushion cut diamond is fixed with prongs for not to fall easily on the ground. Many customers take grievance for their earring durability, but threaded post earrings are the most sustainable earring style. In addition, the ear band is engraved in a frequent pattern for quick wearing and removal in threaded post-earrings.

    • Special Note Related To You

    If you want to get the wearing experience of the Precious and Affordable Earrings within your budget wall, then you're on the right path, which means at Ouros Jewels. We transform your concerns into happiness without to brake your decided budget provisions.

    At some Jewelers, you have to face problems like fewer communication options, not getting accurate and real-time replies from their side, less variety available, and, most importantly, due to less opportunities for engagement rings, you have to purchase without any happiness.

    But here at Ouros Jewels, you can find the solutions to your problems without any extra cost. During the process, we communicate to you with a specific update, and we are liable to send your shipment securely to your doorstep. 

    Here are some of the best diamond and gold earrings collection that has appeared. Have a look at one time.

    So, if you are still in doubt regarding how we tackle your purchasing problems, then don't worry. We have flexibly removed it and presented the ring which you demand. In other words, you're the creator of the ring; we're only adding our best craftsmanship and services.

    If you want to gift diamond earrings as your love feeling symbol, then you can give these old mine diamond threaded post earrings to your love. It helps you to reveal your feelings towards her.

    Threaded Post Earrings are made with splendid craftsmanship and artistry. So, you can purchase this Threaded Post Earrings for your Fiancee and Bride as marriage accessories with gold metal variations.

    4. Hoop diamond wedding earrings

    78% of Grooms decided to design hoop-style earrings for their Bride. In hoop diamond earrings, the thin wire which made in platinum or gold variations (the choice is yours). Diamond hoop earrings are the choice of the celebrities of Hollywood because only Hoop Earrings increase the appearance of the wearer from other styles of earrings.

    The hoop earring's wire is covered by another band or shield, which has engraved diamonds on its external surface and its internal surfaces protect the thin wire that is most important for wearing.

    Hoop earrings made with elegant craftsmanship and gold metal. Diamond hoop earrings have most fabulous appearance for wearer due to appearance with crafting method

    In these hoop earrings, a 9.40-carat weight round cut diamonds are placed in the best form of craftsmanship. All round cut diamonds have VS1 clarity grade and E-color grade, which is useful to spark beauty on the top. 

    A round diamond is placed at the center place of the earring, which is swallowed appearance. While around the round shape diamonds, the engraving work is done with extra care and skill. So, buy these hoop wire diamond earrings for your love and better half.

    You can select these Hoop Wire Style Earrings for your love and present them exactly one day before your wedding. We assure you that she would like to wear this type of engraved earrings. 

    • Now the wait is over, and get your diamond rings and jewelry in 2-3 days. 

    If you want to get diamond engagement rings and jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and pendants in just 2-3 days, whichever your resident place is, we securely ship your love symbolism and favorite diamond rings and jewelry in 48 to 72 hours. 1 Month's waiting time to acquire a diamond ring isn't fair to you, meanwhile, you paid for it instantly. You have to right to get your diamond rings quickly and on time.

    So we carry a diamond rings and jewelry collection that is easily sent to your doorstep in just 48-72 hours. Don't worry about your diamond ring's quality and appearance. You have a chance to for getting your diamond rings quickly with greater quality. So, for more clear information, visit Our Ready to Ship Section.

    It is very hard to get your diamond jewelry instantly means 2-3 days from paying the amount. You don't have to stand in the queue instead of paying the amount. That's why you can instantly purchase your favorite diamond rings, pendants, and earrings.

    5. Cuff-style wedding earrings

    In cuff style earrings, you’ll be getting a long and curved length of earrings. Usually, You see that when a woman wears earrings, then cover the 1/4th part of the ear. Cuff-style earrings also carry the vintage times appearance of women. Here is a butterfly framework diamond earrings which introduce a calm appearance.

    In these cuff-style earrings, the butterfly-shaped engraving work has been done, and in that gold butterfly-shaped, round cut diamonds are placed. All round cut diamonds have VS1 clarity grade while the color grade is E.

    But if you want an earring that covers the whole part of the ear, then Cuff Earrings are the best choice. Many women wore these cuff-style earrings in medieval times as their daily ornaments.

    This cuff-style earring is made with 18kt white gold metal. But we can make it for you in yellow gold and rose gold. When you want to give a gift that is unique, then this cuff-style earring is a good selection for it.

    [Cuff Back Style Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels]

    If you want to give these Cuff Style Earrings to your Fiancee and Girlfriend, obviously, you can purchase them from us. We have specialization in making such masterpiece jewelry from our foundation in 2018. So, purchase these Amazing and Classical Cuff Style Earrings for your life partner.

    If you’re preparing a birthday surprise for your love(Wife) and don’t get any special presents for her, then don’t worry. We bring out for you a special present, especially in Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry. But, of course, we’re talking about the elegant “Cuff Style Earrings.” These Cuff Style Earrings are made for the married couple, with strong bonding for their love life.

    • Why choose ouros jewels for your authorized earring-making jeweler?

    First of all, we offer many options to our friends, which means all customers. We are glad to hear from you as a customer. We carry specialized craftsmanship in this jewelry-making industry with 9-10 years of experience. Lab-grown diamond earrings are the most affordable and optimum choice for your valentine. 

    When you want to purchase from Ouros then our gemologists have the expertise to guide you in the best purchase from us. We assure you that you will bring out the glamorous diamond earrings. Because we care about your concerns and feelings regarding the purchase.

    • Which Types Of Services Do You Get From Ouros Jewels?

    Ouros jewels give three types of service to its customer. First, when a customer places an order to buy earrings, whatever the style is then, our designers pay full attention to creating the CAD design, which helps to make your earrings more beautiful with exact proportions and measurements.

    After CAD design, our craftsmanship takes the diamonds and material to make your earrings, and it has many processes. After passing all process stages, we will share you finalized diamond earrings images or videos with you. Thus, we hold your hands still special diamond earrings parcel you can't receive on your doorstep.

    1. CAD 3D design(Computer Added Design)

    After the successful placement of your order, our designers are started work on your selected diamond earrings styles. It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 days from your order placed date. Our designers make your earrings in 3D images with exact proportions and measurements for your comfort. After successfully completing your CAD 3D Design, we sent you the image, which is the base of your earrings.

     [CAD Images]-[Ouros Jewels]

    First, you would observe your CAD design and remember your earring style. If the CAD design doesn’t match your wishing earring style, then we give you a limited number of changes chances in CAD designs.

    But, if you’re confused, tell us your exact proportions of earring style, then you freely knock on our door. Our gemologists can solve your questions and help you select the accurate design for your love. This CAD Service is paid which we you give. If you want to know more about it, then freely contact our gemologists for crystal clarity.

    2. Diamond video

      After you approve the CAD Designs, we prepare the WAX model of the style of your selected earrings according to Computer Added Design. After the WAX model making, we sent you a diamond video that you selected when you placed the order.

      It provides you with our transparent work efficiency. Also, Our Diamonds are certified by authorized international institutions like IGI, GIA, and EGL. We believe in transparent transactions between the customers and us.  

      [Diamond Video]-[Ouros Jewels]We give you a diamond video in a tweezer look, which is the best view for looking at the diamond impurities or inclusions. Also, the diamond video shows the trustworthiness of our artistry, and it feels like you have come to the right place. 

      3. Final video of your ready earrings

      You can view your selected diamond earring style within eight days of your order placed date. Your earrings are surpassed through casting, Filling, Pre-polish, Stone Setting, Quality Checking, and Metal finishes.

      If your diamond earrings are passed our all SOP standards, then we will shoot the final video of your earrings in High Definition. After you showed the Diamond Earrings Video, you affected the earrings' sparkle and flashing ability. 

      [Finalized Earrings Video]-[Ouros Jewels]

      Our main motive is that customers can view transparent videos and images of their selected products. In addition, Ouros has believed in the built trustworthiness and friendship with our valued customers.

      After we send you a video of your final earrings in the shield-type box, which provides durability to your ship, we ship them to your door safely and securely. It takes a minimum of 0.5-1 month from the shipping date. Sometimes, you can get your consignment early, or it takes time.

      But don’t worry. We don’t release your hand until the shipment is not reached your hands.

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      • Tips for securing the beauty of earrings

      When you don't need to wear any back style of earrings, you can remove and rub them with the clean, soft part of the cloth. You can also secure earrings with an optimum appearance by frequently washing them in baking soda. It removes the dust and Fogg from the earring's surfaces. (Ideal Time For Washing Push Back Earrings= 1-2 months respectively)

      Baking Soda Cleans Earrings Impurities from the surfaces with accuracy

      After you bring out wet earrings from the bowl, you should gently rub them with a soft cloth and make sure the earrings will start to dry. After the wetness was gone out from the earring surface, then you can get your newly purchased earrings; congratulations to you.

      • Special Note Regarding Earrings

      If you want specialized and need customization in earrings, then you can freely contact us. We make your imagination into reality with the form of precious and valuable earrings. So you can leave all your concerns on our shoulders. We have mastery in make-to-order, which is known as Custom Order. We believe in Eco-Friendly Diamond Jewelry wearing.

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