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Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

[Why Diamond Should Be Certified]-[Ouros Jewels]

  • What does the diamond certification report indicate? 

A certification report is your helper if you’re not a diamond expert who doesn’t know about diamond anatomy. The certification report may show the diamond’s good virtues or defects. In addition diamond certification report, you see clarity grade, color grade, symmetry and polish grade, diamond length and width(dimensions), and Cutting styles. In short, the Diamond Certification report is a brochure of the diamond’s characteristics.

You first check its certification when you purchase many luxurious things or equipment. Right? Yes, from a consumer point of view, we have a right to demand a certification report from authorized institutions or authorities. If you can’t get the certification report, you might look suspicious about that thing. 

[Round Brilliant Cut Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

You may select or neglect a diamond from purchase with a Certification report. Unfortunately, very few buyers know the benefits of the diamond’s certification report. If you don’t know about the diamond certification report, then we will move forward to clarify your doubts. 

  • What is a diamond certification report?

When a diamond is found in a mined or laboratory, the manufacturer does not know precisely the proportions and characteristics of that particular diamond. So, he sent the diamond to certification authorities like IGI and GIA. This certification authorities report tells you the diamond’s facts. They give diamond elements in written and written copy known as diamond certification reports. So, if you have a Diamond certification report, you easily show the diamond's excellent factors. 

[Diamond Certification Report]-[Ouros Jewels]

Also, diamond certification reports are available with the diamond purchase. A certification report helps the manufacturer to decide the diamond’s actual value. In the certification report, the purchaser knows the diamond’s elements, which are necessary for an exquisite appearance. 

If you want to know the importance of a diamond’s certification report, then you should take a non certified lab grown diamond and a certified lab grown diamond in your hands. In non certified diamonds, you must know about the clarity, color, cut, and symmetry grade. If you’re not aware of these mentioned grades, then you can’t be able to distinguish between purchase decisions. It means you’re making your mind confused, right?

  • Benefits of certified diamonds:-

Every diamond buyer is unaware of the diamond's circumstances and anatomy, so diamond manufacturers are looking for some authenticated report which is trustworthy and accurate. Also, when a diamond is certified by an authorized institution's standards and levels, then it helps the buyer to get a return on investment from the diamond. Certified diamonds carry the goodwill of craftsmanship, so it helps to decide the right value of the diamonds, this is the benefit of certified diamonds.

If the diamond doesn’t surpass the decided standards due to defects on the surface, then they describe it as defects in the certification report.

1. Certification reports build trustworthiness:-

When you purchase a diamond, then you’ll like to inspect the diamond’s necessary elements or anatomy like clarity, cut, and color. However, suppose a diamond seller doesn’t give a certification report of your purchased diamond, so what are the ways to identify the diamond’s characteristics? No, there’s no way, my friends.

[Diamond Certification Report Built a Trustwothiness]-[Ouros Jewels]

On the other hand, when you have a certification report of a purchased diamond, your mind does not feel nervous. Because a certification report is not an ordinary paper, it indicates the decision to buy the diamond. A Diamond Certification Report tells you that you have purchased the right diamond for your engagement ring and wedding eternity ring.

2. Everyone can read the diamond certification report:-

In the diamond certification report, everyone knows the diamond's beneficial elements like VVS1 clarity(If a diamond has) and D color(If a diamond has). However, while at the report, you can also see the non-beneficial circumstances such as Fair Cut (if the diamond girdle has thickness than Excellent Cut).

[Diamond Certification Report Readable By Everyone]-[Ouros Jewels]

In addition, If the diamond has no exact proportions, it means the diamond is misshaped. You can easily show the mismatched measurements on the report. All credits go to the diamond certification reports, which provide accessible and readable information about the considered diamond.

3. Certification report is the indicator of diamond types:-

First of all, have you ever known about diamond types? Read carefully. We ask for diamond types, not diamond shapes. Ok. When you see the diamond certification report, you may look at the third row's description. In the description, certification authorities mentioned the diamond types, and those are as follows:- Natural Diamond and Lab-Grown Diamond.

[Diamond Shape]-[Ouros Jewels]

Certification Institute has a diamond tester machine that tells which type of diamond is coming for certification. Diamond tester provides transparency to identify diamond types; customers should be aware of fraud. 

Short note about certified diamonds:-

In this article, you show how the diamond must be certified by authenticated institutions. In Diamond Certification, all essential information is described accurately and briefly. So, when you want to purchase a diamond, ask first for a certification report and then convert your quotation into a purchase. 

Ouros Jewels have only certified Lab-Grown Diamonds, and we believe in transparency with customers. So, all our diamonds are certified by IGI or GIA. Thus, purchase a Lab-Grown Diamond from ouros jewels, especially antique shape collection.

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