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Chocolate Diamonds The Proper Detailed Guide

Chocolate Diamonds Made With Extra Care and Artistry

M-colored diamond is known as faint yellow because it gains more pressure during crafting and manufacturing. That's why m-colored diamond is used in fancy-colored diamond jewelry such as chocolate diamonds. Chocolate diamonds carry a mixture of M color grade and Z+ grade, which comes out as brown color. 

Usually, All Diamonds have their own color grade, like a D color grade(colorless), V color grade(light yellow color), or M color grade(slight yellow color). Diamonds' color grades are decided by their appearance and crystal.

For example, fancy colored diamonds are graded with Z+ color grade. But today, we learn about the brown colored diamonds that are called chocolate diamonds, and they do not fall into GIA’s color grades, but have their own color grade. 

Chocolate diamonds are bright brown, like the dark chocolate we eat. Chocolate diamonds are the true love symbolism and representative because all love stories start from the chocolate exchange. Thus, chocolate diamonds still help to remember those love moments and have always mesmerized it. Chocolate diamonds are made or found in the laboratory and mines.

Fancy color diamond with chocolate diamond

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In chocolate diamond making in the laboratory, different chemicals are used with the carbon elements. While natural chocolate diamonds are the real form of chemical process under the land. Compared to lab-grown chocolate diamonds, natural chocolate diamonds are better in resale value, but the buying price is very high.

Chocolate diamonds are registered trademarks of Le Vian Group, which deals with Natural diamonds and creates the concept of chocolate diamonds. These diamonds are found in mines, which means they’re natural. So, chocolate diamond carries the best glitter appearance from its foundation, and it doesn’t require extra efforts to increase its flashy looks. 

  • What is chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are another type of fancy colored diamond. A chocolate diamonds have same characteristics as diamonds. In Chocolate diamonds, the browinsh color sparkling lights available for having a diamond symmetry. Chocolate diamonds have the dark brown color and appearance of the dazzling atomsphere. 

Usually, Le Vian Group has ownership of chocolate diamonds. Le Vian group ethically sourced the these diamonds from Argyle Mines, Australia.

Chocolate diamonds have cut, color, clarity, and carat grade as colorless diamonds. But the dark brown color makes chocolate diamonds different from other colored diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds are found in mines, and when a vast amount of pressure and heat is pressurized during the mining process, the diamond absorbs blue colored light into a spectrum.

As a result, chocolate diamonds scaled C6 to C7 color grade of champagne diamonds. In chocolate diamonds, you can get a different amount of sparkle than a colorless diamond. 

  • What makes chocolate diamonds different from other colored diamonds?

Chocolate diamond comes in dark brown color, while other colored diamonds come with a pink, blue, and orange color grade. But, out of this, chocolate diamonds feature special sparkle reflections throughout the anatomy of a diamond.

Chocolate diamonds have a dark brown color, so when they are placed under the fluorescence machine to measure the sparkling ability, it reflects 18X more sparkle than other colored diamonds. It makes chocolate diamonds from other fancy colored diamonds.

  • What is the rarity of chocolate diamonds?

Rio Tinto, who owns Argyle mine, Australia, chocolate diamonds are scarce to be found, but in natural diamonds it 10,000 times harder to be found. So, chocolate diamonds are rare to get in natural types. But, in lab grown diamonds, chocolate diamonds are easily available because they're price friendly, eco friendly, and authenticated to use.

  • Which clarity grade is best for chocolate diamonds?

VVS Diamonds are the best clarity grade chocolate diamonds. In chocolate color diamonds, VVS clarity grade has less amount of inclusions on the anatomies which doesn't affects the light reflections.

A clarity grade describes the surface inclusions on the table and crown surfaces. 

However, Chocolate Diamonds have a light brown color, so the inclusions have not appeared in SI1 clarity grade, and for this clarity grade diamond you have to pay less than VVS diamonds. Chocolate diamonds do not demand superior clarity grades like IF and FL clarity grades. You must think about the clarity grade in colorless diamonds because the transparent appearance of inclusions are easily viewable(SI1-I3 clarity grade).

But, in chocolate diamonds brown color prevents the view of inclusion which is easily viewable. Chocolate diamonds is not allowing inclusion to be visible easily. That’s why now customers are selecting these diamonds in engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding necklace.

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  • Price of chocolate diamonds

When you want to purchase chocolate diamonds in Natural then you have to pay $8000/carat in SI2 clarity grade. While in chocolate lab diamonds available at the $3000/carat price. The manufacturing cost of Natural chocolate diamonds reaches high for having the direct, indirect, and factory expenses.

Diamond Types


Chocolate Diamonds

Colorless Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond




Natural Diamond




You looked at the chocolate diamond price, so you have to decide what is best for you. We can’t say that you to purchase Natural chocolate diamonds, but if you want to same sparkles as them in less capital, then you have to select lab chocolate diamond, known as brown lab grown diamonds. After all, chocolate diamonds are the form of brown siamonds.

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  • Chocolate Diamond Ring Under $3000

A Chocolate diamond engagement ring is a special gift from you to your better half because women likes to wear unique diamond rings. A chocolate diamond ring available with VVS clarity and best diamond cut in halo rings or solitaire ring styles. For chocolate diamonds rings the 18kt rose gold metal is good choice especially for the engagement. For more query about considering for purchasing then contact us

Chocolate Colored Ring With Best Price
 Image credit: Goldenbird Jewels

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For buying a vintage chocolate diamond engagement rings the best occasion is ney year and valentine. Vintage chocolate diamond carries the special amount of reflections and beauty.

Moreover, vintage chocolate diamonds rings are available in all varieties such in best diamond anatomy, and symmetry. Vintage chocolate diamond engagement rings are looks appealing in the best diamond cut which sparkle always.

Chocolate diamond wedding rings make the marriage present more memorable and delighting. Chocolate diamond rings wedding include eternity bands, pave sets, half eternity bands, Toi et Moi rings, dainty rings, and unique rings.

Chocolate diamond rings are representative of romance and love because in relationships chocolate plays a key role, and lovers feel that. As a result, chocolate diamond wedding rings make the relationship more flexible and transparent. 

  • Final thoughts about of Chocolate diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are famous for their sparkling ability worldwide. In reality, these diamonds are known as Brown or Cognac Colored Diamonds, but Le Vian found the different proportions for the Brown Diamonds, and they gave a new name, Chocolate diamonds. Chocolate diamonds have different color grading scales, which are measured in C6 to C7.

Now, chocolate diamonds are found in lab grown diamonds because they are the same as Natural diamonds. So, if you want to give a special gift to your loved one in chocolate diamond ring, then you have the option to select it in lab diamond. Chocolate diamond ring or other jewelry looks unique every time so that you can choose it for your special love moments.

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