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Christmas Sale : Extra 5% Discount (XMASGIFT5)

Christmas Diamonds Jewelry With 10-15% Instant Discount

Christmas ornament and jewelry are quite an excellent present from you to your love because Christmas day is the best moment to start your love journey. As a reason, people rushed to select their love symbolism diamond jewelry and ornaments for stores. But, unfortunately, sometimes they’re refused because they can’t find Christmas vintage jewelry.

So, today I introduce the best Christmas jewelry you can purchase before Christmas Eve to present your love. I include the best engagement rings, earrings, wedding bands, and many more. Don't bounce from the middle of the article because I have a special deal for you at the end; don't forget to take it.

Christmas Jewelry Available At 10-15% Instant Concession

  • Which jewelry do you have to purchased for Christmas?

You can purchase all types of jewelry for Christmas, such as necklaces, bracelets, eternity rings, halo rings, earrings, and bangles. However, when you want diamond jewelry for Christmas, you must visit an online store because offline jewelry stores or showrooms are filled with the rush of people. You can’t buy diamond jewelry there when you want to acquire it. It’s a reality. There is only one solution, and it is to purchase Christmas Jewelry from the online store.

When you want certified diamond jewelry for Christmas with a flat 10-15% discount, then you enter the right lounge, which means at Ouros Jewels. In Ouros Jewels, buyers can explore the best form of diamond jewelry within their budget, and they can easily buy jewelry for Christmas and all of the festive season sales. Keep engaged with us so you can get the benefit of discounted jewelry.

No, keep doubt in your mind we offer lower prices, so we do not use great quality diamonds and gold metals. For once time, experienced our craftsmanship and quality graded lab diamond jewelry to understand why we stand as buyer's friend, not as a seller and purchaser.

Now, it's time to see special Christmas jewelry, and on this lab diamond jewelry, you can get a 10-15% instant discount. So grab it up to select your Christmas Ornaments at your budget. 

Christmas Jewelry

1. Radiant Diamond Solitaire Ring

This radiant diamond solitaire ring is made with vvs diamonds and g color. The radiant diamond has a 2-carat weight with excellent symmetry and faceting pattern grade. 18KT yellow gold metal is used in this Christmas special ring, and it is the perfect choice to present love feelings in front of her. 2-carat Radiant Diamond has 4-sided prongs grasp and is placed under the basket settings. 

On this Diamond Ring, Instant Discount Allows 15% .
Radiant Solitaire Diamond Ring For Christmas Present To Your Wife

Shop Radiant diamond solitaire ring

2. Diamond stud gold earrings for women

In this diamond stud gold earrings for Women, 2 TCW round-shape diamonds are used with VS clarity and E color. Two round brilliant cut diamonds fixed in the four-sided prongs and basket settings made in 18KT white gold metal. Then select them and earn a 10% instant discount at the final price.

Diamond Stud Earrings are made with basket settings and gold metal addition

Shop Diamond stud earrings

3. Bezel set oval diamond ring

Bezel oval diamond ring is the selection for making the love relationship more protective and providing a shield in the wedding life. Because a bezel set ring is the jewelry for Christmas to your love. In this bezel set gold ring, 1.50 carat oval shape diamond is used with VS clarity and H color. For Christmas diamond ring, yellow gold metal is the best, and in this oval diamond ring, it is added.

In this ring, diamond symmetry is excellent, and the polishing grade is in the ideal slab. These grades are essential for the sparkling diamond ring, so we used only excellent symmetry diamonds. If you want a certification of diamonds and jewelry, then kindly contact us. But, it might be additionally chargeable for you. Oval Bezel Set Diamond Ring For Christmas Jewelry To Your Love

Shop Oval diamond ring

Need customization such as ring design and colored oval or other shaped diamond; then you can tell us when placing an order. We're giving your Christmas ring in your preference, whatever you want. Just acknowledge us so we can understand it.

4. Yellow heart diamond eternity band

This yellow heart diamond eternity band is made in 14KT white gold metal, and it features glorious sparkles reflections for having VS clarity. On this heart diamond eternity band, the buyer can get authenticated hallmark stamp. If you purchased this yellow diamond eternity band, then it will reach you in just 3 days. Yes, in 3 days it will be on your doorstep with full security and as it is appearance and quality.Heart Diamond Eternity Ring made with VS clarity and Excellent symmetry grade

Shop Diamond eternity band

All heart shape diamond has prongs basket settings, and it gives more stability to the whole structure of the eternity band. For Christmas Jewelry, a heart diamond eternity band is a good selection. After all, if you're ready to reveal the love feelings in front of her, then eternity rings are the better choice, and Women like to wear them as love symbolism.

5. Emerald diamond bracelet in 14KT white gold

Emerald diamond bracelets always being a love gift because it made in 14KT white gold. Emerald shape diamond has parallel faceting patterns, and it has a transparent appearance, which helps to blow sparkles. As a result, emerald diamond bracelet for Christmas Jewelry present it is the best choice to give your wife. Diamond White Gold Bracelet For Christmas Jewelry For Your Love Presenting Gifts

Shop Diamond bracelet for women

This diamond bracelet has reached you within 3 days from your order placement date, and you don't have to wait to give it as a Christmas present. We shipped this Christmas Jewelry present worldwide and with security. So, don't worry about how it reaches you. We're open 24*7*365. You can ask about the update for your diamond bracelet. Meanwhile, we shared updated information with you frequently.

On this Diamond Bracelet, you can get a 10% special offer discount instantly. Hurry up, what are you waiting for? We have an option for payment plans and bank transfers. Need assistance, then contact us

6. Tassel earrings in white gold

Tassel earrings are a new form of jewelry because it carries a combination of drop & dangle style and chandelier style. In Tassle earrings, the diamonds are fixed in a particular shape, like as moon, mountain, flower, and many more, which buyers want to acquire. For the alluring appearance of your love, these tassel earrings carry 14KT white gold metal on the framework. 

Tassel Earrings in Diamonds for women

Shop Diamond tassel earrings

Thus, if you want to buy Earrings in white gold at a 10% instant discount, then it is a good chance to buy Christmas jewelry and new year jewelry. All Diamonds are made with certification and authenticated quality assurance. In these earrings, diamonds are fixed with prongs and basket settings. From the certification report, the buyer can understand Diamond's 4cs. Otherwise, a buyer can get Ouros Branded certificate.

7. Triangle Shaped Diamond Ring For Christmas Present

In this triangle-shaped diamond ring for a Christmas present, sterling silver is added. Round diamonds are fixed in a triangle shape with a special design. Round shape diamonds are placed as the speeding fan because the framework is created with that positions. On the border of the ring's framework, diamonds are placed in exact portions to release sparkles.

Triangle Shaped Round Diamond Ring Is Selection For Christmas Jewelry

For Christmas gifts in the form of jewelry, Triangle Shaped Ring is a good selection. All Diamonds have VS clarity and E color to give a more precious appearance. For this Diamond Ring, the buyer can 10% discount, and the buyer is able to receive it within 3 days from the placing order date.

Special Note For Buyer

Thus, if you want Christmas Jewelry with a 15% instant discount, then visit special jewelry collection.

If you want diamond jewelry within 3 days on your hand from the placing order date, then visit the Ready to ship jewelry collection. From here, you can earn a 10% instant discount on your selected diamond jewelry.

Christmas Jewelry Wholesale Buying 

For buyer who wants to purchase diamond Christmas jewelry wholesale, then visit our bulk inquiry page. Buyers sometimes wish to purchase Wholesale Christmas Jewelry, then we have the option for it, and they can get a better deal for their proposals. Christmas Ornaments For Wholesale is a good option for bulk buyers. 

Ouros Jewels provide more precious and flexible services to purchasers of diamond Christmas Jewelry at Wholesale Prices. 

Meanwhile, you can refer to our lab diamond jewelry wholesale Page, where you'll understand the whole procedure of quality and assurance.

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