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Best 20 Christmas Jewelry Gifts Ideas To Shop For Loved Ones

Christmas jewelry gifts for your family members and loved ones

"Gifting jewelry at the Christmas festival is a meaningful gesture towards a loved partner and family members. This holiday season carries some beautiful moments to enjoy and experience the vibes of positivity with loved ones. Shop a beautiful jewelry style for your girlfriend, sister, mother, father, and brother, who will always be there for your support and warmth."

  • Gift For Girlfriend

There is an option to gift anything from jewelry like a simple yellow gold plated matching band to your girlfriend that determines as the promise ring. A promise ring is exchanged as the commitment and loyalty sign between the two individuals, and it does not show the instant assurance of engagement and wedding.

But it shows emotional attachment towards a loved one, especially a girlfriend who has been dating you for one year. Giving the promise band with diamonds and gold engraving is a good option to revive that promise for a long assurance. Christmas is the holy festival where everyone is blessed with God's Mercy and Happiness.

  • Mother's Gift

Meanwhile, if you're searching for the best gift for your Mother, pick a beautiful tennis bracelet that shows her importance in your life. Tennis bracelets have a more adorable and charming wearing experience on the wrists, and they're suitable for every attire, whether it's formal or a daily home clothing sense.

  • Parent's Gifts

Parents are the most important people in the individual's life who always teach everything related to being kind, supportive, and motivated. To define gratitude and thanksgiving, shop the men's diamond chain in white gold for your father. If your father has a skin allergic reaction to contact nickel and palladium, pick a platinum chain. A 14.00 inch length platinum chain for men is available within the price range of $800 to $2000.

Let's see the best and most beautiful lab diamond jewelry style gifts to select for Christmas presents and New Year's blessings.

1. Halo Engagement Ring

3 carat emerald cut lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring for women

Looking for a great opportunity to propose to her and make the proposal moment memorable and ideal, then pick this 3.00 carat emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring. On Christmas Day, surprisingly, unboxing the ring and pop up the question, "Will you be mine forever from now and ready to thrill to experience?"

Make that moment adorable from decorating the house and arranging a dinner to capture that memory in the cameras and store it in your heart.A halo engagement ring is the most beautiful design due to the use of diamonds and gemstones that reflect a unique, charming appearance. On Christmas day, propose to your loved one with this ring made with white gold and diamonds. The ideal price to be spent on the halo ring is $1500 to $3000.

The diamond carat weight should be selected in accordance with the visualization preference. A 2.00 carat diamond halo ring for women can be captivated by white gold and rose gold. There's an option to select a two-tone material in a single combination for an engagement ring. Choose a customization option to make your ring not only beautiful but meaningful, too that mirrors the journey of your love relationship.

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2. Old Mine Cushion Stud Earrings

Old mine cushion cut diamond stud earrings threaded post in gold

These white gold stud earrings are a good option to give to your mother or sister according to their lifestyle and preference. In these earrings, 2.05 carat weights elongated old mine cushion cut lab diamonds are used and have a strong grip from the claw prong settings. A threaded post-ear back style is created to be easily worn, ideal for everyday wearing.

There is an option to select platinum or yellow gold material, per their comfort. Don't tell them you are shopping for a precious earring for a Christmas gift, but surprisingly, put the earring box around their bed, and when they show it in the morning, they will mesmerized by the present.

Meanwhile, consider the earrings' best quality, especially in 4Cs of diamonds. The average cost of earrings for women ranges from $500 to $4000, depending on the quality and material you opt for.

3. Blue Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

1.00 carat blue diamond eternity wedding band white gold

A blue diamond wedding eternity band is chosen for its rare and captivating beauty, symbolizing eternal love and commitment. The blue hue represents trust and stability, infusing the ring with a unique and timeless charm.

This ring is made with the colorless and blue diamond combination in white gold, and it can be an ideal choice if you plan to propose to her for a wedding with great pleasure and commitment before New Year on Christmas.

When selecting an eternity band for her, consider the best and most comfortable ring size that is snugly fit and prominent on the finger. Measure the ring size at home by following some methods and tips. Meanwhile, go with the professional ring measurement store for an accurate and instant result. Select the measurement way in accordance with your choice and time availability.

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4. Choker Necklace For Wedding

15 inch white gold diamond choker necklace to shop for a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony

Are you planning the wedding on 14 February 2023, Valentine's Day, when all lovers exchange gifts and presents? So you don't have much time to arrange everything, so consider shopping for a precious and pretty diamond wedding necklace for your bride before that time.

Christmas is the best occasion to purchase wedding jewelry after mutual discussion. But if you're looking for a surprise present for her on 25 December, instantly shop for this necklace that matches her wedding gown. Meanwhile, store the box of the purchased necklace in a safe and secure place, and, by midnight on 14 February, put it near her.

When she sees the necklace at first glance in the morning, it becomes a mesmerizing moment for her and the wedding day ceremony. After she takes the stage in the ceremony, tell her you shopped the necklace for her as a present for starting a new relationship.

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5. Men's Engagement Ring

Platinum engagement ring for men to propose on the Christmas Eve with family and friends celebration

Pop up the question, "Can you see us creating a family together and building a legacy of love?" The best way and moment to ask this is the white gold diamond engagement ring and Christmas week.

If you have a sufficient budget provision, then surprisingly arrange the Cozy Cabin weekend enjoyment with him. When you reach that place, get some rest and on the night candlelight dinner unbox the ring in front of him.

There is an option to select a ring style from solitaire, bezel, channel, eternity, and halo for a better appearance. Consider your life partner's lifestyle and preference, then pick the style. If he likes to be in fashion trends, select a halo and Art Deco vintage design for an engagement ring. While for a simple ring, a solitaire ring design will be a wonderful choice that decorates his finger with your emotions.

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6. Yellow Gold Everyday Wearing Bangle

Flush set yellow gold diamond bangle for everyday wearing

Did you remember what's a best and traditional jewelry women like to wore on the hands apart from rings and bracelets? A bangle jewelry is most often selected for the wedding and everyday wearing. The yellow gold diamond bangle is appropriate present to give your loved ones on this Christmas.

Measure the wrist knuckle size with accuracy and perfection to avoid any discomfort and issues. If she found a comfortable size, such as 2.10 Aani, then opted for it that is not loose and tight.

Visit the professional bangle jewelry measurement service provider for proper guidance and to get the correct size. Because you're gifting a Christmas gift, there's an error that should be null to experience a luxury on hand.

Suppose you're selecting this bangle for your Mother and Sister then consider they don't have any allergenic issues to being contact with white gold. You have the option to select a material between white gold and platinum, but a platinum is the most hypoallergenic to reduce a risk of allergic reactions. Pick the brilliant cut diamonds and flush set or bezel setting for making bangle jewelry suitable for always with proper care and maintenance.

7. Micro Pave Hoop Earrings In White Gold

White gold large hoop earrings in pave wired design and easy interlock formation

Hoop earrings make a fantastic Christmas present for several reasons like their timeless and versatile design complements various styles, making them a go-to accessory for any occasion. The circular shape symbolizes unity and eternity, making them a meaningful representation of lasting love and friendship during the holiday season.

Pick at least 5 carat weights of diamonds and yellow gold material that looks captivating and wonderful. Round brilliant cut diamonds are 1st choice for getting extraordinary brilliance, but there's an option for fancy shapes like oval, pear, emerald, modified cushion, and heart shapes. Opting for black diamonds offers the most precious and luxurious wearing experience in hoop earrings. Pick a fancy color diamond according to your choice.

Select large-sized hoop earrings that can be worn on the daily part of attire and special functions like engagements, weddings, and family gatherings. Whether adorned with diamonds, gemstones, or a classic gold finish, these earrings add a touch of glamour and sophistication, making them a thoughtful and stylish gift to celebrate the festive spirit.

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8. Platinum Diamond Tennis Bracelet For Him

White gold tennis bracelet on the men's wrist with a 7 inch chain length

Men's tennis bracelets always appear glorious and charming, distinguishing a person from others. With the touch of yellow gold or white gold, it looks like a perfect adornment that completes attire for every occasion. For aย meaningful Christmas present that serves as a symbol of style and sophistication, enhancing a man's fashion ensemble by gifting a tennis bracelet.

These diamond bracelets are made with chain and prong settings that secure the overall structure, and the interlock system for a comfortable wearing experience makes it a good option to wear daily. Selecting the perfect size and quality allows the wearers to experience such a gorgeous wrist appearance.

Also, this wrist jewelry combines a fashion statement and emotional connection with a love partner. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a tennis bracelet can also represent endurance and commitment, making it a thoughtful gift that aligns with the spirit of the holiday season and makes the promise of a wedding strong and real.

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9. Heart Diamond Halo Pendant For Women

1.00 carat heart shaped diamond halo pendant with gold chain

This heart shaped diamond halo pendant is a good option for the Christmas gift to present it to your future wife with a white gold or platinum chain. A center colorless 1.00 carat heart shape diamond reflects the feelings of the giver, and it can lead the receiver to acknowledge the emotions that have been shared. A 14.00 inch chain necklace pendant is a versatile and a gorgeous choice for everyday wear and on special occasions.

Pick a fancy color diamond to make your intention clear and concise as a New Year's gift for your dear ones. For example, a pink diamond refers to a feminist and romantic appeal for the recipient. While chocolate diamonds bring warmth and a deep connection between two individuals. Green and greyish-olive diamonds remain elite and the epitome choice for a jewelry selection.

Pick one that suits the gift receiver's fashion preference. It's best to ask them about you're purchasing jewelry for them, except if you are explicitly planning a surprise. So, in that case, take the help of the jewelers because they're connoisseurs about the jewelry sense and fashion statements. Book a virtual appointment with us for a consultation related to any issues and concerns about selecting a Christmas jewelry gift.

10. Chandelier Bridal Earrings For Her

Diamond chandelier wedding earrings for Christmas gift to wear on the marriage day ceremony

If your wedding is just after the Christmas holiday season and you've still not purchased the jewelry and ornaments for her, select this bridal chandelier earring made with white, gold, and silver hue content. A pear and marquise shaped diamond is placed in the prong settings for a better durability extension. If your fiancee's wedding gown is white, this bridal earring is made for you.

Chandelier bridal earrings are a popular choice for brides who want to make a statement with their wedding jewelry. These earrings are characterized by their elaborate and cascading design, often featuring intricate details and dangling elements that resemble a chandelier. Coordinate the style and color of the earrings with your love partner's wedding dress. They should enhance her overall bridal look.

These modern styled earrings typically have a tiered or layered design with multiple dangling components.ย It can be made from various materials, including precious metals like gold or silver. Multiple lengths are available for these bridal earrings, specially made with diamonds in fancy colors or birthstones.

Consider the overall theme of your wedding and the season. For example, December birthstones or diamond chandelier earrings may work well for a winter wedding, while floral or pearl designs may be suitable for a spring or summer wedding. Set up a realistic budget for shopping for wedding earrings, knowing the ideal materials and design you opted for.

11. Three-stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Modified rectangular diamond shape three-stone ring in yellow gold for women

This modified rectangular-shaped diamond ring is made of yellow gold with a claw-prong setting. Two trapezoid bullet cut, antique-cut diamonds are placed as accent stones to increase the brilliance of the reflection on the fingers.

On the shank, round brilliant cut diamonds are fixed to make this ring an ideal and perfect selection for engagement. Pick this yellow gold ring for your loved ones as a Christmas proposal gift to make your engagement occasion memorable and wonderful.

Criss cut diamonds have a unique cross-like pattern, creating a distinctive and eye-catching look when viewed from the top. This unusual design sets the ring apart from traditional cuts, making it a special and memorable choice. This diamond is a contender of the fancy shapes and is counted as the modified shape that has more brilliance reflection.

Christmas is a festive and joyous time filled with lights and celebrations. A criss-cut diamond's brilliance can complement the festive atmosphere, adding an extra layer of glamour to the moment. The geometric design of a criss cut diamond can be reminiscent of snowflakes or winter crystals.

The clean lines and geometric facets of diamond contribute to a modern and refined aesthetic, making the ring a timeless piece that can be cherished forever. The criss cut diamond enhances the diamond's brilliance and sparkle, creating a mesmerizing play of light that is perfect choice for Christmas proposal ring.

12. Love and Romantic Ring

White gold toi et moi ring for women to propose on Christmas

Do you know which ring is mostly selected for a more romantic appeal to women? A "Toi et Moi ring" is the answer. This ring style contains two gemstones and diamonds, where one diamond reflects the emotions of the giver, and the second diamond refers to the recipient's expectations in a love relationship. The story of this engagement ring dates back to the French era, when King Napoleon proposed to his love partner, Josephine.

A "Toi et Moi" ring, which translates to "you and me" in French, is a style of ring that features two stones, often of different types or colors, symbolizing the union of two individuals. Proposing with a Toi et Moi ring during Christmas can be a beautiful and meaningful choice. Add an authentic and significant factor to your love relationship.

The reasons behind selecting this ring style for Christmas include: 1. Symbolism of Unity, 2. Celebrating a Connection, 3. Dual Significance, 4. Timeless and Classical Style, 5. A Symbol of Balance, 6. Unexpected Elegance, 7. Dual Commitment, 8. Perfect for Committing a Love, 9. Look Versatile With Gemstones.

If your budget for shopping for a Christmas Jewelry present is between $1000 to $2000, then this ring design you can get with lab-grown diamonds, the best real diamond alternative. Also, there is a versatile option in quality and carat weights or shapes that sign about your love journey with loved ones. So, prefer lab-grown diamonds for a Toi et Moi ring in gold and platinum.

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13. Diamond Station Necklace For Women

White gold diamond station style necklace for women as a charming present for Christmas

Are you looking for a Christmas jewelry present under $500 for your family member, especially a woman? Then, see this charming white gold diamond station necklace chain containing a princess cut lab diamond that reflects a unique brilliance with any attire.

A 14kt white gold content makes this station necklace chain gorgeous and shiny when worn with other jewelry like an eternity wedding band and diamond hoop earrings.

This necklace chain has a 16.00 inch length that can be worn for any occasion like a friend's party, wedding ceremony, or anniversary function. For daily wear, you can gift this necklace to her as a New Year's gift that indicates your emotions towards her.

The simplicity of the diamond station necklace allows it to be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions. This chain design can be worn for years to come, making it a lasting and cherished accessory. If your loved ones prefer an understated look or making a fashion statement, this necklace will make them stand out.

If you have a question: Can a diamond necklace with a station design be worn daily? Then, you have the option to make it part of your everyday wear, whether attending a corporate event or traveling for professional work. There is an option to customize the design according to your preference like as diamond shape, clarity, chasing style, length, and material selection, as per your budget.

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14. Round Diamond Fancy Pendant Chain Necklace

Round cut diamond chain pendant for a women to gift on Christmas

Opted for a round diamond white gold pendant is a classic and timeless choice for a Christmas gift to present to your loved ones. Their symmetrical shape is universally admired, making them a safe yet elegant option for any style or occasion. The round shape of the diamond is highly versatile and complements a wide range of styles.

A round diamond pendant can be easily paired with both casual and formal attire, making it suitable for various occasions. The cut of a round diamond is designed to maximize the stone's fire and scintillation, ensuring it catches the eye. A fancy pendant for women in diamond reflecting the unique appearance and is suitable for every attire the wearer chooses.

It can symbolize enduring love and commitment as a pendant, making it a meaningful gift for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. There is an option to select various styles and designs like solitaire, halo, layered settings, and letter made. Whether you're wearing a V-neck, scoop neck, or crew neck, a round diamond pendant can complement your chosen style.

Whether given as a romantic gesture, a celebration of milestones, or simply as a token of appreciation, it carries sentimental value and lasting beauty. Round diamonds are one of the most iconic and recognizable diamond shapes. This familiarity can add a sense of assurance and timelessness to the pendant, making it a classic piece that won't go out of style.

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15. Platinum Diamond Bangle For Women

Diamond bangle in platinum for wearing on any occasions

A platinum diamond bangle makes an exquisite and meaningful Christmas jewelry present for women, combining elegance, durability, and timeless beauty. The brilliance of diamonds set in a platinum bangle symbolizes the festive spirit, capturing the magic of the holiday season.

Platinum's durability ensures the piece will withstand the test of time, becoming a lasting symbol of love and celebration. The bangle's design, adorned with diamonds, adds a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile accessory suitable for both festive occasions and everyday wear.

As a Christmas gift, the women's bangle in platinum conveys not only the joy of the season but also a commitment to enduring love and style, creating a cherished and memorable piece for the woman who receives it. There is an option to select a fancy color diamond like blue, yellow, pink, dark brown, or red for a more brilliant look on the wrist.

Measure the wrist size for the bangle according to the comfortable wearing experience as it snugly fits. If you find it too loose or tight on the wrist, immediately contact the jeweler. It's best to measure the size before shopping because if you opt for the wrong size and are doing international shopping, it might be a hassle-contained and headachy process to re-size the bangle.

16. Customized Modern Diamond Pendant For Men

Modern diamond pendant for men to gift it on the Christmas morning

A modern diamond pendant for men is an exceptional choice for a Christmas gift, offering a contemporary and sophisticated touch to festive celebrations. The pendant contains a chain and diamonds that suit attire and clothing sense, whether corporate or party wear. The sleek design of the pendant reflects current trends, making it a stylish accessory that resonates with modern aesthetics.

Selecting diamonds, not blood diamonds, is a timeless symbol of strength and resilience, adding a touch of luxury and elegance, making the pendant a meaningful and enduring gift for the love expression. Consider the best diamond shape and accurate chain length that easily offers an expected look when worn with a T-shirt or a formal cut-piece shirt.

The versatility of a modern design in a pendant ensures that the recipient can effortlessly integrate the pendant into various styles when attending a friend's engagement ceremony or going on vacation with a family for a weekend. Opt for a skin-allergenic-free material without nickel or palladium content. Platinum is a material that is original and does not contain any chemical metals.

As a Christmas present, the modern pendant for men embodies the season's spirit, combining tradition with contemporary flair, and serves as a lasting token of love, admiration, and joyous festivities. Pick a carat weight and design from discussing it with a recipient to know which preference they want in jewelry.

17. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring For Men

14kt yellow gold plated content material wedding ring band for a mens

Looking for a yellow gold wedding ring for men to gift on the 25th of December, then select this band of 14kt yellow gold. The shining appearance and perfect finish allow you to express yourself in front of him while unboxing the ring. This ring costs $439, and the size available is 4 1/4 US. There is an option to select a ring size from the range of 4.00 to 9.00 US, according to the finger's width and comfort.

Lead your love relationship from giving this ring as a sole intention to marry with him. Tell him you're done with the relationship, and now you wish to make this bonding more authentic, recognized as "Husband and Wife" from "Couple." There's nothing wrong with committing and describing your emotions through words, but on Christmas Eve, present this yellow gold ring and promise the wedding.

You have two core choices besides yellow gold, but the price remains same: 1. White Gold and 2. Rose Gold. The white gold ring looks like a platinum material, offering a brilliant appearance on the finger. For more romantic appeal and attachment, rose gold will play an important role in considering marriage. Make sure you've opted for the correct material for a wedding ring.

The gold wedding ring for men price ranges from $100 to $800. This range depends on the ring sizes, design complexity, material usage, and the diamond selections. If you select a 1 carat diamond, it costs $750, while theย cost remains under $300 for only a gold ring. Spend the money on the wedding ring after a proper discussion about ring size and everything that matters.

18. Hip-hop Fashion Bracelet For Men

Rose and white gold material hip-hop fashion bracelet for men with 7.00 inch length

Do you have a wish to offer a fashion bracelet for your brother and father or maybe for your boyfriend on Christmas, then pick this Hip-hop gold bracelet. This men's bracelet is made with a two-tone material content: 1. White gold and 2. Rose gold. The cuban chain format makes this wrist jewelry more honest and gorgeous when it aligns with the personality. Pick this to give your loved ones a birthday and New Year's gift in advance for spending around $1200.

There is an option to select different silver, yellow, gold, and platinum materials. In bracelet jewelry, durability is the most important factor to consider because the gemstones or diamonds are not made with perfection; they start to fall. This is unacceptable when given on meaningful occasions like Christmas or before New Year.

Spending the amount of bracelet jewelry to shop for the ideal size and comfort affects the overall costs. Opted a more length chain bracelets have additional costs than picking a shorter one. But, pay attention to the perfect wrist size, whether it has more length, and don't look for the price tag there. If you can't afford the price at once time, then an option exists to pay the price in installments.

You're gifting jewelry on Christmas, a happy and enjoyable festival celebrated worldwide, right? So, select the customization option and tell the jeweler to pack a gift on the theme of Christmas and put a good message in the box. If you want to get your jewelry before Christmas, select express shipping to hand over the present within five days of placing the order from Ouros Jewels.

19. Mens Customized Letter Pendant

White gold round cut customized letter diamond pendant for men

This customized letter pendant for men's in diamonds will good choice for the Christmas present to give your loved ones. If you want to give a birthday present in advance on the special occasion like before New Year celebration as 25th December, then pick this 3.00 carat weight diamond pendant with white gold chain.

A colorless diamonds placement makes this jewelry suitable for all occasions whether it's a part of daily wearing with watch and sunglasses or secured it to adorn on the special occasion like best friend's wedding ceremony on the beach. You have that option to select a princess or emerald cut diamonds in pendant that complements a recipient's morals and respecting their feelings attachment with you.

Benefit of selecting a customized letter pendant remains unique and aesthetic choice because it dedicates to the wearer not everyone. So, when it has been worn with the fashionable gold chain that looks more precious and keen. As a result, most of the girlfirends you want to sent their message to their love partners opted a letter diamond pendant chain necklace for taking oath of wedding relationship on the Holy Christmas.

The price of wedding pendant for mens starts from $1500 to $2500 where the design flexibility and material usage affects the overall selling price. It's a best to talk with the jeweler about your budget range and expectations in the craftsmanship. They will guide you which design will be fit in your budget preference and which type of quality of craftsmanship you get.

20. Hip-hop Necklace Chain For Mens

Diamond hip-hop chain necklace for mens with two-tone material

If your love partner likes to wear a fashion chain necklace daily, then you have the best gift to shop this two-tone hip-hop necklace for him. In this jewelry, lab-grown diamonds with a 7.00 carat weight are used in a Cuban chain format that looks unique, gorgeous, and suitable for any attire. The 18.00 inch length chain of this necklace contains a rose gold and white gold finish for surging the wonderful appearance of the neck.

The size of the necklace ranges from 14.00 inches to 22.00 inches, where it looks long and swinging on the neck. Make sure you have opted for the correct size, neither too short nor too long, because once you select the size, its re-sizing issues make your jewelry simple and only simple. Thus, it's best to ask for jewelers' support before shopping for your loved ones according to the neck size and height.

Jewelers are connoisseurs about the size and quality of content; they will properly guide about any concerns and problems. For example, if you wish to shop for a 5.00 carat diamond Cuban chain necklace for your boyfriend for $3500 and want white gold and platinum content, then tell them to add on this per your budget preference. Make sure you select an authentic jewelry store to prevent misleading and fraud.

We have the option to customize the jewelry according to your preference for budget and quality concerns and shipment process. Once you order jewelry from us, we start the process of what you wish in it. We update you throughout the whole manufacturing cycle related to your necklace chain making. Once the process is done, we will ship it with our recognized shipping partner, and they will securely hand over your consignment to your home.

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