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Colored Butterfly Diamonds

  • What Is Butterfly Shape Diamond Called?

A Butterfly diamond is an example of elite and skillful craftsmanship. Because diamond grading is very tough and complex, not described in words or phrases, it’s a total game of sharp-edged mind and hands. But we make it simple and easy through our craftsmanship. A Butterly cut diamond has all-degree corned angles in facetings like 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and 180°.

We don’t say it is easy to make butterfly diamonds in lab-grown, but it demands a high level of craftsmanship; we have it. So once a time, you can tell us your requirements for those antique cut diamonds and then see why we feel proud to provide that high-level crafted diamonds.

  • Introducing Colored Butterfly Diamonds

This is 1st time ever in the lab-grown diamond industry that we introduce the Pink, Blue, Yellow, Olive, Light Pink, and Green colored Butterfly Diamonds. It's a history to introduce the pack of six different colored butterfly shape diamonds to the world.

We're delighted to make these unique cut butterfly diamonds in rainbow-colored patterns. Stay tuned with Ouros Jewels to see more uniqueness and integrity in quality.

Now, we can show you our highly precious crafted five different colored butterfly diamonds, which are in pink, blue, yellow, and green. It’s very rare to be found colored lab-grown diamonds in butterfly shapes. Our butterfly diamond has VS clarity and fancy colors, which you want.

Look, we can’t say no to you regarding which requirements you have. We take it as a responsibility with specified crafted materials and provide you within the deadline.

So, you can easily engrave the butterfly diamond in any jewelry like a vintage ring, tennis gold bracelet, butterfly diamond pendants, and wedding diamond necklace.

We make all the jewelry in butterfly diamonds with clarity, color, cut, and symmetry. We comprehensively make your butterfly shape diamond jewelry with the combination of our brilliant craftsmanship.

1. Pink Butterfly Diamond 

 In love sea, only one color is available: pink. Pink colored butterfly diamond is the reflection of love, feelings, and thoughts which never described in words. So, these butterfly diamonds are the boat of their love sea. It means the pink butterfly diamond makes their love nexus more flexible and robust.

All love birds met in college, at the bus stand, airport, metro, friend's wedding engagement, workplace, and all the world's space. They want a specialized gift, a sign of their love sea or ocean.

When two souls are engaged or belted a wedding moment in their minds, then they want to make those loverious moments memorable which stored in their hearts forever.

Pink Butterfly representing the pink ocean where you want to dive with your love partner

In the love sea, many obstacles and conditions demand dedication from one heart to another heart; then, an engaged sign can save their nexus like as engagement rings, matching pendants, earrings, and necklaces for the wedding.

The Characteristics Of Pink Butterfly Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Pink

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.51CT

*At the end of page, the way shows to inquire about this yellow butterfly diamond

Now one love birds take specialized diamond jewelry for their better half. Because I don’t talk about only jewelry gifts as your love symbolism but all the very precious things which will be remembered in mind and heart.

  • Benefits of buying pink butterfly diamond jewelry

The benefits of buying pink butterfly diamond jewelry are beneficial for the wearer and those who gave that. The pink color diamond reflects love and kindness, which humans are losing as time goes on. Today, humans have instantly described anger because of the lack of kindness in their lives and minds.

Thus, pink butterfly diamonds will help them to decrease their anger sense and improve kindness in their soul and body. Sometimes anger dominates the person's mind; as a result, the person creates an unexpected situation that is very dangerous to his family and himself.

Pink Butterfly Diamond Represent The Love From Both Sides To Bring Out From The Situation

So, the pink-colored diamond jewelry gives calmness in the wearer's mind, thus, he/she can make the right decision regarding any problems and situations. This is the benefit of buying pink butterfly diamond jewelry.

The pink color symbolizes many positive energies which guide a wearer’s mind to choose the right path in life. A pink butterfly diamond gives warmth, compassion, calm, pure romance, and heart-keeper, and increases self-confidence in love nexus.

As a result, a piece of pink diamond jewelry is quite an excellent choice for those who disparately want happy and floating love life. Thus, select pink butterfly diamond jewelry to get the benefits of protecting and providing a security shield for your love life. 

Take A Note

Need a customized pink butterfly diamond ring or earring? Otherwise, whatever you want, then contact us. We caught your request for customized pink butterfly diamond jewelry at an affordable price with the best quality precious metal ingredients.

So do not keep doubt in your mind regarding our tremendous craftsmanship. Need an example, place your order, then rest the facts put on our shoulders and see your first consignment from us.

2. Blue Butterfly Diamond

Blue Butterfly Diamond represents the clear sky for love birds. When you see a clear sky where it has a blue color, then I don’t know some invisible powers give peace to our unconscious mind and heart. In Blue Butterfly Diamond VS clarity sparks at a high level due to step internal faceting patterns.

In the blue butterfly shape diamond, we added our expertise and precious craftsmanship carefully, which sustained the standards to become your love symbolism stronger in all conditions.

In love, when two unknown souls gather to be one soul, but they have two different bodies, they want to wander in the love sky without any barriers or problems. But it’s not possible in reality.

The Characteristics Of Blue Butterfly Shape Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Blue

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.55CT

*At the end of the page, the way shows to inquire about this Blue butterfly diamond

In love sky issues come when a person doesn't know the idea where to go in life, then a blue color provides him positivity and creativity. It means a blue-colored butterfly diamond works for those who want their better half's support in any situation then it helps in reality.

[Blue Colored Butterfly Diamond: Sky For Love Birds]

The blue butterfly diamond creates the unbreakable love nexus between two souls that became one after the wedding, as the world knows. Here, I am talking about the bride and groom. Don’t get me wrong.

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  • Benefits of blue butterfly cut lab-grown diamonds

In the benefits list of blue butterfly shape diamonds, three facts are included: First is loyalty, the second is supportive nature, and the third is intelligence. In the love life, you want loyalty from your love partner and then propose to her with blue butterfly diamond jewelry like bangles or bracelets, which she mostly likes.

The benefit of wearing blue diamonds is that it will provide loyal support from the valentine or fiancee. Don’t tell her you’re purchasing blue diamond jewelry; give her a surprise present at your knee. When someone wears blue-colored diamond jewelry or clothes. The wearer becomes more protective of their love relationship.

It will help the love relationship between two souls because if there is space for doubt in love life, the result comes as a breakup with each other. Any love bird doesn’t want to fall out from the love sky in any conditions. Right? You also don’t want to land on the surface of the loving atmosphere.
Blue Buuterfly Diamond is the example of excellent craftsmanship due to glorious appeared faceting

The second benefit of wearing a blue butterfly diamond is giving supportive nature to the wearer. Without support, one soul can stand with their capabilities in the love life. So, if you want to support your better half or wife, then give her a blue diamond ring in a butterfly shape which becomes an antique and unique presence in the form of a love sign.

The last benefit of the blue butterfly diamond is that Love birds wish to create their house on the tree sky where they can share thoughts and feelings without any voice of progress or promotion.

Because in love, there is no space for compatibility or competition. In the love sky, only one thing is working: the dedication towards each other without consideration of any result.

Blue butterfly diamond is made with a lab-grown process, which is eco-friendly. In addition, our butterfly cut diamond has the best clarity grade, which is decided by GIA(Gemological Institue Of America). The faceting style or pattern of the
blue butterfly shape diamond is a soft step cut and same-sized rectangular forms. 

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3. Yellow Butterfly Diamond 

Yellow colored butterfly diamond is a cloud of goldish drops lights which rains on your love life. You can select it for a proposal ring or engagement present necklace. The making process of this yellow butterfly cut diamond is a combination of modern technology and sharp-minded artsmanship.

Yellow butterfly diamond has a vast amount of fluorescence ability, which helps spark your jewelry more than colorless diamonds. So, select this butterfly-cut yellow diamond as an antique engagement ring for your love.

The VVS clarity Diamonds in the shape of a Butterfly with Step internal faceting spark the light everywhere. This yellow-colored butterfly diamond has an excellent polishing grade and excellent symmetry grade

[Yellow Butterfly Diamond: Goldish Rain Cloud]

When you want to buy a specialized present for your love in the best affordable price wall, this yellow butterfly shape diamond is the choice, and you have to pick it up from our shop. Our yellow butterfly diamond has the potential to make your engagement symbol more memorable and precious.

The Characteristics of the Yellow-Colored Butterfly Diamond

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Yellow

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent Grade

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.40CT

*At the end of the page the way shows to inquire about this yellow butterfly diamond

So now, it’s your turn to book your consignment on with your requirements in yellow butterfly cut diamonds in various clarity and cut grades. Just tell us your needs, and the rest will be handled by the most skilled antique diamond jeweler, which means ouros jewels.

  • Benefits of Yellow Butterfly Cut Diamond: A Goldish Rain Cloud Diamond

The benefits of yellow butterfly diamonds are warmth, stress-free life, happiness, easy communication, mental stability with high-power memory storage, excitement, and curiosity to learn about new works assignments in life.

When a yellow butterfly cut lab diamond engrave in any piece of jewelry, then the wearer would be got the ability to tackle unexpected problems in love relationships and life. In addition, a yellow color diamond is a hub of positivity and creativity.

As a result, people want this goldish rain-clouded butterfly diamond in the form for their love-symbolized engagement rings and wedding-style pendants. Moreover, a yellow-goldish butterfly diamond releases a more intensive amount of rainbow color reflected lights in exit ways.

So, there’s no debate about selecting this yellow butterfly shape diamond in the vintage ring or crafted antique necklace representing a golden era after billions of years.

Yellow Butterfly Diamond has the shining color which always noteworthy and gold color represents the SUN appearance

The yellow-colored butterfly diamond has the benefit of less price than other colored or colorless diamonds. Furthermore, in this butterfly lab-grown diamond, only an eco-conscious process is used, which is essential for our planet to maintain the biodiversity cycle.

Yellow butterfly shape diamond is certified by an authenticated laboratory, and we approved stamp from that lab. So, these are the benefits of yellow-colored butterfly diamond, certified, authenticated, eco-friendly, price-keeper, king quality grades, and unique and optimum appearance.

4. Green Butterfly Diamond

This green butterfly diamond is known as the carrier of earth’s green lands because the green color goes for greenery, and it’s a very eye-catching after-yellow color. In addition, butterfly shape diamond has some intriguing sparkling reflections from anatomies known as table, crown, pavilion, culet, and crown.

In making this green butterfly cut diamond, we consider making it in better quality as best cut graded diamonds. We also concentrate on maintaining this butterfly diamond's grading scales as 4s (clarity, cut, color, carat).

[Green Butterfly Diamond: Carrier Of Earth's Green Land]

In this green-colored butterfly diamond, not only is rainbow-colored fluorescence reflected, but the white and green color also returned from the culet. The 4C’s of this butterfly-cut diamond is followed:

1. Shape: Butterfly Shape Diamond

2. Color: Green

3. Clarity: VS1

4. Cut: Excellent

5. Symmetry & Polish: Excellent

6. Carat: 0.52CT

*At the end of the page, the way shows to inquire about this Green butterfly diamond

The green butterfly cut diamond characteristics you shown above so you can easily consider this diamond for your engagement ring or other types of jewelry in the budget wall. We assure you that our crafted green butterfly diamond is available at an affordable price and has the best quality grade.

Still in doubt, then you must visit our sections of antique cut colored diamonds then find out what I’m trying to say about my craftsmanship.

  • Benefits of Earth’s green Butterfly Shape Diamond

Talking about the benefits of earth’s green-colored butterfly diamond, it provides thinking ability to the wearer. A green-colored butterfly shape diamond was initially made for those with problems with the unconscious mind and thoughts in life.

Therefore, when a person wants to colleation with another person in the workplace, they must wear green-colored diamond jewelry. 

Many entrepreneurs wear green diamond rings or pendants because they want cooperation with their stakeholders and staff. This earth’s green land carrier butterfly diamond is known for its brilliance and sparkle reflection through anatomies. Thus, buy this green-colored butterfly diamond for your love.

Green Butterfly Diamond has more potentil to give success in the life and help to get more fame

Peoples think a green butterfly diamond carries prosperity and healthiness to the wearer; this is the reality. Now, you can select a green butterfly shape diamond for matching pendants or an engagement ring for her in a halo or shank accent style, which you demand.

* Need customized colored butterfly diamonds then we can also do that. But, if you want to purchase those colored diamonds in more quantities, like 20+ or 50+, then you can fill out this form of Bulk Inquiry which delivers a better idea of your requirements. You have definitely heard back from us with the quotation of price. 

Thus, still have questions about the ordered consignment, how we will complete then visit our lab diamond wholesaler article. We can give a detailed guide under that article which immediately solve your questions. Otherwise, we're open 24*7*365 for any doubt

  • Conclusion 

We don’t hide any single but essential or non-important information regarding these blue, yellow, pink, and green butterfly diamonds. First, you have to tell us you want these colored butterfly diamonds at the best price, then we will give a specialized price to you, especially in bulk orders or wholesale. Ouros Jewels will introduce the best-crafted colored butterfly lab diamonds made with an eco-friendly process.

If you’re a lover of collecting antique diamonds but can’t find them in other diamond shops. Then ouros jewels provide antique shape lab diamonds at your demanded quality grades. From our doorstep, you can take away the crafted butterfly shape diamonds in various colors to fill color in the love life. 

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