Conflict Free Diamonds: Helping Factor To Planet

[Conflict Free Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Conflict free diamonds are not invites natural calamities becuase they're not mined from land but conflict free diamonds are made in laboratory and ethically sourced. Conflict free Diamonds are not made from techonlogy that is eco-friendly and planet-friendly that's why conflict free diamonds are famous. Conflict free diamonds are same as Natural Diamonds so you can tell that Conflict free diamonds are Real Diamonds.


    • What Are Conflict Free Diamonds?

    Conflict Free Diamonds are not found or mined from particular mines or places. Instead, they are produced in the laboratory with a secured and environmentally friendly atmosphere. In Conflict Free Diamonds, you can get the same brilliant appearance as Natural Diamonds. Also, Conflict Free Diamonds have a 30-50% less price than Mined Diamonds.

    Conflict Free Diamonds are called Synthetic Diamonds, CVD Diamonds, Lab Diamonds, HPHT Diamonds, and Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

    [Conflict Free Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

    In Conflict Free Diamonds, no harmful circumstances and elements are not used. Conflict Free Diamonds are made from Carbon and Methane gases, naturally placed in Mined Diamonds. Fortunately, Conflict Free Diamonds have the same physical characteristics as Natural Diamonds. 

    [Conflicted Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Recently, our planet, known as “
    EARTH,” has suffered from vast amounts of pollution and global warming. So, human beings face many natural and especially artificial calamities. Thus, conflict-free diamonds are called “Eco-Friendly Diamonds” due to their pollution-free process.

    • Why Should I Choose Conflict-Free Diamonds?

    In the fundamentals of Conflict free Diamonds, we saw they were made in an authenticated laboratory. Therefore, conflict-free diamonds have no more disbenefits and do not harm the environment. In addition, Conflict Free Diamonds have identical characteristics to Natural Diamonds. So, yes, it’s the truth about Lab-grown Diamonds.

    [Mining Work Of Natural Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

    While Sightholders of Natural Diamonds are trying to find Diamond, particularly Mines. Mining workers use many heavy machines and a huge amount of electricity and fuels for millions of digging. When they found diamonds then, they left a mine in as it was formed. They do not care about mine land.

    Have you ever known that Conflict Free Diamond is the Form Of Lab-Grown Diamond?? No, Conflict Free Diamond is called as Lab-Grown Diamonds. In European Countries, Lab-Grown Diamond is known as “Conflict Free Diamonds.”

    Mined Diamonds are called “Dangerous Diamonds,” Why? The answer is that, In Mining Process, many vast amounts of machine force have been used. So, when the land has suffered from this heavy type of force and pressure, it disturbs the stability of layers of land. As a result, the grounds of the mine are not sustainable for residential and industrial usage. 

    When land loses fertility, it is called a “Barren Land,” in mined diamonds, this term is applied.

    [Mining Process Of Natural Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Conversely, Conflict Free Diamonds don't need any more land or heavy machines. But, they were made in the laboratory with a specified electricity and pressure usage limit. In Conflict Free Diamonds there were no chances to lose a life. While, in Mines, the heavy rock has been falling on the workers due to artificial blasts. As a result, Mined Workers lose their lives. 

    In addition, Lab Diamonds are indirectly helping the planet’s natural cycle maintain its ratio. Conflict Free Diamonds are not digging from the land. It’s the first benefit; the second benefit is that they have the same appearance as Natural Diamonds. While at the 3rd benefit, Conflict Free Diamonds has less pricey than Mined Diamonds. 

    So, you can select Conflict Free Diamonds in engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, and bangles. You can proudly say, "You’ve contributed your share to sustaining the earth’s nature by choosing Conflict Free Diamond.”

    • Are Conflict Free Diamonds Real Diamonds?

    Many human beings are lives in illusion of the conflict free diamonds. They thinks that Conflict free Diamonds are not real but it's a fake or duplicate. Let clarify that illusion here about the conflict free diamonds. Conflict free Diamonds are made from diamond seeds.

    Yet we confess that they are not a found in natural diamonds in mines. But, that's not mean that Conflict free Diamonds are not real. Conflict free Diamonds are real and they features same optimum appearance as Real Diamonds.

    On the other side, Conflict Free Diamonds are not cause of the Natural Calamitites. Conflict Free Diamond have ability to give best sparkle which you need from Real Diamonds. In other terms, Conflict free Diamonds are the another form of Natural or Real Diamonds.

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    • Truth And Facts Of Conflict Free Diamonds:-

    Mined Diamonds are called Conflict Diamonds due to their originated process. At the same time, Lab-Grown Diamonds are called Conflict Free Diamonds from their making process. Conflict Free Diamonds is a revolutionary invention for the diamond industry. Also, Conflict Free Diamonds are the Best friends of Earth in reality.

    [Mining Works Done By Mined Workers]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Because of our scientist's technological inventions, you can get brilliant conflict-free diamonds at lower prices. Also, Conflict Free Diamonds have such a bright sparkle appearance as Natural Diamond causes of the friendship of clever craftsmanship and technology.

    You can purchase Conflict Free Diamonds from Ouros Jewels. We are manufacturers of Certified Conflict-Free Diamonds. Also, We have an antique shape collection of Conflict Free Diamonds. Our Diamonds are not made illegally, we make them in all legal ways. If you have any doubt, then freely contact us.

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