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Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Buying Guide

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Cushion diamond ring is quite the best choice for engagement because that moment is always remembered for you and your wife. Also, cushion diamond engagement ring available in 1 carat to 5 carat with 18kt white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold metal. Cushion ring features brilliant appearance in 14kt white gold halo ring and solitaire ring. Cushion diamonds have a bunch of facets on the surface; that's why you have to select a cushion diamond ring.

  • What is cushion cut diamond?

Cushion cut diamond is the combination form of emerald, princess, and round shapes with soft edges. Cushion cut diamond has more faceting pattern on internal and external surfaces. Cushion diamond has swallowed crown faceting surfaces which is usually reflected for lights in returns.

Cushion Diamond

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Cushion cut diamond has more curving pavilion anatomy placement, making it preferable in an engagement ring. The cushion cut diamond looks like a pillow. That's why it is called a cushion cut. 

  • What is a cushion diamond ring?

A cushion diamond ring is a vintage time representation which came from kingdom times. In addition, a cushion diamond ring reveal the precious appearance. Cushion diamond ring has the width, length and faceting patterns on the anatomy of a diamonds in parallel and step cut. It is called a cushion diamond ring.

Cushion diamond engagement ring

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A cushion cut diamond ring is made with a special faceting and polishing process because a cushion is a mixture shape of princess and emerald. In a cushion cut diamond ring, the buyer can choose the length and width which is the best for sparkling reflections through the anatomies.

In cushion cut diamond rings a special amount of reflections are available which essential for the love symbolism. Cushion cut diamond ring is available in all varieties such as 18kt white gold, rose gold, yellow gold. Cushion cut diamond ring is available in the all the varieties such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Cushion diamond ideal proportions

A cushion diamond has a long length and less width, so the ideal proportions are 1.10 from length to width. It means the cushion diamond has one width then the width has 0.10 to look sparky and glorious.

  • Which cut is best for a cushion diamond ring?

For a cushion shape diamond ring, the perfect and excellent cut is the best choice. In this diamond cut the girdle anatomy has the perfectly placed facetings. As a result, select excellent diamond cut for elongated cushion engagement ring.

Fair-cut and poor-cut diamonds are not too sparkly as very good cut and good cut. The cushion has less width and length, so in excellent cut grade, the shallow polishing style helps to spark better. As a result, an excellent cut grade is best for cushion diamond rings.

There are five diamond cuts for deciding diamond visuality and sparkling ability in the engagement rings. The first cut is described as an excellent cut cushion diamond.” In this cut, a diamond has a thin girdle. 

Therefore, when light enters the diamond surface, it reflects 10x better sparkles and scintillation. That is why an excellent cut is in greater demand than other cuts of the diamond.

In excellent cut, cushion shape diamonds are scarce to find and much more costly for customers. However, that is very common because an excellent-cut diamond is in high demand.

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  • Best cushion diamond engagement rings

Square cushion cut diamond engagement rings will be the perfect choice for proposals in all forms because they combine Asscher and princess diamonds. Square cushion cut diamonds have more width and less length, which is better for light reflections.

In square cushion cut diamond engagement rings the diamond symmetry plays a key role, and from there all the lights are reflected easily. Take a look on the square cushion cut diamond engagement rings and its insights.

Square cushion cut diamond ring

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A cushion-shaped diamond ring has better benefits than another diamond-like round, princess, and oval shapes. When you wear a cushion shape diamond in a solitaire-style ring, it looks elegant and dazzling looks on hand. A cushion shape diamond is embossed from the table surface. Due to this cutting style, it seems more prominent in size than its actual size.

So, there is no doubt about choosing a cushion-shaped diamond for the engagement ring.

1.Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion cut diamond ring fills the absence place of a princess-shaped diamond. In cushion diamond engagement ring, VVS clarity grade diamonds look blazing fiery due to more reflection. This cushion diamond ring made with 10kt white gold with J color grade.

[3 Stone Cushion Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

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In this Cushion Ring, round shape diamonds support the center pillow shaped diamond. The metal purity of 3 stone cushion diamond engagement ring in 10kt white gold. So, buy it now for your engagement sign to reveal your heart's feelings. The shank style of the cushion diamond is tapered, which is known for durability.

2. 2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

In this 2- arat cushion diamond halo ring, a blue cushion shaped is fixed with round cut diamonds in a twice pattern. The cushion diamond halo ring is made of platinum metal and the ring's clarity VS diamonds. The cushion halo engagement ring is made in two separate bands which connect behind the platinum basket.

[2.45 Carat Cushion Halo Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

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When we talk about this cushion cut halo ring's metal purity, it's platinum which is very durable and tough. Also, you can choose metal varieties like yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold in various proportions.

Recently, a 2-carat cushion diamond halo engagement ring has been in-demand worldwide, especially in lab-grown diamonds.

Note:- Yellow-colored diamonds are called "Canary Diamond," which features calmness and peace to the wearer and owner. In general terms, a yellow cushion diamond symbolizes happiness and warmth. We can also fix yellow cushion diamonds if you want and see our mastery in customized jewelry.

3. Cushion Diamond Cluster Ring

In this cushion diamond cluster ring, colorless and fancy color diamond combination buyer can get. A cushion diamond cluster ring is also unique but the best choice for engagement. In this cushion diamond ring, the 10kt solid gold used in white gold. 0.85 carat weighted blue cushion diamond is used in this cluster ring.

This cushion cluster ring has vvs and vs clarity and colorless diamonds. So, when you want customization in clarity and color or shape, then say in our ear(chat, e-mail, or contact).

Cushion cluster diamond ring

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In this blue cushion cluster ring, round cut diamonds play the supportive role around with vvs clarity. For extended durability, prongs are fixed around the center stage of the diamond ring. In our opinion, if you're looking for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, then choose this cushion cluster cut diamond ring.

4.3 Carat cushion diamond ring

A 3 carat cushion diamond ring is quite the optimum selection for celebrating love moments. This cushion diamond ring is made with VVS diamonds and E color grade. While the round shape diamond is fixed in a surface prong style.

[Cushion cut diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]

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The metal purity of this 3-carat diamond ring is white gold which is best for an engagement ring. All diamonds are certified* from authenticated institutions. If you want customization in this ring, then visit our doorstep and find a better solution from our gemologist.

  • Price of a 1-carat and 2-carat cushion cut halo engagement ring 

You can easily show the price of a cushion halo diamond ring carat-wise. But remember one thing, a price is constantly changing with the proportion. For example, if you choose 10 kt white gold for a halo ring, then you must spend $1300. The diamond ring's price is based on diamond clarity and color; you know that. 

But if you make a budget for purchasing a 1.00-carat cushion halo diamond ring in 18KT yellow gold, you have a minimum of $2520. The ring metal purity is the deciding factor in the overall total price. 

[Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]
  • Which clarity and color is the best match for a cushion diamond?

For cushion diamonds, VS2 to SI1 clarity is an ideal choice because in these two clarity types. In these clarity grades the a diamond inclusions are available in less or more amount on the table anatomy. Also, cushion-cut diamond has more facets line on the table surface, which hides the impurities. 

In addition, the cushion-cut diamond looks appealing in F to L color. Because cushion diamond has a squarish shape, it is best to reflect sparkle light on the eyes.

Clarity and color are different from the same carat of size in every shape of the diamond. I.E., If you choose an emerald cut in 1.00ct with VVS clarity and E color, it seems like a good choice for an engagement ring due to a rectangle and step cutting. Therefore, there are no more chances to show inclusions on surfaces.

But on the other hand, a cushion-shaped diamond features the same clarity and color. Moreover, inclusions are likely to stay because of their squarish shape and bigger width than emerald shape.

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Thus, always remember clarity and color whenever you go for a cushion shaped diamond engagement ring. So many fancy colors have pink, yellow, blue, and purple in lab-grown diamonds, even in this demanded time.

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  • Expert words on cushion diamond ring

Thus, cushion shape diamond is the choice and selection of engagement rings. A cushion-shaped diamond ring makes your occasion perfect in yellow gold. This engagement ring is a gift from you to your loving life partner. Also, you can choose platinum metal if you maintain that’s ring durability and beauty. After that ring is your memorable gift for your engagement.

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    Comments:For a more rectangular cushion, opt for a diamond between 1.15 and 1.5 times as long as it is wide. The most popular shape is a slight rectangle with a length between 1.10 – 1.20 times the width. Color: We recommend a color grade of H or better. Clarity: For the best value, stick with an SI1 clarity grade or better.
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