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~ Introduction:-

Whether you are talking about cushion cut diamonds, we think that cousin of a round-shaped diamond comes in. In cushion-cut diamonds, you can still look like an emperor. Cushion diamonds has flat requisite cutting and polishing styles due to excellent craftsmanship and modern technology. In the cushion shape of a diamond, you’ll be aware and informed by its characteristics. 

[Cushion Diamond Solitaire Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Cushion Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

A cushion-shaped diamond has different cutting and basic structures than other shapes of diamonds. This shape of diamond features four soft cutting edges. Have you ever noticed that a cushion-shaped diamond is similar to a princess-shaped diamond? However, a princess is also available in square and cushion shapes, which are more elegant than princess-shaped diamonds.


There are five diamond cuts for deciding diamond visuality and sparkling ability in the diamond industry. The first cut is described as an Excellent Cut Cushion Diamond(Ideal Cut).” In this cut, a diamond has a thin girdle.

Therefore, when light enters the diamond surface, it reflects 10x better sparkles and scintillation. That is why an excellent cut is in greater demand than other cuts of the diamond.

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In this cut, cushion shape, diamonds are scarce to find and much more costly for customers. However, that is very common because an excellent-cut diamond is in high demand.

In addition, this cut diamond demands clever and skillful craftsmanship to give an outstanding girdle surface. Therefore, if customers order and pay for an excellent-cut diamond, they must actually have a perfect-cut diamond.

Other cuts of diamonds are as follows:

  1. Very Good Cut:- In cushion shape diamond, this cut is good ahead of the excellent cut. It's nearly similar to an excellent cut. In this cut, less sparkle light comes than an ideal cut diamond.
  2. Good Cut:- Good Cut diamond reflects fewer sparkle lights than a Very Good Cut. Here, a diamond girdle is thick than an Excellent and Very Good Cut.
  3. Fair Cut:- In a cushion diamond ring, a fair cut is not recommended.
  4. Poor Cut:- No one buys this cut because of the less sparkle and rough surface. There is only a 1% chance to purchase this cut of the diamond.

The very good cut and the good cut are the best choices for your cushion-shaped diamond engagement ring. At the same time, a fair and poor cut is gruesome. Fair-cut and poor-cut diamonds are not too sparkly as Very Good Cut and Good Cut.

Exquisite Ring Style For Cushion:-

A cushion-shaped diamond ring has better benefits than other diamond-like rounds, princess, and oval shapes. When you wear a cushion shape diamond in a solitaire-style ring, it looks elegant and dazzling looks on hand. A cushion shape diamond is embossed from the table surface. Due to this cutting style, it seems more prominent in size than its actual size.

So, there is no doubt about choosing a cushion-shaped diamond for the engagement ring.

[Antique Cut Cushion Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Antique Cut Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

You can also choose three stone accent ring that is the out-of-the-box choice for your loving one(Valentine). In this type of style, a cushion shape diamond lead from the front. At the same time, another shape of diamond supports the center cushion shape diamond. Another shape of a diamond is fixed on the band of the ring. It would help if you selected an engraving on the ring that makes it more engaging for everyone.

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Diamond Clarity And Color:-

Clarity and color are different from the same carat of size in every shape of diamonds. I.E., If you choose an emerald-cut in 1.00ct with VVS clarity and E color, it seems like a good choice for an engagement ring due to a rectangle and step cutting. Therefore, there are no more chances to show inclusions on surfaces.

But on the other hand, a cushion-shaped diamond features the same clarity and color. Moreover, inclusions are likely to stay because of their squarish shape and bigger width than emerald shape.

[Antique Pink Cushion Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pink Cushion Cluster Style Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

Thus, always remember clarity and color whenever you go for a cushion-shaped diamond for an engagement ring. So many fancy colors have pink, yellow, blue, and purple in lab-grown diamonds, even in this demanded time.

~ Conclusion:-

[Blue Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Blue Cushion Diamond Ring For Her]-[Ouros Jewels]

Thus, cushion shape diamond is the choice and selection of engagement rings. In yellow gold, cushion shape diamond ring makes your occasion more perfect. This engagement ring is a gift from you to your loving life partner. Also, you can choose platinum metal if you maintain that’s ring durability and beauty. After that ring is your memorable gift for your engagement.

When we shall engage in the future with our life partner, all of us, then we try to capture all of those moments. So, what for the ring which directly connects to our hearts. We all know that those moments always stay in our minds.


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