Tips For Holding A Diamond In Tweezer

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In recent years, the diamond business has been on top. Following increased demand from around the world, the diamond factory focuses on the quality of the diamonds. As a result, the diamond loupe is used to inspect the diamond's quality. However, only diamond workers and employees can see the diamond's internal and outward characteristics, while others cannot. It should be noted that the diamond producer now offers the diamond video in a tweezer. As a result, it can observe clients and identify the correct diamonds that they prefer.  

  • Why are Diamond Tweezers Required?

This question is asked by the most number of the people. The tweezer requirement is mandatory because when we take a diamond on hand then our hands have some impurities that release impurities on a diamond and it reduces the diamond shining looks.

Noted that when the diamond polishing process is over then the diamond quality checker person checks the diamond polishing style with hands. After this process, it's required some cleaning process that can remove the diamond surface which may have some impurities while the craftsmen are doing the work on the diamond.

In the tweezers, you can easily see the characteristics of diamonds and also you can look at the diamond parts such as culet, table, pavilion, girdle, crown. The tweezer helps the diamond quality checker person to get the right knowledge about the diamond's internal and external impurities which can use for deciding the clarity of the diamond but it requires a 10x diamond loupe to get crystal clear information. The diamond clarity is the most important thing to decide the price of the diamonds.

Usually, the diamond workers do their work with hands-on diamonds. There is a 70% chance of diamonds is fallen from their hands and the diamonds are lost from there but, thankful to tweezer because of this tool the diamond worker do their work without nervousness.

So, the diamond tweezer provides security to workers. When a diamond falls on land or in-office there demand more time to find it and the important works are delayed because of it. But in tweezer, you can grip the diamond comfortably.

  • Does the Diamond Shape Affect the Tweezer's Grip?

The answer is yes. All of the diamond shapes do have not the same structures and shapes then obviously different grip styles work. The fancy shapes like marquise, pear, oval, princess, emerald have different techniques to grip in diamond tweezers. While talking about the shapes like round, heart, cushion, and Asscher have distinct ways to grip. Let's check it to grip the diamonds in tweezers.

1. Round Shape Diamonds:-

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Round cut diamonds have different structures from other shapes. It's a unique framework on the table and it has a disparate girdle cutting style. The round-cut diamonds are an exceptional polishing style on culet If you try to grasp round diamonds in a tweezer with its culet or table, you're doing it improperly or doing dumb things. You should try gripping it with a girdle to learn the proper gripping technique and inspect the diamonds more effectively.


2. Oval Cut Diamonds:-

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Do you know with which name oval cut diamonds are called? The oval cut diamond is a mixture of round-cut diamonds and pear cut diamonds. The pear cut diamond has a "V" shape and the round has a circle-type structure while the oval cut diamond is a thin circle-type style. So, it also grips with its girdle-cutting styles. If you set a tweezer with its tick point then you are not able to grasp it comfortably. This can be dropped the stone and lost it anywhere but diamond is a precious substance so you can't afford this kind of thing.

3. Cushion Cut Diamonds:-

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When we talk about cushion cut diamonds it's another elegant shape which generally uses in making diamond jewelry such as rings, pendants, bracelets, and also bangles. A cushion cut is similar to princess cut diamonds. But the difference between the cushion and princess cut diamonds is that the princess has 4 edge cutting styles than cushion cut diamonds have 4 curving cutting styles which makes it one-of-a-kind. Also, princess diamond has a wide table surface than cushion diamonds. Although, cushion-cut diamond has 4 curving corners so this reason why the diamond is held in a tweezer with 2 contrasting corners. A cushion-cut diamond does not grip with its girdle it could be hard to hold for too long time.

4. Princess Shape Diamonds:-

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A princess-cut diamond is the most vintage and classic choice among all of the shapes of diamonds. The princess cut diamonds have a swell culet so they can't grip in tweezer with its tick point. This diamond has 4 edge cutting corners so you will grip it easily. The best trick is that a diamond could be to hold it on two different sides in a tweezer. The princess cut diamond is not be able to grasp with another side excluding its edge cutting styles.

5. Heart Cut Diamonds:-

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This shape diamond is provided the most dazzling look. It's an example of outstanding craftsmanship. The heart-cut diamond is a combination of two pear-cut diamonds if you look full of concentration. Now, which is the best way to hold the heart shape diamond? The best choice is to grip the diamond in a tweezer with its side girdle. Even, you try to hold a diamond with a tick point it not be done and the diamond fell on land.

6. Asscher Shape Diamond:-

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An Asscher cut diamond has a similar structure as a cushion one. But cushion diamonds have more facets on the table surface. While Asscher cut diamonds have parallel facets on the table surface. To hold Asscher cut diamond in the tweezer you should set the diamond with its cutting sides to get an elegant view. There is a minor difference between Asscher and cushion-cut diamonds.

7. Emerald Cut Diamond:-

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Now the rectangular shape diamond comes who knows as "Emerald Cut Diamond". If you're going for checking the diamond quality in a tweezer then ever grip this cut diamond with its culet part it can not easy to hold for a short time and it could be damaged the diamond structure but the diamond is the hardest substance we noted that. Even you, again and again, try to hold the diamond in a tweezer so the diamond may have inclusions that can reduce diamond glittering. The trick is to hold the emerald diamond in a tweezer that side cutting is the best choice to show diamonds imperfection if it has. Also, the trick is that hold contrasting cutting edge corners for excellent views of internal and external components of the diamonds.

8. Marquise Shape Diamond:-

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The marquise cut diamond is known as eye-shape why is referred to as an eye-catching diamond shape causes of cuttings and polishing styles and it has excellent table surface parameters. This shape of diamond is a combination of round and pear cut diamonds. A marquise-cut diamond has a swell structure on the middle side edge so it couldn't hold for one minute or more. But the tip is to hold marquise cut diamond with its contrariety directions for a long time without any problem.

9. Radiant Cut Diamond:-

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Radiant cut diamond is the same structure as emerald cut diamond but there is a very tiny difference between both of these. Radiant cut diamond has bloated pavilion-style so that side can't hold the diamond in tweezer for more time. Another side, when we hold the diamond with its cutting edges with the contrasting direction it's easier and that side has an excellent view for looking at the diamond quality. 

10. Pear Shape Diamond:-

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A pear cut diamond represents a leaf shape that is the reason why it is called a "leaf cut diamond". A pear shape diamond has a half-round structure and on another side the screaming edge. Because of this type of framework the pear cut diamond is easily greppable with its edge and half-round structure on top. Don't be tried to grip its side cutting edges which call diamond hands.