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What Is Moissanite V/s Diamond?

[Moissanite V/s Diamond]

  • Introduction:-

Moissanite and diamonds have the same appearance, but the making process differs from those stones. Diamonds are found in two ways: natural and lab-grown methods. At the same time, moissanite is founded in the laboratory in combination with silicon carbide. Moissanite has more sparkle reflective index than diamond. At the same time, Diamonds carries more strong durability than Moissanite. But, who is better between diamond and moissanite. That clears after reading this article.

Moissanite and Diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings, wedding necklaces, proposal earrings, and valentine bracelets. Customers select Moissanite and Diamond for jewelry, but they don't know which is best for their long-lasting jewelry. As a result, here we talk about Moissanite and Diamond's fundamental definition, durability, fluorescence, brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Moissanite and Diamond have price fluctuations due to different making processes. Because Moissanite and Diamond have separate materials on their internal surfaces. As a result, Moissanite sparks due to silicon elements.

  • Why select a diamond for a gorgeous appearance?

Diamonds have more durability than other stones like Moissanite. Diamonds' external & internal surfaces catch the sparkling lights from all ways and throw more amount of sparkle in reflections. Most importantly, Diamonds represent the heritage or legacy of ancient times. That's why you have to select diamonds for gorgeous appearance jewelry. In Diamond, you can find 4cs (cut, color, clarity, carat) in exact proportions where a Moissanite sometimes loses its durability.

[Diamond Ring Appearance]

The answer is that diamonds can make your jewelry most appealing and most delicate, among others. Decades ago, diamonds were not invented; people only wore gold or silver jewelry; they looked straightforward. But, after diamonds were invented, people chose a combination of diamond and gold for optimum appearance. 

  • Which type of diamond has the best appearance? 

The answer is that lab-grown diamond is the best option ahead of the natural diamond because lab diamond has less price but excellent quality. Natural Diamond is mined from land, and lab-grown diamonds are produced in the laboratory. Lab-grown diamonds have variations in cutting and faceting styles like step cut and parallel facets in antique cut shapes. 

[Lab-grown Diamond has best appearance]

Lab-grown diamonds and Natural Diamonds have the best appearance, but Natural Diamonds can take 60-70% more prices. As an affordable option in your budget wall, you don't want desire to break it so you can easily move forward with lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are made with an eco-conscious process and save energy which is reusable like water.


  • What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is made with silicon carbide. Also, you can tell that a Moissanite is made in laboratories but not as a Lab-grown diamond(Real Diamond Type). A Moissanite was founded by Dr. Henri Moissan, who got a Nobel Prize and has the profession of chemist. During his research, he looked for crystalline components that reflect an elegant sparkling light. This experiment succeeded, and the world was ready to get the benefits of Moissanite(Also Known As Simulant Diamonds).

Moissanite has the ability to reflect the finest reflecting sparkling lights of a Diamond. This is because of silicon carbide, while diamond features only carbon elements. That is why scientific research says that silicon carbide has an excellent ability to release exceptional brilliant lights. In Moissanite, more refractive index silicon and carbon play a key role.

Important tip:-

In Moissanite, you’ll benefit from the sensational reflecting lights at less price, but have you ever known Moissanite has less durability than a diamond? Diamond scores 100% on the Mohs scale, while Moissanite scores 92.5%. 

  • Is diamond enhancing my jewelry appearance?

Yes, diamonds will enhance your jewelry appearance because they're graded with authenticated 4cs which deciced by GIA and IGI. Diamond is the most used substance in jewelry because customers needs durable, affordable, sparkle, dazzling appearance in budget wall then Lab-grown diamonds are best option.

The answer is that diamond is the hardest substance on the earth. At the same time, discussing the diamond’s substance made with carbon or methane gas, especially in Lab-Grown Diamond. Also, In Natural Diamond, the diamond’s internal and external surface has pure carbon.

[What is Diamond]

A Diamond is usually found in mines(Natural Diamond). But, after the Lab-Grown Diamond invention, the diamond industry changed. Some people think that Lab-Grown Diamond is fake, So request all of them to look at the report and statement of GIA(Gemological Institute Of America). Their statement approved that A Lab-Grown Diamond Is a type or part of a natural diamond.

While you’re purchasing a Diamond to enhance the appearance of jewelry like an engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, or bangles, Diamond's whole responsibility is to make your jewelry more exquisite than ever.

The benefits side of wearing a Diamond are as follows:-(Subject To Specific Research On Customers).

  1. Diamond Features Healthy Life And Attracts Wealth.
  2. Diamond Wearing Boost Your Self Confidence And Motivation.
  3. Prevents Negative Energy From Entering Your Mind And Body.
  4. Diamond Improves Your Nature Towards People.

  • How can you tell the difference between Moissanite and Diamond?

The main difference between Moissanite and Diamond is the original process. Moissanite is made in silicon and carbon combinations for founding a crystal. Diamond is made only from carbon elements and is found naturally in carbon form. As a result, Diamond gains more durability than Moissanite. The second difference is the durability and reflection of Moissanite and Diamond. Diamond wins the battle of durability over Moissanite. Moissanite wins in reflection from diamond. Thus, Moissanite is still a good choice for those who don't want to jump their provisioned boundary wall.

If you want to need the difference between a Moissanite And a Diamond, you should refer to the below points, which are very important for the brilliant appearance of whichever type.

[Moissanite v/s Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

  • Why is Moissanite cheaper than a Diamond?

In the Moissanite-making process, there is no requirement for extravagant equipment. The reason behind the cheaper price of Moissanite is the high supply than demand. In economic terms, when the supply increases more than the demand, then the price will automatically be decreased due to some factors. However, in the diamond-making process, much important equipment is needed to increase the overall appearance of the diamond. Also, making the Diamond is very tough than Moissanite Making.

[Moissanite Cheaper selection for jewelry]

That is the reason behind the lower price of Moissanite is that its production cost and advertising cost are meager, and the most important thing is that Moissanite's supply is overrated over its demand. So, the customer is not pressed under the price as diamonds(Natural Diamonds) Which is why moissanite is significantly cheaper than a diamond.

In short, Moissanite is available at 10-20% of the overall diamond price(Lab-Grown Diamond). 

  • Is Moissanite fluorescence available as a diamond?

Moissanite has no fluorescence in ultraviolet light. In Moissanite, there is a rare chance to reflect orange color light in ultraviolet light to gain a very good fluorescence grade. Moissanite is a combination of silicon and carbon element. As a result, electrons of Silicon and Carbon conflicted with each other, and carbon lost more electrons weight in the making of Moissanite. So, Moissanite has no fluorescence like a diamond.

The answer is very simple. A Fluorescence is neither good nor bad. But, when a diamond reflects ultraviolet light as sunrays, then we can say that it looks very delicate. With very strong fluorescence, diamonds reflect more orange and yellow colored light.

[Moissanite vs Diamond]

In fluorescence, a buyer gets information about the diamond and also sees the diamond’s reflecting ability in various lights. While moissanite doesn’t have any reflecting light ability, moissanite has brilliant fire, scintillation, and brilliance. 

  • Which is better for an engagement ring, Moissanite Or A Diamond?

Diamond is better for an engagement ring than Moissanite, it has three reasons: first is durability, trustworthiness, and authenticated. Diamond has more durability than Moissanite so it will be stay in your engagement ring for many years, but you have to take care of the ring frequently. Diamonds are found or produced in trustworthy resources. As a result, they have a resale value.

So, the second benefit of buying a diamond engagement ring will help you in a crisis situation if you fall in, but as far as I know no one wants to sell their love symbolism. Diamonds are certified by reputed institutions like GIA and IGI for authenticated approval. So, diamonds are a better selection for engagement rings, especially lab-grown diamonds.

[Moissanite Ring vs Diamond Ring, Which is Better]

Moissanite doesn’t have sufficient durability as a Diamond. The most important thing is that Moissanite has no resale value while Diamond has resale value Diamond comes with authenticate certification report, while Moissanite has not certified stone, so how can you trust Moissanite as a buyer for your dream ring? Of course, you stay far away from buying the Moissanite. 

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