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Earth Day 2023 and why it celebrated

[Earth Day]-[Ouros Jewels]

Every year on the 22 of April, world earth day will come and celebrate to acknowledge for taking care of our planet to become a gas chamber. For celebrating Earth day, the whole intention is to introduce the severe results on Earth caused by Human Beings. Earth Day celebration started on the 22 of April 1970, and now it interacts globally with, spreading awareness for the Earth. Earth Day organization has made a chain of 1 billion people across 193 countries to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day 2023 has been celebrated on the theme "Invest in Our Planet " where people would be awre from the climate literacy, end use to plastics, plant more trees, wear a sustainable clothes to help economy.

In modern times human beings wish to live a life in a luxurious style, which is very dangerous for the earth. We take you to the severe misbenefits of luxurious style that wish of human beings. In the blindness of ritzy life, humans cutย trees for residential and industrial uses. This is not done for the earthโ€™s natural cycle.

[Disturbing Cycle Of Earth]-[Ouros Jewels]

Many developed and semi-developed countries make strict laws against humans that harm the earthโ€™s sustainability. For example, if somebody harms the earth's natural cycle by cutting the trees from the forest, they would be penalized inย 4-digit dollars or treated as prisoner. These steps are necessary because human beings forget to care for and maintain the earthโ€™s natural resources. That's why for understandig the effects Earth Day is celebrated.

  • Why Earth Day is celebrated?

Earth Day is celebrated to awaken humans to not harm the planet and take care of themselves. Due to pollution, the life of the earth is decreasing, and this is due to the industrial revolution and the use of non-recyclable materials or e-waste. The level of pollution is reaching higher levels every day so people should understand this and stop using unnecessary polluting things. That is whyย Earth Day is celebrated.

[Industry Revolution Is Curse Or Auspicious?
For celebrating earth day, the whole intention is to reduce pollution and get better fresh air and water, which are polluted now for more usage of industries. That's why Earth day has to come to alarm people to stop usage of nonrecyclable things, mostly plastic things.
  • What are the result of celebrating the Earth Day?

Celebrating Earth Day given results maybe in a decreased level of pollution, people growing more trees, not plastic available on the planet, and people understanding the importance of natural resources. That's why Earth day organization celebrating 2023 Earth Day on the theme of "Invest in our Planet." Thus, all human beings have to understand the importance of caring for the planet and must carry paper bags to avoid plastic bags.

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