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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings All Details

Fancy Emerald Shape Diamond Ring Guide For Buying
  • Emerald diamond engagement ring meaning

The emerald diamond engagement ring meaning is the parallel love feelings offered by both sides of the relationship. In an emerald diamond engagement ring, the light reflection provides better light reflection to the surfaces, making a glorious atomsphere. An emerald diamond engagement ring symbolizes "true and transparent love" for having clear anatomies.

  • What is emerald shape diamonds?

The curving corner of the emerald shape diamonds have 15°-90° angle degree edges with the parallel and transparent appearance. Emerald diamond shape carries the compound facetings of the parallel and step cutting. In emerald diamond the triangle shaped facetings are available which makes it more preferable.

  • Are emerald cut diamonds popular?

Emerald-cut diamonds are popular for combining parallel and step-cut faceting patterns on the anatomy. In emerald diamonds, the triangle-shaped faceting style gives better light reflections in the returns, which is more preferable to other diamonds. Also, emerald-cut diamond has soft curving corners, which changes the track of light reflections. As a result, emerald-cut diamonds are popular.

  • Why do people choose emerald cut diamonds for engagement ring?

Emerald cut diamond has a long length, and its backside is swallowed by a cutting-polishing style, which can help to reflect the light reflections. An emerald diamond has many step facets as brilliant cut diamonds. Emerald shape diamond carries curving soft edge corners making the light reflection special. In Emerald Diamond's table surface, facets look like ocean waves, which always move forward.

Emerald cut diamonds have a step-faceting girdle anatomy, which makes them a better light reflector. That's why people choose emerald-cut diamonds for engagement rings.

Emerald diamond engagement ring

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  • What is the best ring style for emerald diamond ring?

Halo and Solitaire ring style is preferable for emerald diamond engagement rings for proposed with a question for the wedding. Because halo and solitaire style helps the emerald diamond to look like a glittering substance, like a planet where you and your love stay alone but together.

Emerald diamond has a long parallel cutting style which starts from the northwest side and finishes at the north-east side. It means that all facets of an emerald shape diamond complete the relay ground. 

Let’s take a look at emerald cut lab diamond ring styles. You can choose for your favorite occasions and moments.

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Emerald diamond engagement rings

The emerald diamond engagement ring features a halo ring, solitaire ring, unique ring, Toi et Moi ring, fancy color ring, and antique style ring in the 10kt, 14kt1, and 18kt gold. Emerald engagement rings are available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Emerald diamond ring price starts from $500 depending on the 4cs of diamonds and ring style combined with the gold metal.

  • Emerald diamond halo ring

Emerald diamond halo rings are made with a combination of round-shape diamonds, which play the role of increasing the appearance. This halo diamond ring is made in 18kt white gold metal. This halo engagement ring uses a certified 2.80-carat emerald cut diamond with VS1 clarity and F color grade.

In this halo ring, emerald shape of diamond doesn't carry the fluorescence known as the light reflection scale. Diamond fluorescence is the one type of factor used to measure the amount of light reflection where the ultraviolet rays fall on the surfaces.

All diamonds carry the prongs and baskets settings on the bands in this halo engagement ring. Round shape diamond has E color and VS clarity grade with the surface shared prongs settings to make the structure more durable and strong.

Emerald diamond halo ring

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  • Emerald shape diamond solitaire ring

Emerald shape diamond solitaire ring made with prongs and basket settings. In this solitaire engagement ring, a 1.40-carat blue-colored emerald shape diamond is used for a better appearance on the hand. On this solitaire ring, with emerald shape champagne diamonds, yellow and green color diamonds are used. This solitaire ring for engagement is made in 18kt yellow gold metal to match the overall look of the emerald blue diamond.

This engagement ring's diamond symmetry provide the gorgeous looks from the faceting patterns. Thus, we includes best grade of diamond symmetry in this solitaire engagement ring.

Emerald diamond solitaire engagement ring

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  • Emerald shape unique diamond ring

In emerald shape unique diamond ring, a pie cut diamond is used with the combination of pat collateral and step shape faceting patterns on anatomy. In this unique engagement ring, emerald shape diamond anatomy can provide light reflections in return for having the VS clarity and E color grade. This unique diamond pie ring is made in 18kt yellow gold to provide a better appearance.

The emerald pie-cut diamond placed under the bezel set patterns makes the ring's framework stronger and more durable. In this emerald pie-cut diamond ring, the optimum looks always feature having excellent symmetry grade.

Emerald cut diamond unique engagement ring

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  • Emerald diamond Toi et Moi ring

The Emerald diamond Toi et Moi ring gets support from the step moval cut diamond in the bezel set. In this Toi et Moi ring, a 1.55-carat emerald shape diamond is used in the bezel set to provide durability to the whole structure. This Toi et Moi ring features 18kt rose gold metal to combine the appearance with the fancy shape diamonds. This emerald and step moval diamond is a fancy diamond for carrying curving facets.

Emerald diamonds, also named criss cut diamonds, where faceting patterns that look like the ocean waves on the anatomy. In this Toi et Moi ring, VVS diamond criss shape used and VS clarity grade step moval diamond are used where the inclusions available in less amounts on the anatomy.

Emerald diamond Toi et Moi Ring

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  • Fancy color emerald shape and ring style diamond ring

In this fancy-color emerald shape diamond ring, the appearance of two VVS baguette diamonds is precious for the lining facets. The fancy color diamond ring is the true alternative to the birthstone ring. This fancy-color engagement ring features a 2.15-carat weighted blue emerald shape to release a better amount of light reflections. In this fancy color ring, VVS and VS clarity diamonds are placed to experience the combination of better appearance.

The blue fancy color emerald diamond has VS clarity grade means in its anatomy. There is no inclusion in diamonds. Diamond inclusion decreases the number of light reflections and provides a dull experience.

Fancy color diamonds are a good selection because it provides a variety of light reflections, such as orange, blue, pink, yellow, chocolate, and champagne colored.

Blue fancy colored emerald shape diamond ring

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  • Antique emerald shape diamond ring

This antique emerald shape diamond ring is made with a combination of bullet cut and round diamonds. This antique diamond ring uses VVS clarity grade 2.55 carat weighted criss cut (modified emerald shape diamond). While bullet cut and round cut diamonds have VS clarity and E color grade to give a better wearing experience. This diamond ring is made in 18kt yellow gold metal.

Emerald (criss cut) shape diamonds and bullet-cut diamonds have prongs and basket settings. While a round shape diamonds have surface-shared prongs to give more durability from falling stones.

Antique emerald shape diamond ring

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  • Emerald shape diamond engagement ring price

Emerald shape diamond enagegement ring price decides on three scales as 4cs of diamond, gold metal tone variations (14kt,18kt white gold, rose gold, yellow gold), ring styles (halo, solitaire, unique, band, solitaire accent). 1 carat emerald ring price starts from $500, but it's totally depends on the 4cs of diamonds, gold metal, and ring style. 

Diamond Engagement Ring
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  • Which clarity is best for an emerald cut diamond ring?

VVS and VS clarity grades are best for the emerald cut ring because they have less inclusions on the anatomy, which aren't notified with the naked eye and do not affect the overall appearance. Emerald diamond has a clear appearance than other shape diamonds, thus, VVS and VS clarity grade would be preferable for all typed ring.

  • Which is the best color for an emerald cut diamond ring?

F color is the finest grade for the best emerald diamond ring. F color grade diamond features a colorless appearance that matches the emerald diamond parallel faceting styles. Selection for F color grade emerald diamond for engagement ring includes great sparkling ability, best alternative option for D-color grade diamond, F color grade diamond gives a better appearance to the ring's structure.

  • Expert words on an emerald diamond ring

So, whenever you choose emerald shape diamond for your engagement ring, then remember its components and ring styles. A VVS1 clarity emerald shape diamond is an exquisite type of clarity to make the ring more beautiful and precious.

In the emerald shape of the diamond, EF color is also preferred by customers. They demanded D color emerald diamond, which is known for its colorless appearance. For fancy-colored emerald diamond rings like as orange, blue, yellow, and purple, you can tell us your expectations. Regarding the emerald diamond engagement rings purchasing process, then contact us in your free time; we are open 24*7*365.

In emerald shape diamonds, never neglect a Bow Tie effect or more inclusion on the diamond surface. It reduces your ring's overall beauty. So, only choose superior clarity and color to make your ring for valentine(Love). From Ouros jewels without bow-tie effect emerald diamonds then, you can easily purchase them, and you can ask for uniqueness in the ring.


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