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  • Lab-grown Diamond History and Facts:-

When lab-grown diamonds were not invented, natural diamonds were very famous around the globe. Everyone has a fan of the sparkle of Natural Diamonds. But, in the 1950s, General Electric Company created their first lab-created diamond. From here, the scenario of the diamond industry has changed.

Many Diamond experts were told that Lab-grown diamonds are not a form of Natural Diamond because lab diamonds cannot sparkle like Natural Diamond. But, in contrast, a Lab diamond sparkles with brilliance and scintillation.

We accept that Lab Diamonds are made in machines or chambers known as Laboratories. But, that’s not concluded that Lab Diamonds are not Natural Diamonds. For example, the Gemological Institute of America said Lab-grown diamonds are another type of Diamond.

  • Does Lab-grown Diamond Industry Give Employment as Natural Diamonds?

The first thing We have to clarify the one thing. Lab Diamonds are grown in the laboratory, while Natural Diamonds are found in the mines. But, both types of diamonds have the exact cutting and polishing process. There’s no difference. 

[Russia and Ukraine Conflict Effect on Lab Diamond Industry]-[Ouros Jewels]

You know that Russia and Ukraine have suffered from Severe Wars. In addition, the United States of America is the major buyer of Natural Diamonds. But, Russia-Ukraine War surges the spark between the United States of America. So, the US banned all the Natural Diamond Rough from Alrosa Mine, Russia

[Alrosa Mine Diamond Banned By US]-[Ouros Jewels]

Image Source:- The Economist

As a result, the banned decision from the United States directly impacted the Natural Diamond Industry, especially in Surat, Gujarat. Surat’s Natural Diamonds are worldwide famous. But due to the rough Natural Diamond shortage, the business is constantly declining. So, Natural Diamond manufacturers have terminated the diamond workers from employment.

While the other side, Lab-grown Diamond has held the Diamond Market from their brilliance appearance. In addition, we must say that 25% of Natural Diamond manufacturers have turned their business into Lab-grown Diamonds. The problem is that Diamond Workers have special knowledge in the diamond industry, so they can’t do other jobs except for Diamond related. 

But, Lab-grown Diamonds are the source of 2.5 lakhs of employment in the cutting and polishing process at the Surat. This is because 93% of workers are ready to work for Lab-grown Diamond ahead of Natural Diamond rough shortage. After all, Lab Diamonds are types of Natural Diamond. That's why Lab-grown Diamond is called a “Source Of Employment.”

  • What Is The Future Of Lab-grown Diamonds?

If you want to know more about Lab-grown Diamond's future, then you should see the below numbers of the Lab-grown Diamond's ability. Then, you can understand Why Lab-grown Diamonds are essential for the Indian Economy to boost after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Financial Year 2021-’22, Lab-grown Diamond has a 108.27% increment in exports than 2020-’21 financial year, respectively from INDIA. Lab-grown Diamonds have adopted increments than last year’s demand every year. 

[Lab Diamond Industry Opportunity]-[Ouros Jewels]

In addition, GJEPC’s chairman stated that, “Lab-grown Diamond has urged the 40,000 crores of business in forthcoming 5-7 years.” Also, the Lab-grown Diamond industry has the potential to give 10 Lakhs employment every 3-4 years.

[Gjepc Team meet with Commerce and Industry Minister]-[Ouros Jewels]

Image Source:- Gems & Jewellry Export Promotion Council

GJEPC’s chairman asked Union Cabinet Commerce & Trade Minister Hon. Piyush Goyal to add Lab-grown Diamond in the employment sector and give some relaxation in tax liability to provide include more unorganized sector’s worker into Lab-grown Diamond industry. In addition, Hon. Piyush Goyal said they discussed this matter with the cabinet and solved it quickly.

INDIA's Polished Lab-grown Diamond has crossed the $1.3 Billion exports consignments than Last year's $636.25 Millions value of consignments.

Finally, We said that the Lab-grown Diamond industry had won the emerging industry award in the forthcoming 4-4.5 years. Also, Lab Diamonds are made from an eco-friendly process. That’s why Lab Diamond attracts the customer’s affection. Therefore, lab-grown Diamond is known as “Eco-friendly Diamonds.” 

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