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Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings: A Buyer's Guide

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Heart-shaped diamonds signify love and romance, making them perfect for engagement rings. This article offers valuable advice on how to choose a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring to symbolize your passion. Discover the important elements, like as symmetry, facets structure, that contribute to the stone's romantic attraction. Learn how to select the right color, clarity, carat, and cut so that your diamond glows wonderfully. Whether you like a bright pink or a traditional clear diamond, discover why a heart-shaped diamond may be the perfect sign of your love. Get expert advice on selecting a perfect engagement ring that matches your style and budget. Join us as we explore the timeless beauty of heart-shaped diamonds engagement ring, which combine classic style with a meaningful symbol of love.

Heart-shaped diamond rings represent love and dedication, which makes them a popular option for engagement rings. These rings, which are rooted in history, not only represent trust and love between partners, but they enable people show their distinct interests and lives. With a wide range of designs available, from traditional to modern, the heart-shaped diamond ring has a unique romantic explode that stands out because of its amazing symmetry and beautiful look. Whether in pink, blue, or the standard clear, these diamonds are selected for their wonderful sparkle and purity, promising that they capture the eye.

When finding for a heart-shaped diamond, keep the 4Cs (color, clarity, carat, and cut) in mind to make sure you learn a stone that sparkles beautifully. This form of diamond often has a deep table and a thick girdle, which contribute to its unique beauty. Heart-shaped diamonds are more than simply jewelry; they are a symbol of love. This guide will help you learn the main features to look for, creating you into a sophisticated buyers ready to select a ring that reflects the values of your relationship.

Let’s find it out. First, we must know what a heart cut diamond is.

What Is a Heart Shaped Diamond?

A heart-shaped diamond is a unique and romantic diamond cut precisely shaped like a heart, symbolizing love and affection. This distinctive diamond cut is characterized by its pointed tip and two symmetrical, rounded lobes, which create a recognizable heart shape. Usually this cut diamond refers to brilliant cut with the 59 to 61 facets on anatomy. It's popular for engagement rings, pendants, and other romantic jewelry.

Key features of a heart-shaped diamond:

Symmetry: The beauty of a heart shaped diamond relies heavily on its symmetry. For an ideal heart shape, the two lobes should be identical in size and shape, and the cleft (the indented area between the lobes) should be well-defined.

Number of Facets: Heart shaped diamonds typically have 59 or 61 facets, including the girdle. These facets are strategically arranged to maximize the diamond's brilliance and sparkle.

Proportions: The proportions of a heart shaped diamond can vary, impacting its overall appearance. For a well-proportioned heart shape, the length (from the pointed tip to the bottom of the cleft) should be approximately 0.90 to 1.10 times the width (across the widest part of the lobes).

Cut Quality: A high-quality heart shaped diamond will have precise facet angles and excellent symmetry. This ensures that the diamond exhibits exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

Setting: Heart shaped diamonds are often placed in prong settings that secure the pointed tip and protect it from chipping or damage. These settings also allow maximum light exposure, enhancing the diamond's brilliance.

Symbolism: Heart shaped diamonds are a powerful symbol of love and romance, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and gifts for loved ones.

When shopping for a heart shaped diamond, it's essential to consider factors like cut quality, color, clarity, and carat weight to ensure you choose a diamond that meets your preferences and budget. Working with a reputable jeweler or gemologist can also help you find the perfect heart-shaped diamond for your special occasion or gift.

Heart diamond color ranges are available from yellow, pink, blue, champagne, olive, black, green, and orange. Also, colorless heart diamond still elegant choice for an engagement ring. So, there is plenty of choices to pick atleast one fancy colored heart shape diamond with considering the ideal L/W ratio and best clarity grades.

Reasons To Choose A Heart Cut Diamond For Rings

When you select a heart cut diamond ring, it showers feelings of strong endearment in a love relationship. Also, it refers to an eternal love and romantic sign from one partner to another. The adorable and attractive appearance of heart diamond brings a stylish and modern touch in the rings.

The perfection of the symmetrical structure makes the heart shaped diamond distinctive in appearance. As a result, most couples prefer this diamond shaped rings as Valentine's Day proposals engagement ring and anniversary presents as custom name engarved bands in yellow gold.

Reasons to choose heart shaped diamond for rings and jewelry

Also, these brilliant cut diamonds have radiance reflections that suitable for paired stud or halo earrings in rose gold and semi-mount/solitaire pendants. But make sure you select an ideal graded symmetry in the heart diamond that helps you to reveal your emotions towards your spouse.

In addition, from all buyer's perspectives, there are three common reasons to choose a heart diamond for any occasional jewelry like an engagement, wedding, promise rings, or anniversary gift.

The reasons choosing a heart shape diamond includes fancy-shaped faceting patterns, a distinctive connected cleft surface from both ends representing romantic love, and available at 25% less than round brilliant cut diamonds.

1. Fancy Shaped Faceting Patterns

The heart shaped diamond features fancy patterns that drive the most elegant light reflections and radiance effect that is most captivating and attractive to see. Due to cleft surfaces from both ends, the facets should be perfect in formation.

Triangle, parallelogram, octagon, and pentagon-shaped facets appeared in the heart diamond. The compound effect of the different shaped facets in single diamond anatomy offers a wonderful appearance that's suitable for solitaire, halo, vintage and all ring styles.

Due to 4 different shaped faceting patterns on the table to crown anatomy, the heart cut diamond releases brilliant light reflections. So, you can choose a it for an engagement ring or bracelet for a marriage anniversary present.

2. It Represents Romantic Love Sign

In heart diamond formation, the two round cleft lobes joints as one place and complete the stone's structure. When two individuals are connected in a love relationship, they need warmth, dedication, romantic endearment, and support. All these attributes are simultaneously offered with the heart cut diamond that makes it ideal selection for rings.

Also, the brilliant heart shaped diamond will remove any unnecessary gaps and doubts from the love life because it connects a cleft formation similarly where couples meet first time. Thus, complete your strong desire to offer your love partner a special valued engagement ring with a heart shape.

Take a deep breath and pop up the question to your spouse, "Are You Ready To Be My Love Partner Forever?" with a diamond ring in heart shape. Also, say to her, "From Now, My Life Is Yours, and I'm Own To You," with a 2-carat weighted yellow or pink colored halo diamond ring in white gold or platinum metal band. With confidence, reveals your true emotional attachment towards her; not be afraid.

3. 25% Cheaper than a Round Brilliant Cut

The cost factor is most important when selecting a diamond quality in terms of color, clarity, carat, and cut. For a heart-shaped diamond purchase, you have to pay 25% less than a round brilliant cut, even with the same quality. It means you can purchase a heart diamond at 75% price compared to a round cut.

By selecting a heart diamond, you can save 25% on cost, which is helpful for purchasing suitable hoop earrings or solitaire pendants. Meanwhile, with the remaining cost, you have the option to select higher quality like Flawless (FL) clarity grade than a VVS or maybe 1.50-carat weights than a 1.00 carat.

When you want a unique shape and identical light reflections as a traditional brilliant round cut, then select a heart cut diamond. But keep in mind the ideal L/W ratio for it. The rounded cleft lobes of the heart shape make it the best alternative to a round shape.

In addition, we mentioned the price difference chart for heart and round cut in lab-grown and natural diamonds.







Price ($)



























Preferable 4cs Of Diamonds In Heart Shape

Selecting the best clarity, color, cut, and carat weights provides exquisite light reflections, making jewelry valuable. For a heart shaped diamond ring, you must consider picking VVS1 to VS2 clarity as an ideal and affordable choice.

While for color (excluding fancy colors), go for an E to J color grade which is free from the unrequired yellow tint. The cut grade range should be Excellent to Good for heart diamonds. The carat selection range could be 1 to 5-carat weights with proper L/W ratio. 

Selection for 4cs of diamonds in heart cut matters and significantly affects the cost and appearance.

We described all the essential details regarding the best 4cs of heart shaped diamonds. Follow it to make your heart diamond ring precious and gorgeous, which signifies your emotions.

1. Select VVS1 to VS2 Clarity Grade Diamond

The heart shaped diamond is neither elongated nor square, so it could look proper in the VVS1 to VS2 clarity grades. In this clarity grade range, the diamond inclusions exist in slightly more than an IF or FL clarity. But for selecting the VVS1 to VS2 clarity, the cost decreased, which is beneficial for you.

Still, if you're concerned about the clarity grade with VVS1 to VS2, you can experience an identical appearance as IF or FL clarity. It's a fact that diamond inclusions affect light reflections. But you can see the slightly different lights from the VVS1 to VS2 clarity heart shaped diamond. You can also select IF (Internally Flawless) or FL (Flawless) clarity grade if you have a more flexible budget option.

Between VVS1 to VS2 clarity four grades are exists: Very Very Small Inclusion1 (VVS1), Very Very Small Inclusion (VVS2), Very Small Inclusion1(VS1), and Very Small Inclusion2(VS2). Remember that higher clarity grades in diamonds have more price than lower graded clarity.

The diamond clarity describes how much inclusions and blemishes cover the stone's anatomy. When unnecessary marks and scratches are in less amounts, that is the best clarity grade like IF, FL, VVS, and VS. Another side, where the diamond's table, crown, and pavilion anatomy feature more eye-noticeable blemishes. It's SI1 and I3 clarity-graded diamonds.

If you're selecting a pink or blue fancy colored heart diamond ring, then you can move with VS1 to SI1 clarity grades. But keep in mind, in this clarity grade diamond, your stone's color should be fancy vivid to the dark hue that hides the effects of the inclusion. Don't choose clarity grade from SI2 to I3, it has more inclusions and dull looks.

2. Pick E to J Color Grade Diamond

Need a natural and real tint reflection from the brilliant heart shaped diamond; then you have to pick E to J color grade. In these color grade ranges, the diamond's surfaces are free from unrequired tints, especially yellow ones. So, make your engagement ring not only special but extraordinary, too.

The cost of the E to J color graded diamonds is less than the rare "D color grade." So, you already decided to offer a D color grade heart diamond in a halo or solitaire engagement ring, then congratulations for a great picking, but it's rare. Thus, its appearance is similar in the E to J color grade with atleast 5-10% cheaper cost.

This diamond color grade range is called colorless to nearly colorless. While the color grade scales counted from colorless to fancy colors (yellow). Furthermore, if you opt for a near colorless (G to J color grade) heart diamond, then it's enough choice for a halo ring style because this brilliant cut stone has two rounded connected lobes in a circle V shape.

To select E to J color graded diamond, you may be paid 5-20% less cost than a rare "D color grade." So, choose a G color grade heart diamond if you're selecting a halo style ring. But when you're opting for a solitaire or bezel set choose a E color grade, simultaneously. Do not forget to ask your spouse first about the ring style in heart diamonds.

There are other options available for choosing a heart shaped diamond from fancy colors like champagne, orange, blue, purple, yellow, red, and black diamonds. Most importantly, all the colors available with demanded dimensions, table (%), crown (¬į), clarity, carat, and L/W ratio with lab diamonds. Contact us for more information.

3. Opt For Excellent to Good Cut Grade Diamond

A heart diamond has two rounded lobes from the two different ends, and so on; the girdle thickness is very thin to extremely thick. It depends on the symmetrical and cleft formation. As a result, to experience proper natural light reflections from the symmetry of the diamond, pick excellent to good cut grade.

In Excellent to Good cut grade, the heart shaped diamond maintains the required depth surface and girdle thickness that is key factor for brilliant light reflections.

Keep in mind, in all ring styles and carat weights with heart diamonds, select Excellent to Good cut. It affects the costs and appearance because when you are not selecting the mentioned cut grade that presents you're wishing to miss the brilliance of heart shape diamond. You never wish to offer an ugly and simplest appearance in engagement rings, right?

So, for your convenience, we mentioned the diamond cut grade difference. Moreover, in diamond cut, five grades are available: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Cut Grade



Proper depth surface and very thin girdle

Very Good

Prominent depth of pavilion surface and thin girdle


Slight differ depth surfaces from Excellent cut and slightly thick girdle


Long depth surface and very thick girdle surface


The depth and girdle thickness are mismatched

4. Take 1 to 5 Carats Weights Heart Shaped Diamond

The heart cut diamond combines elongated and square shaped, so it could be selected in the proper carat weights that looks ideal in an engagement ring. The heart diamond looks captivating between 1 to 5-carat weights considering the L/W ratio, too. Also, it depends on the ring styles that you opted for.

For example, 1.00 carat heart shaped could be a perfect choice for halo or three-stone ring styles with colorless and fancy colors. While for a 2.00 carat heart diamond, the solitaire ring style is a dazzling choice where you can opt for a bezel or prong setting. While you want to make your unique engagement ring with a heart diamond, prefer 3.00 to 5.00 carat weights and more than it.

Keep in mind the cost of a heart cut diamond directly influences from the carat weights selections. For example, a 3.00 carat weight heart lab diamond could have a 30-40% more price than a 2.00 carat. While a 1 carat heart shaped lab-grown diamond is available between $1000 to $1500, depends on color, clarity, and cut grades. Thus, select a carat according to your ring style, and it's the best way to consult your jeweler before taking any decision.

Proportions and Dimensions

After the ideal clarity, color, carat, and cut grade selection then, you have to pay attention to proportions and dimensions that indirectly affect the appearance and costs. In proportions, Table surfaces (%), Depth (%), Culet, Girdle Thickness, and Diamond Symmetry exists. The proportions show how accurately the stone occupied a space in the anatomy that is essential for a brilliant reflection.

Heart diamond's proportions and dimensions

Here, in the above image, you can see the proportions and dimensions of a heart shaped diamond. You must know the proportions that help you bring a beautiful piece of heart diamond.

To make your heart diamond engagement ring distinctive and beautiful, select the below-mentioned dimensions. Moreover, we described the dimensions definition that helps you to understand it with accuracy.



Very Good




Table (%)

53 - 64

54 - 65

59 - 65

60 - 67

60 - 69

Depth (%)

58 - 63

59 - 68

60 - 68

61 - 64

62 - 68







Girdle Thickness

Thin - Slightly Thick

Extreme Thin - Thick

Slight Thin - Thick

Slightly Thick - Thick

Thick -Extreme Thick



Very Good

Very Good


Very Good

  • Definitions of Dimensions and Proportions

The Table dimension refers to the center space of the diamond and represents how much (in%) it consumes the area in the anatomy. It is generally square, triangular, and rectangular. In heart shape diamond, the table surface is mostly triangular.

Depth is the total space acquired from the diamond's top-to-bottom surfaces. It tells how much of the diamond has length. Moreover, it plays a key role in deciding diamond cut grades and light reflection.

Culet is the last anatomical part of the diamond, which collects the whole facets in a single place. It has none pointed to pointed grade that represents its sharp surfaces.

The Girdle Thickness shows how much the width occupied between the crown and pavilion anatomy. There are seven grades: Very Thin, Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick, Thick, Very Thick, and Extremely Thick. A very thin girdle increases the diamond damage risks, while extremely thick girdles add unnecessary weight to the stone.

Diamond symmetry refers to the accuracy of the facet placements on anatomy that allocates the proper space to reflect light and brilliance. In the diamond symmetry, five grades exist: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. An Excellent symmetry has proper space allocation between two facets. While a Poor symmetry grade has mismatched facet placements.

The Ideal L/W Ratio For Heart Cut Diamond

The heart cut diamond ideal L/W ratio should be between 0.83 to 1.10 because, in this range, you can find the required width and length. For example, a .90 L/W ratio heart diamond has more width than its defined length. While an identical length and width size for heart diamonds exists in a 1.00 L/W ratio.

If you like to select a narrow and longer heart diamond, then a 1.10 L/W ratio is the perfect choice for your vintage halo engagement ring. While for a solitaire and Toi et Moi ring style select below .95 L/W ratio heart diamond in VVS clarity.

Heart Diamond Engagement Rings

In heart diamond engagement rings, there are many choices available, like as a traditional ring style that exists in solitaire, three-stone, and solitaire accent. While a halo, semi-mount, dainty ring style counted as a modern ring choice. In a vintage-inspired ring, you can select Art Deco with a filigree pattern, Toi et Moi with a bypass band, and channel pave set band.

All these engagement ring designs are available in fancy colored and colorless heart shaped diamonds and gold or platinum metal. Ensure you select the best clarity, carat, cut, color, proportions, L/W ratio, and symmetry grades.

The cost of a 1.00 carat weighted heart lab diamond solitaire engagement ring is $1455.20 with VS clarity and EF color grade in 18KT yellow gold. While for a 14KT yellow gold ring price is $1348.10. While a 2.00 or 3.00 carat weighted heart lab diamond halo or three-stone ring style prices could be between $2500 to $3500.

Remember that the heart diamond ring cost depends on various factors like color, clarity, carat, cut, ring style, and gold and platinum metal that you opt for.

Solitaire Ring Style: A Traditional Choice

A heart shaped diamond solitaire ring style is a traditional choice because it is an ocean of brilliance reflections and offers an exquisite appearance. In the heart diamond solitaire engagement ring, there is a choice to pick Yellow, Rose, and White gold metal tones.

[0.50 carat weighted heart-cut lab-grown diamond solitaire ring with EF color grade and VS clarity in 18KT yellow gold]-[ouros jewels]

In the solitaire ring styles, the prong setting is a key factor that gives the diamonds a better grip. Also, keep remembering the ideal L/W ratio for heart shaped diamond. For example, a wider diamond exists below the 1.00 L/W ratio range while slightly longer heart diamond is available beyond the 1.00 L/W ratio.

[1.60 carat weighted coloress heart-shaped lab-grown diamond solitaire ring with VS clarity and 4.00 MM band width in 14KT white gold]-[ouros jewels]

The 1 carat heart lab-grown diamond solitaire rings are available for $1450 to $1700 with 18KT yellow gold and claw prong settings. While a 2.00 carat heart shaped solitaire ring is priced at $2000 to $3000 with VS clarity and EF color.

There's a choice to pick a favorite fancy colored heart shaped diamond from champagne brown, pink, blue, yellow, olive, orange, and purple. All these color grade ranges from faint to fancy dark with different hues intensity.

Three-stone Rings: A Love, Romance, and Promise Carriage

A three-stone heart shaped diamond ring is a carriage of love, romance, and promise. When searching for a special engagement ring for your spouse to reveal romance, passion, and love, a pink colored heart diamond is an elegant choice over other elongated or square shapes.

Selecting a pink diamond refers to a pure commitment and promise towards someone special who feels a deep affection for you. From offering a pink diamond ring, it reveals clarity and connection between a love relationship and a love partner.

[1.05 carat weighted fanct vivid pink heart and 0.30 CTW kite cut three-stone engagement ring in 18KT white gold with VVS/VS clarity]-[ouros jewels]

The three-stone ring with heart diamond looks ideal with 14KT white gold or platinum band with the price range of $2000 to $2250 depending on the color, clarity, carat, and accent stones selection. If you opted for a fancy colored heart shape diamond except for a pink color, then prefer a rose or yellow gold.

In this engagement ring style, the center stone should be between 2.00 to 3.00 carat weights that look larger and more noticeable than accent stones. With this carats range, the heart diamond carries a wider surface (Considering below 1.00 L/W ratio) that reflects a better lights through symmetry. That's why selecting the best carat weights according to your budget and personal preference is a important.

Solitaire Accent Ring: The Elegant Choice

When your fiancee wants a different solitaire ring style wearing experience, then an accent stone pattern is the perfect choice. In this ring style, mostly 1.00 to 3.00 carat weighted center diamonds are placed and accent stones fixed around it in fancy vivid pink or blue colors. The accent stones increase the overall beautiful appearance of this solitaire accent ring style.

The clarity grade of the center heart shaped diamond should be VVS to VS if you have a tight budget to afford IF (Internally Flawless) or FL (Flawless) clarity. There's a possibility to pick an Internally Flawless or Flawless clarity grade in a heart diamond. Still, it might be costlier to you, and you have to compromise with the quality and metal tone selection.

[heart cut solitaire with accent diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]

Thus, pay attention to three things: your preference, the quality you want, and budget provision. For example, if your budget is $1100 to $1500 and needs a VVS clarity colored heart shaped lab-grown diamond ring, then it's an option available for you.

Consider selecting atleast 1.00 carat weight center heart stone, whatever it is, in a fancy color and colorless. While accent stone prefers sizes of least 0.50 carat weights with VS clarity. Also, choose IGI and GIA certified diamonds that offers a trustful and unbiased evaluation of the stone's color, clarity, carat, cut, and dimensions.

Halo Ring Style: The Modern Selection

A halo engagement ring style is the modern selection because it has more accent stones around the center diamond and offers a beautiful appearance. Selecting an appropriately sized center and accent stone makes this ring style exquisite and increases a brilliant reflections.

[pink heart Diamond halo ring]-[ouros jewels]

In fancy colored heart shaped halo diamond rings, the reflections of the lights back from accent stones, so make sure you choose suitable options. Most couples prefer gemstones as an accent stone in halo engagement rings because of their spiritual benefits and ancient beliefs. You can also select a gemstone from Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Topaz, and Blue Topaz.

For example, if you choose a 1.00 carat weighted fancy vivid pink heart shape center diamond, the accent stone should be colorless or purple/red colored. While for a yellow or blue colored center stone, the accent diamond could be between orange and champagne colors. For more help, you can ask your jeweler to consult.

When you opt for the proper dimensions and quality in the heart shaped diamond halo ring, then it's time to select the best metal from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or maybe platinum. From the halo engagement ring, you can offer your partner an elegant, versatile, modern appearance.

The cost of a 1.00 carat pink heart shaped lab-grown diamond ring could range from $2300 to $3000 depending on the clarity, color grade, and metal you choose. Also, the L/W ratio, symmetry, and fluorescence affect the overall cost of the pink heart shaped diamond ring.

Dainty Ring: The Unique and Distinctive Choice

The dainty ring is a unique and distinctive choice that signifies you're important for your love partner and already dedicated life to her. It reflects your emotions and feelings towards your spouse. In dainty rings, you can customize designs to insisting the filigree pattern on the band or choose V-shaped prongs in Toi et Moi style.

You can add sentimental value and personal touch with a heart shaped diamond ring with proper customizations. Most couples take inspiration from their love partner's preferences for dainty ring styles. That's why this ring style is called a unique engagement ring because of the distinctive formation of stones and ring anatomy that significantly increases the charming appearance.

[Multi Shape Dainty Ring: The Unique and Distinctive Choice]-[ouros jewels]

For example, if your fiancee dreams of wearing vintage jewelry, you can surely select an Art Deco ring style with an engraved filigree pattern band in white gold or platinum. In your Art Deco ring, center heart shaped diamond stone should be atleast 1.00 carat weight; for an accent stone, a marquise cut is an ideal choice with .50 CTW.

While your love partner prefers an engagement ring as a wedding ring, a heart diamond double engraved pave band is the best choice with 18KT white gold or platinum. Ensure that you select at least 1.50-carat weights, VVS clarity, and colorless stone in this ring style. Also, choose orange or blue colored accent stones within .70 CTW.

Toi et Moi Ring: Sensible and Supportive Choice

The Toi et Moi ring is a unique and stylish choice for engagement that carries gemstones and diamonds on a bypass patterned band. The "Toi et Moi" is the French word that represents "You and Me," which indicates pure endearment and romance between two individuals. In heart diamond Toi Moi ring styles prefer a combination of fancy colors and colorless stones.

When you select a fancy colored and colorless heart shaped diamond in this ring style, then it shows yourself and your spouse. For example, before your spouse came into your life, you may be remained depressed and unsure about how to live a life, but after her presence in your life, all your moments become happy and you feel blessed.

[heart pear toi moi ring]-[ouros jewels]

So, the colored heart diamond refers to her because she makes your boring life motivational and fills compassion.How beautiful the formation and meaning of the Toi et Moi ring are.

You can opt a pink, champagne, orange, red, green, blue diamonds ranging from faint to fancy dark color grades. Before selecting a colored diamond for a ring, think about gemstones, too. Because these stones have additional benefits and carry a varieities of fancy colors options.

Most importantly, your love partner's preference matters because your opted ring style should be coherent with her appearance. The best carat weight range is 1.50 to 4.50 for the Toi et Moi ring with a traditional prong setting, a modern bezel setting, or a vintage-inspired style. The ideal clarity for the heart diamond Toi Moi ring is VVS1 to VS2, where the blemishes slightly affect the appearance.

Traditional Toi Moi rings have only two diamonds or gemstones on the band, at least 1.00 carat weight, but you can make it unique. You can add the accent stones on the Toi et Moi ring's band in a shared surface prong setting that increases the overall appearance. The best metal for a heart diamond Toi Moi ring is white gold and platinum. But there's a choice to pick yellow gold and rose gold.

How Much Should You Pay for a Heart-Shaped Lab Diamond Ring?

For a beautiful, stylish, and modern heart lab diamond rings cost between $1500 to $8000, from traditional solitaire to modern Toi et Moi ring styles. In this price range, you can select 1.00 to 5.00 carat weighted heart shaped diamonds in colorless and fancy colors. Also, from $1500, you can choose 18KT white gold solitaire ring in a 1.00 L/W ratio.

If you want to know which factor affects the overall costs of the heart lab-grown diamond ring, it includes ten factors, so you have to consider and note them when purchasing or visiting online. Those factors include clarity, color, cut, carat, symmetry, fluorescence, dimensions, ring styles, metal selection, and your jeweler.


The heart shape diamond engagement ring is the ideal selection that helps a love partner to reveal his emotions towards her with confidence and motivation. As a result, the heart diamond refers to the "Romantic Love" moment feature. Heart diamond ring styles available from vintage to modern times, such as Art Deco, solitaire, halo, three-stone, Toi et Moi, and Dainty.

When going to purchase the heart diamond engagement ring from an offline store or searching online on any of the e-commerce jewelery sites, keep in mind to choose the ideal quality. Perfect quality means the best clarity, color, carat, cut, symmetry, dimensions, fluorescence, prong settings, ring styles, and L/W ratio.

Before taking any step further, ask your spouse which ring style she would like to praise as a love symbol. But if you've been planning a surprise engagement proposal for a long time, choose according to her preference and add some additional personal touch to engrave the "First Meeting Date," "Love," and other short messages that deliver your endearment message towards her.

Meanwhile, we're in contact with you 24*7*365 to assist you in solving your doubts and requirements. If you want to meet us one-on-one at your convenience, book a Virtual Appointment and reserve your seat to discuss which personalized jewelry you wish to make. Otherwise, you can contact us for any queries regarding purchases, customizations, and quality.


Q1. Is Heart Cut Diamond Expensive To Buy?

Ans. No. Compared to round brilliant cut diamond the heart diamond is 25% cheaper in the price with the same clarity, carat, color and clarity grades. The two round lobe and cleft formation makes the heart cut diamond fancy and modern choice for engagement. It offers a luster appearance from its geometrical balance that makes it ideal choice.

Q2. Can Heart Diamond Ring Be Engagement Ring For My Fiancee?

Ans. A heart diamond ring can be an engagement ring for your fiancee because a symmetrical balance and fancy shape allow you to offer symbolic and luxurious wearing experience. The heart diamonds refer to romance, love, promise, and commitment, so you can select them for engagement rings in pink to champagne colors or colorless grades.

Q3. What Is The Meaning Of Heart Diamond Engagement Rings?

Ans. The heart diamond engagement rings symbolize endearment and deep affection towards someone special who brings joy and happiness. Also, the curving shape of the heart shape diamond refers to eternal love. So, the heart engagement ring is the complete package of promise, commitment, love, romance, connection, dedication, and support in a relationship.

Q4. Does My Heart Shape Diamond Sparkle?

Ans. Heart shape diamonds are made with a brilliant cutting style which means the symmetrical balance of the stone is in perfect condition. So, yes, the heart diamond would sparkle at its best when the color, clarity, cut, and symmetry grades are selected in the ideal quality. If you choose the lower quality heart cut diamond, it does not offer many sparkle reflections.

Q5. How Much Is 1.5 Carat Heart Lab-grown Diamond Ring Cost To Me?

Ans. The 1.5-carat heart lab-grown diamond ring cost should be $1700 to $3500 with atleast 18KT gold. Meanwhile, within this price range, the ring style choices exist as solitaire, Toi et Moi, three-stone, vintage, pave engraved halo settings. Thus, you can spend the money around this price slab for a heart engagement ring.

Q6. Is Pink Heart Diamond Perfect Choice For My Engagement Ring?

Ans. The pink heart diamond refers to romance, love, compassion, deep affection, remembrance of endearment, and warmth. So, the pink heart shaped diamond is the perfect choice for your solitaire, vintage halo, or other engagement ring style. Furthermore, you can opt to faint to fancy dark pink color diamonds. A faint pink colored diamond has a slight variation of white hue in the symmetrical structure, while only a solid pink shade exists in dark pink diamond.

Q7. How Heart Lab-grown Diamond Ring Beneficial For Me?

Ans. Opting for a heart lab-grown diamond ring benefits include a 30-40% cheaper price than a natural diamond with identical appearance and quality. Also, the lab diamond's durability is 10/10 on the Mohs Scale, making your ring long-lasting and sustainable. You can opt a fancy colored heart lab-grown diamonds with GIA and IGI international certifications. It is easily available with the best clarity, carat, and color grade that finish your waiting time to offer it to your spouse.

Q8. How To Select Perfect Heart-shaped Diamond?

Ans. The perfect heart-shaped diamond should be cleft coherence to the endpoint and pavilion. The deep cleft portion is the identifying mark of the heart diamond. While the tick point should be sharp edged, that saves your heart shape diamond from looking like a round cut. So, the ideal heart shaped diamond has proper cleft portions and endpoints.

Q9. Is 18KT Gold Better Than a Platinum For Heart Engagement Rings?

Ans. For heart engagement rings, 18KT Gold is an alternative choice to platinum metal. Because in it, other metals alloy with natural gold while Platinum is free from other alloys of metals. Meanwhile, you can experience an identical shining appearance in 18KT White Gold and Platinum. For 18KT Gold, you have to pay a 10-20% low price than Platinum.

Q10. How To Care Your Heart Engagement Rings?

Ans. To secure your heart diamond ring's natural appearance as newly purchased, regularly send it to professional cleaning service providers for washing and cleaning. Meanwhile, when swimming or coming from outside, clean the ring's band with a soft cloth to remove dust and pollution. For a diamond cleaning, please take it to a jeweler who professionally maintains the nature of the stone.

Don't clean the diamond at yourself until you're advised because it might harm the stone's anatomy. You can visit our jewelry clean page. But we emphasize cleaning your diamond jewelry from a professional service provider.

Q11. How To Measure My Heart Diamond Ring Size?

Ans. To measure your perfect ring size at home for a heart diamond ring, you have to take the help of the thread and ring size chart. You can find the exact match of the comfortable size for your finger. Consider the best ring size for knowing the band's width and depth. In addition, contact your jeweler for a complete understanding.

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