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How To Buy Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

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Marquise Diamond Ring is the best choice for revealing your love feelings toward your valentine or love partner because a light reflection of Marquise Shape Diamond Ring is precious. Marquise Diamond has long width and length. That's why Marquise Shape Diamond Ring is still selected by customers becuase they know Marquise Diamonds are the best choice for their love symbolize ring.

  • What is a Marquise diamond?

Marquise shape diamond has narrow width but a long length like our eyes. In marquise cut diamond, step cutting facets are done because it releases exceptional reflection from the tick points and other anatomies. In diamond shapes, the marquise is known as fancy shape diamonds because in polishing and cutting process is very tough. So, after 2-3 weeks marquise diamond is ready to spark as usual.

When choosing diamonds for engagement rings, always remember diamonds 4c’s. It means diamonds have Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. If you select different color and clarity grade diamonds, then your engagement ring will not look beautiful due to unmatched selection. So always consider diamond 4cs before selecting engagement ring styles. That’s why important to choose a specific shape of diamond for engagement rings. 

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In the diamond industry, there are many diamond shapes like Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, and Pear. But out of this, Marquise diamond stands alone from the side.  Marquise diamond is the compressed form of round cut diamonds because it hasn't the same edge. In marquise diamond, the surface edges change from place to place. So, the marquise diamond engagement ring still ready to celebrate your love moments to your love.

If the customer is going for a Marquise shape diamond, they get a long elongated shape. This is because only Marquise shape diamond has a longer length than Emerald or Radiant shapes diamonds.

 Why is the marquise diamond the best selection for an engagement ring?

Marquise Diamond is called “Fancy Shape Of Diamond” in the diamond industry. In Marquise shape diamond ring, a wearer gets exceptional bright lights. Marquise diamonds are known for their faceting and cutting styles. In addition, when people choose a marquise diamond engagement ring, they look forward to moments that stay with them every time.

Also, our manufactured Marquise lab diamond features lower prices than other brands of marquise diamonds. That is why every brand has a different rule for producing and manufacturing. There is a very common price fluctuation. But, from a customer's point of view, they are paying more capital to get identical diamonds.

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In the above chart. You show that the customer is paying approximately 4X times than its actual price. When a buyer gets a Marquise-shaped diamond, he gets extra faceting substance like oval and brilliant round diamonds. When you look at Marquise Diamond full of concentration, then notice that it has a fragile girdle. With a thin girdle, Marquise shape diamond releases classy and noteworthy reflecting lights.

Which clarity grade is the best for marquise diamond engagement rings?

For Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings, VS2 clarity is the best becuase it has small inclusions on the surfaces. Marquise-shaped diamonds have a narrow width, so VVS clarity grade diamonds are still the choice, but it's not required. Because Marquise vvs diamonds demand extra charge. But, VS2 clarity grade marquise diamond gives the same amount of sparkle.

On the other side, Marquise Diamond has parallel and step facets on the surface, which helps to create flashy sparkle. That's why for Marquise Engagement Rings VS2 clarity grade is the best.

Before choosing diamond clarity firstly, you have to be clear about the diamond’s clarity. All diamonds are measured in clarity grade due to their faceting style and inclusion(unrequired substance). Suppose a diamond has a line or tiny circle on its facets, then its shows that the diamond has inclusion which prevents reflecting lights from the diamond’s internal surfaces.

[Diamond Clarity Grades]-[Ouros Jewels]

A diamond’s clarity scales between EF(externally flawless) To I3(inclusion 3). When diamond surfaces have no more inclusions, it's scored as an IF clarity diamond. While a diamond has more inclusions on anatomies, especially on table surfaces, than it shows with I3 clarity. 

While talking about Marquise Shape Diamond, VVS1 Or VS2 clarity because Marquise diamond is swallowed from the center and has no more width to show inclusions. That is why VVS1 or VS2 clarity is best for the marquise diamond engagement ring.


↦ Which color grade looks pretty for a marquise diamond ring?

For Marquise Diamond Ring, E color is the best because it's colorless, which helps to release better sparkle from marquise anatomies. Also, Marquise Diamond has a narrow width and long length, so E color grade is the only choice for an engagement ring. E color grade has a white appearance for bright reflected light. That's why in the fluorescence machine, E color grade releases a huge amount of sparkle.

As Diamond’s clarity, Color also scales due to the overall diamond appearance from the top view. Diamond color is a thing that is naturally placed in diamonds. When diamonds are found in Lab or Mine(Natural), they have natural colors like yellow, pink, and red. Today fancy marquise diamonds have different colors like a rainbow. In lab-grown diamonds, you can easily find colored marquise diamonds with less price. While in natural diamonds, colored diamonds are rare to be found, it has more price than lab-grown diamonds.

But, on the other side, when diamonds are found in colorless type, it goes for the polishing process. In the polishing process, the diamond color decides on craftsmanship.

[Diamond Color Grades]-[Ouros Jewels]

If the craftsman puts much pressure on the diamond grading wheel in the polishing process, the diamond pavilion faceting is mismatched, and the carbon loses its durability. As a result, sometimes, for making a marquise diamond, the diamond blast and it values not earn a single digit value. For Marquise diamond, F to J color is best for antique style engagement rings.

When Marquise diamonds reflect exquisite lights, it clearly shows that “D” color. While diamond reflects less light and cannot show diamond facets, diamonds have a “Z” color.


Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings:-

For Marquise diamond, all ring styles are suitable for engagement. Let's check out the diamond ring style you can choose from. If you like to design your diamond ring for women or men, we hear you as a friend, not a customer.

In marquise diamond engagement rings, the following style includes; it's your time to decide which style is best for you and your love.

  • Marquise diamond flush set band
  • Curved marquise gold band
  • Three stone marquise engagement ring
  • Vintage style marquise ring
  • Art deco marquise engagement ring
  • 5 stone marquise diamond engagement ring

In this gold ring, a 1.10-carat marquise diamond is fixed in an engraved gold band. But, in a flush gold band setting, the marquise glowed on the top, as you can see. This type of ring is especially used in engagement rings for men. Also, you can choose this marquise diamond gold band for your husband to reveal your feelings towards him.

    [Marquise Shape Diamond Gold Band]-[Ouros Jewels]

    You can customize this marquise cut diamond ring with metal varieties like 950 platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold at 18KT. In this marquise yellow gold band vs clarity grade and e color grade diamond is fixed. So, select this flush-setting marquise band for his birthday present for daily wear.

    While the half-curved marquise diamond ring is worn on the hand, it looks elegant, especially in rose gold for engagement. In this ring style, you can see the pattern as SUN besides rising from the mountain. It looks like a fiery glimpse of a marquise diamond ring. In this gold ring, marquise diamonds have vvs clarity and e color. If you want colored marquise diamonds like orange, purple, and blue, then you can tell us so we can make them.*

    [Marquise Cut Diamond Band For Her]-[Ouros Jewels]

    If you are looking for a stylish and elegant love symbolism ring, then you can choose this marquise ring for an anniversary or birthday present. Also, this marquise diamond ring is made in 18KT rose gold metal. You can make this marquise ring in yellow gold or white gold, which you prefer.

    For Marquise shape diamonds, a three-stone ring style is elite and peerless looking on the fiancée’s fingers. A tapered baguette cut diamond featuring accent diamonds. In the center place, a 1.00 CT Marquise diamond was placed. That is the best combination of diamonds for precious engagement rings. All diamonds on this engagement ring have vvs2 clarity and g color grade. You can customize it with your choice. We can make it for you.

    [Marquise Cut Trilogy Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

    This marquise engagement ring is made with 18kt yellow gold because marquise has yellow color reflection, and yellow gold is natural, so the combination of yellow color looks best. Marquise diamond has a grasp of gold-plated prongs for durability. Buy this three-stone marquise diamond ring for your engagement moment.


      In This Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring, round cut diamonds are engraved on the shank and around the center stone with a 0.35-carat weight. Marquise diamond has a 0.55-carat weight in this gold ring. If you want some exclusive presents for your love, then you must purchase this vintage marquise diamond ring. In this marquise diamond engagement ring, some special style engraving art is decorated for dazzling looks.

      Even this marquise diamond ring is the best choice for proposing to your love at the wedding. An engagement occasion is the first step to moving further in your love life, and it is the first step to starting preparing a wedding. 

      [Vintage Marquise Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      Also, in this ring, 18KT white gold is placed for a gorgeous appearance on the hands. Many couples prefer marquise diamonds for engagement rings or wedding bands. Also, round-cut diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings for their dazzling appearance.


      If you're searching for vintage and ancient style rings, then you must choose this marquise diamond art deco ring for engagement which has 1.10-carat center diamonds. On this ring, 0.30 carat round cut diamonds are engraved around the center framework. While 0.40-carat marquise shape diamonds are placed on the shanks and engraving platform. All Diamonds have vvs clarity grade and e-color appearance that are best for better sparkle reflection.

      [Art Deco Marquise Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      You have to option to select other shaped diamonds like emerald, princess, Asscher, and heart. We make engagement rings from your point of view from our experienced craftsmanship. We customize gold metal variation and purity like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold in 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT.

      In This 5-stone marquise diamond ring, round shape diamonds are engraved around the center diamonds for a sensational appearance. Also, This 5-Stone Marquise diamond engagement ring is made for optimum looking. That's why the 5 Stone Marquise Diamond Ring is very famous worldwide, especially USA, Europe, and Russia. All marquise diamonds carry vs clarity grade and e-color appearance. You can contact us if you want your favorite clarity and color diamond ring.

      [5 Stone Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      So, If you want to give the best present to your love with your pure heart feelings, then select this ring which is made in 14KT white gold for appealing looks. While this marquise diamond ring is made with expert craftsmanship. So, buy this marquise diamond Ring for your love.

      • Expert words on marquise diamond ring

      Finally, choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is the decision of the customer. Marquise-shaped diamond is the selection for an engagement ring. When purchasing a marquise diamond ring then, you have to select VVS1 or VS2 clarity grade. For marquise diamond halo engagement ring engrave F color diamond, you can prefer colored diamonds in lab-grown. So, tell us your requirement for a marquise diamond ring.

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      When choosing Marquise Diamonds for her, especially for a wedding present, you select the right place and diamond as a gift. The marquise-shaped diamond ring is available in lab-grown with less price and the same quality as a natural diamond ring. Marquise lab diamond ring gives the option to save your money to spend on an expensive diamond ring. Our Lab Diamond ring never compromises in quality for experiencing our craftsmanship then placing an order, then seeing it.

      In Marquise shape diamond ring, you also get benefits for classy looking and dignified appearance on hand. Before you go for your customized diamond rings, please look out at this exquisite collection that you may like.


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