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USA'S Independence Day History and Celebration

USA's Independence Day
USA's independence day is celebrated every year on's 4th of July, and its many functions are held as a parade of victory, a speech from the President, a party gathering with family and relatives, and giving gifts as a sign of Independence. Independence Day of America is the day when they acquire freedom from British rule to register a victory in the saratoga war.

  • History and facts of USA'S Independence

Every nation has surpassed from slavery, and only one nation is ruled worldwide. That nation is known as “Great Britain” or “United Kingdom.” Today’s superpower known as the “United States Of America” is not excluded from the list of slavery. United States of America is known for its technology, GDP growth, less unemployment, and high-class lifestyles. 

United States of America’s Independence day is celebrated with enjoyment and happiness in remembering of slavery and freedom from the UK’s disgusting ruling. The White House announced the national federal holiday in the celebration of Independence Day. Of the 11 national federal holidays of the USA, Independence day is the most delicate moment for celebrations.

Every human being is thinking of visiting the USA at least once in a lifetime. But, you ever know that the USA was stuck in the slavery of the United Kingdom. Britain’s Crown Jewels have decided to supply negro’s from Africa to America for easy trades and business. But, they also sold negro slavers to customers. 

But, after 13 colonies of  Americans was decided that they would like to be free from the slavery of the British Government. So, during the American Revolution War in 1765-1791, America defeated the British Army and gained all independence.

The basic strategy of independence from Britain was announced on July 2, 1776. Behind that announcement, the second continental congress played a key role in getting freedom of life from the Britain army and charters.

After the brutal and destructive war between America and Britain, America won the victory and got freedom from Britain's rules and acts. So at that time, nobody thought that America would become a superpower in the world, but we know that reality, from slavery to freedom of the United States. 

We also saw how the scintillation of independence emerged in slavered people and how they succeeded in living with the liberation. The United States Of America is now becoming a world leader and guide. 

  • Why America’s states were imprisoned under Britain’s Rule? 

In 1607, Virginia(state of America) was first ruled by Britain. Because Virginia was the only easy and cost-free place for trading the slavery people who were brought out from the African region. In addition, the British crown benefited from the North Atlantic Ocean, which was an easy way to import the slave people for selling and business without paying capital to them. 

[Virginia State Of United States]-[Ouros Jewels]

After the successful ruling on the Virginia state, the crown thought we couldn’t use the whole country for business with heavy taxes for necessary things. So, they started to establish the British Monarch on the whole types of things and slavered negros were used as workers or servants of the Crown.

Have you ever looked at the geographical map or structures of the United States of America? The United States of America is covered by the ocean, and it’s a very flexible option to trade the business easily. In America, a number of ports were available during the ruling tenure of the KING George-III. Many ports were developed for import and export by the British king.

[American Map]-[Ouros Jewels]

Also, britishers were like to rule America because America’s atmosphere and natural resources could increase their profit at a business level. King of Ireland and Britain, George-III was ruler or emperor of America before the independence.

However, after the anger had started for independence from the British monarch, King George-III understood that the freedom fighters(slavered people) were not in the tone of compromise. So, the British government tried to leave the United States Of America in 1783(177 years after slavery).

  • America’s incredible Independence journey from slavery

During the ruling tenure of Britain’s Governance, most of the north-eastern part of America was severely impacted by the cruelty of English soldiers and executives. Then on 2 of July 1776, Richard Henry Lee, the founder of Virginia state decided to vote for independence from Britain’s rule.  

On 2 July 1776, Second Continental Congress was united for America’s Revolutionary War which started on 19 April 1773 to September 1783. This united forum has the prime object of releasing thirteen American Colonies from the Britisher’s Crown. On the same day, Richard Henry Lee announced the official independence of the United States(past known as 13 colonies). 

The Committee(Continental Congress) was prepared the independence order of America, which implemented on 4 July 1776, with high reprobation of the British Empire ruling. In the committee, Thomas Jefferson was the captain of writing a script of Independence from britishers. 

Also, the Us army fought with the britishers for freedom and independence. They started a battle in US county Saratoga. In Saratoga, Us Army won the war and success in keeping a britishers from came into United State's Continent. This battle called as "Saratoga War" which ends in just 19 days.

After successfully winning the war over the British army, America started to celebrate independence day with many functions like a victory parade, releasing balloons in the sky, the Honourable President’s Speech on the Freedom Fighters, Gun salutes, and Fireworks. Enjoy the independence moment from the British army’s malicious activities like selling the slavers, hit with the steel wire engraved bat. 

Yes, many Americans lost their lives in the revolution war for freedom, but the government couldn’t fulfill it. So, on the 3 July 1776, John Adams (2nd president of the United States Of America) has told that the 2nd July was the day known as the foundation day of the independence of America.

In addition, he said that to this day, future generations of America would celebrate the freedom moments and reveal their feelings towards nation love.

  • What can you do at this USA Independence Day 2022?

On 4th July 2022 USA celebrates its 239 years of independence from announced in 1776. On this day, in the USA, many of the functions will be arranged like a parade, gunshots, speeches on freedom, music concerts, attending political conversation, gathering dinner, and many more.

On the day of independence, the evening of the 4th of July, the sky is covered by giant fireworks. The fireworks fill gardens, towers, and beach sky, and it looks like a dream to show the fireworks. People are sitting at the places like beaches and parks to show the elegance of fireworks around the sky.

However, if you want the fireworks shining, you must visit New York City. Also, on the Lake Union and Mission Bay, many fireworks are ignited.

In addition, Independence day is the national federal holiday. In addition, on this day, sensational celebrations are started from midnight to night. US government permits celebrating the independence day with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. 

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    Celebrate the 4th of July by embracing the spirit of freedom that Independence Day represents. Participate in national events celebrating our history and the sacrifices made for our liberty. Whether you're watching large fireworks in New York City or having a small gathering with family, this day is an opportunity to reflect on our country's principles and unity. Make the day unforgettable by providing meaningful gifts such as lab-grown diamond jewelry, which represents dedication and beauty. Let us come together to celebrate our independence and the strong bonds that bind us as a nation.


    Q1. What is Independence Day in the United States?

    Ans. Independence Day, celebrated on July 4th, marks the United States' declaration of independence from British rule. It recalls the great victory in the Battle of Saratoga and the country's independence.

    Q2. How is Independence Day celebrated in the United States?

    Ans. Americans celebrate July 4 with parades, presidential addresses, family picnics, and fireworks displays. It's a day to celebrate national pride and reflect on the country's road to independence.

    Q3. Why is Independence Day significant?

    Ans.  Independence Day is significant because it commemorates the day that the United States declared independence from the United Kingdom, bringing in the country's status as a sovereign nation.

    Q4. Why is July 4th considered a federal holiday?

    Ans. July 4th is recognized as a federal holiday because it marks the United States' official independence from British rule, which is a significant historical and cultural event.

    Q5. What are some unique ways to celebrate July 4th, 2022?

    Ans. To celebrate July 4th, 2022, you may watch fireworks in New York City or Lake Union, go to an area parade, or enjoy a BBQ(barbecue) with friends and family.

    Q6. What are some considerate Independence Day gift ideas?

    Ans. Lab-grown diamond jewelry is an excellent Independence Day present option. These items are attractive, durable, and a more ethical alternative to traditional mining.

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