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INDIA Gems and Jewelry Exports May-'2022: $2.5 Million valued

      • Is India earning ₹ 25,365 Crores from Gem-Jewelry industry in May-2022?

      Yes, INDIA Earring ₹ 25,365 Crores from Gem and Jewelry Industry. All kind of Diamonds and Gemstone's Jewelry and Loose Stones are including in this earning. INDIA is now a fast developing country, and no other countries are aware of INDIA’s ability in all sectors like Agriculture, Industrial, and Service. Also, the Government Of INDIA started an entrepreneur scheme after the Covid-19 pandemic for unorganized sector workers to show their art and craftsmanship to the world.

      INDIA becoming a hub for exporting cheap but best lab grown diamonds and jewelry to worldwide. Also, Lab Grown Diamonds gives employment to diamond workers and employees.

      INDIA’s foreign exchange currency quantity is based on exporting products, services, meals, homemade ingredients, and seasonal fruits. But, we got shocking and surprising news from GJEPC(authorized institution for exporting gem jewelry from INDIA). Analyzing their announced report for May-2022, it may also be shocking to you.

      So, let’s take a look at the report for the financial year 2021-’22 and 2022-’23:- 

      1. Polished lab-grown diamonds export in May-’2022

      In May-21, INDIA exported only Rs. 547.01 Crores valued Lab-grown diamonds to the United States, Belgium, Hongkong, and UAE. While in May 2022, the scenario changed, and INDIA exported the Rs.1372.05 Crores value of Lab-grown Diamonds. These official figures show that INDIA’s ability to produce and export lab-grown diamonds is increasing yearly. 


      Now, INDIA’s Lab-grown Diamonds are worldwide famous due to their exquisite craftsmanship and gorgeous appearance as Natural Diamonds. Also, maybe the major reason for buying lab-grown diamonds from developed countries is that INDIA gives lab diamonds at the lowest price than other producing countries.

      2. Natural Polished Diamond Export In May-’2022

      INDIA’s Natural Polished Diamonds are still in demand ahead of Lab-grown Diamonds. Natural Diamonds are the form of one type of Carbon and sometimes boron found in the mines. But, INDIA’s Polished Natural Diamonds are known for their appealing craftsmanship.

      Let’s look at the Polished Diamond Export's stats in May-’2022.

      From INDIA Natural Polished Diamond Export in May-’2022 reach a value of Rs. 16,156.03 Crores from the last year’s Rs.14,681.42 Crores in May-’2021. This clearly indicates INDIA’s capability to get the world's leading exporter badge of the Polished Natural Diamonds.

      See Report: GJEPC.ORG

      In addition, INDIA’s export power of Natural Polished Diamond has increased by 10.04% in May-’2022 than last year’s May Month Export.  

      3. Silver Jewelry Export Stats In May-’2022

      Silver Jewelry Export FROM INDIA in May-2022 shows the value of Rs. 1896.25 Crores (US $247.05 Million). While at the other hand, in May-’2021, INDIA exports silver jewelry at the value of Rs. 1797.86 Crores which shows the value of $ 245.65 Million.

      Look At The Report: GJEPC.ORG

      INDIA also8 became the world leading silver jewelry exporter in the forthcoming 3-4 years. Because INDIA is known for its sensational craftsmanship in Jewelry and Ornament.

      4. Gold jewelry Export numbers in May-’2022:-

      In India, Gold Jewelry is very famous. Two decades ago, INDIA was not exporting Gold Jewelry to other regions or countries. But INDIA became the consumption hub of Gold Jewelry. INDIA imported a Rough Gold from UAE to produce dazzling Gold Jewelry. But, now INDIA emerged as a World Gold Jewelry Exporter in the last 4-5 years.

      Now, INDIA has become Self-independent in making the best Gold Jewelry and exporting them to earn valuable foreign exchange. Now, let’s take a look at Gold Jewelry Export Numbers in May-’2022 from INDIA.

      For report visit: GJEPC.ORG

      INDIA exported a value of Rs.3513.08 Crores Gold Jewelry in May-’21, which shows the value in US $479.54 Million. While in the May-’22 INDIA exported Rs. 5273.74 Crores Gold Jewelry to worldwide customers. Now, INDIA is the only nation that gives dazzling jewelry at an affordable cost in Lab-grown Diamond gold jewelry.

      Read More: What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

      • GJEPC Chariman’s Word about INDIA’s Growth In Gem-Jewelry

      Colin Shah, Chairman of Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, has been feeling glad to achieve a milestone every year, not in a single part but in all jewelry sections. He added that INDIA’s exporting power has increased by an average of +5% yearly.

      Also, the Government of INDIA has noticed incredible growth in the Gem and Jewellery Industry. Now, INDIA has become the world exporter of Colored gemstones, Silver, and Platinum Jewelry. Especially, INDIA’s Lab-grown Diamond jewelry has the highest growth in demand.

      Colin Shah said that INDIA will earn 45.7 Billion Dollars in revenue from the Export of Gems and Jewelry in the financial year 2022-’23. He added that in the tenure of April- May 2022, there are Four major importers of Diamonds and Jewelry From INDIA. The name of the importers are as follows:-

      1. United Staes= Imported 2.58 Billion Dollars of Jewelry and Diamond
      2. Hong Kong= Imported 1.38 Billion Dollars
      3. UAE= Imported 810.16 Million Of Dollars Valued Jewelry and Diamond
      4. Belgium= Imported 441.37 Million Of Dollars Jewelry And Diamonds

      [Lab Diamond Purchaser From INDIA May-'2022]-[Ouros Jewels]

      • Dignified Moment For GJEPC And Ouros Jewels

      GJEPC felt the proud moment when INDIA became the X-factor of producing Lab-grown Diamonds, which are Eco-friendly and Human friendly. That’s why major importing countries are demanding Lab-grown Diamonds from INDIA. In addition, GJEPC helps in the growth of the Lab-grown Diamond business. 

      [For Ouros Jewels And GJEPC Dignified Moment To Reach 10K Lab Grown Diamond Producing]-

      That moment is also a proud moment for Ouros Jewels. Because we’re also providing Lab-grown Diamonds to the world. We proudly say that we sustain and maintain the Earth's durability by providing Eco-friendly Diamond Jewelry. Ouros Jewels have ritzy and luxurious-looking Earth -friendly Diamond Jewelry for customers.

      We also take pride in contributing ourselves to making INDIA a world producer of Lab-grown Diamond, and indeed we contribute our small part to that campaign. So, you can purchase from us and take your elegant looking jewelry to your doorstep.

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