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Jewellery & Gem World 2022 Singapore | Ouros Jewels

[JGW Singapore Exhibition 2022]
  • What Is JGW Singapore-'22?

JGW Singapore represents the short form of Jewellery & Gems World. This show is particularly held in Hong Kong. But, this time, JGW organizers give a chance to Singapore, which is known for its technology and business models. For organizing this Jewellery & Gems Singapore 2022, the reason behind understanding the needs of the diamond jewelry business. 

From September 27-30, lion city (Singapore) organized the largest B2B community platform or show, called Jewellery and Gems World exhibition. In this exhibition, many jewelry business bodies will connect with other jewelry businesses to resolve any issues regarding emerging industry trends.

In this Jewellery and Gems World Singapore Exhibition 2022, the visitors will show the elegant craftsmanship of various diamond jewelry and gemstones because all jewelry manufacturers have expertise in their making process. But 80% of people don’t know how the diamond and gemstone will become to look optimum and gorgeous.
  • What's special in the JGW-'22 Jewelry Show from Ouros Jewels?

In JGW-'22 Jewelry Show, you can find some exceptionally well crafted diamonds and birthstone jewelry. At Jewellery and Gem World Expo-'22, most business entities will be interested in finding their needs and matches. As a result, ouros jewels carry such excellent examples of skilled and mind-blowing craftsmanship.

In Ouros jewels Booth No: 3D15 Zone A, see the antique cut diamonds and jewelry made in lab-grown diamonds. In JGW Singapore, we carry special sections with diamond necklaces, lab diamond earrings, antique cut engagement rings, and diamond engraved brooches.

In this show, the gems and jewelry industry will reveal all its beauty to worldwide experts and visitors of jewelry. Jewellery and Gems Singapore 2022 invites a mega exhibition of diamonds & jewelry to an instant Asia place. Ouros Jewels is one of them because we have a unique collection of Lab Grown Diamonds and Jewelry. 

We have experienced craftsmanship in making such precious and vintage-looking Lab diamond jewelry. In addition, we’re proudly dealing with Lab-created diamonds & jewelry that is eco-friendly and a Natural Diamond substitute

We will carry such classic and unique lab-grown diamond jewelry in Jewellery and Gems World Singapore 2022. At Our Booth no. 3D15 Zone A, you can find the finest Hand-crafted Lab Diamond Jewelry and Wedding wearing accessories, which are exquisite. 

  • Which Country visitors take part in JGW 22 Singapore Show?

At JGW Singapore Show 22, all regions people came to visit some unique and exclusive which they had never seen, even in their sleeping dreams. From the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, South-West Asia, South Asia, Europe, and South-east Asia, visitors will get looked upon this jewelry exhibition held in Singapore between 27-30 September.
  • Why must visit Ouros Jewels booth no: 3D15 Zone A in JGW-'22?

    We create five sections introducing our sharp and skillful-minded craftsmanship in lab-grown diamonds and jewelry. In the ouros jewels booth, you can see the sections in the following patterns. In these sections, you can find something special crafted lab diamonds and gold jewelry at unexpected prices.

    1. Singapore's Legacy
    2. Feel The Colors
    3. Future Is Inside
    4. The Bolder and The Better
    5. Constant & Endless

    In JGW Singapore's 2022 Booth No. 3D15 Zone A, you can find antique lab diamond engagement rings, colored diamond bracelets, lab-grown diamond wedding bands, and most importantly, antique lab diamonds, which Ouros Jewels first introduced.

    We take opportunity to fulfilling your dream to wear antique cut diamond jewelry in lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are totally eco-friendly because they are made in our laboratory, considering the biodiversity cycle. 

    1. The Singapore Legacy

    We know that Singapore is known for its culture and values. In Jewellery & Gems Singapore-2022, Ouros jewels will be introducing the stylish wedding necklace in Singapore Legacy Section. Because we know your choices which you expect from us.

    In this section, we put the extraordinarily crafted lab diamond necklace, made with extra care and skill. Ouros jewels featuring the diamond wedding necklace for women who wants to be like a queen. The set or necklace has brilliant and colorless lab-grown diamonds.

    All shapes of diamonds have brilliant cut symmetry and polishing grade, and this grade shows craftsmanship is perfectly done. Don't worry. We used authorized and certified(maybe ouros jewels certificate or 3rd party institutions) lab diamonds to make this wedding necklace. We don't only promise to give you the best lab-grown diamond jewelry, but we still hold your hands after your purchase.

    2. Feel The Colorful World In Diamond Earrings and Rings

    In this section, we will take you on the roller coaster ride of fancy colored diamond earrings and rings; we have a rainbow color combination that tells you; why to visit the JGW 22 Singapore. Your visit to Ouros Jewels Booth No: 3D15A will make your visit successful. 

    All colored diamond rings are made in lab-grown diamonds and pure gold or platinum metals. These lab-colored diamond rings have vvs-vs clarity, fancy color graded diamonds with excellent cut and symmetry grades.

    If you're searching for specialized lab-grown diamond rings and earrings that turn your dream into reality, then Ouros Jewels fulfill your dream symbolized by colored diamond rings.[Colored Rings & Earrings]Colored Diamond Earrings are truly loved symbolism when it gifted from one heart to another heart. We make colorful lab diamond earrings that have the potential to remark the wearer's presence in all minds. In Lab diamond colored earrings, we used gold and platinum metals. So, don't forget to visit our Booth at Singapore Jewellery and Gems World 22.

    3. Future Is Inside

    Ouros Jewels has antique cut lab-grown diamonds, which is introduced in JGW-'22. All antique cut diamonds are made with a specified eco-conscious process with human resources. In antique lab diamonds, we make diamond shapes that are only fantasy.

    But, after you visit JGW 22 Singapore Booth No: 3D15 Zone A then, it will be bound by the imagination. All antique cut diamonds are carried in vvs-vs clarity, white or fancy color grade, step or parallel cutting styles.

    If you need a transparent appearance as a portrait cut diamond or an antique diamond, then we also have it. Our antique lab-made diamonds includes tycoon cut, cat, horse, bull, modified shield, step oval, LORD BUDDHA CUT, and Holy Criss Cut Diamonds.
    [Antique Cut Diamonds]Antique Diamonds represent the craftsmanship and usage of modern technologies. Antique-shaped diamonds join as a train compartment in the lab-grown diamond industry. You might be surprised for a while when you see the unique diamond shape. How's it possible to craft antique-cut lab-made diamonds? Your question is expected, but the answer is in front of you, which means at Jewelry & Gems World Singapore 22.

    4. The Bolder, The Better

    Ouros Jewels will feature the best lab diamond wedding bands and solitaire rings in form of such exceptional craftsmanship. After all, you will be coming to Jewellery & Gems World Expo-'22 Singapore to find better diamond jewelry. We try to live up to your expectations from visiting this exhibition.

    So, it would help if you visited our booth no: 3D15 Zone A in JGW-'22. All Diamonds of these wedding bands and solitaire rinds have an E-color grade, VVS clarity grade, and excellent faceting grade. Need a certification of the lab-grown diamond wedding band; then it is available with the ouros jewels certification report.

    We used crafted lab diamonds to make sparkly wedding bands and rings that you want to get within budget boundaries, walls, and hands.
    [Lab Diamond Wedding Bands]
    That's why we make a lab-grown diamond wedding band of your choice. If you want to build a corporate relationship with Ouros Jewels, don't miss the chance to meet us at Jewellery & Gems World Singapore. Meanwhile, if you need an immediate answer, then you can contact us, and we will be back within a day minimum, so be patient. We have already started to look into your request or demand.

    5. Constant & Endless: Diamond Brooches for Formal Wearings

    The Constant & Endless represent the raw which never ends. In this section, Diamond Brooches and Bracelets help the wearer to increase appearance in personality. People know that diamond bracelets tell the wearing sense of the person, but diamond bracelets are very costly to wear. 

    Here we are talking about Natural Diamond Bracelet. As a result, we make lab diamond bracelets at best less price to complete your dream of wearing them happily. You can also get this charm bracelet or tennis bracelets for your love as a surprise proposal present.

    If you want to see the best lab diamond gold bracelets in your hands, then you must meet us at Jewellery & Gems World Expo Singapore 22 at Booth No: 3D15 Zone A

    Many kings and queens wore a brooch on their clothes located on the right or left side. In JGW-'22, brooches in lab-grown diamonds will be affordable and good options for weddings or special moments wearing. You can also get a diamond brooch for proposals or engagements or office annual functions.

    We make lab diamond brooches in gold metal which suits your wearing standards. A Diamond Brooches sign of unbroken relation of love life in true meaning when gifted by better half with feelings.

    In this brooch, we include special craftsmanship, which you want to see in this JGW Singapore Exhibition Show 2022. See the example of this diamond brooch which represents elegant and accurate craftsmanship. 

    1. Schlumberger Bird Rock Brooch

    In this Schlumberger bird brooch, a 4.40-carat weight yellow emerald cut birthstone is placed. While the yellow emerald Schlumberger bird is created with round cut diamonds and gold metal. In this flying bird's eye, a pink-colored tourmaline birthstone was placed. This Schlumberger Rock Brooch looks like a bird standing at sunset at the ocean when the sun releases a gold light on the water.
    [Schlumberger Rock Bird Brooch View]-[Ouros Jewels]
    If you want to give a gift to your husband, brother, father, or future husband, select this Schlumberger Rock Bird Brooch for them and thank them for all their support. This is your turn to give a gift to them with this Schlumberger Bird Rock Brooch in white gold. Yellow Colored Emerald Birthstone has a grip by four-sided prongs for durability.
    • Winding Up

    In Jewellery & Gems World Singapore 2022, you have the option to see the world's best diamonds & jewelry. From a visitor's perspective, if you're want something unique and stylish in lab-grown diamonds, then visit Booth No: 3D15 Zone A, which owned by Ouros Jewels. From a B2B perspective, you want to collaborate with other special diamond jewelers who talk forward. From these types of jewellery shows can make the industry flexible and update with customer needs to business owners.

    Thanks to the organizer of JGW 22 show those who provide a platform to expand the reach of the business on 27-30 September 2022. So, must visit the Booth No:3D15 Zone A, Ouros Jewels Booth.

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