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You are reading this blog means you want to make an unforgettable moment with your partner or any loved ones. I know confusion is surely coming into your mind about where to start and where to end your research to get the best desirable ring for your partner.

To simplify your research and to save your time I write this blog with top designs of engagement rings trending in 2022. you'll not get a giant collection here but yes you'll get a small one that includes only 10 engagement rings and I'm sure you'll get your desired one from this blog. 
Let's start with 1st ring and you can visit each ring detail by clicking on titles.


1- 14k Blue Cushion Proposal Ring 


[blue cushion diamond ring]-[ouros jewels] [Cushion diamond ring on finger]-[ouros jewels] [blue cushion diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]

The shape of Cushion-Cut Diamonds is like a square shape with tapered corners and having the same structure as old mine cut diamonds with unique brilliant faceting. The ring is designed with double halo fitting and tight stone fitting with four prongs. This ring can be used as an engagement ring as well as for proposal and gifting your partner.


2- Four Hearts for Your Heartbeat  


[heart shape 4 stone ring]-[ouros jewels]  [heart shape stone ring on hand]-[ouros jewels]  [heart-cut diamond ring side view]-[ouros jewels]

The title is perfectly explaining this ring but I try to clear some points which help you to better understand. Heart shape diamond rings are mostly used in a valentine to propose but are also widely used as an engagement ring and wedding ring. This ring is designed with double halo fitting and 12 progs are used to hold stones tightly and perfectly in their place. I'm sure every girl will be impressed by getting this ring on their finger.


3- Blue Emerald With Side Baguette Ring

[Blue Emerald Ring]-[ouros jewels]  [blue emerald diamond ring on finger]-[ouros jewels]  [Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring]-[ouros jewels]

Blue Emerald stone is a very brilliant faceting stone with a rectangular shape and vertical lines on it to create more attraction. The ring is designed with 4 prongs that hold stone tightly in its place and we use tapered baguette-cut diamond as a side stone which makes it a more attractive engagement ring.


4- Oval-Cut Three Stone Ring


[Oval cut three stone ring]-[ouros jewels]  [Oval three stone ring on finger]-[ouros jewels]

 The shape of oval-cut diamond is like a mixture of round-cut diamond and elliptical shape. More stone means more Impression for everyone so you can also gift this ring to your partner to impress her. This ring is designed with 4 big prongs and 8 small prongs with 1 big oval as the center stone and 2 small oval stones as a side stone. 


5- 1.70 CT Solitaire Engagement Ring 


[Oval Diamond solitaire Ring]-[ouros jewels]  [oval diamond ring on hand]-[ouros jewels]

This ring is designed with 1.70 CT  oval-cut stone and 4 prongs with solitaire fitting on fingers. Solitaire rings are a good idea for an engagement ring, promise ring, valentine ring, and also for wedding rings.


6- Round Diamond Bezel Set Ring 


 [Bezel set ring]-[ouros jewels]  [bezel set ring on hand]-[ouros jewels]  [bezel set ring hand view]-[ouros jewels]

This ring is perfect for those who don't like to wear prong settings. This ring is designed with bezel fitting, it is a box-like structure that tightly packed stone corners and holds it in the same place. It creates a clean, thin, and protective frame around the center stone.


7- Three stone engagement ring


[three stone ring]-[ouros jewels]  [three stone ring hand view]-[ouros jewels]  [three stone ring hand view]-[ouros jewels]

Three stone rings were designed for those diamond ring lovers who want to wear multiple shapes of stone in a single ring. This ring is designed with emerald stone as the center stone and two round stones as side stones with 12 prongs. This could be a very beautiful and surprise gift for your partner. Three stone rings are mostly preferred for engagement rings and gifts on special occasions.


8- 2.50 CT Blue Round Diamond Engagement Ring


[Blue round diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]   [Round diamond engagement ring hand view]-[ouros jewels]


9- 2.35 CT Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


[Oval diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]  [Oval Diamond Ring]-[ouros jewels]


 10- 1 CT Round Diamond Engagement ring


[Round diamond ring]-[ouros jewels]  [Round Diamond Ring]-[ouros jewels]


These are some trending collections but this is not necessary that you get your desired ring from this collection so if you want to proceed with custom ring design or want to know about it visit our page by clicking on the button below.


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