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Lab Diamond Jewelry From Wholesaler For B2B Collaboration

Lab-grown diamond jewelry wholesaler with the proper details

Are you searching for a collaboration with a lab-grown diamond jewelry wholesaler who continuously provides a dedicated service to you? Then we will offer it to you. We feature brilliant, antique cut diamonds in fancy colors like champagne, red, yellow, and blue. We features all kinds of quality in lab-grown diamonds from good to excellent as per your choices.

In addition, our inventory is managed by the SOP, and if you need to shop jewelry wholesale with the quality and ideal price, we're ready to do it. All our lab-grown diamonds are certified and remain high in quality. We offer a wholesale price to a person or entity who wants to collaborate with us.

We started a B2B collaboration for lab-grown diamond jewelry and want to help those seeking wholesale jewelry. This article informed you what to know about the B2B jewelry collaboration.


We're a lab-grown diamond jewelry manufacturer and connoisseur of the industry since 2018. We provide beautiful and customized diamond jewelry to someone who wants to commit a promise and statement. Our jewelry is made with the proper care and consideration of ethical practices.

Hi, we're Ouros Jewels, founded in 2018 with expert and skilled craftsmanship and small business dreams. Now, Ouros Jewels is a hub of lab diamond jewelry, providing brilliant to antique cut diamonds worldwide.

Our diamonds and jewelry are surpassed with the proper SOP with the inspection, testing, and final approval. It's a three-layer investigation before we ship the product to a customer. We promise not to sacrifice the quality but to offer affordable prices, especially for a B2B proposal.

We have qualified and skillful craftsmanship that makes your dream come true in any shape, clarity, color, and carat weight. Today, there is a lack of trust and authentication in the business world. You might have heard about cheating and insolvency.

But Ouros Jewels isn't involved in it. We're a proud member of GJEPC (Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council), India's Leading jewelry industry management organization. Thus, don't keep a doubt regarding our solvency, we're real.

If you build a corporate relationship with us, then it's not only 3 - 6 months business perspective needs. But, we timely contact you to know about the quality of our products and services, which you appreciate. Our corporate relationship is beyond business intentions. You'll be a member of the Ouros Jewels family and the right holder to access our exclusive services for a lifetime.

Expand your business wings from accepting our B2B diamond jewelry wholesaler opportunity. We are now open to building B2B corporate relations for worldwide jewelry enthusiasts. We welcome all of the persons or entities that are looking for a collaboration with us.

5 Reasons To Join Our B2B Collaboration

Reasons to accepting the B2B proposal for purchase a wholesale jewelry

At Ouros Jewels, we started a B2B collaboration in lab-grown diamond jewelry wholesale with identical quality and low prices. Five reasons exist that point out to choose this opportunity and spread the network of business at your local store or company.

  • 15000+ Carat Weighted Lab-grown Jewelry Sold

Since our foundation, we have sold 15,000+ carat weighted lab-grown diamond jewelry to worldwide customers, especially in a retail format. We sold engagement rings, wedding bands, tennis bracelets, choker necklaces, hoop earrings, customized stud earrings, and many more.

Colored lab-grown diamond jewelry in gold and platinum

Still, these numbers are increasing because customers love our products and qualities. As a result, they prefer to celebrate all of their occasions with our jewelry. So, if you need to collaborate with us for a wholesale jewelry purchase, we will give an ideal quality and reasonable price that is unmatchable in the market.

  • 6000+ Satisfied Customers

Our customer ranges are growing because the product quality and service allotment differ from the others. As a result, we built a 6000+ customers trust and fidelity towards us. They're satisfied with our product's quality in color, clarity, carat weights, dimensions, and jewelry craftsmanship. You can read our customer's reviews regarding the products.

We promise and are liable to provide an ideal quality to our customers as they expect. That's why worldwide customers select our brand as their occasional jewelries for women and men. For example, a promise ring in white gold, mostly selected from our store with a fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy color lab-grown diamond rings in gold

While for a wedding, the couple selects a pink diamond eternity band with platinum and white gold. We give them the option to choose the best clarity, carat weights, and shape regarding their choices. They prefer elongated and brilliant cut diamonds for eternity bands.

In addition, a multi-colored tennis bracelet is the prettiest piece of jewelry that would be a perfect gift for a Birthday or Valentine's Day Gift for a woman. We specialize in the making of wedding jewelry, especially bridal jewelry sets. In the bridal jewelry set, we offer a tennis necklace with matching gold or platinum earrings. For it, we also have a B2B price in wholesale purchases.

  • Proud Members Of GJEPC, SGCCI, SJMA, IGDA

Before you collaborate with other partners, especially for a business, the first question that arises is whether the opponent enterprise is trustable or it has any authentication and identification certificate from a respected and recognized institution. It's a common psychology of human beings.

But you're shaking hands with us, and we're proud members of organizations like GJEPC, SGCCI, SJMA, and IGDA. As a result, we're a solvent business enterprise with a membership of these institutions. You can easily contact us to knowing more about our quality products services.

With the determination of these certifications and recognition, you have an opportunity to take advantage of it. If you want to know more about the membership, visit our page for Members of Association.

  • Brilliant To Antique Cut Diamond Jewelry Options

Are you searching for brilliant cut diamond jewelry in wholesale price and quantity or seeking antique cut diamonds? Then we have that option. We carry the most beautiful and elegant jewelry made with perfection and skills.

We have round, radiant, emerald, and cushion shapes in brilliant cut. While for a square diamond, a sharp-edged princess diamond will be an excellent selection for wedding bands. Fancy shapes are available as oval, marquise, pear, heart, and Asscher.

Antique style pendants for women in lab-grown diamonds with gold finish

If you are looking for antique cut diamonds, our inventory features goregeous looking diamonds with the proper dimensions and quality. For example, lips cut lab-grown diamond with curved edges and formations that have been the first-ever stone made in an artificial environment; for more options, visit our antique cut lab-grown diamond collection.

We make an engagement, weddings, anniversaries, or occasional jewelry with these diamond's better quality and certification. Also, the cost would be affordable for wholesale purchases in a B2B proposal. We use pure gold and platinum metal in your jewelry containing a stamp or hallmark.

  • Cheap Prices

We have a different price for bulk orders in B2B collaboration, not only for jewelry but loose diamonds, too. Every product in our inventory eligible for a wholesale purchase, and it's features affordable prices. Keep in mind the quality of those products will remain identical as you want; we don't compromise there at any cost.

So, it's a better option for you to start a B2B journey with us. If you don't have much capital to invest in the machinery or can't afford an employee, then we will help you. You have a desire to sell jewelry as an entrepreneur in your boutique and family relatives, right? We're on the way to making your dream come true.

Simple but elegant lab-grown diamond wedding band in gold

We understand how difficult it is to manage funding for a business, especially for luxurious jewelry products. Ouros Jewels gives the best price that fits your budget and provides high-quality services that boost your business with speed and flexibility. We advise you to go to our bulk inquiry page to talk more about it.

We now open our doorstep for the B2B journey of our antique and specialized lab diamond jewelry in wholesale or bulk orders. When your jewelry business is looking for an opportunity to establish its brand image and trustworthiness, join our B2Bย journey.

Which Services Would You Get From Us In B2B Proposal?

With our B2B collaboration, you're eligible to get our exclusive services, which are mentioned below.

  • Memo Programmed
  • Finance
  • Payment Plan
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Certified Jewelry
  • Lifetime Warranty

With this kind of service, you can experience a hassle and tension-free purchase experience with us. We're always in touch with you to gain feedback on our services. You're not just only a customer, but now you're a part of the Ouros Jewels family.

We value your expectations and requirements and are trying to give our best efforts to complete them. You can access our services without any interruption or disturbance. Contact us for more complete details.

Ethical Jewelry Products

All our jewelry products are made with ethical practices with considering a minimal environmental footprint. We use renewable energy and resources that decrease the weightage of electricity.

Our lab-grown diamonds jewelry determines as an ethical jewelry because of the less environmental footprint. It will indirectly contribute your share to a green environment and we become a carrier for that. As a result, you can shop this jewelry in bulk quantity with ideal quality in color intensity, proper setting, clarity grades and dimensions.

Here, we mentioned the jewelry types and you have a choice to pick your desired one as you preferred to shop.

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Bangles For Wedding
  • Diamond Necklace

Lab-grown diamonds and pure gold metal tones are used in this jewelry. It has affordable costs and high-quality parameters regarding 4cs of diamonds, symmetry of diamonds, and fluorescence in diamonds.

  • Engagement Rings: The Beautiful Selection

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are the best choice for those customers who hardly earn a four to five-figured monthly salary. Mostly, halo and solitaire styles are selected in these rings, but now customers demand something unique that stands out from the crowd. We will make it according to the best clarity, carat weights, and dimensions.

Colored diamonds are a beautiful choice for a couple that ties a relationship with pure commitment and promise. Lab-grown diamonds in fancy colors have cheaper prices than natural diamonds.

This is the most beneficial fact for lab diamonds. In engagement rings, these colored diamond looks more elegant and finest with a touch of gold and platinum.

The engagement ring defines a genuine relationship between a love partner. So, when you purchase bulk engagement rings from us, you want a better quality that establishes your reputation, right? Then we are happy to assist you, especially with antique cut diamond rings.

Wedding Bands: The Elegant Choice

The wedding is the holiest relationship between the two souls, and it's performed in front of God with promises. Making a wedding day more memorable and grand, couples exchange diamond wedding bands as a sign of commitment. With lab-grown diamonds, it appears as a reflection of love and feelings.

Wedding eternity band in white gold with orange colored lab-grown diamonds in brilliant cut

In wedding rings, eternity bands are mostly selected because they define the eternal love between spouses. As a result, an engaged couple prefers this ring style in fancy colored diamondsย for their marriage preparation. The choice of colored diamonds features the attributes. Blue diamonds offer wisdom and peace in a relationship, while pink refers to romance and endearment.

Oval, radiant, marquise and emerald cut diamonds are hot choices for eternity wedding bands. While a red colored brilliant-cut round diamond will be an excellent choice to reveal emotions toward love partners. So, if you need these kinds of wedding bands at B2B prices, then tell us. We will help you in it.

Tennis Bracelets: A Charming Gift

Bracelets in diamonds are the perfect choice for any occasional gift for a love partner, especially for a woman. In tennis bracelets, the diamonds are formed under the grip of prongs and baskets with frequent pattern. From it, the overall structure gets durability.

Pink cushion cut diamond tennis bracelet in gold

Oval and radiant diamond tennis bracelet looks ideal and wonderful because of their facet placements and elongated shapes. Yellow gold and rose gold metal bracelets offer brilliance on the hands of the wearer. As a result, for a love partner who loves to provide beauty to his spouse, it's a good choice to pick a it in proper size.

Most couples prefer at least 4.00 to 8.00 CTW diamonds with fancy colors and white diamonds that offer a charming appearance. For a Birthday Gift, Valentine's Day Presents, or Marriage Anniversary Gift, the tennis bracelet is an elegant picking with considering the best clarity, cut grades, colors, and dimensions.

Hoop Earrings: The Dream Of Every Women

Hoop earrings feature a prong setting on the band and the tough holding of the diamonds. In this earring style, the appearance seems perfect to a pretty and modern woman. As a result, it has been selected by a Bride's parents for their daughters as a sign of blessing.

While a newly wedded couple who celebrates their first year marriage anniversary exchanges gifts. For women, hoop earrings are a good selection with a round cut or princess square shaped diamonds. Consider the best diamond 4cs in it to get an elegant look. With a yellow gold and white gold earrings could be a perfect gift.

Round cut lab-grown diamond hoop earrings in white gold

The circumference plays a vital role in earrings, and it features three options: Small, Medium, and Large. Small hoop earrings are too pretty with a touch of gold. While medium and large earrings in hoop styles are mostly worn at functions or parties. For a wedding dress matching earrings, red colored diamond hoop earrings could be a great picking.

A black colored diamond earring could be helpful for revealing emotions towards a love partner when considering the quality. Black diamonds refer to a mystery and strength that every love relationship needs. These opaque surfaced diamonds contain a different appearance than other colors. As a result, a black shade diamond is a good choice to signify uniqueness through jewelry.

Also, different kinds of earrings are available from stud, drop, dangle, and chandelier styles. You only have to do one thing: mention your requirements to us. We will manage the rest and update you whenever your products go through various processes.

Diamond Bangles For Wedding Gift

In many traditions, the bangles are worn by brides on their wedding day because it is a beautiful ornament that increases a her pretty appearance. In Asian and Middle-East regions, bangles are an important jewelry set for brides. The diamonds are placed under the carving patternย in banglesย for a better grip.

The diamond bangles appear to be the most luxurious ornament in yellow gold and rose gold. Brilliant round cut diamonds are the perfect choice for bangles. While a multi-shaped diamond bangle choice of the modern couple. We will also make it for you in bulk quantity and better quality that is promised.

Diamond Necklace: A Bridal's Dream

A necklace with diamonds is a perfect choice for a bride because of its elegant and wonderful appearance and personality. In ancient times, a couple of parents bought a necklace for brides, but time has changed. Couples are going together for the purchase of a wedding necklace in diamonds.

The colored diamond necklace provides a versatile wearing experience. While white-colored indicate a traditional choice. It's best to combine those colors in a necklace with the proper settings and yellow or white gold metal. Most couples prefer the perfect-sized necklace before the purchase.

As a B2B partner, if you need help with guidance, then we're always available. If you have a question about the jewelry-making process, contact us at your convenience. We will get back to you quickly.

Final Thoughts

With our B2B collaboration, you can expand your business wings with our quality products and services. We're proud members of international and national organizations. Our jewelry is made with the best ethical practices to sustain the environment and society, too.

In wholesale jewelry purchases as part of B2B, you're eligible to get our exclusive services. Also, we will rate your experience towards our services promptly and share feedback. We will make all kinds of lab-grown diamond jewelry in the required dimensions, parameters, and quality with bulk quantities.


  • How Does The Wholesale Jewelry Ship To Me?

We will ship your wholesale jewelry in safe and proper packaging through our courier partners at any corner of the world. We're always in touch with you until you don't get the consignment securely. We track your shipment at every location and update you.

  • Is Quality Available In Wholesale Lab-grown Diamond Jewelry?

Ouros Jewels completes its promise to provide high-quality wholesale lab-grown diamond jewelry in excellent cuts, proper dimensions, and settings that offer a beautiful appearance. Also, we make your jewelry as you require in quality with three layer personal inspection.

  • Can I Get Certificate For Wholesale Lab Diamond Jewelry Purchase?

We provide an authenticated certificate for the purchase of wholesale lab diamond jewelry. In the certificates, the accurate inspection is mentioned for a better understanding. We offer an Ouros Jewels branded certificate and IGI jewelry report. You have to tell us which one you will need. Contact us for more details.

  • How To Done a Payment For B2B Purchase Of Jewelry?

We offer a different payment plan for a B2B jewelry purchase at your convenience. You can pay the entire amount at once time if you have proper monetary provisions. Otherwise, we give the option to pay the price in installment form. For complete details, you can contact us.

  • Is In Wholesale Lab Diamond Jewelry Gold Used With Ideal Conditions?

We used a gold metal with the ideal condition in wholesale lab diamond jewelry that looks beautiful. Our gold is certified by the institutions with authenticity. We also used recycled gold to reduce the weightage of new gold mining. We can do that without compromising the quality if you insist it is used for your jewelry.

  • What Is Lifetime Warranty In Purchase Of Bulk Jewelry?

A lifetime warranty means after your purchase, you can claim the damage or repair service to bring the product's original condition without paying a dollar. You can take advantage of this service when you feel that a product might lose its ideal condition due to pollution or improper storage. We advise you to pack jewelry according to our guidance. Need more information, then contact us.

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