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Lab Grown Diamond India

Lab grown diamonds INDIA

Introduction of lab-grown diamonds India

India's lab grown diamonds are made with the CVD process, mostly because in that method temperature will be low, and it saves energy. Indian craftsmanship in diamond making and polishing process is appreciated by all parts of the world.

As a result, India's lab diamond will surge demands from the west to the east side of the world. India produces lab grown diamonds cleverly at low cost, and customers will get the diamond in best quality.

When were lab grown diamonds invented?

Lab grown diamonds were invented in the 1950s by a general electric company. When the general electric company experimented on the diamond seed, they found a lab-grown diamond. So by founding a lab grown diamonds, the general electric company did a revolutionary invention to help nature and the environment.

Price of Indian lab grown diamonds

Round diamond appearance

India has low prices of lab grown diamonds because of the geographical area and skillful craftsmanship easily available. As a result, from INDIA, you'll get a 1.51-carat lab grown diamond with VVS clarity and e-color grade in $3800 with IGI certification.

While in USA or Australia, you have to spend $6910- $8588 for a 1.51-carat lab grown diamond. This is the difference why customers prefer India's lab diamonds for their gold wedding jewelry. Ouros jewels is includes in lab grown diamond manufacturer of INDIA.

Also, lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly for consumption. They known as the conflict free diamonds for having the nature friendly process for making.

Buy diamonds from INDIA allows getting a special discounted price and the best craftsmanship. When buying diamonds is the best choice because the symmetry, fluorescence, and cut types are glorious and precious in all shapes.

Lab grown diamond jewelry

Lab-grown diamond bracelet for her


Lab-grown diamonds have the best appearance that looks better in jewelry such as rings, earrings, bangle, and bracelets. Lab-grown diamonds are available in all shapes and grades that can be optimum on the hands.

Another reason is that lab diamond jewelry is more affordable for every buyer and will provide the same appearance as Natural diamond jewelry.

Why select lab grown diamond for jewelry?

There is a reason to select lab grown diamond for jewelry because they indicates the importance of the lab diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly, and it helps improve nature cycles. In the making of the lab diamonds no need for the land mining process, so the most dangerous calamities aren't invited from the making.

A lab diamond made with an artificial process that can reduce the pollution of land, air, and noise. That's why a lab-grown diamond is acceptable for jewelry for its same appearance as Natural diamonds.

Price saving option.

The price of lab-grown diamonds is a 30-40% saving option compared to Natural diamonds. However, it means Natural diamonds are expensive to get. The exception for the lab and Natural diamonds' price is their grade similarity.

Natural diamonds are more expensive than lab diamonds, even in similar grades and quality. So while looking for price savings, lab-grown diamonds are the best option.

Why is India known as lab grown diamonds exporting hub?

    Lab-grown diamond manufacturers in INDIA known for their craftsmanship like as Ouros Jewels. In July 2022, INDIA exports the $147.37 million valued lab grown diamond to the world.

    While in the tenure of Apr-'22 to July-'22, India exports $622.73 million valued polished lab diamonds. This shows that India is becoming the major exporting hub even in these recession times.

    The reason behind of the achievement is the efforts of diamond workers and the government's foreign trade policy.

    Report of India's lab grown diamonds growth.

    After the COVID-19 pandemic, India produced 1.5 million carats of lab grown diamonds. While China, the world's leader in lab diamond manufacturers, had 3 million carats<.

    That shows India is not far from achieving the first rank of a lab-grown diamond manufacturer in 2030. India has plenty amount of lab-grown diamond manufacturer.

    In addition, the union cabinet minister of India, Mr. Piyush Goyal, decided to give 25 lakhs employment in lab grown diamond sector by 2025.

    India's lab diamond manufacturing achievements.

    The achievements of the India's lab diamond manufacturing shows that it increases month wise. In the manufacturing of the lab diamonds India achieves the goals to provide the best graded diamonds even in less costs.

    Let's take a look on the lab diamond manufacturing reports.

    From April 21 to January-'22, India exports $1045.17 million of lab grown diamonds in just 9 months of tenure. That shows that India's lab diamonds are in peak condition, and their demands are continuously rising because it has lower prices with better quality.

    You can see that there is a 113.84% boost in demand from last year's tenure. Moreover, India has flourishing requests for wedding ornaments, especially engagement rings.

    Exporting Stats For Lab-Diamonds

    [Natural diamond v/s lab-grown diamond export comparison

    Courtesy:- Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council India

    To which country India sells lab diamonds?

    India sells the lab diamonds to these four countries that are USA, UAE, Canada, and Belgium. From 01-04-'22 to 30-05-'22, INDIA exported $5.21 billion valued lab grown diamonds to the USA, Canada, UAE, and Belgium.

    A $2.58 billion valued lab grown diamond sold from India to USA. While UAE buys $810.16 valued lab diamonds, Canada purchases $1.38 billion priced lab grown diamonds, and Belgium buys $441.37 million valued lab diamonds.

    GJEPC counted lab grown diamond manufacturers of India earns 30-40% industry revenue worldwide.

    So, that day is not far away when lab grown diamonds are on the 1st rank from customer choices. Then we visualize that INDIA will be the global leader in providing best crafted lab grown diamonds to the world in the coming 7-8 years.

    Benefits of buying lab grown diamonds

    • Best price and quality ever.
    • Lab grown diamond has the same components as real diamonds.
    • New varieties available in lab-grown diamonds.
    • Lab-made diamonds have the appealing sparkling reflections.
    • It can saves 250 tones of land extraction from mining.
    • Don't need the land for mining.
    • The making process saving more electricity rather than natural diamonds mining process.
    • The 100% sustainability available in structures.
    • They are eco-friendly to decrease the pollution and global warming effects on the planet.
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