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Lab Grown Diamond Startup In INDIA

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  • Lab-Grown Diamond History

Usually, when Lab-Grown Diamonds were not invented, Natural Diamond attracted customers. But, of course, Natural Diamonds have benefits like bright sparkling, strong durability, and excellent facets. So, the Natural Diamond was 1st choice of people. 

After that, a turning point came when Lab-Grown Diamonds were invented in the USA by General Electric Company in the 1950s. However, there was no increase in demand for Lab-Grown Diamond because people did not know about Lab-Created Diamonds' benefits.

A Lab-Grown Diamonds takes birth in Laboratory with a fully controlled, safe environmental process. Lab-Diamond is a cousin of Natural Diamond. While Lab-Diamond is cultivated in Laboratory, two techniques are used to make the diamond. A two-process are followings names as their usage.

Lab Grown Diamond CVD Process(Chemical Vapor Deposition)

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A CVD process features a natural diamond seed placed under a chamber full of gases like carbon and methane. Carbon is an essential part of making the diamond becuase it helps to provide hardness and sustainability to diamond surfaces. After adding a diamond seed to the chamber, the heat pressurized the diamond seed at 800°C-1500°C. 

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When a temperature is heated at the top, a diamond seed is swelled and takes shape as Natural mined diamonds. After the seed takes the shape of a stone, it is put in the coolest environment to remove the impurities around the seed's surfaces.

While all impurities like carbon and methane elements are removed from the laser cutting process, it is ready for the cutting and polishing process to create elegant and elite Lab-Grown Diamonds.


Lab Grown Diamonds HPHT Process(High-Pressure High Temperature)

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In the HPHT process, a diamond seed is placed under the chamber at around 2500°C temperature. A diamond seed has to bear that high temperature and high pressure. High Pressure is described as 1.5 million pounds per square inch, 1,054,603,253.9144 kgf/m². It is severe to a diamond's internal and external surfaces.

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It is high pressure. But, in this process, a diamond loses its durability due to this type of high pressure. So, the Lab-Diamond Manufacturer refers to the CVD process ahead of HPHT.

HPHT Process consumes more energy and elements for making the lab-grown diamonds. Sometimes, the diamond manufacturing cost reaches 150% in the HPHT process. So, Lab-Grown Diamond's HPHT process is not affordable for every manufacturer.

Also, the HPHT process is infrequent to use for making the diamond. In addition, HPHT is very costly compared to the CVD process. In both methods, lab-grown diamonds are produced with the exact proportions and elements.

  • India Featuring Lab-Grown Diamonds

In INDIA, a Lab-Grown Diamond demands have intriguing and unique facts from their founding to acquiring worldwide demands. INDIA's Lab-Grown Diamonds start in Canada and end in New Zealand. Those Lab Grown Diamonds produced in INDIA , acquiring by USA, BELGIUM, UAE, HONG KONG.

In 2015, pooja sheth, a strong and clever woman entrepreneur, returned from London to do an investment banker course. She wishes to start her career as an entrepreneur in INDIA. Then she contacted MR. Bakul Limbasiya leading manufacturer of Lab-Grown Diamonds IN INDIA.

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After they met with each other, pooja sheth decided to collaborate with Mr. Limbasiya, the largest producer of Lab-Grown Diamonds. So then they started a diamond business jointly. But, three years later, she felt that INDIA A Lab-Grown Diamond would be 1st choice of consumers. So then, she introduced her own lab-grown diamond jewelry company,limelight diamonds, in 2018.

Worldwide, Lab-Grown Diamonds are very demanded diamonds from customers' requirements. Meanwhile, Lab-Grown Diamonds do not have an only tag as "less price" but are known as "Eco-Friendly Diamonds." That shows Lab-Grown Diamonds are overtaking the Natural Diamond demands.

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Moreover, Lab Diamond features less price than Mined Diamonds. So, that is obvious for a customer who has a tight budget to wear desired diamond jewelry they choose Lab-Grown Diamonds. The reason is why Diamond Lovers are rushing forward to Lab-Created Diamonds.

From Surveys of Lab-Made Diamonds, European, American, Russian, and Australian peoples are starting to show interest in Lab-Created Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds have the exact proportions and elements as Natural Diamonds. If you try to know the difference between Natural Diamonds and Lab-Created Diamonds, you need some equipment like a diamond tester and microscope.


  • Why INDIA Has Less Prices Of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

According to reports, Only INDIA Is the country with less price of Lab-Grown Diamonds compared to global countries.

Usually, INDIA is Known for its artistry of diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds manufacturing costs are not much as Natural diamonds. So, anyone can start this business of Lab-Grown Diamonds.

In addition, INDIA is a semi-developed country. So, in many semi-developed countries, employment opportunities are not available as in developed nations. Especially IN INDIA, many populations are searching for employment, and the diamond industry does not demand any graduate degree or certificate. That's the reality.

But, yes, who likes to build their career in the diamond industry, it's required creative skills and expertise which can be developed quickly. So, the diamond manufacturer benefits less cost/unit, and they produce diamonds in many lots and quantities.

You can see below the price of Global Manufacturer Leaders of Lab Diamonds. In this chart, Only INDIA has low prices than other countries. INDIA'S Lab-Grown Diamonds are in trends worldwide. So, you can't live in the illustration that INDIA has low quality a diamond. But, INDIA'S Lab-Grown Diamonds Are World Famous.

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You can check the official figure for lab-grown diamond export, production, and jewelry at the GJEPC's Offical Website.

In the Financial Statement Of GJEPC(Gems and Jewellery Export Promoting Council), INDIA'S Lab Diamonds Exports by 180% than Last Year's Demands. You can imagine that INDIA'S Lab Grown Diamonds are picking their demands.



So, this is the biography of lab-grown diamonds in INDIA. When Lab-Grown Diamonds are not founded, then Natural Diamonds are the identification Of INDIA. In the world, INDIA'S Produced Diamonds are very popular becuase it covers superior craftsmanship.

Added that excepted INDIA, Australia has 126% more price than INDIA's Lab-Grown Diamond. So, choose lab-grown diamonds at your own discretion.

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