Expert Gemologists Analysis Of Lab Grown Diamonds

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  • What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-Grown Diamonds are man-made diamonds, Lab-Created Diamonds, and Laboratory Grown Diamonds. They are produced in a fully controlled environment by the equal effort of the workforce and machines. These diamonds are grown by performing processes like HPHT (High Pressure and High Temperature) and CVD ( Chemical Vapor Deposition) by inserting carbon and gases in controlled chambers. 

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In that chamber, the diamond seed(crystal) is placed under a pressure of around 800-2500°C. After bearing this high temperature, diamond seeds grew and took shape. While diamond seeds are grown, the carbon is covered by a diamond seed. By laser cutting process, unrequired carbon is removed from the seed.

After removing carbon from the seed, a diamond is ready for polishing. It might take 3-4 weeks to grow a brilliant-cut diamond from the lab. For this reason, Lab-Diamond has low price than Natural Diamond.


  • Analysis Of Lab Grown Diamond From Gemologist View:-

Gemologists have an expert to inspect Diamond's internal and external characteristics. So, when we asked some experienced diamond gemologists who have experience of 20-25 years. We ask about Lab grown Diamonds and their benefits and disbenefits.

So, guess what they said? Gemologists said that Lab Grown Diamonds are a revolutionary invention of technology and the skill of humans. As we know, our planet suffers from Global Warming and Pollution, so it's good to choose Lab Grown Diamonds, which are not harmful to our planet.

Gemologists are said that Lab Grown Diamonds have ability to sparkle and glitter as Natural Diamonds. But, Lab Diamonds are not severe for Earth as Natural Diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are available at less price with a sensational appearance. 

In final words, Gemologists said that people could select Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry for their Occasions. Additionally, Lab Grown Diamonds are highly recommended by expert gemologists.

  • History Of Lab Grown Diamond:-

A Lab-Grown Diamond is a revolutionary discovery in the diamond industry. When Lab-Grown Diamond was not invented, only Natural Diamond was in demand. But, after the Lab-Grown Diamond invention, the worldwide diamond market feels an earthquake. Because in starting the Lab-Diamond invention, nobody accepts that diamond for purchase.

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In the 1950s, General Electric company found their 1st Lab-Diamond. That significantly raises rays for common people who can’t afford Natural Diamond's high prices.

After experts notified that Lab-Grown Diamond is the same form as Natural Diamonds, the Lab-Diamond got its demand from late1970-80s. Still, Lab-Diamond features the growth of picking in demands from worldwide customers.

  • Chemical and Natural Characteristics Of Lab Grown Diamonds:-

While talking about Lab-Diamond characteristics, it features the same characteristics as Natural Diamonds. So no, keep doubt in your mind that Lab-Diamond is not real.

Taking about Lab-Diamond durability, it scores 10/10 on the Mohs scale(testing equipment of diamond). Also, Natural Diamond has identical scores on the Mohs scale.

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Lab-Diamond has 
30-40% less price than Natural Diamonds. That is why a customer goes for Lab-Grown Diamond jewelry. They save to spending extra money on the same pattern and style of jewelry.

That's the behavior of the buyer obvious becuase Lab-Grown Diamond have the exact proportions and elements as Natural Diamonds. 

  • What Is CVD Process(Chemical Vapor Deposition)?

In the CVD process, the diamond seed is pressurized by plasma. When the diamond seed is mixed with gases like carbon and methane, it starts to swallow. Also, plasma plays a key role in making a more precious diamond than HPHT.

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Below the diamond seed, a heating coil provides diamond seed medium heat. When the diamond seed is heated around 800-1500
°C, it starts to take shape as natural diamonds are found in mines.

While diamond seeds are grown in 2-3 weeks, they have surrounded by unrequired substances and then removed by laser cutting. After this, the diamond is ready for the polishing process to take elegant shapes like Round, Oval, and other shapes.

  • What Is HPHT Process(High-Pressure High Temperature)?

In the HPHT process, a diamond seed is placed under the chamber at around 2500°C temperature. A diamond seed has to bear that high temperature and high pressure. High Pressure is described as 1.5 million pounds per square inch, 1,054,603,253.9144 kgf/m². It is severe to the diamond's internal and external surfaces.

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It is high pressure. But, in this process, a diamond loses its durability due to this type of high pressure as Natural mined diamonds. So, the Lab-Diamond Manufacturer refers to the CVD process ahead of HPHT.

Also, the HPHT process is infrequent to use for making the diamond. HPHT is very
costly compared to the CVD process. Here you noted that the same diamond characteristics are produced in both methods.


  • Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are Far Better Than Natural Diamond?

If you want to answer this question, then you read the benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds. You can easily find the beneficial things in Lab-Created Diamonds.

  1. Lab-Diamond has the same components as Natural Diamonds.

  2. Lab-Grown Diamond features less price than Natural Diamonds.

  3. In Lab-Grown Diamond, there is no need for big digging machines, extra electricity, more workforce, or land delved.

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  4. While going for Lab-Grown Diamond, it is called an “Eco-Friendly Diamond.” This is due to less energy consumption compared to Natural  Diamonds.

  5. If the customer demands the antique shape of Lab-Grown Diamonds, it is very simple and easy to find at an affordable price compared to Natural Diamonds.


After showing the Lab-Grown Diamond making process, history, and benefits so you can easily decide, in short, Lab-Created Diamonds are the best choice for diamond jewelry. In addition, Lab-Grown Diamonds are not mined from land or are not harmful to the environment. So, you can contribute to the green life movement by purchasing the Lab-Grown Diamonds From us.

When you purchase the Lab-Grown Diamond And Jewelry, you notice that it's the complete package. In that package, you'll be getting advantages such as less price, brilliant sparkling appearance, Eco-Friendly, available in varieties. So, you can freely buy the Lab-Created Diamonds.

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