Picking Growth Of Lab-Grown Diamonds in INDIA


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  • Introduction:-


INDIA is a religious and developing country, yet got the badge of the 2nd manufacturing nation of lab-grown diamonds. INDIA has a 140 crore population which has 60% younger generation. So, at 20-22 years of age, parents are worried about preparing for children’s marriage. 


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In INDIA, Lab-Diamond is the people's first choice for jewelry. In this type of poverty, people are rushing for Lab-Grown Diamonds, and that is obvious because Lab-Grown Diamond features Low prices than Natural Diamonds.

India will have 7% poverty in 2021 (NITI Aayog Multidimensional Poverty Index Nov-21 Edition). The number of people living in poverty is 9,67,76,747. In these numbers, the shocking thing is that 54.13% of women are pushed into poverty due to COVID-19 amid lockdown. This type of critical situation is not suitable. But Lab-Grown Diamonds are in demand by increasing numbers.


  • Friend Of Common Man(Lab-Grown Diamond)


[Natural Diamond V/s Lab-Grown Diamond]

So, thanks to Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry, a formidable competitor to natural diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds will become auspicious for the common person in India. It saves him 40% of his money on Natural Diamonds. This is why lab-grown diamonds are picking up the growth in demand from INDIA.

Only rich families afford diamond jewelry during this severe type of poverty (Natural Diamond). But, A Lab-Grown Diamond is auspicious for middle-class families. So, Lab-Diamond picks the growth with surprising numbers. 


  •  Lab-Grown Diamond For Women's Appearance

A woman is in every condition to protect her family. However, she forgot herself during to do work for her family. She has the power to hide her conscience's sad feelings. But, we can't show those feelings.

Every woman has a dream of wearing diamond jewelry. But, likely, INDIA is a developing country now, so not everyone can afford that classic diamond jewelry. That's true because a middle-class family has no more wages to purchase natural diamond jewelry. 

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We all know that jewelry is a woman's identification. That is why he was even at the wedding occasion of his daughter. It is complicated to buy diamond jewelry for her daughter, especially Natural Diamond Jewelry.

Usually, India is identified with its mind-blowing craftsmanship of natural diamonds. But, in Lab-Grown Diamonds, India gains the Master Badge to produce millions of lab-grown diamonds after China. Moreover, India exports polished, excellent-cut diamonds to European countries, America, and Australia.

In especially INDIA known as “Exporting Hub Of Lab-Diamonds.” But, now that people are being aware of Lab-Grown Diamond’s reality, it increases by 43% in demands compared to last year.

Also, INDIA will become the first “consumption hub of Lab-Grown Diamonds” in the coming 4-5 years.

  • Let's take a look at some reports for crystal clear knowledge.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, India produced 1.5 million carats of lab-grown diamonds. While China, the world's leader in lab-diamond manufacturers, had 3 million carats. That shows India is not far from achieving the first rank of the lab-grown diamond manufacturer in 2030.

In 2017, natural diamonds were produced at 152 million carats, while in 2021, they will fall to 111 million carats. Here, Lab-grown diamonds are overtaking the Natural Diamonds Demands.

    Exporting Stats For Lab-Diamonds:-

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      Courtesy:- Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council INDIA

      You can see that there is a 113.84% boost in demand. Moreover, INDIA has flourishing demands for wedding ornaments, especially engagement rings.

      So, that day is not far away when Lab-Grown Diamonds are on the 1st rank from customer choices. Then we visualize that INDIA will be the global leader in providing Lab-Grown Diamonds to the world in the coming 7-8 years.


      • What are the benefits of buying Lab-Diamonds?


      1. Available At An Affordable Cost (40% Less From Natural Diamonds)
      2. Same Components As Natural Diamonds
      3. Featuring Antique Shape Diamonds 
      4. Not A Blooded Diamonds
      5. Available In The Same Sparkle Lights As Natural Diamonds
      6. Saving 250 Tonnes Of Land Extraction
      7. Do Not Invite Natural Calamities
      8. Saving Electricity Rather Than Natural Diamonds
      9. 100% Sustainable
      10. Eco-Friendly Diamonds

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