Are Lab Grown Diamonds As Strong As Real Diamonds?

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Hello Readers, Welcome To The Ouros Jewels Blogs. If You Have Any Doubt Related To Lab Grown Diamond & Natural Diamond. So Don't Worry  About It Today. We'll Be Clear Each Point Related To The Title In This Blog.

Let's Start With the Difference Between The Lab-Grown Diamond & Natural Diamonds.

Basic Structure Is Same for these two types of diamonds, But The main difference between these Two Types of the diamonds are the lab-grown diamonds founded with the Eco-Friendly Environment with the controlled process by the manpower.

While discussing the real Diamonds are different with compare to lab-grown diamonds. When Natural Diamonds are founded in mine they have been some weaknesses to compare the lab-grown diamonds.
While the Mined Diamonds are Founded Most in the African Region where the more illegal  & severe Activities like Drugs Selling, Terror Funding Etc.

So they had Invested their money in mined diamonds that get easy and more return money without any problems. Both Of these diamonds have the same physical Characteristics and if you are confused about the difference between lab-grown diamonds and real diamond testing they will pass all testing for authenticity and they are tested at the diamond tester machine for identification.

These  Two Types Of  Diamonds have the same shapes as Round, Emerald, Oval, Radiant, Princess, Hexagon, Pear, Asscher, Marquise, Heart, Cushion.

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Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Worth Buying Compared To Real Diamonds?

Answer Is Yes Because The Mined Diamonds Are Very Expensive To Compare to lab-grown diamonds. The main reasons for the most expensive diamonds are that Mined Diamonds Are Dug from many miles under the earth.
So, For diamond digging need more manpower, more money, more machine, and the result are the cost is very high for the customer. 

On the other side the mined diamonds have more difficulties to come to the market to bring by the diamond vendors and around the people of the world would buy that diamond, that's diamonds supply is less than to its demand.

added that the mined diamonds are not in perfect shapes when it discovered from the earth each time so, it could be more difficult to give them perfect shapes. Mined Diamond's production cost is much higher than the lab-grown diamonds. as we compare the costing about the lab-grown diamonds & natural diamonds are the most surprising results. Here the comparison of the natural & lab-grown diamonds are as follows:- 

Natural Diamond  1.01 Round H VS2  $ 4940
Lab Grown Diamond 1.01 Round H VS2


Here we look at the price difference of the natural diamond & lab-grown diamond, You may be noted that the lab-grown diamond price is cheaper than natural diamond. If you want to take an idea about lab-grown diamond rings and jewelry you can contact our designers by visiting the link- Contact Us

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