Lab-Grown Diamonds:- Savior Of The Planet

[Lab-Grown Diamonds Savior Of The Planet]-[Ouros Jewels]


Two major diamond types have been available in the competition in recent times. The first is Natural Diamond, and the second is Lab-Grown Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds are a tough competitor of Natural Diamonds. They both are brothers in relation from the another mother.

Natural Diamond is very famous before the Lab-Grown Diamond invention. But, Before Lab-Grown Diamond, Natural Diamond is harmful to Planet(Earth). Natural calamities are occurring due to the Natural Diamond originated process. The Natural Diamond digging process is not measured in a standardized method, which means the loss is not calculated in money/capital.

This article falls light on how Lab-Grown Diamond is accommodating to save our planet's life. 

  • Lab-Grown Diamonds:- The Savior Of Planet

While we are talking about Lab-Grown Diamonds, it’s the Savior of the Planet(Earth). Today, we look at the benefits of the Lab-Grown Diamonds which have nicknames as Laboratory Grown Diamond, Eco-Friendly Diamonds, Earth Friendly Diamond, Man-Made Diamonds, and HPHT Diamonds(Part Of The Process), CVD Diamond(Part Of The Process). Also, Lab-Grown Diamond Calles as the “Savior Of The Planet.”

Furthermore, Lab-Grown Diamond is still a friend of the Human Being and especially our Environment. In Lab-Grown Diamonds, people get the same benefits as Natural Diamond; this is the genteel belief. But, hold on, Lab-Grown Diamonds are superior to the Natural Diamonds. That is why Lab-Grown Diamonds has known as “Savior of the Nature Cycle.”

There are some benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds or Eco-Friendly Diamond to bawl as “Savior Of The Planet.” The first benefit of Lab-Grown Diamond is that it Consumption Less Water Than Natural Diamonds. The rest of the benefits are described also in frequently.

"Lab-Grown Diamonds Consumed Less Water":-

The making process of Lab-Grown Diamonds is proved by the authentic organization connected from the origin of the Lab Diamonds, and they give the statement “In Comparison Of Natural Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Utilize Less Water For Making Masterpiece.

In Lab-Grown Diamond Making Process, Eco-Friendly Diamonds use only 19 gallons of water, which means Eco-Friendly Diamonds utilize only 86.3757 liters of water to create a brilliant appearance. However, while talking about the Manufacturing cost(Water use) of Natural Diamonds, It consumes around 130 gallons of water, which happens in 590.992 liters. Therefore, Natural Diamond consumption is 85% more gallons of water than Earth Friendly Diamonds.

 [Lab-Grown Diamond Used Less Water]-[Ouros Jewels]

Natural Diamonds are consumed village’s demand for water which is very dangerous to our society. Also, that’s why some villages of the respective countries are suffering from water crises like (Tonga’s village and South African villages).

That’s why Natural Diamonds are partly responsible for the water crisis. This crisis is handmade or artificial. At the same time, talking about natural calamities that are not in the control of human beings. Thus, Natural Diamond increases the chances of Natural Calamities.

This type of usage to make Natural Diamond is a severe matter related to our environment and health. In recent times, NASA(American Space Agency) stated the environment and said that our planet(Earth) had increased its temperature by 1.00°C each year. 


Lab-Made Diamonds Are Not Affecting Factor Of Land Abrasion:-

Every year due to Global Warming, the Sea level is increasing at top speed, and Coastal areas are missing due to the hiding tide of the seawater. Due to land erosion, land bears extreme heavy conflict, and it loses fertility which is very important to plants.

When a tree is planted on posted land, the land is not helping grow the plant. When we see the high tide, natural Diamonds are an affecting factor in Land Erosion.

Every year many miles of the Land are Eroisted from the respective mines. These modern people are doing a blind digging process to search for brilliant-cut diamonds. But, they forget they are inviting severe situations. Due to the mining process with the extreme pressure from the Earth’s Crust, the internal part of the Earth is disturbed and carries heavy earthquakes, tsunamis, and other calamities.

[Lab-Grown Diamond Is Not Involved In Land Abrasion]-[Ouros Jewels]

Also, the mined land is not helpful for any residential and industrial uses. That’s why Natural Diamonds are demons to Human Beings.

On the other hand, Lab-Grown Diamonds are not required land at all for mining. But, Lab-Grown Diamonds are taken birth in the Laboratory, which is very eco-friendly to sustain and maintain the natural cycle. 

We can say that Natural Diamond is very affecting and dangerous for Nature and Our Society also. So, in the next 30 years, we could find a new planet, the residence because the mining process(Founding Of Natural Diamond) is going very fast, which plays the role of lungs affection in our planet’s body.

Lab-Grown Diamonds don’t need land to the origin, but some equipment that is always Earth-Friendly to produce perfect Eco-Friendly Diamonds is necessary.

Less Electricity Used In Lab-Grown Diamonds Making:-

The origin process of Natural Diamond from the Earth’s Crust needs heavy and high Electricity because for the mining process Big Machines, Heavy Equipment is used Much Voltage of Electricity. However, this high type of Electricity is unnecessary because Lab-Grown Diamond is prepared with less Electricity than Natural Diamonds.

As mentioned above, Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds have the same characteristics. So, which electricity is used for making Natural Diamond is useless and does not have recycling pros. Added that in Natural Diamonds, there is a waste of time, capital, energy, and most important natural resources(Land).

[Lab-Grown Diamond Used Less Electricity]-[Ouros Jewels]

Let’s look at the statistics on Electricity consumed by Natural Diamonds. In Natural Diamonds, 215 kWh of electricity is used for making 1 Carat Rough Diamond to Polish Diamond. In contrast, Lab-Grown Diamonds used only 30 kWh to produce 1 Carat Rough Diamond to Polish Diamond. That’s enough to understand how Lab-Grown Diamond is useful for their brilliant appearance, but they consume less Electricity than Natural Diamonds.

If you know that generating process of Electricity requires more Water from the sea. So, we reduce to use of Natural Diamonds to save extra energy from waste. Thus, we must start to use and consume Man Made Diamonds to play the role of friends of our planet.

Lab-Grown Diamonds V/s Mined Diamond Cost Analysis:-

In Lab-Grown Diamonds, price friendliness is available more than in Natural Diamond(Mined Diamond). Our analysis of Lab-Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamond found that Eco-Friendly(Lab-Grown Diamond) have a 40% lower price than Natural Diamond.

Suppose you went for purchasing 1 Carat Diamond. But, you could not decide between Lab-Grown Diamond and Natural Diamond. Then look at the chart below, which is very useful for making a purchase decision between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

[Mined v/s Lab-Grown Diamond Cost Analysis]-[Ouros Jewels]

You noticed that Lab-Grown Diamond is available at less price or cost than Natural Diamond. So naturally, all customers are eager to know about the lower price of Best Lab-Grown Diamonds.

There’s a simple reason, because of the Natural Diamond Mined Process. In Natural Diamonds, many extravagant and heavy machinery used for mining needs more workforce, more electricity, and energy.

So, the customer is liable to pay all the costs of the Natural Diamond. That’s why Natural Diamond is very expensive to purchase. But, don’t understand Lab-Grown Diamond has a low price, so it has no more brilliance or scintillation than Natural Diamond. But, now Lab-Grown Diamond is superior than Natural Diamonds in all benefits and ways.


Thus, you know about the benefits of consuming Lab-Grown Diamonds ahead of Natural Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamond has benefits like consuming less energy, being a water savior and price friendliness, and not involve in the land to depreciate land. That’s enough to show in all ways Lab-Grown Diamond is the “Savior” in reality.

Also, Lab-Grown Diamond has been helpful to decrease the risk of Natural Calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, Volcano blasts, and Cyclones because all Natural Calamities are the result of the Mining Process of the Natural Diamonds on Earth’s Crust.

Moral Lesson:-

The moral lesson is that Natural Diamond is harmful to the environment and indirectly affect our health. While Lab-Grown Diamonds are not harmful to nature and don’t affect our health, this is why Lab-Grown Diamond is Called “Eco-Friendly Diamond” and “Earth-Friendly Diamond.” So, always make a wise decision to choose a Diamond(Earth-Friendly Diamond).