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Man Made Diamonds And Jewelry

Man made diamonds

Man made diamond and jewelry is now becoming the choice ofย people becauseย it carries all the characteristics like price considerations, eco-friendliness, best look, and varieties. In man made diamond jewelry buyer gets the badge of planet savior jewelry.ย 

In man made diamonds and jewelry, lab grown diamond jewelry is the best choice because it has same 4cs of diamonds, symmetry, fluorescence, and polishing grades.

What areย man-made diamonds?

Man made diamonds are manufactured not found in the mines. Man made diamonds are produced with the total control of the human beings and technology. As a result, they called as man made diamonds. In man made diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanite, and cubic zirconia includes for having the elements as diamonds in more or less amount.

Man made diamond are necessary to the planet's green atmosphere due to their eco-friendly making process, recycled water usage, less electricity unit consumptions, having same appearance as diamonds. Thus, man made diamonds are providing the stability to unstable environment.

Which reasons indicates to select only man made diamonds for jewelry?

For selecting aย man made diamonds for jewelry includes less price with better quality, more varieties available, eco-friendly making process and elements usages, same appearance as real diamonds with the certifications. These reasons indicates to select man made diamonds for jewelry.

Man made diamonds carry characteristics of diamond symmetry, anatomy, cut and its types, color grades, and diamond clarity scales. Lab grown diamonds (part of man-made diamonds) have the same appearance as diamonds with the attributes. While moissanite and cubic zirconia has fewer amount of diamond elements.

List of man made diamonds

Whenย human beings created a diamonds in the fully controlled atmosphere then they called as man made diamonds. In the list of man made diamonds three objects includes which known as diamond alternatives. All these man made diamonds created with the less usage of natural resources to help the nature and environment.

  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Moissanite
  • Cubic zirconia
Let's have a look on the details of man made diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds as man made diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are truly man made diamonds in all terms like eco-friendliness, human friendly, and less price. Lab grown diamonds are made with the carbon seed in the laboratory.

In that laboratory, human beings worked with the brilliant skill to grow rough diamonds. That's why lab grown diamonds are called man made diamonds.

Man made diamonds are includes lab grown diamonds.

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Lab grown diamonds are made with the control of human beings with the unique skill to find exact seeds as mined diamonds. As a result, lab grown diamonds compete with mined diamonds for having the same chemical, physical, and internal structure. In the list of man made diamonds, lab diamonds are always been on the top.

Moissanite the 2nd numbered man made diamonds.

Moissanite is the 2nd numbered man-made diamond with the exact appearance of diamonds. Moissanite is also made in a man-controlled environment with the consumption of silicon and carbide, known as carborundum. Silicon carbide is a mixture of carbon and silicon, which provided the brilliance and scintillation of the moissanite structure.

Moissanite is made from a combination of silicon and carbide, where the silicon has 14 electrons and neutrons. At the same time, the carbide carries 6 neutrons and electrons.

After the silicon and carbide mix-ups for making moissanite, the atomic weight of electrons and neutrons changed. As a result, moissanite doesn't carry durability at 100%. But, moissanite has a 9.25 score on the Mohs scale out of 10.

Moissanite is a 2nd numbered man made diamonds.

Cubic zirconia is a man made diamond.

Cubic zirconia is a man made diamond because it was created in the inspection of human beings. Cubic zirconia is made with the zirconium and dioxide combination to give a better appearance in the anatomy. Zirconium dioxide has a pure white colored crystal clear look which has less durability for the compound of monoclinic crystalline structure.

Knowing cubic zirconia is man made diamonds, and the reason is its framework and structure. Cubic zirconia has the same polishing process as diamonds, and the light reflection is also exactly found in the structure. In cubic zirconia, the foundation is made from the mineral baddeleyite, the crystal type structure.

How cubic zirconia made in process?

In the making of cubic zirconia, the crystalย seed is placed under the chamber, and zirconium dioxide powder is added there. Afterย pressurizing zirconium dioxide on the seed, it started toย grow in shape. Zirconium dioxide is the chemical merger that provides the brilliant appearance to cubic zirconia surfaces.

Cubic Zirconia As Man Made Diamonds with its best look from the surfaces

Is man made diamonds real or fake?

In man made diamonds, a lab grown diamonds are real because world's leading diamond certified institute, GIA stated that lab diamonds are real. While moissanite and cubic zirconia is the alternative, but not a fake. In moissanite and cubic zirconia the characteristics are not available as diamonds. That's why they called as diamond alternative.

Man made diamonds are not found, but they've grown in specific places called laboratories. In man made diamonds(especially in lab grown diamonds), the sparkling ability looks like real or mined diamonds. Thatโ€™s why sometimes expert gemologists canโ€™t decide which man made diamonds and whichย are Real Diamonds.

So, what's the reality of artificial diamonds, and why they're famous? Whatย are the interesting factsย about man-made diamonds? Letโ€™s find out the answers.

Prices of man made diamonds

Man-madeย diamondย prices start from $70 to $1340 for1.00 caratย weight. Here, in the price of man made diamonds, 4c'sย play a better role. But, for 1 carat moissaniteย man-made diamond, the buyerย has toย spend $115. While lab grown man made diamond has a $1340 price. Cubic zirconia man made diamond has $70 price. This is the price of man made diamonds.

Type Ofย Man-Made Diamonds Weight Price Shape
1. Lab Grown Diamond 1.00CT $1340 Round Ideal Cut
2. Cubic Zirconia 1.00CT $70 Round Cut
3. Moissanite 1.00CT $115 Heart Cut

The above pricesย varyย on circumstances like the diamond's clarity grade, color grade, and symmetry grade. For more information, you have to consider a conversationย with your jeweler or gemologist.ย These above-mentionedย man-made diamond prices are the best of our experience and knowledge.

Man made diamonds jewelry

Man made diamonds jewelry includes necklace in white gold for wedding, engagement rings, wedding bands, gold unique pendants, earrings in yellow gold for anniversary presents. All man made diamond jewelry the sparkle affections and light reflections make the appearance better.

Man made diamonds necklace.

This man made diamond necklace has pear, marquise, and round shapes in horizontal and vertical patterns. In this diamond necklace, 10kt white gold metal used to match the wedding dress. The man-made diamond necklace carries the glorious appearance of having baskets and prong settings.

Man made diamond wedding necklace

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Man made diamonds halo ring.

Man made diamonds halo rings are the good selection for searching a gifts for women. In man made diamonds halo ring many varieties available such as fancy color diamonds and colorless diamonds with the prongs and basket setting.

Man made diamond halo ring for women

Shop Man made diamonds halo rings.

Man made diamond earring

Man made diamonds earrings studs created in the 18kt white gold metal for gorgeous light reflections. Man made diamond stud earrings carries the durability when it fixed in the baskets and prongs. The stud earrings are become the selection for the gift of women for having variation in the color diamonds.

2 carat weighted man made diamond earrings in studs provide the look of diva and Mrs. world. Select VVS to VS clarity grade in man made diamond earrings studs to getting the better looks.

Man made diamond stud earrings

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Final thoughts

Man made diamondsย include lab grown diamonds, moissanite, and cubic zirconia. All of these diamonds or diamond alternatives have different benefits and disbenefits. But, out of this, lab grown diamonds are truly man made diamonds that carries durability than moissanite and cubic zirconia.

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