Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Guide

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When choosing diamonds for engagement rings, always remember it's 4c’s. It means diamonds have Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut. That’s why important to choose a specific shape of diamond for rings. 

In Snazzy Marquise Shape Lab-Grown Diamond, many exceptional and faceting styles are featured for more elegant looks on rings.

In the diamond industry, there are many diamonds like Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Pear. But out of this, Marquise diamond stands alone from the side. 

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If the customer is going for a Marquise shape diamond, they get very elongated the shape of diamondsThis is because only Marquise shape diamond has a longer length than Emerald or Radiant in all diamonds.

Are People Choosing Marquise Shape Diamonds?

Marquise Diamond is called “Fancy Shape Of Diamond” in the diamond industry. In Marquise shape diamond ring, a wearer gets exceptional bright lights. In addition, when people choose an engagement ring, they look forward to things and moments that stay with them every time.

Also, our manufactured Marquise lab diamond features lower prices than other brands of marquise shape diamonds. That is why every brand has a different rule of producing and manufacturing. There is a very common price fluctuation. But, from a customer point of view, they are paying more capital to get identical diamonds.

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In the above chart. You show that the customer is paying approximately 4X times its actual price. When a buyer gets a Marquise-shaped diamond, he gets extra faceting like oval and brilliant round diamonds. When you look at Marquise Diamond with full of concentration, then notice that it has a fragile girdle. With a thin girdle, Marquise shape diamond releases classy and noteworthy reflecting lights.

 In Which Clarity Marquise Diamonds Are Better For Rings?

Before choosing diamond clarity, you are first clear about the diamond’s clarity. All diamonds are measured in clarity grade due to their faceting style and inclusion(unrequired substance). Suppose a diamond has a line or tiny circle on its facets, then its shows that diamond has inclusion which prevents reflecting lights from the diamond’s internal surfaces.

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A diamond’s clarity scales between EF To I3. When diamond surfaces has no more inclusions, it's scored as IF clarityWhen a diamond has more inclusions, then it shows with I3 clarity. 

While talking about Marquise Shape Diamond, VVS1 Or VS2 clarity because Marquise diamond is swallowed from the center and has no more width to show inclusions. That is why VVS1 or VS2 clarity is best for the diamond ring.


↦  Which Is The Best Color For Marquise Diamond Ring?

As Diamond’s Clarity, Diamond’s Color also scales due to overall diamond appearance from the top view. Diamond color is a thing which is naturally placed in diamonds. When diamonds are found in Lab or Mine(Natural), they have natural colors like yellow, pink, red. But, on the other side, when diamonds are found in colorless type, it goes for the polishing process. In the polishing process, the diamond decides the color.


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If craftsman puts much pressure on the diamond in the polishing process, the diamond has a blast or loses natural color. Marquise diamond F to J color is best for antique-style diamond rings.

When Marquise diamonds reflect exquisite lights, it clearly shows that “D” color.

While diamond reflects less light and cannot show diamond facets, diamonds have a “Z” color.

Elegant Styles For Marquise Diamond Ring:-

For Marquise diamond, all ring styles are suitable for engagement. Let's check out the diamond ring style you can choose from. If you like to design your diamond ring for women or men, we hear you as a friend, not a customer.

Solo Marquise Flush Set Diamond Band:-

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    In this diamond band, only marquise shape diamond is featured. But, in a flush setting, the gold band marquise is glowed on the top, as you can see below. This type of ring is especially used in engagement rings for men. Also, you can choose this for your husband to reveal your feelings towards him.

    Half Curved Marquise Rose Gold Engagement Ring:-

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    While the half-curved diamond ring is worn on the hand, it looks elegant, especially in rose gold for engagement. In this ring style, you can see the SUN besides Rising from Mountain. It looks like a fiery glimpse of a diamond ring.

    Antique Trilogy Diamond Ring With Marquise:-

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      For Marquise Shape Diamonds, a three-stone style is elite and peerless looking on the fiancée’s fingers. A Tapered Baguette Cut diamond featuring Accent diamonds while On center space 1.00 CT Marquise diamond placed. That is the best combination of diamonds for precious engagement rings.

      Bonny Marquise Solitaire Ring:-

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        Marquise diamond features long looks for its basic structures. Besides other ring styles, Solitaire is still in demand for consumers. In the Solitaire diamond ring, a diamond is placed on the center of the ring band, and it grips with prongs. For the adorable durability of the ring, the Marquise diamond is placed in a decorative basket with gold.

        Multi Shapes Diamond Ring:- 

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          While choosing a diamond ring, multi shapes diamond ring is another choice for an engagement  ring. This ring looks quite simple but elegant on hand. For that reason, around diamonds are placed in bezel sets, and Marquise shape diamonds are placed at the center of diamond rings in bezel sets.

          ! Final Thoughts:-

          Finally, choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is the decision of the customer’s choice. As from that thing, a marquise-shaped diamond is a choice for an engagement ring. In marquise shape diamond, a long look is best for customers.


           Prominent Diamond Engagement Ring  

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          That is very clear because, at the same price, another shape of diamonds like (oval) comes compared to Round Brilliant Cut price. When choosing Marquise Diamonds for her, especially in wedding present, you select the right place and diamond as a gift.

          In Marquise shape diamond ring, you also get benefits for classy looking and dignified appearance on hand. Before you go for your customized diamond rings please look out at this exquisite collection which you may be like.


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