Mother's Day Celebration:- Day Of Encourage Her Courage And Obligation

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  • Introduction:-

  • Before we start the article, we look at the Mother’s Definition. From my point of view, Mother has no definition. Because of the definition for only things or products, not for a Human Being. Yes, Mother is a form of GOD. When GOD creates Mother, somebody asks them Why MOTHER is created ahead of GOD? Then GOD said to them very politely, and MOTHER IS TYPE OF GOD.

    GOD cannot reach every child and person, so they create MOTHER. MOTHER is a sea of love for her child, family, and husband. Without MOTHER, we can’t imagine the world. It looks like a skeleton without its soul.

    First of all, MOTHER IS WOMAN. She is always blessed with GOD’S Auspicious and Shadow. Because Of severe obstacles or problems, GOD provides her Power to save her child's life and protect her family. MOTHER is very humble and strong in any situation. 

    She all times motivates her family in any dangerous condition. But the question is, Which powers are motivated all time by MOTHER? If you have an answer, tell me, please. Unfortunately, I didn’t get answers to this question.


    • What Is Mother's Day History? 

    A MOTHER Day is celebrated every calendar year on the 8th of May. On this day, it's our native duty to remember MOTHER’S obligation, courage, and struggle of all time towards our family and us. MOTHER’S life is concise and narrow because her life starts with the family and ends with the family.

    So, she always takes care of any severe diseases like cancer, High Blood Pressure, Sugar, and Heart Diseases. She doesn’t have a fear of the severity of the diseases. She spent all her life moments with her family and children.

    She hardly makes time for herself because she is constantly engaged in her housework like cooking, teaching children, cleaning, washing the clothes, and many more. So, Should We Make Any Special Moments On This Day For Mother?

    We Must make memorable moments on this day For our Life Guide(A MOTHER).

    • History Of Mother’s Day:- 

    [Anna Jarvis Founder Of Mother's Day]-[Ouros Jewels]

    In History Of Mother’s Day, We Found that In 1908 USA, Anna Jarvis celebrated the first MOTHER's Day. She celebrated this day at her late mother's memorial. What a great thinking of her! She deserves a lot of claps and appreciation. Because we care about MOTHER but sometimes we forget and do angry with her. That’s not acceptable. 


    [Woodrow Wilson]

    The 28th U.S.A. president Woodrow Wilson announced in 1914 that every 8th of May is a national holiday, and all citizens were responsible for celebrating this day as “MOTHER’S Day.”

    After this declaration, all of the world celebrates MOTHER’S Day at this date. People also celebrate this day with their Grandmothers, Grandaunts, And Relatives, taken care of as Mothers. 

    Also, In the History Of Mother’s Day, this day carries moments of their late relations. They remembered the happy and severe moments spent with late reactions. Also, on this day, they put flowers in the cemetery.

    But in modern trends, MOTHER’S DAY is celebrated with greeting moments. So to this day, no sad things are able to touch their minds. So now Children's are very experts and celebrate this day with their Parents too.

    • Obligation Of A MOTHER Towards Family:-

    We all know that MOTHER takes complete care of her family because her whole world is absorbed in the family. Her day starts with family and ends at family also. She obligated her dreams when her family suffered from a financial crisis. A MOTHER is a sea of love for family. She thinks about her family’s health when she is on bed rest. 

    If she wishes to study to complete her dreams, then if her family members suffer from the dangerous disease, she cancels her dreams to show. She not only obligated her dreams, but she obligated anything to her family.

    She forgot about house and family work, and she didn’t think about herself. For example, if the family suffers from a financial crisis, she sells her favorite jewelry to the goldsmith and fulfills the family's needs. She never thinks about the jewelry and unnecessary but required things.

    [Mother's All Life]

    Her priority is family because when she got married, her family changed. When she becomes a MOTHER, she wishes her child would complete her dream. She always does hard work for her family. She never demands anything for herself. She first looks at the need of the family. If there is no requirement, then she purchased this thing with 100 times of thinking.

    Also, A MOTHER never describes her sorrow and sadness towards anyone. On the opposite side, when we are frustrated with our work, our angry nature can be harmful. But, she never tells us her sadness to us. I don’t know what powers give her the strength to face the severe problems of her child and family.

    [A Mother Savior Of Family]


    When a family has less food to eat, she never touches the food because her child and family suffer from the lack of food. So, she gives her food to the children, and she never eats the food. Once all of the food is finished, if any food is remaining after, she eats only a tiny bite of food and drinks water to fulfill her hunger. This type of thing is made in semi-developed countries.

    She obligated her all needs, dreams, and requirements without any debate or excuses. Also, MOTHER has no time because she is around the work for family and child. So at that time, she became a robot that does all-time work. But don’t you think A MOTHER deserves happy moments, and we all take care of herself.

    • Importance Of MOTHER In Person’s Life:-

    Only that person can understand the value and importance of MOTHER, which has no MOTHER. When a person's MOTHER dies in his childhood, living a life is very hard and challenging. Because all children's needs are not fulfilled, he/she always found himself in depression and stress.

     [SHE Gives Supports Her Child]

    When your MOTHER takes care of yourself, your native duty to fulfill her all dreams, which she shows at your birth. When a child takes birth, she feels very blessed and thinks that her child plays a supportive role in her 80s. But, she never expresses herself with these types of thinking.

    When her child is ready to go to school, she prepares her child's uniform, lunch, and appearance. When a child cries to don’t going to school, her humble behavior helps the child. The child stops crying and happily goes to school or nursery home. 


    [Feeling Depressed In Life]

    While we are talking about the younger generation, then MOTHER is also important in their life. Because at this age, we suffer from depression and anxiety. So, we need support that motivates us. So, she motivates us to reach the career summit. Only MOTHER can motivate ourselves to tackle and face any problems with confidence.

    [Childhood Life With Mother]

    Without MOTHER, we can’t imagine our life. She always tries to lift ourselves up in any severe condition. When you got failure frequently, your self-confidence is on the land, and you can’t be able to make or create anything. So, then A MOTHER can be your savior. They teach you that Failure is a part of Success. 

    Someone told me that there is “NO ONE IN THE COMPARISON TO MOTHER” in the world. That’s the truth! Nobody takes her sorrows as herself. She always motivates herself, and this motivation is helpful for the family to bring out of any condition with smiley faces.

    Special Note:-

    We have all suffered from COVID-19 in recent years. So many people lost their relatives. They weep much and feel sorrow for that. But, in reality, Covid- 19 virus is ruthless and dangerous for all. Instead of the severity of Covid-19, A MOTHER cares for her family and children in these pandemic times. When worldwide has felt the fear of Covid-19, she becomes a shield for her family. 

    Also, many MOTHERS are infected by Covid-19, but they fight bravely and bring out this dangerous disease. After successfully recovering from the fromCovid-19 infection, all MOTHERS said they saved their lives for the family. Wow! What a fighting spirit for her family. We all do salute her Courage, Bravery.

    • A MOTHER:- Guide, Teacher, and Best Friend Forever

    Only MOTHER can be your full-time guide which guides you to choose the right way to improve your skills and performance in your career. Always remember that MOTHER supports all of your decisions. For example, if you wish to become a cricketer or singer, only MOTHER motivates you to do your favorite tasks to fulfill all your dreams.

    [Reaching Your Goal With Confidence]

    She never demotivates you to reach your final destination. But, she guided you on how to complete your dreams correctly and accurately. From my point of view, “NOBODY CAN GUIDE YOURSELF AS MOTHER.” Only MOTHER Guided you with full of confidence, that’s why people say that “OUR FIRST TEACHER IS MOTHER.”

    A MOTHER teaches us how to live life without any stress and depression. She plays the role of a Teacher in our life. She gives tips on how to solve any problems with happy faces. Also, she teaches life lessons of great world leaders. In the great world leader's life, their MOTHERS play a key role in building confidence and leading the world.

    [Mother Is Your Best Friend]

    After the teacher, you need a friend who can listen to your like-unlikes, problems, and efficiency. Usually, when we are frustrated with our life and workload, we need someone who listens to our concerns and worries. Of course, we told these concerns to our friends, as I know. But, you ever know that your BFF(Best Friend Forever) is A MOTHER. She listens to your concern and gives solutions. 

    When our friend circle can dive into any debate, and that debate takes severe form, we break our friendship or our friends are not ready to talk with us. Then we refuse and sit at the corner of the house. But, Your MOTHER can’t do anything of the above as your friends. Instead, MOTHER can be your Best Friend Forever to support you as a friend. So, this friendship never ends, and your bonding with your MOTHER can be strong within time.

    • Which Gift Is Best For This Mother’s Day 2022?

    Above, we show the role of our MOTHER in life in the form of Obligation, Importance, Guide, and Friend. So, A MOTHER did many things for our family and solved our problems. But unfortunately, she lost herself in her family and child’s life. Thus, she deserves many lots of appreciation and happy moments, things.

    We all know the love of Women towards jewelry. She liked to purchase and wear gold jewelry, especially Diamonds. Although Diamonds are very costly, everyone can’t afford that type of jewelry. But, wait, relations and gifts neglect the price tag of gifted things. Your relation is not measured in capital or price tag.

    If you are concerned about the price of Diamond Jewelry, then choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry if you love to get Natural Diamonds. Also, Natural Diamonds are very rare and costly, so everyone can’t afford the Natural Diamond Jewelry. So, don’t feel refused and depressed.

    Lab-Grown Diamond is a choice for Natural Diamonds. That’s why Lab Grown Diamonds are on the pick of demands. Also, Lab Grown Diamonds are available at 40% less price than Natural Diamonds. That’s the reason for Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry is available at a low cost.

    But, remember that Lab Grown Diamond features the same characteristics as Natural Diamond. Also, Lab Grown Diamond is available in exceptional and excellent quality and varieties. 

    So, What are the best gifts for Mother’s day 2022? The answer is below:-

    1.Lab Grown Diamond Necklace:-

    [Lab Grown Diamond Necklace For Women]-[Ouros Jewels] [Neck View Of Diamond Necklace Set]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Shop This Exquisite Diamond Necklace Which Features Pear, Round, Princess, Oval Shape Diamonds To Make It More Classy And Ritzy. You Can Gift Her This Lab Diamond Necklace Set For Her Hard Work Towards Family.

    2. Chandelier Style Diamond Earrings:-

    [Stylish Chandelier Diamond Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels] [Stylish Diamond Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Buy This Chandelier Style Diamond Earrings Which Crafted By Elegant Artistry. In Earrings Frameworks Multi Shapes Diamonds Used Like Pear, Marquise, Round. If You Try To Surprise Your Mother Than You Must Take This As Your SURPRISE Present. After You Giving This To Her, She Cries With Happy Tears.

    Because Mother Also Needs Supports From You. So, We Encourage Her Support And Obligation For You And Your Family. You Can Motivate Her To Giving Presents As Above.

    3. Multi Shape Diamond Bracelet:-

    [Multi Shape Diamond Bracelet]-[Ouros Jewels] [On Hand View Of Multi Shape Diamond Bracelet]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Browse This Elite Diamond Bracelet Which Features Pear And Round Shape Diamonds. This Lab Grown Diamond Necklace Has Brilliant Appearance On The Hand. Also, You Can Make This Diamond Bracelet In Yellow Gold Metal, It Has Shining Appearance On Wrist.

    This Diamond Bracelet Is Love Symbolism Of Mother And Child Because As A Child Your Basic Duty To Fulfill MOTHER'S wishes. She never told or demands from you, but you understands her needs and try to fulfill her all dreams.

    4. Yellow Gold Ruby Pendant:-

    [Yellow Gold Ruby Gemstone Pendant]-[Ouros Jewels] [Yellow Gold Ruby Pendant For Her]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Shop This Yellow Gold Crafted Ruby Pendant For Your MOTHER. She Would Like This Because At Center Ruby Gemstone Is Fixed For Giving The Prosperity, Wealth, And Health To Wearer. Also, This Gold Pendant Has Crown Style Corners For Make It More Finest In The Choice.  

    So, You Definitely Choose This Ruby Gold Pendant As MOTHER'S Day Present.


    5.  Blue Sapphire Earrings:-

    [Blue Sapphire Earrings For Her]-[Ouros Jewels] [Side View Of Blue Sapphire Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Take This Blue Sapphire Earrings For Your MOTHER'S Day presents. In This Earrings, Round Diamonds Are Also Placed To Enhance The Beauty And Appearance Of Wearer. Also, Blue Sapphire Gemstone Has Very Beautiful And Dazzling Looks.

    Blue Sapphire Is Very Useful To The Wearer. Because, Blue Sapphire Gives The Wearer Calmness, And Increase The Thinking Power. So, Wearer Can Take Easily And Accurate Decisions Related To Situation.

    • Moral Lesson:-

    You show the importance and hard work of MOTHER towards ourselves so on this MOTHER’S Day. We celebrate joyfully. We can give her surprise gifts as we have shown above. We are all aware of MOTHER’S hard work and obligation to us. So, you must give her a happy moments lifestyle. 

    She spent all her life with her family and taking care of children. So, on this day, All Of the Mothers Deserve a lot of claps and appreciation worldwide.

    A Gift can be a helpful and memorable present to us. So, never hurts your MOTHER’S feelings towards you. So, always taken care of MOTHER and her health. You can give her Precious Diamond Jewelry Gifts to reveal your feelings towards your MOTHER.

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