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Mrs. World 2022 Wins By INDIA's Sargam Koushal

INDIAโ€™s residence Sargam Koushal wins the title of Mrs. World after 22 years. Sargam Koushal is a teacher, content writer, literature, and model. Mrs. Koushal brings out the Crown of Mrs. World after a wait of 22 years. Sargam defeated 62 countries models and won the pageant ofย Mrs.ย World 2022.
  • Who is Sargam Koushal?

Sargam Kaushal was born on 17th September,1990 in Jammu and Kashmir. She always liked to become a model, but she first completed her post graduation in English literature from Jammu University. Sargam married to Aditya Manohar Sharma, an INDIAN Navy Officer, in 2018.ย 

Sargam has won many pageants of beauty and fashion since her debut in the competitions. Mr. Sharma, who is husband of Sargam, he always supported her in difficult and happy situations. Sargam Koushal has a bachelorโ€™s degree from Jammu University then she interacts with her passion for participating in the beauty competition.ย 

  • Sargam Koushal Won The MRS World Crown and Title 2022

2021โ€™s Mrs. World winner Shaylyn Ford crowned the $300000 valued crown to Sargam Koushal. Sargam Koushal cried when she was appraised with the Mrs. World Crown. Sargam Koushal had tears in her eyes when she was awarded as Mrs. World 2022.

In June 2022, Sargam won the Mrs. INDIA World title defeating 50 other contestants who came across the country. When she won the Mrs. INDIA World, Sargam Koushal jumped to take part in the Mrs. World pageant. On 18th December 2022, Sargam Won the Mrs. World award organized in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

INDIA got a Mrs. World title and crown back in 2001, and Dr. Aditi Govitrikar won it at that time. So when the result was announced of Mrs. World 2022 as Sargam Koushal, then Sr. Aditi Govitrikar shared a post on Instagram comparing with Mrs. Koushal.ย 

Miss World Crown Presented To Winner Of 2022 Edition Of Miss World Pageant

The Mrs. World Crown has been engraved with diamonds which are rare to be found in the market. The Mrs. World Crown Diamond fluorescence ability is just gorgeous because of the special diamond polishing process. All VVS Diamonds are used in the Mrs. World Crown, and the Diamond Cut is excellent graded.

Sargam Koushal is now the current Mrs. World, and she has a contract with the beauty product manufacturing brands for one year. Mrs. World is a very reputed position which owned by INDIAโ€™s Sargam Koushal. All the world congratulates Sargam Koushal for winning the Mrs. World Pageant.

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  • Which facility will be available to Sargam Koushal asย Mrs.ย World Pageant Winner?

Sargam Koushal won the title of Mrs. World 2022, and after 21 years of waiting in the queue, INDIA succeeded in retrieving Mrs. World's crown. When a contestant wins the Mrs. World award, they can get the following facilities without any cost.

  1. The Mrs. World winner gets prize money of $100k-150k from the competition organizers.
  2. Free to travel anywhere, and the total cost of living and cost will be beard from the organizers of Mrs. World.
  3. The Mrs. World winner can get perks from the last edition winner.
  4. Mrs. World winners can acquire branded and high quality beauty products, shampoos, shoes, diamond jewelry, and clothes without spending a single dollar.
  5. Always bring a team of professional and highly trained makeup artists, nutritionists, and stylists.
  6. Brand ambassador of Mrs. World organization until the next edition held.
  7. Contract with the top and big beauty products brands at vast amounts of remunerations.

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