A Solemn Oval Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

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In Oval Shape Diamond Ring, a buyer who loves bright, sparkling lights must have an oval-shaped diamond ring. When Lazarre Kaplan invented oval shape diamond in the 1960s, while he created an oval shape diamond, he couldn’t think that it could be 1st choice of diamonds in people's demands as Oval shape diamond.

Oval shape diamond has the same structure as the brilliant round cut. But, the oval shape diamond is elongated, then a brilliant round cut. That is why customers are demanding Oval Diamond, especially in Engagement Rings.

Is Oval Diamond Trending For Engagement Rings?

Yes, research shows that During Covid-19 Worldwide Pandemic, all human beings suffer from financial crises. Then oval-shaped diamond is the same as a round diamond, with a long look for an engagement ring. The benefit is that Oval Lab-Diamond has 17% less price than Round-Brilliant Cut.

Some reports show that For Oval shape diamond Inquiries and Orders increased by 47% compared to last year.

In Oval Diamond, customers get two types of benefits:-

  1. Elongated Size Then Round Shape Diamond
  2. Big Width Compared To Marquise Shape Diamond

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An oval shape is the most elegant shape of diamonds. It has the same family as round shape diamond, and the oval shape is the brother of a round-shape diamond. The oval diamond is a hot choice for engagement due to its sparkling and reflective lights. The price of the oval shape diamond ring has 61% less cost than princess shape diamond.

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Let’s take a look at the exquisiteness related to oval-cut diamond rings:-

  1. An oval diamond has a long length compared to a round shape due to this feature, your engagement ring like big, which is an “eye-catcher.”

  2. It's the ring that diamond lovers most prefer in engagement rings anniversary bands for their loved ones. So oval is the  1st diamond better for the prong style engagement ring(solitaire ring). If you don’t like a solitaire one, choose other styles like a bridal set, three-stone ring.

  3. You note that the oval is swallowed from its culet side, then you choose EF color, which shows that the diamond has no color, which is best for more sparkle like SUN.

  4. The clarity of the oval for the engagement ring is a hint that goes for VVS1 to VS2. But, it's extravagant but doesn’t worry, SI1 or SI2 have there, which you demand from a jeweler.

  5. In recent times you can choose a step-cut oval that invents a revolution. It looks classy on the hand of your loving life partner. It's the choice for who loves the emerald diamond. They can choose step oval ahead of emerald(basically, it’s step cut) when we talk of diamond shapes like round, Asscher, pear, cushion, and the rest of that. They are made with their beauty and structures. 

Check the price of round and oval-shaped diamond rings in solitaire style.






Price $

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Can an oval-cut diamond be the choice of an engagement ring?

An oval diamond has facets as a round cut diamond, but the prime difference is that it comes with a wide circle framework, and its culet is also wide due to its making styles. While an oval-cut diamond is called a “compressed round shape diamond.” 

Let's look for the oval shape diamond ring styles you can choose for your loving partners:-

1. Blue Oval Lab-Diamond Solitaire Ring:-

[Blue Oval Diamond Halo Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Blue Oval Halo Diamond Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

This diamond ring features a blue oval shape diamond in the center and a round-shape diamond-covered center one. This style comes with a turning band that completes the whole basic structure of the diamond.

2. Oval Shape Three Stone Diamond Ring:-

[Oval Diamond Three Stone Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Oval Three Stone Diamond Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

This three-stone diamond ring has oval shape diamond, and it’s a friend named pear shape diamond ring. The oval cut diamond is fixed in a decorative basket, and pear cut diamonds have stayed with the center diamond. Also, if you're looking for a gold diamond ring, especially in an oval shape, for around $297, then this ring is ready to reach you.

3. Oval Solitaire Accent Diamond Ring:-

[Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Oval Solitaire Accent Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

An oval shape is an elegant choice for an engagement ring that stays forever with you and your loving one. This solitaire accent ring features round shape diamonds as supporters for the Oval shape. The accent diamond helps to emerge the ring's beauty to increase by 150%. It means your ring will look has glitters with extra 50%. That is why a solitaire accent style ring is still 1st choice for engagement rings.

4. Oval Shape Bridal Set Ring:-

[Oval Diamond Bridal Set Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Oval Diamond Bridal Set On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

Are you looking for a bridal set ring for your engagement? Don't worry. This bridal set is the choice of the vintage diamond lover. Do you think a bridal set is best for engagement wearing? Yes, it is the trending style for that occasion. This ring feature has one gold band, splits into two bands with round diamonds. While another separate gold band also has round diamonds to make it more glamorous.

5. Oval Shape Engagement Solitaire Ring:-

[Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

The research says that when a person is going to purchase a diamond engagement ring, he thinks 80% for the solitaire style, and the rest of the style reaches his mind with 20%. This oval shape solitaire diamond features a gold ring band. It might be the best choice for your engagement ring due to its dazzling but straightforward loos on fingers. And this style ring grasp of four side prong makes it static and steady.

Is the oval constricted of a round diamond?

Let’s find the answers to these questions. So don’t take more time, come to the answer is yes, oval cut diamond is a compressed type of round cut diamond. Now concentrates on the round and oval diamonds. The oval diamond is the squeezes with its during all cutting processes. Don’t take it that way when a round diamond is ready. Then it is compressed for making an oval one. NO, no no….   That’s foolish things that who think like this.

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The oval cut diamond is made with the same process as round diamonds, but it changes when decided to be an oval shape. An oval-shaped diamond is when it is cut from the laser process, there is a very high risk of the diamond being crushed and losing its value. When it is cut perfectly, the diamond goes for the polishing process and becomes a stunning oval.

There’s also a very high peril for diamonds and tiny mistakes, making a more dangerous economic hit for business. So, the oval diamond takes its final shape in the polishing process. An oval-cut diamond is a choice for
valentine proposal rings and engagement rings to look more beautiful on memorable occasions.

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! Final Thoughts:-

It proves that the oval shape is the best choice for an engagement ring. Yet, it does not look cool or beautiful in a bezel setting, but if you want to emerge your beauty, you can choose between the solitaire style and halo style. Halo is better than Solitaire one. It comes with another shapes diamond around the oval-shaped center diamond.

Take a look at the oval diamond framework now. It's a total game of the diamond's length and width ratio. For a bright sparkle in the eyes, the length and width ratio of the diamond in this oval shape must be 1.50:1. So, why you’re waiting to get it? Take our admirable artistry of diamond jewelry for your Engagement.