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Picks Round Diamond Rings Cleverly In 2023 - A Guide

Round shape diamond rings are uses as engagement or promise symbol due to accommodate ability of the lights and it's atmosphere. Lovers and couples like to make their life more romantic and enjoyable which can delivers happiness. Thus, a true sign of romantic life a round diamond engagement ring is the choice and option.

Since its foundation, a round-cut diamond engagement ring has been called a "lovish style ring." The most common appearance in round shape diamonds are their ability for excellent light reflections. A round diamond ring is still a good choice for love couples due to its precious look.

"The round diamond ring looks gorgeous in VVS to VS clarity and D to G color grades. When selecting a round diamond ring, see the faceting and polishing work(don't worry, in the certification reports, all the details are described). Don't forget to take the certification to easily understands the selected Diamond Ring's elements and characteristics. Understands 4cs diamonds betterly. 

Why choose round diamonds for engagement rings?

The reason for selecting round diamonds for an engagement rings is their width, length and appearance of wide angles. Round shape diamonds have 57 to 58 facets, in triangles, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes, which are accommodate light reflections.

In addition, round diamonds have 360° angle surfaces and growing pavilion from bottom to top for collect the light and reflect it to the outer atmosphere. Thus, these are the reasons that indicates to buyer for selects round shape diamonds in engagement rings.

Which amount of the facets round cut diamond has?

The round cut diamond has 58 amount of facets from cutting and polishing style, which the type of process for diamond symmetry. It helps glow with exceptional sparkling and glittering.

All faceting work has been done in round diamonds with elegant and clever craftsmanship. On round-cut diamonds, 25 facets are placed on the crown, 8 facets are on the table, and the remaining 25 numbers of facets are fixed on the pavilion.

Moreover, buyers can see the round diamond facets from girdle anatomy view and the top surface table view.

Can round diamond rings sparkle?

The answer is yes. Round diamond carries 58 numbers of facets on the anatomy. These facets help the round diamond to sparkle with 16X more ability than other shapes as glowing beauty from all the corners and angles.

Also, round cut diamond has an arrow, triangle and squarish faceting patterns on the table, which helps the whole structure release more flashes. That's the reasons round diamond rings sparkle.

Round diamond ring's uniqueness

Round diamond ring's uniqueness is their framework and placement positions on the band. Round diamond ring delivers the shine in return in any of the style due to trio of the triangle, arrow, and heart shaped faceting patterns. The triple faceting patterns makes easier for round engagement ring's appearance pretty and precious that attracts eyes.

Round engagement diamond ring

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Best 4cs of round diamond ring (color, clarity, cut, and carat)

For deciding to buy a round diamond ring then it must be in the best grade of 4cs for experience the shining and dazzling appearance in reflections. As a buyer's perspectives it's more important to select best diamond 4cs in round diamond engagement rings instead considering the price. Let's take a look step by step best 4cs of round diamond ring.

  • Best color grade for round diamond engagement ring

D color grade diamonds are best for round engagement ring due to having absence of other unrequired hues on the anatomy. D color grade is appreciative in the round engagement ring because of the clear and transparent light reflections came through.

  • Best color for fancy round diamond ring 

For the fancy round diamond ring, the blue and pink color grade is the appreciative because it carries a compound shining reflection. Blue color fancy round diamond ring symbolizes the calmness and trust in the relationship. While the pink colored round diamond ring blinks the pure romance and love. That's why we recommend select pink and blue color for round diamond engagement ring.

Fancy red diamond ring

Shop Red fancy diamond ring

In fancy color round diamonds, many varieties are available such as red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, champagne, and chocolate diamonds. Buyers can select red fancy diamond ring for engagement.

There are many options are open for the versatile buyers who want to wearing experience of fancy color diamond rings. We also make colored diamond rings, contact us for more information.

  • Best clarity for round diamond ring

For round diamond rings, the best clarity grade is VVS because in this grade the inclusions are available in fewer or tiny space which don't affect the appearance of light reflections. VVS diamond can always provide the light reflection clearly and with the transparency.

The selection of the round diamond ring's best clarity grade it depends on the ring style also. For a round diamond halo or unique ring, VS clarity would be selected because more diamonds are available on their frameworks. But, for solitaire round rings, only select VVS clarity grade for not having more inclusions.

  • Best cut grade for the round diamond ring

For round diamond ring best cut grade is excellent to good cut because these grades helps facets to release sparkles. In excellent to good cut graded diamonds the pavilion-girdle's length and thickness is less and thin, respectively. That's why I recommend to select excellent to good cut grade for round diamond rings.

Meanwhile, you can read below article on diamond cut and its types which clears your doubts and you can easily differentiate which is right for your round diamond ring.

Read Diamond cut and its types

  • Ideal carat weight for round diamond ring

For round diamond ring the ideal carat weight should between 1 to 4.99 carat weight but depends on the ring's styles also. Generally, the couples like to wore a round diamond ring between 1.50 to 2.49 carat weights with best other 3cs (cut, color, and clarity).

For halo round diamond ring, 1.50 carat weight is perfect choice. While for the solitaire diamond ring in round shape buyer should be select 1.00 to 2 carat weight.

Ideal proportions of the round diamonds for engagement rings

When selecting a round diamond ring for engagement, consider following this chart for the halo, solitaire, and solitaire accent rings. This chart can be helpful for buyers to select exact proportioned round-cut diamonds for an engagement ring.

Carat Size

Ring Style



Pavilion Angle

Crown Angles

Girdle Thickness

0.50 - 0.99


50 - 59%

59 - 63%

40 - 42°

30 - 36°

Medium to Slight

1.00 - 1.99


55 - 60%

60 - 65%

40 - 42°

33 - 36.5°

Medium to Slight

2.00 - 2.99


56 - 60%

59 - 64%

40 - 42°

33 - 37°


3.00 - 3.99

Solitaire Accent

56 - 60%

59 - 64%

39 - 41°

33 - 36°


4.00 - 4.99


57 - 59%

62 - 64%

40 - 42°

34 - 35°

Medium to Slight

Price range to spent on the round diamond engagement ring

Buyers have to spend $1500 to $6000 on the round diamond engagement rings because the price decides on three factors: 4cs round diamonds, the gold metal used, and the number of diamonds used. Higher quality graded round diamond rings are available between $4000 to $6000. The 1-carat round diamond ring starts typically from $1500 and reaches $6000.

Also, the round diamond engagement ring price depends on the symmetry in diamond and polish grades. Thus, for all excellent quality grades in round diamond rings, buyers can spend between $2000 to $4000.

Round diamond engagement rings

Round diamond engagement rings available in all styles or customization options. But, there is major famous types are as follows. Round diamond rings suitable in yellow, rose, and white gold metal. Thus, buyer can select their favorite gold metal in round engagement ring in variations like 14kt, and 18kt.

  1. Round diamond solitaire ring.
  2. Vintage art deco ring.
  3. Round diamond halo ring.
  4. Unique diamond ring.
  5. Toi et Moi ring.
  6. Diamond cluster ring.

Round diamond solitaire ring

Round diamond solitaire ring symbolizes the true love connection and able to make the love life more memorable. To select a round diamond ring in solitaire then it indicates that lovers dedicates own selves to their love life which makes the relationship bond more stronger. Thus, a round diamond solitaire ring called as the "blinker of the real relationship."

Advice to selecting a round solitaire diamond ring
As said above for selecting a solitaire diamond ring in round then select VVS clarity grade. If it's not possible then undoubtedly choose VS clarity grade round diamond with the excellent cut grade. That's fills the sparkle reflections ability in absence of VVS clarity grade.
Round Solitaire Diamond Ring

Get Round diamond solitaire ring.

Vintage art deco ring

A vintage art deco ring means legacy and heritage representing sign that nourishes the feelings of love always in the relationship, still last breath. In vintage art deco rings, old European cut round diamonds are vastly used for having flower shape patterns and triangle faceting style. Moreover, the old European cut diamond is the fame carrier and gap filler in the relationship.

Buying advice to select vintage art deco ring in OEC diamond.
For buying the vintage art deco ring in OEC diamond the VS clarity grade is acceptable with the 2 to 3-carat weights. Vintage art deco ring price starts from $1500 depending on the 4cs. Vintage rings look adorable with the proper placements of diamond symmetry that makes it preferable to select as an engagement ring.
Vintage Round OEC Art Deco Ring

Shop Vintage art deco round diamond ring

Round diamond halo ring

Round diamond halo ring is the indication of the love life cycle that represents the past and present. Also, halo round diamond ring suggest the love synergy in the relationship. In the halo ring, the diamonds are engraved around the center place that is more noticeable and glorious. The shine reflection of the round diamond halo ring is most appealing and finest ever.

Advice to shop round diamond halo ring.
When buying a round diamond halo ring then the most important thing is the 4cs and gold metal combinations. For a 1 to 3-carat weight halo round diamond ring, excellent to a very good cut grade, VVS to SI clarity grade, D to I colors scales justifiable.
The price should be spent on the round diamond halo ring between $1500 to $6000 depending on the standard of 4cs.
Round Diamond Halo Ring Engagement

Buy Round diamond halo ring.

Unique diamond Ring

Unique diamond ring is the another form of the customized ring that features gorgeous diva looks. In unique engagement ring the appearance depends how carefully the craftsmanship has been done on the diamonds and the ring's framework.

Unique engagement rings are the faithful indicator that's usually found in the love bond as the unbreakable sign.

Advice to buy Unique diamond ring.
Before taking decision for buying unique diamond ring for engagement then check and inspect their framework durability because it has different patterend structure. Thus, cross verify the sustainability of framework from the seller or jeweler.
After the satisfactory result proceed further to buy unique engagement rings. In unique engagement rings, you can select best 4cs that makes the aura memorable. For further information contact us.
Unique round diamond ring

Purchase Unique diamond ring.

Toi et Moi ring

A Toi et Moi ring teaches the lovers to take care of each other in any of the conditions that don't make the desired life. But in that situation ever hold the sweetheart's hands.

In round diamond Toi et Moi ring there are many options available such as colorless and colorful grades to determine as love feelings narrator. A round diamond Toi et Moi ring looks marvelous due to having the best facet patterns on the anatomy.

Buying advice Toi et Moi ring.
Before buying the Toi et Moi Ring with the round shape diamond the first thing to see grades of 4cs. After selecting permittable diamond 4cs then focus on the gold metal variations. Usually, Toi Moi ring made with the white gold metal in both types of diamonds such as fancy colored and colorless.

Thus, for 1 carat to 2 carat weighted Toi et Moi ring spent between $699 to $2099. Higher price means better quality graded Toi et Moi ring.
Round Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

Shop this Toi et moi ring.

Diamond cluster ring

A diamond cluster ring means to experience love and romantic world with the beloved one. Diamond cluster ring helps couples to plays their role with transparency and trustworthiness in the relationship.

In diamond cluster ring, the charming affections are available that makes love partnership strong and unbreakable. Surely, cluster ring delivers the message to lovers never release the hands of their fellow one.

Buying advice on cluster diamond ring
When buying cluster diamond ring then the most essential thing to consider to see the framework durability and gold metal purity or stamp marking. Also, see the CAD design for that cluster ring to understand what's the output comes in final ring on hand.
Fortunately, Ouros Jewels has option for the CAD making. After that concentrates on the 4cs diamonds and price slabs. Cluster rings available in round shape diamond between $299 to $1999 with gold metal options.
Round Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Buy this Cluster diamond ring.


The round cut diamond ring is referred "brilliant cut diamond ring" because it has an excellent faceting style than other diamond shapes. When light enters the diamond surfaces, the round diamond reflects it and emits brilliance. This is why the most popular ring form of engagement rings.

Thus, it's not enough. If you need more, you must visit our distinctive collections for this shape of engagement ring. Round diamond engagement ring looks more precious in VVS or VS clarity and F or G color grade diamonds. So, always consider the appearance of the diamond ring's clarity and color grade.

Most importantly, when you stand the consideration for buying a round diamond ring, then demand an authenticated certificate from the seller. A certification will help to identify trustworthiness because the certifier institutions have known for their inspection skills. So, your round diamond ring's transparency will disclose in the certification. Keep secure a copy of the diamond ring's certification.

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