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Reasons to select heart diamond engagement rings

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    Heart Diamond Ring is specially designed for couples who promised each other to live together forever. Heart Diamond is the best choice to create a mindblowing engagement ring for your valentine, and as a result, she will like the heart cut diamond ring becuase it features appealing looks. A heart Diamond Ring is not only a sign of love but it symbol of a relationship, so select that heart ring for your love.


    • What is a heart cut diamond?

    Recently, a diamond shape that found its vogue in people's minds is the "Heart Cut Diamond." You can choose Heart Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring And Wedding Bands; Earrings. Heart cut diamond is extremely rare in natural diamonds because it necessitates more rough diamonds and thus has a giant financial burden.

    A Heart Cut Diamond is known as a "Super Fancy Diamond." Don't know why? Let's get the answer. First of all, Heart Cut Diamond demands very clever and careful craftsmanship to engrave parallel and step-cut facets. Also, Heart Cut Diamond has swallowed the pavilion from the left to right side.

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    For Making Heart Shape Diamond, a cutting and polishing process is very tough and challenging, So It's Very Expensive. But in Lab-Grown Diamond, don't worry about that.

    If your wish has to wear a Heart Shape Diamond, your wishes are fulfilled by a Lab-Grown Diamond without imposing excessive on your budget. The best thing is that Lab-Grown Diamond is available in any shape you demand.


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    • Is Heart Shape Diamond Represent Love Symbolism?

    Yes, heart shape diamond represents love symbolism. A heart-cut diamond is the most popular choice for lovers who want to give each other a diamond ring, pendant or watch. Also, Heart Cut Diamond represents the love feelings between men and women. That's why Heart Cut Diamond Jewelry is more popular in couples' choices ahead of Round Diamond Jewelry.

    When a man and a woman meet, they promise to spend the rest of the moments of their lives together and not release each other's hands in the face of dangerous obstructive moments.

    A heart-cut diamond represents the more delicate feelings that he hides in his heart. As a result, this heart-shaped diamond is their heart. It's a heartfelt symbolic gift from you to your special someone.

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    A Heart Cut Diamond exemplifies some exceptional craftsmanship. It was created with diamond lovers in mind who are looking for a love sign. Is it easy for him to propose to her with a Heart Cut Diamond and tell her that she "Can She Stay With You, For Her Rest Of Life?"


    Yes, it will assist you, and you can propose to her in a quiet and open environment (near a river) where only you and she will be present. Then you have to surprise her with a proposal, and guess what? She has a 100 percent chance of accepting your proposal when she loves you.

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    • Are Heart Cut Diamonds Popular Worldwide?

    Yes, Heart Cut Diamonds are popular worldwide, not for their fancy shape, because Heart Diamonds feature brilliant sparkling light and reflection from all surfaces. Also, Heart Cut Diamond has curving edges around the girdle and crown surface, making it preferable.

    We found that 89.98% of Couples choose Heart Diamond in Solitaire Engagement Ring.  Also, Heart Diamond has parallel and step-cut faceting on the crown and table surface which makes Heart Diamond special and unique.

    So, we put an interesting story of a couple who has an anniversary today, but the husband forgets the anniversary. So, what happened to him then read this article and see what is the magic of heart-shaped diamond rings. 

      [Wedding Anniversary Moment]-[Ouros Jewels]

      One day, a man finishes his daily office work on his way home one day. That day was his wedding anniversary, but he had forgotten about it. Because he is the finance manager and budget executive officer of a mobile manufacturing company, he has no idea when his anniversary is.

      We all know they've got much work to do for the company, and it's usually done with all of us. As a result, we most likely forget about a significant event in our lives.

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      So now, he comes to a halt at the red-blinking traffic signal and examines the side banner, which describes wedding and engagement gifts such as diamond watches, rings, necklaces, and more. 

      Then he suddenly remembered a day in his married life when he and his wife crossed ten years of their life paths. Then he suddenly remembered the tenth anniversary of his marriage. He dashed into the store to find the perfect present for his life partner. He looked at watches, flowers, and cellphones, but he was despondent because he couldn't afford to buy what he wanted.

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      Then he notices a gleaming diamond section that catches his eye. After that, He noticed a Pink Heart Shaped Diamond Ring in the 950 Platinum Metal. Finally, he finds his anniversary gift for his wife.


      When he reached his home then, he sat on his knee to propose to his wife, and his wife accepted the proposal and hugged him; of course, they had lived together for ten years. He gave his heart to his wife ten years ago and now gives Heart Cut Solitaire Ring.

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      So, the "Heart" cut diamond has gained popularity. It's self-evident because everyone who falls in love looks for something to remember about their loving partner's presence.


      • Are heart shape diamonds more expensive?

      Yes, Heart Shaped Natural Diamonds are more expensive than Lab Grown Diamonds. But Heart Shape Lab grown Diamond is available at 1/4 the price of Heart Natural Diamond. For Example, 1.00 Carat Heart Shape Lab Grown Diamond is available for $1250 with E color grade and VVS1 clarity grade. While 1.00 Carat Heart shape, Natural Diamond has a $7426 price with D color grade and VS1 clarity grade. It means Heart Shape Natural Diamonds are 84% expensive

      Have a look at the price of Heart Cut Lab Grown Diamond and Natural Diamond:-

      [Price Comparison Of Diamonds Types]-[Ouros Jewels]

      At the same time, Lab-Grown Diamonds are also used in diamond jewelry. But here, the difference is that Heart Loose Diamond becomes costly to Natural diamonds.


      You can also look at the price comparison of Natural Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds. For example, you pay 6X more than Lab Grown Diamonds to get Natural Diamonds with the same components as Carat, Clarity, Color, And Shape. 


      • Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:-

      If you want to know which is the best heart-cut diamond engagement ring, then see these ring styles made with pure gold metal and lab grown diamonds with clever craftsmanship. When your valentine has a birthday, and you want to express your love feelings towards her, then refer to heart-shaped diamond rings.

      [Natural and Lab Heart Diamond Price Comparison]-[Ouros Jewels]

      When you present a heart shape diamond ring to her, then you get two benefits. The first is a fancy diamond ring in gold, which makes your love symbolic, and the second is you can express your heart love feelings with a heart diamond ring.

      1. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring:-

      In This Heart Shaped Diamond Ring, 950 platinum metal has been added for the gorgeous looks of the wearer. When you're searching for a perfect engagement or wedding anniversary gift, then select this diamond ring for your love. In this Heart Shaped Diamond Ring, VVS clarity and E color diamond are placed with two different split shanks. All 4 heart-shaped diamonds are fixed with prongs, so you can feel worried about heart diamonds to fallen.

       [Heart Cut Diamond Wedding Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      Also, In This Heart Shape Diamond Ring ability to become your love symbolism ring. All Heart Shape Diamonds are fixed with Ascending to Descending order in the North to South direction. For more durability, We fix all heart shape diamonds in prongs.


      2. Heart Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring:-

      Heart Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring has a brilliant appearance on the hand of the wearer. After Round Diamond Solitaire Ring, Heart Cut Solitaire Ring is very famous due to its sparkle reflection. Heart Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring looks very classy in 18KT Yellow Gold Metal. In this Heart Cut Solitaire Ring, we used vvs clarity grade diamond, which is very rare to be found in lab grown. This Heart Shape Diamond has e color grade, which releases some lights with colors that makes it preferable.

       [Heart Cut Diamond Engaged Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]


      3. 1.00 carat heart diamond ring:-

      This Heart Cut Diamond ring has an infinity framework, which you can show in the halo style rings. In addition, in This Pink Heart Cut Diamond Ring, two bands are engraved with round diamonds that provide the finest look on the wearer's hands. This Heart Cut Diamond has vvs clarity and pink color, which helps fluorescences to spark more. The faceting style of Heart Cut Diamond has step cut. The metal purity of 1 Carat Heart Diamond Ring is 18kt white gold.

      [Heart Diamond Ring For Engagement]-[Ouros Jewels]

      In short, if you want a special engagement present, you can choose this 1.00 Carat Heart Diamond Ring for its beautiful appearance.


      4. Heart diamond eternity band:- 

      This Heart Diamond Eternity Band has a 1.45 Total Carat Weight around the ring circumference. Also, this eternity band is made with an 18KT Yellow Gold Metal in a bezel set. Heart Diamond Eternity Band is the better choice for your anniversary or engagement present. In this eternity band, white gold metal is used but we can have a variety like rose gold and yellow gold.

      [Heart Diamond Wedding Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      Heart Diamond Eternity Band is very famous now due to such an optimum look. An Eternity Band is known for a wedding occasion, but now many couples are choosing it for an engagement ring. So, the eternity band is demanded by worldwide customers.


      5. Heart shaped engagement ring:- 

      This heart shaped diamond ring has a pink-colored diamond on the top center surface. While pear cut diamonds are fixed in plant branch patterns below heart cut diamonds. Also, on the shank, round cut diamonds are engraved for gorgeous look on the hand. All diamonds are made with lab grown process and has vvs clarity grade. 

       [Heart Shaped Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

      You can purchase this heart diamond ring for your love symbolism. In This Ring, 18KT white gold metal has been added due to the best look on the hands. You can also try lab grown diamond jewelry for your fiancee's wedding accessories.

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      ! Expert Words On Heart Cut Diamond Ring:-

      The Heart Cut Diamond is the choice of your married life moments to capture because when you're at 70 and sitting alone in a room on a swinging wood chair, you'll remember those moments that make you smile.

      Always Choose E-F color grade diamond and VS2 clarity for a heart diamond engagement ring or jewelry becuase a heart diamond features many step facets on the internal surface. Also, you can easily afford that clarity and color-grade heart diamond for your engagement ring.

      It's a fact of life that certain moments stay with you for the rest of your life, and you cry with happy tears. So, if you can't wait to capture those special moments in your life, this shape diamond ring is a must-have.

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      Don’t take it this way to give only Heart Shape Diamond Ring and other types of diamond jewelry. It helps to reveal feelings towards your partner. If you want to know more about the heart diamond ring collection, then regularly visit our website

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