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Sapphire meaning, benefits, hardness, and price

Sapphire is the birthstone of September Month. The faceting cover and patterns in Sapphire make them preferable to other birthstones. Sapphire is founded in the mines where the colored rocks are coveted into a hard substance with chemical involvements.

Sapphire isnโ€™t made in the laboratory, but the foundation process is the same as natural diamonds. Natural diamonds and Sapphires have similarities as they founded in the mines and lands. But sapphire scores 9 out of 10, and it is 10% less durable than diamonds.

Sapphire Birthstone with its hardness, meaning, benefits and usage

In Sapphire birthstones, light affections are also available, which isnโ€™t available in diamonds becauseย they are the only form of carbon. While sapphire is made with carbon rocks and other chemical elements, such as boron, to get blue color.ย 

  • What is sapphire?

Sapphire birthstone meaning the provider of warmth, calmness, positivity, love supporter, kindness, and happiness for having the appearance as ocean waves. When a birthstone is blue and having the transparent appearance as diamonds, found naturally from the mines, it is called Sapphire.

Sapphire is made with chemical interactivity with the crystal rocks in the mines. Sapphire has a unique appearance through the anatomies where all the sparkles are reflected.

Sapphire is the love shield provider in the relationship, andย it is the auspicious sign for the wearers as per HINDU MYTHOLOGY. In ancient times, Sapphire birthstone was used as a calmness provider in all situations. Thatโ€™s why people want to select sapphire.

  • What are sapphire's benefit and usage?

Sapphire provides calmness and helps to make good decisions in life and career. Because the blue color of sapphire constantly gives patience to the wearer, for these beneficial factors it selected. Sapphire is used to making religious symbols and signs always to feature auspicious rains.

While in vintage jewelry, sapphire is used due to its spiritual and dazzling surfaces, such as diamonds.

Sapphire Birthstone

Sapphire is also used as diamond alternatives because it has the same surfaces as the diamonds, such as the crown, tables, girdles, pavilions, and culets. In addition, sapphire birthstone has no more fluorescence ability due to less amounts of faceting patterns. For this reason, Sapphire stone is used in religious activities.

  • What is the hardness of Sapphire?

Sapphire has 90% hardness on the Mohs scale due to chemical and lava interaction in the rock structures. For having 9 score on the Mohs scale out of 10, Sapphire is still able to hold the durability. The chemical electrons and neutrons of the rock and lava interact with each other to stabilize their presence. A chemical lava interaction turns the rock into a valuable Sapphire.ย 

  • On which price is sapphire available?

The Sapphire price is counted between $1000-10000; itโ€™s the most precious stone in the world. Sapphire is counted as the most expensive stone for having rare faceting and interior color. The cost of sapphire stone is very high(I mean a natural and real Sapphire) because it demands more capital investments for the founding process.

The customs duties to bring out into the commercial market Sapphire's final cost reaches the top. Sapphire birthstone price depends on the weight also.

  • Fancy colored diamonds and sapphire difference

Differentiate Points

Fancy color Diamonds



Fancy color diamonds are found in the mines and lands where the mining process occurred. Such as Mining lands of diamonds.

While fancy color lab diamonds are made as colorless diamonds but the temperature is high in that process.

Sapphire is also found in the mines. But Sapphire is a mixture of chemical involvements with the rocks.


Fancy shape natural diamonds are very costly to get, such as $10000/carat, depending on the 4Cs of Diamonds. Fancy colored lab diamonds have 50-60% less price than Natural.

Sapphire is less expensive than fancy color diamonds, such as $1000-10000/carat. Because they donโ€™t require a creative and time-consuming polishing process.

How Color Added

Natural fancy color diamonds are the real form of the colored rock of carbon and its characteristics. No color was added to the Natural fancy color diamond.

Sapphire hasnโ€™t absorbed the carbon elements in its structures. Sapphire is the result of carbon and other ingredients mixed up. Also, in Sapphire no color is added; itโ€™s a total game of temperature absorbing.


Fancy Natural and lab Diamonds have 100% hardness in their anatomies.

Sapphire had 90% hardness in their structures and surfaces which is the result of losing weight of neutrons and electrons.


Fancy color natural diamonds and fancy lab grown diamonds have varieties such as orange, blue, yellow, pink, olive, and many more.

Sapphire doesn't have the varieties because it carries only blue color.

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