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Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings For Women

For unique engagement rings, buyers must concentrate on factors such as metal tone and diamond's 4cs. Otherwise, the buyer has to see the appearance of unique diamond rings which suits their needs. In unique diamond engagement rings, many customizations are possible.

Unique engagement rings for women available in 1 carat to 5 carat or more than it. In rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum unique rings for women available at the starting price of $500. VVS diamonds to VS diamonds are look better in unique engagement rings for her. 

Unique engagement rings are made with box creativity and clever craftsmanship. Thinking and doing are two different factors. Thus, in this Unique Engagement Rings list 2022, you can find extraordinary styles that take you to the world of uniqueness. Consider this list before deciding to buy unique engagement rings.

A uniquely designed engagement ring is the perfect choice for telling their love feelings to her without any afraid. A uniquely designed engagement ring is made for proposals and love moments. As a result, couples want to give each other them.

Thus, buyers don't need to compromise for selecting a diamond ring, but at Ouros Jewels buyers can freely share their needs, and our craftsmanship will tell why we're turning your problems into opportunities. Thus, see the list of Unique Engagement Rings 2022.

Unique diamond engagement rings for women in white gold, and yellow gold

Unique engagement rings 

  1. Criss cut diamond ring
  2. Pear diamond unique Ring
  3. Unique engagement ring in baguette cut diamond
  4. Unique Toi Et Moi ring
  5. Old mine cushion unique ring
  6. Round shape diamond ring
  7. Unique pink heart halo ring
  8. Kangaroo shape diamond ring
  9. Emerald unique diamond ring
  10. Pear and Marquise unique diamond ring

Read all the unique diamond rings features and benefits for your convenience, if you want to make your purchase experience special and happy.

1. Criss cut diamond ring

This Criss cut diamond ring is made in 14kt yellow gold metal, which is the purest form of gold. In Criss diamond engagement ring, baguette and round shape diamond are used on the band and accent. The Criss diamond is used in 2.55-carat weight with VVS clarity and F color. 

VVS Diamonds have no more inclusions that affecting appearance of the ring and jewelry. That's why this criss diamond ring is made in VVS clarity grade to give that amount of love that you want from it. Surely, the criss diamond ring made your engagement occasion more special and capable.

Criss Diamond Rings makes your happy moments with pure romance and care

Shop now Criss cut diamond engagement ring

Have a look at this criss diamond ring's features and benefits.

  • Features of buying criss diamond ring

  1. Parallel cut diamond which shows the power of reflection lights.

  2. Baguette cut diamond provides lights with its cutting edges.

  3. A round shape diamonds carries the channel sets for a better appearance.

  4. VVS Diamonds and F color usage makes this criss-cut ring tangible for a love relationship.

  5. Having none fluorescence grade diamonds, which affects the diamond look
  • Unique criss cut diamond ring benefits

  1. All certified diamonds are used in this unique criss cut ring.

  2. The criss diamond has excellent symmetry grade for giving a better amount of sparkle.

  3. Baguette and Criss diamond fixed in prongs setting for great durability and hardness.

  4. Round diamond fixed in channel set with shared surface prongs style.

  5. Ring certifications will be provided with Hallmark stamping.

2. Pear diamond unique engagement ring

In this unique pear diamond engagement ring, art deco and engraving crafting have been done. VS Diamonds are used in this pear diamond unique ring with excellent symmetry grade. Thus, there is no doubt about buying this pear diamond unique ring within your budget.

A pear diamond is fixed under the basket, and round-shaped diamonds are fixed around it. While a pear diamond's ring band is curving with the round diamonds in a row format. Pear Diamond's unique ring has the potential to strengthen your love relationship.

Pear Unique Diamond Art Deco Ring Makes The Wearer's Appearance More Better With Elements

Shop now Pear diamond unique engagement ring

This pear unique diamond ring helps you to solve love relationship matters because it delivers a good message which is lost somewhere maybe.

In this diamond ring, certified pear and round shape diamonds are used, which secure your consumer rights. You purchased the right diamond ring for your love, and certification is your evidence for authenticating the purchase.

  • Features of pear unique diamond ring

  1. Excellent cut pear diamonds help to look appealing.

  2. Less Bow-tie effects to prevent more reflection.

  3. Rare combination of art deco style and engraving artmanship.

  4. Round diamonds are used to provide such a brilliant look for the wearer.

  5. Hallmark and certification available for 100% authenticated purchase.
  • Pear unique diamond ring benefits

  1. Delivers a smile and happiness into the love relationship.

  2. Mixture of halo and bridal set buyer get in this pear unique diamond ring.

  3. Features diamond symmetry in excellent grade for better light and shine reflections.

  4. Having a clear and transparent appearance from all the corners.

  5. Make a love symbol special and trustable with this diamond ring.

3. Unique engagement ring in baguette diamond

This unique engagement ring in baguette diamond is made especially for a proposal to love. Because a baguette diamond suggests the length of the relationship. VVS diamonds are used with E color grade for white, and rainbow hue reflection in this baguette cut diamond ring. 

Additionally, 14kt yellow gold metal was used to make this unique engagement ring carefully; after all, it will be your love symbolism.

Baguette Diamond Ring delivers the smile and enjoyment in love life due to clear appearance

Shop Unique engagement ring in baguette diamond

All diamonds are grisp with prongs setting in north-to-south directions for better handling and strength. A baguette diamond is the updated form of an emerald diamond with narrow width. 

Unique diamond bands are the choice for telling the three magical worlds in front of her without fear or concern. Unique diamond bands include eternity bands and channel bands available at the suggestion of the buyers. Unique diamond bands are available with less price with certification for purchase authentication.

Unique bands in diamond make the love relationship more special and optimum because it has that type of framework that which customer wants.

  • Unique baguette diamond ring's features 

  1. The round shape of gold prongs for great durability available.

  2. This unique diamond ring made in the 14kt yellow gold used for a ritzy appearance.

  3. Baguette antique diamond placed with exact dimensions and cutting styles.

  4. Certified diamond used in this unique engagement ring to proove the clear watered purchase. This unique baguette ring is made in the diamond cut of excellent grade.

  5. This unique baguette ring is suitable for engagement and wedding proposal. 
  • Unique diamond ring benefits in baguette shape

  1. When buy this unique baguetter shape diamond ring then100% transparent and trustable purchase for having a certification.

  2. Yellow gold metal ring fills the trustworthiness and capability in relationship to buy this unique baguette ring.

  3. This unique engagement ring has Hallmark stamping to authenticate buying evidence on the diamond band.

  4. Helping to secure the place in the lover's heart.

  5. Baguette diamonds makes this unique ring more special with its glittering looks.

4. Unique Toi Et Moi ring

Unique Toi Et Moi ring specially designed for women who want to look like a diva. In this Toi Et Moi Ring, emerald birthstone and oval shape diamonds are used with different color options. 5.55 carat weight emerald birthstone is greenish, while the oval diamond has a white hue. Usually, emerald is the type of birthstone which used to get spiritual benefits.

An oval diamond has a clear appearance from table to culet surfaces. 14kt yellow gold is used for making this oval and emerald Toi Et Moi ring. Emerald birthstone and oval diamond carry the prongs supports, which gives durability and strength to this Toi Et Moi ring.

Unique Toi Et Moi Ring tells the love thoughts from one heart to another heart. See now

Shop Unique Toi Moi Ring

  • Features of unique Toi Et Moi ring

  1. Toi Et Moi Ring has a combination of emerald birthstone and oval diamond to experience two stone wearing ring.

  2. Excellent cut grade for the oval diamond to release more sparkle.

  3. In this Toi et Moi ring, gold baskets covered with round diamonds engraving.

  4. Having certified diamonds on the Toi et Moi ring.

  5. Made with experienced craftsmanship for a sightly glorious look.
  • Unique Toi Et Moi ring Benefits

  1. This unique Toi Moi ring in diamond and birthstone features hallmark stamping available with evidence of true purchase.

  2. Emerald birthstone provides the spiritual benefits and it is placed in this unique Toi Moi ring.

  3. Yellow gold metal provides such a beautiful, shining appearance on the hand which used in unique engagement ring for women.

  4. From buying this Toi Moi ring certificate will be provided for transparent and clear transaction.

  5. Makes the proposal moments more special and precious when buy this Toi et Moi Ring.

5. Old mine cut diamond ring

In this Old Mine Diamond Ring, VS clarity and E color grade diamond are used with excellent symmetry and cut. With old mine cushion diamonds, pear shape diamonds are used with horizontal placement. This old mine cut diamond ring is the choice for a better proposal and surprises present because it carries a beautiful appearance.

Old mine cushion diamond and pear diamonds are fixed in the bezel set prongs settings, and bezel set settings are more secure than others. In this vintage diamond ring, old mine and pear diamond tell the era of traditional times. Thus, the buyer has to see first this old mine diamond ring before making a buying decision.

When a buyer wants to wear vintage rings with her choice of making, then this old mine diamond ring indicates her to select it.

Shop Unique Old mine cut diamond ring

If you are searching for an affordable and precious diamond ring with a gold option, then this vintage old mine ring acknowledges you to don't wander anywhere.

  • Features of old mine diamond unique ring

  1. The old mine diamond unique ring features the indication of true love symbolism with the making style.

  2. In old mine unique diamond ring, the pear diamond represents the clear looks for better sparklings.

  3. Unique old mine diamond ring features the bezel set framework to protect diamonds from uncertain fallen.

  4. Old mine diamond represents the ancient era in this unique engagement ring.

  5. Old mine diamond unique ring has bridge accent basket for getting more durability.
  • Old mine unique diamond ring benefits

  1. Old mine diamond ring makes the proposal moment vintage and traditional. This is the first benefit to buy a unique old mine diamond ring.

  2. This old mine unique ring available in white gold metal addition for a dazzling look.

  3. This diamond unique ring has strong metal framework to protect the beauty of the ring.

  4. This unique diamond ring in old mine has price at just $1300 in 10kt solid gold in one metal tone variation as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

  5. For purchasing this unique diamond engagement ring, the certification includes for a transparent purchase and increases authenticity.

6. Round shape diamond ring

In this round shape diamond ring, VS clarity and H color are used with prongs settings. Round shape diamond ring is the choice that still counts in the market and when a buyer wants to purchase a diamond ring, then consider a round shape first. Round shape diamond ring gives all the characteristics like better sparkling, clear looks, and transparent reflections. 

Round Shape Diamond Ring to reveal the love feeling towards your lover and realtionship

Shop Round Diamond unique engagement ring

The prongs settings of this diamond ring make it preferable because they grasp the diamond strongly. A round diamond carries the features of the triangle and heart-shaped facets around the surfaces; thus, this round diamond ring will become a good selection.

Your customization will be appreciated and considered, if you want it.

Have a look features and benefits.

  • Features of round shape diamond ring

  1. 3.10 carat round brilliant cut diamond sparks the lights engraved in the round shape unique ring.

  2. This round shape diamond ring has VS clarity used in the H color grade to release more amount of light reflection.

  3. In this round diamond unique ring, excellent polish grade used with certification.

  4. Unique round diamond ring made in 14kt white gold metal glitters to make it more optimum and precious.

  5. Round diamond unique engagement ring has shared surface prongs settings on the band similar to channel set.
  • Benefits of round shape unique diamond ring

  1. In this diamond unique ring, gold basket holds the 3.10-carat round diamond for more durability. It is the best diamond unique engagement ring for couples.

  2. Unique round diamond ring gas Hallmark stamping on the ring band to prove the transparency and authenticity.

  3. Unique diamond ring features the pure gold metal is used with a specific amount, and customization is available.

  4. Having authenticated certification to provide a better purchase experience when buying this unique diamond engagement ring.

  5. For an engagement proposal best selection is to reveal love thoughts, this round diamond unique ring helpful.

7. Pink heart halo diamond unique ring

In this pink heart halo diamond ring, the round shape diamonds release their light from all corners of surfaces. This unique pink heart diamond ring made with the VS clarity and combination of E color. In this unique heart diamond halo ring, 14kt white gold is used.

A Halo diamond ring has a more special appearance because it carries more diamonds that look best on the ring. A pink heart diamond is a sign of romance and trust, which makes the relationship trustable and strong.Heart diamond ring will delivers the smile to her face with love feelings and pure love

Shop Pink heart diamond unique ring

A pink unique diamond ring has always been in demand because the pink color represents calmness and supportive nature in love ocean and house. As a result, when people engage with their love, they select a pink diamond unique engagement ring. This is not a recent trend, but it's a tradition from ancient times.

  • Features of pink halo diamond ring

  1. Pink and white color round diamond used for sparkle reflection, placed in this unique halo engagement ring.

  2. Heart diamond represents the feelings from heart to mind and it makes this unique engagement ring preferable.

  3. In unique engagement ring for women, channel set framework is a desperately clever fixing craftsmanship, available in this ring.

  4. Heart shape structure makes the ring more special and precious. Thus, buy this heart diamond unique halo engagement ring.

  5. A unique engagement ring for women, prong setting holds the center pink diamonds with great durability.
  • Benefits of pink halo diamond ring

  1. This unique halo engagement ring helps to tell the the three magical words to her for having a pink heart diamond.

  2. In purchase of this unique pink diamond ring, certification bring with it for the authenticated evidence. 

  3. Unique engagement ring is made for to deliver the love of waves in the relationship.

  4. In unique diamond engagement ring having a particular bezel setting for diamonds for extra security from fallen.

  5. Unique engagement ring able to give dxquisite appearance to reflect the love feelings in the heart.

8. Kangaroo shaped diamond ring

A Kangaroo-shaped diamond ring is included in a unique engagement ring because it features an antique appearance. In this unique rings for women, the round shape, marquise cut, and triangle cut used. The metal is used in this Kangaroo shape unique ring is a 10kt solid gold and the variations possible. A Kangaroo is a trendy animal for its long-length jump. 

Thus, this Kangaroo diamond ring makes a love relationship more extraordinary, so lovers can easily skip the good part of romance. In this antique diamond ring, the triangle shape diamond is used, which is rare to be found.

Kangaroo Diamond ring helps the relationship to interact with your love for taken care of herself

Shop Kangaroo shaped unique diamond ring

A Kangaroo Diamond ring is the only selection for looking at antique diamond rings because if your lover likes animals, it will give her the message that you're taking care of her likes and dislikes.

  • Kangaroo shape diamond ring features

  1. Kangaroo diamond ring has a black marquise and a white round shape diamonds on the frameworks to make the proposal moment better.

  2. This unique kangaroo shaped diamond ring able to give constant light reflection from the made framework.

  3. In kangaroo shape unique ring, white gold metal used for giving shining to wearer's appearance.

  4. This unique diamond rings features the real Kangaroo animal from a foresight view.

  5. This unique ring for women's gives the finest looks from the structure of the front side.
  • Benefits of Kangaroo shape diamond ring

  1. This Kangaroo diamond shape unique ring made with a round excellent cut diamonds.

  2. This unique diamond ring is best selection for animal lovers in the form of diamonds.

  3. Unique ring in diamond includes the wearing experiences of vintage diamond ring.

  4. A unique ring for women comes with the certification available for getting authenticity from purchase.

  5. A women unique ring provide such a classic appearance on the hands.

9. Unique emerald diamond ring

This unique emerlad engagement ring made with VS diamonds and E color grade is used to make it optimum. The emerald diamond ring shows a clear appearance from the top view and it has no more inclusions. In this unique ring, 14kt yellow gold is used and it is the best choice for proposal rings.

The unique emerald ring engagement is a good selection for giving a proposal symbolize to her. The diamonds are fixed in different positions in this emerald ring, like apartment flats. The unique emerald diamond ring represents the craftsmanship that increases the wearer's appearance.

Emerald Diamond Ring with antique style makes it preferable for engagement ring

Shop Unique emerald diamond engagement ring

All emerald diamonds have different prong settings, and it's grasping the whole structure of the ring.

  • Features of unique emerald diamond ring

    1. This unique engagement ring in emerald carries the parallel and transparent faceting which helps the light reflections.

    2. In unique ring the fifferent prongs settings which hold the emerald diamonds from all angels.

    3. This diamond unique ring features the certifed diamonds in proper cutting and polishing styles.

    4. Unique ring for engagement looks like better in excellent symmetry grade diamonds which used in this women ring.

    5. This unique engagement ring features 14kt yellow gold and it is used for making the ring's looks finest and appealing.
    • Benefits of unique emerald diamond ring

    1. This unique ring able to give a look of vintage ring experience and make the personality better.

    2. Looking for the antique ring appearance, such as wearing a queen's ring, this unique diamond ring can fulfill that wish.

    3. Unique rings for women suits in yellow gold because it matches with the the shining atmosphere surrounding the wearer's finger.

    4. This emerald diamond unique ring provides the best selection who wants to give a gift to her love in the form of feelings.

    5. A unique diamond engagement rings for women gives the great chance to celebrate the special romantic moments and starts the love journey.

    10. Pear and marquise diamond unique ring

    Pear and Marquise diamond unique ring made with pure rose gold metal to replicate the love feelings. VVS diamond and E color diamonds are used in this antique ring for having such a glorious appearance. The metal tone of this unique engagement ring is the 18kt rose gold to fill the love moment in the relationship.

    This antique diamond ring has a curving framework just like flower branches. Pear and marquise shape diamonds are fixed in the format of the leaf of the tree on the ring. All diamonds have the grip of the prongs to secure the structure.

    This unique diamond ring available with 10% discount at all.

    Pear And Marquise Diamond Ring Made With Curving Bands In Rose Gold For Queen View

    Shop Pear and marquise diamond unique ring

    The sparkle reflection from this diamond unique ring shows true craftsmanship, and customers can get rewarded for purchasing it.

    • Features of pear and marquise diamond unique ring

    1. In unique engagement ring's combination the marquise and pear diamond lead from the front for the finest look.

    2. These curving bands of the unique engagement ring make the light reflection of pear and marquise diamonds more noticeable and transparent.

    3. Unique ring for women looks better in rose gold metal represents the romance between love birds.

    4. In diamond unique rings for engagement the prongs settings hold the diamonds strongly and it provides the stability to the relationship.

    5. Able to make a love relationship flexible with trustworthiness.
    • Unique engagement ring in pear and marquise benefits

    1. Unique engagement ring in pear and marquise diamond provides the vintage jewelry wearing experience.

    2. A unique engagement ring for women work as remover of far distance in the relationship.

    3. The unique ring for engagement is the sign of increase the love feelings in the heart and make the bonding stronger. That's why this unique ring is best choice for girlfriend.

    4. For looking the ritzy wearing experience as celebrities then this unique ring give that for having the classy structure.

    5. This engagement ring in unique made with the combination of pear and marquise diamond with the tree shaped style to give such a beautiful love moments where couples spend their most time.


    If you want more designs unique engagement rings, then you must visit our online store. We have an option for your customization jewelry. If you have own imagined design and trying to make it into reality, then release concerns from your shoulders.

    We serve many happy customers for their customized designs, and they would like our appealing craftsmanship. So, we hope you like our top 10 unique engagement rings for women. We know that we couldn't include all styles of diamond rings in this article but if you like to see those collections, kindly visit us.

    Buying the unqiue diamond rings from the list you can take one step forward to win your lover heart.

    Mention your favorite unique engagement ring in the comment section.

    Note:- Feel free to contact us; we're glad to hear you. We make all your moments full of happiness and enjoyment.


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