Top 5 Real Facts Of Diamond Symmetry

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Diamond symmetry is present the faceting and polishing style of particluar diamond. In other words, diamond symmetry has nickname and it known as "pavilion." When you see the pavilion faceting styles or arrows then it called as symmetry and it is very important to diamond's reflection sparkling lights. Customers and jewelrs select excellent and very good grade symmetry in the engagement rings and wedding necklaces.

  • What Is Diamond Symmetry?

A Diamond Symmetry guarantees that the diamond is able for purchase to the buyer who buys the loose natural diamond or lab-grown diamond. Also, if you know the diamond characteristics, you would know that the diamond has five cuts with names: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, respectively.


When you see the certified diamond, you will notice that symmetry is shown in the certification report for how the diamond reflects sparkle. In addition, we look forward to how diamond symmetry is the most important factor ahead of diamond clarity and color.

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But, what is the difference between Diamond Symmetry and Diamond Cut? Don't know, then stay engaged with this article to increase your knowledge about diamond Cut And Symmetry Grade.


  • Difference Between Diamond Cut Grade and Diamond Symmetry Grade?

As far as we know, Diamond has five types of cut grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, But the girdle faceting style decides the diamond cut. Let us clear this by taking an example. When choosing Good Cut Diamond, look at its girdle faceting style.

Do you notice something, HAA? No. Let's find it out. When you look at the diamond Girdle, there is some design placed like this:- It's an indicator Of Excellent Cut Diamonds. Because of the diamond's circumferences, the girdle is engraved with clever craftsmanship, and its width is narrow, which is necessary for gorgeous sparkling.

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Now, you say what are the Diamond Symmetry Grades and which link interacts with Diamond's Cut to Symmetry? Let's check it. 

In Diamond Symmetry, all thing is related to pavilion faceting style. In excellent symmetry grade, you can't be able to show the mismatching of faceting lines on the pavilion, and in reality, excellent symmetry grade has an exact measured faceting line on the pavilion.

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So, we found that Diamond Symmetry Grade is related to pavilion faceting lines which must be straight and matched with each other for sensational brilliant sparkling lights. At the same time, Diamond Cut Grade is relevant to diamond circumferences which also impacts the overall appearance of the diamond.

Thus, the difference between Diamond Symmetry Grade and Diamond Cut Grade is that Symmetry Grade is decided with pavilion facets. While Diamond Cut Grade is based on the width and length of the girdle surface.


  • Why Symmetry Grade Is Very Important In Diamond?

First of all, do you know the meaning of diamond symmetry? A Diamond symmetry represents the facets lines of the diamond placed on the Girdle, Table, And Pavilion; when diamond facets line placed on the pavilion with elegant craftsmanship that decides the look of the diamond.


If diamond facets lines are not placed with the same path that other facets matched, it prevents the light from reflecting on the eyes.

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Another Side, diamond symmetry is the key factor in your selection of diamonds. We placed a chart for explicit crystal knowledge for you to get accurate information about diamond symmetry. 

  • What Are Diamond Symmetry Grades?

If Diamond Grading Or Certification Report indicates Poor Symmetry Grade, then ignore that diamond. In Poor Symmetry Grade, Diamonds have mismatches faceting, which can be a problem for a diamond to sparkle at the top level.

Diamond Symmetry has five main types, which are known as follows:-

Symmetry Grades Speciality

1. Excellent Symmetry Grade

 All Pavilion Facets Are Placed With Exact Proportions
2. Very Good Symmetry Grade Some Pavilion Facets Are Not Placed With Exact Proportions
3. Good Symmetry Grade Diamond Pavilion Facets Are Not Matched As Excellent Symmetry Grade
4. Fair Symmetry Grade In Fair Symmetry Grade Diamond Pavilion Facets Are Not Matched With Each Other As Usual
5. Poor Symmetry Grade All Pavilion Facets Are Not Placed With Their Ideal Proportions, That's Why Poor Symmetry Grade Diamonds Are Ignored By 99% of Customers.


As a diamond expert, we recommend only Excellent Or Very Good Symmetry ahead of the rest symmetry types. For the overall appearance of a diamond,  symmetry plays all innings for a brilliant or ugly look.

If you don't know about diamond symmetry, you should read its types. After reading the classes, you should decide whether a diamond is ready for purchase or not?

Let’s take a look at the Chart Of Diamond Symmetry Types/Grades:-

  • What Is an Excellent Symmetry Grade?

In this type of symmetry, diamond reflects 4X brilliant light due to pavilion facets matching each other. At the same time, star facets are also placed with the best and most elite craftsmanship.

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A Brilliance, Scintillation, And Fire these three factors are required to sparkle with amazing lights which enter into diamond surfaces.

In Excellent Symmetry of Diamond, diamond facets are placed in frequent numbers and accurately. Also, in Excellent Symmetry Grade, there is a no mistake is found around Pavillion surface. 


  • What Is a Very Good Symmetry Grade?

In Very Good Symmetry, a Diamond reflects less light than an excellent cut diamond. But, it still gets demand for necklaces and bracelets. There is a minor difference in pavilion facets. In Very Good Symmetry, light reflects another way from the diamond table surface.

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You can choose Very Good Symmetry as the option of Excellent symmetry grade if you're on a tight and scheduled financial budget. Especially if you want a pendant or necklace with another shape of a diamond, then you can freely choose Very Good Symmetry Diamond.

  • What Is a Good Diamond Symmetry Grade? 

While talking about good-cut diamond symmetry, we recommend this type of symmetry when you’ve tight and inflexible financial provisions for purchasing a diamond. For example, the pavilion facets are not in their deserved place, which means diamond facets are placed in the unrequired place.

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On another side of the table surface, star and bezel facets are placed infrequently, a problem occurring when light enters through the diamond. In this Good Symmetry Grade, the entered light cannot exit from the center table surfaces.

As a result, the diamond sparkles with less shining lights (With Less Scintillation). So, the Good Symmetry Diamond is the best choice for a Halo style engagement ring.

  • What Is Fair Symmetry Grade Diamonds?

First of all, we do not recommend this Fair grade symmetry. Why? So, When the diamond passes the making process and gains Fair symmetry, it clearly hints diamond has a dull reflecting light ability. That is why 80% of people are not choosing Fair Symmetry Ahead Very Good Symmetry.

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When Fair Symmetry Diamond has placed on a ring, whatever the style is, This diamond symmetry grade destructs the eyes. Also, In Fair symmetry, a diamond has a flat crown surface with different facets that do not match to each other. So, that is very obvious not to give you the brilliance sparkle light.


  • What Is Poor Symmetry Grade Diamond?

A Poor Symmetry represents the High Thickness of the girdle; that’s the first reason. Because of the girdle's thickness, light could not enter the diamond surface with its full force. So while talking about the exit way of entering, light could not be able to reflect from the table surface. That's why this diamond symmetry is different from other types of symmetry.

The last type of diamond symmetry is “Poor Symmetry.”  For this reason, this symmetry is called “Poor Symmetry.” So let’s read and understand this symmetry to get 100% knowledge and info.

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In Poor Symmetry Of The Diamond, light is reflected from its endpoint(Culet). It's not reflecting upward. Also, In Poor Grade Symmetry, Light is invisible from the culet side. In addition, the most important thing is that on the table surface of the diamond, the facets are placed anywhere. Here, problems occur with reflecting such a brilliant sparkling light.

So, poor symmetry is not recommended from our point of view and extensive experience with diamonds. Although, This symmetry is getting only 3%(Analysis Of Customer Inquiry) demand from customers.

  • Diamond Expert Words On Symmetry Grades:-

After you see the meaning of diamond symmetry and its type, you are aware of getting the right and accurate symmetry diamond. If you’re purchasing a loose diamond or diamond jewelry, ask the seller for certification of diamonds with authenticating institutes like GIA, IGI, EGL, and SGL.

A Certified diamond is described as having necessary or unrequired characteristics of a diamond. In certification, diamond symmetry is also shown for buyers to decide to purchase it or not? 

So, we can say that A Diamond Symmetry is leading from the front of diamond overall glance.


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