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What Are Antique Shape Diamonds

Antique shape diamonds are known for their unique appearance through out anatomies

What are antique shape diamonds?

Antique cut diamonds are specialized crafted diamonds that are rare to be found in the market. In Antique cut diamonds, you can find different but exact proportions of the curving edges and surfaces such as diamond anatomy, diamond cut, and diamond symmetry.

Antique shape diamonds carry the same characteristics as brilliant-cut diamonds, but the difference between these two is their making and appearance. Thatโ€™s why antique diamonds have the identification from their crafting process.

Antique diamonds not having step-cut faceting on the anatomies but on the surfaces, they have a combination of parallel and step-cutting facets. When you want a customized shape of diamond such as Bull Cut, LORD BUDDHA CUT, Christmas Tree Cut, or Horse Cut, it will be available in demanded proportions and dimensions.

Old-cut diamonds are also involved in antique-cut diamonds because they represent ancient culture and tradition. Thatโ€™s why Old cut diamonds are different from fancy diamonds. Fancy diamonds have the same appearance as brilliant-cut diamonds. But, antique shape diamond combines brilliant cut diamonds and fancy shape diamond appearance.

Letโ€™s take a look at FAQs about antique-cut diamonds and clear your doubts.

What are old cut diamonds called?

Old-cut diamonds come from centuries ago to the earth. In old-cut diamonds, the appearance is fantastic and glamorous. When a diamond has a combination of parallel and step faceting on the anatomies, then it is called an Old cut diamond, known as an antique diamond.

Old cut diamonds are known for their milky and whitish appearance on the surfaces such as Table and Pavilion Surfaces. In addition, old-cut diamonds have a sign to identify them, like a transparent perspective.

Are old cut diamonds worth more?

Yes, why not. Old-cut diamonds are another form of antique-cut diamonds. Old-cut diamonds have an outlook which no diamond shape has. In short, theyโ€™re unique from the crafting to polish process. Thus, they succeeded in securing financial value. Thatโ€™s why old-cut diamonds are worth more.

For having more worth buying old cut diamonds their appearance and stability in price responsible. In the future, old mine diamonds will provide you with better financial situations. Thus, looking to buy old-cut diamonds now is an excellent chance to give shelter yourself.

What is the most classic cut of diamonds?

The classic cut diamonds are Bull cut, Horse Cut, Duck Cut, Lord Buddha Cut, and Christmas tree. Classic cut diamond means a great amount of sparkle reflections sources. A classic cut of the diamond is the antique diamond. In the classic cut diamonds a faceting patterns are matched with each facets when polish in better grades.

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What does an old cut diamond look like?

Old cut diamonds look like specialized crafted diamonds, such as you see in ancient cultures things. Old cut diamond appeared as the precious gift from ancient times and culture because it maintain the strength and light reflections. Old-cut diamonds appear to be the people's ancient traditional and cultural lives. Old cut diamonds look like an ancient time and history narrator.

What is the cheapest cut diamond?

Poor cut diamonds are the cheapest because on this diamondโ€™s girdle the patterns are very fat and look as ugly. Manufacturers are not gaining the cost of production from poor cut diamonds, so they sell it at 10-20% of the actual price. Therefore, a customer can save 80% of the money from being spent on buying diamonds.

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