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What Are Ouros Jewels Diamonds: Your FAQs Answered

[What Are Ouros Jewels Diamonds: Your FAQs Answered]-[ouros jewels]

As you go through the process of buying jewelry, you may have questions regarding how to select the best diamond, its origins, and the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds. Ouros Jewels' lab diamonds are certified as ethically sourced, indicating high ethical and sustainable sourcing standards. For a more in-depth look at diamond selecting, check out our diamond buying guide, but keep reading to find out what makes Ouros Jewels unique.


Q.1 What Is Ouros Jewels Purpose?

Ans.ย Ouros Jewels is committed to making the jewelry market by promoting transparency, the eco-friendly, best price, and trending. Our main goal is to make jewelry that you can wear with joy, customize without need compromising between high quality and moral integrity.

Q.2 Is Ouros Jewels Offering Conflict Free Diamond?

Ans.ย The answer is very clear and accurate. Ouros Jewels created conflict-free diamonds without doing any harm to the environment and society. In gemmologist terms, Ouros Jewels make lab grown diamonds which are known as conflict-free diamonds. Also, we make stylish and vintage jewelry with conflict free diamonds because we have the motive to maintain and sustain greenery on the planet. While in the conflict diamonds, the absence of a greener environment invites many artificial calamities like war, stealing, illegal activities. All of these calamities are the result of conflict diamonds. So, Ouros Jewels give you only conflict-free diamonds in the form of lab grown diamonds.

Q.3 What Is Ouros Jewels Policy On Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Ans.ย Ouros Jewels follows all the established laws for ethical sourced diamonds. Our customers always receive Lab-Grown diamonds. We never exceed all governmental regulations boundary walls for ethically sourced diamonds.

Q.4 Are Ouros Jewels Lab Grown Diamonds Certified?

Ans.ย Yes, Ouros Jewels lab grown diamonds are certified by authoritative certification institutions like IGI and GIA. Because we believe in transparency and trustworthiness, so we used only certified diamonds in the making of jewelry. If you want to buy a lab grown diamond from ouros jewels, you get all diamonds with a certification report. The certification report will clarify all details of lab grown diamonds. So, if you want to know more about certification reports, then read the certified lab grown diamonds article from the blog section.

Q.5 Are Lab Diamonds Real?

Ans.ย Yes. Lab created diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, as well as the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. They are real diamonds. Lab diamonds are scientific inventions reality. Lab created diamonds are nearly impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds with the naked eye.

Q.6 Which Is Preferable At Ouros Jewels: Natural Or Lab-Created Diamonds?

Ans.ย This decision is highly personal. Some clients respect the rarity of real diamonds, while others most choose the identical beauty and lower cost of lab-created diamonds.

Q.7 Do Ouros Jewels Diamonds Have IGI Certificates?

Ans.ย Ouros Jewels has one of the largest selections of IGI certified diamonds in the area, thus making sure each customer is absolutely confident of the quality of their diamond.

Q.8 How Affordable Are Diamonds From Ouros Jewels?

Ans.ย Our diamonds are priced competitively according to their different qualities. While lab-grown diamonds are often less expensive without compromising beauty or size, our natural diamonds are still an excellent value, especially given their ethical origins.

Q.9 Is Each Diamond At Ouros Jewels Real?

Ans.ย Yes, all diamonds from Ouros Jewels, whether lab-grown or natural, are 100% real and created of carbon.

Q.10 Are Ouros Jewels Diamonds Certified?

Ans.ย Yes, many of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), as well as other reputable organizations like the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab. These certifications ensure the gems' quality and authenticity.

Q.11 Can I Return A Diamond Or Exchange It For Another Item?

Ans.ย Once you place the loose diamond order from Ouros Jewels (Whether it's listed or a custom cut Order), does not eligible for return or cancellation, or exchange in any situations. Returns are processed within 7 Business Days for jewelry; please confirm with us before shipping the parcel. All the return items should be covered by the return policy conditions that we have sent you in the chat box.

Conclusion: Ouros Jewels Diamonds Ethical And Beautiful For Every Occasion

At Ouros Jewels, we are committed to providing you with diamonds that are not only stunning but also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Whether you prefer the unique charm of natural diamonds or the affordability and beauty of lab-grown diamonds, our wide selection ensures that you can find the perfect match for your style and values. All of our diamonds come with verified certifications, confirming their quality and origin. When you buy a diamond from Ouros Jewels, you are making a responsible decision that displays a commitment to eco friendly and ethical standards. Choose us for diamonds that will make every special occasion even more unforgettable.
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