What Is An Old European Cut Diamond?

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  • Introduction:-

    Today, this article covered an antique diamond cut history, its characteristics, benefits, and disbenefits. So, be ready to explore intriguing facts about an “Old European Cut Diamond.”

    There were many fewer varieties of antique cut diamonds in ancient times for customers. But, out of the types or varieties, Old European Cut Diamond stands alone.

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    In antique cut diamonds, only Old European Cut Diamond features Brilliant cutting and faceting style compared to Old Mine Cut Diamonds.

    • History Of Old European Cut Diamond:-

    For Old European cut diamonds, the demand trend started at the end of 1800, and tenure started in 1900. Some gemologists believe that Europe has invented this type of diamond called the “Old European Cut Diamond.”

    Between 1890-and 1935, the Old European Cut Diamond was invented, and after that tenure of high demand, it became world popular. As we know, some People collect antique and vintage things to make a collection. So, if they love diamonds, we assure you that they have Old Mine Cuts Diamond, Especially A Round Shape In Their Exquisite Jewelry.

    [Round Old European Cut Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Now, Old Mine Cuts Diamonds Still Have to Maintain Its Popularity Ahead Of Fancy Shapes Diamond. In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, customers get a big surface table size ahead of Modern Brilliant Round Cut Diamond. That is why people are choosing Old Mine Cut Diamonds.

    • Why Old European Cut Diamond Is More Important?

    If you are eager to know this question's answer, you first know Old European Cut Diamond’s characteristics. This answer is behind the Old European Cut Diamonds structure and making method.

    So, the characteristics of Old European Cut Diamonds Are As Follows:

    • Larger Table Surface Of Old European Cut Diamonds:-

    An Old European Cut Diamond has a larger table surface than Modern Brilliant Cut Diamonds. In Modern Brilliant Cut Diamonds, polish workers are trying to reach an excellent appearance of the diamond while they forget to maintain a common ratio of table surface, and the result is that the diamond has less table surface.

    [Round Old European Cut Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

    • Round Shape Facets On Center Table Surface:-

    In Round Old European Cut Diamond, pretty and tiny round shape facets are placed to enhance the diamond's beauty. A round table's facets are like a painter filling color on a canvas's unique painting. Also, Old European Cut Diamond has round shape facets, while in Modern Brilliant Cut Diamond, facets are placed in an arrow shape.

    • Brilliant Appearance As Fancy Shape Diamonds:-

    While we are talking about Old European Cut Diamond's brilliant appearance, its reflecting ability of sparkling light is excellent and finest as Fancy Shape Diamonds. Also, In Old European Cut, Diamond Girdle was placed with an excellent cut grade, making it preferable(Especially Round Old European Cut Diamond).

    [Round OEC Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

    • Crown Facets Are Sensational In OEC Diamonds:-

      When you choose Old European Cut Diamonds, you get swallowed crown surface, which is most important for the appealing overall appearance of the diamond. For example, when light enters through the surface of the table, then the second stage is the Crown surface which helps to release brilliant sparkling light.

      In Modern Brilliant Cut Diamonds, a crown is the most important object of brilliance and scintillation as Old European Cut Diamonds.

      • Old European Cut Diamonds Benefits:-

      In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, five benefits help the buyer and the society. First, is it very important to buy diamonds that are good for the environment or not? It must be the buyer's priority and must be followed by all of them for our planet's health.

      The benefits are as follows of Old European Cut Diamonds.

      1. Old European Cut Diamonds Are Environmentally Friendly, Which Means Old European Cut Diamonds Are Not Made To Harming Nature Cycle As Natural Diamonds.

      2. In Old European Cut Diamonds, Table Size Big Than Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

        [OEC Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]
      3. Fluorescence And Scintillation Are Available As Excellent Cut Diamonds In Old European Cut Diamonds.

      4. All Old European Cut Diamonds Have Excellent Grade Symmetry.

      5. Old European Cut Diamonds Have 20% Less Price Than Fancy Shape Diamonds Price.

      Important Tip:-

      On Old European Cut Diamond’s Center Table Surface Tiny Round Object Placed For Easily Identification. Also, Old European Cut Diamond Features Shallow Cut Grade(Rare Case).

      • Old European Cut Diamonds Disbenefits:-

      Old European Cut Diamonds also have Disbenefits as Fancy or Brilliant Cut Diamonds. So, let’s look at the disbenefits of Old European Cut Diamonds.

      1. Sometimes Old European Cut Diamond has different table facets, which means table surface facets do not match each other. As a result, they all are mismatched, reducing the overall appearance of the diamond.

      2. In Old European Cut Diamond, culet has not sharped edge as Modern Brilliant Cut Diamond. A Culet must be an affecting factor of the diamond because all sparkling lights are returned from here on the table surface. So, a soft culet edge can be dangerous for the gorgeous appearance of the diamond.

      3. On Old European Cut Diamond, sometimes the crown does not match each side. This means that the Old European Cut Diamond is mismatched.
      • Conclusion:-

      So, you are now aware of Old European Cut Diamond's history, characteristics, benefits, and disbenefits. An Old European Cut Diamonds can be the first elegant choice for engagement rings, Wedding Bands, earrings, and rest types of jewelry.

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      In Old European Cut Diamonds, the buyer gets a cloudy and transparent look from the diamond. That is why Old European Cut Diamond succeeded in getting 40% more demands than last year's demands.