What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

[Old Mine Cut Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]


When Modern Brilliant Cut was not invented around the late 1700s, antique cut diamonds were used for stylish jewelry in ancient times. In Antique Cut Diamonds, there are two types used for gorgeous jewelry, and the names are as follows:- the first is Old Mine Cut Diamonds, And the second is Old European Cut Diamonds.

[Old Mine Cut Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

Today in this article, we fall light on Old Mine Cut Diamonds History, Characteristics, and Benefits. Also, we clarified the subject of Can Old Mine Cut Diamonds is tough competitors Round Modern Brilliant Cut Diamond?

For an answer, read this article for the exact knowledge of Old Mine Cut Diamonds. So, let's start with a roller coaster ride of how Old Mine Cut Diamonds are still in demand for four centuries after their origin.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds History:-

In Old Mine Cut Diamonds History, some researchers are told that when Africa started producing or originating diamonds from the "Old Mine." Then it was called "Old Mine Cut Diamonds." 

When Africa was not aware of Diamond's origin, Brazil and India was the major producer of the Old Mine Cut Diamonds. In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, the diamonds were cut with the hand and did not use any extravagant types of equipment for an exquisite appearance.

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Without extravagant polishing equipment, the diamond may lose its brilliant appearance. But, in Old Mine Cut Diamonds, there is no chance to lose its brilliant natural appearance. In that way, Old Mine Cut Diamond is still a favorite choice for antique diamond lovers, and also Old Mine Cut Diamonds are famous among our younger generation.

An Old Mine Cut Diamond usually has a squarish shape like a princess cut diamond, but it's not a princess diamond cut. In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, facets are placed with the finest craftsmanship without advancing technology. So, this fact makes Old Mine Cut Diamonds preferable to Old European Cut Diamonds for antique and vintage style jewelry like Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond Ring.


Elements Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds:-

Some Characteristics Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds are the same as Old European Cut Diamonds. Characteristics include a small table, the big surface of the crown, brilliant appearance, scintillation, and fire.

So, let's take a look brief and accurate description of Old Mine Cut Diamonds Characteristics:-

  • Small Center Table Surface:-

A center table surface in Old Mine Cut Diamonds is small, while an Old European Cut Diamonds table surface is 10-20% larger than Old Mine Cut Diamonds. 

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Also, Old Mine Cut Diamonds features an "X" sign facet on the center table surface, while In Old European Cut Diamonds, there are round-size facets placed.

  • Big And Swallowed Crown Surface:-

Old Mine Cut Diamond features a large and more swallowed crown surface than Old European Cut Diamonds. In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, a crown facet is swallowed from all four side corners, making it the finest choice for an engagement ring or matching wedding diamond bands. 

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Especially, In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, crown facets are matched with each other without advanced and modern technology.

  • Old Mine Cut Diamond Has Brilliant Appearance:-

When we talk about Old Mine Cut Diamond's appearance, it is classy and luxurious ever. In Old Mine Cut Diamond, crown and pavilion symmetry are matched. A sparkling light is reflected with an elite appearance through the facets for having ideal grade symmetry.

  • Scintillation And Fire Placed:-

When Old Mine Cut Diamonds are placed in a dark place, it shows scintillation and fire as Modern Cut Diamonds. A scintillation features when an excellent spark of light. In the primitive human age, when people conflict with two rocks, then the light was generated, called "Scintillation."

[Old Mine Cut Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

While fire represents a reflecting light of Old Mine Cut Diamonds. For fire meaning, we can say that when the yellow light is reflecting from the table surface of the diamond. 

  • Available In All Color Grade:-

We can say that an Old Mine Cut Diamond is available in all grades of color. Usually, Old Mine Cut diamonds have a G to J color grade, which represents the nearly colorless appearance of the diamond. If you want to colorless grade of diamond, that can also be an appealing option for exquisite antique diamond jewelry.

  • Do Old Mine Cut Diamonds Have Benefits?

As all diamonds have their benefits, then Old Mine Cut Diamonds(Type Of Antique Cut Diamonds) are not so far from those benefits. Also, Old Mine Cut Diamonds have benefits are as follows:-

  • Eco-Friendly Diamonds:-

An Old Mine Cut Diamonds feature a badge of "Eco-Friendly Diamonds." This type of diamond is made in the process of Lab-Grown Diamonds. At the same time, other types of diamonds originated from the mines. Mined diamonds are called "Blooded Diamonds" and "Inviter Of Natural Calamities."

  • Price Friendliness:-

The price of Old Mine Cut Diamonds has 15-20% less than in Old European Cut Diamonds. For the price friendliness of Old Mine Cut Diamonds, the clear logic is that they're made without extravagant machines and technology. Instead, an Old Mine Cut Diamonds made with entirely handcrafted artistry by the diamond worker.

  • Elegant Appearance Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds:-

When Old Mined Cut Diamonds have crafted with the hand of a diamond worker, it increases the overall appearance of the diamond. With Brilliant Appearance and Excellent Symmetry grade scale of Old Mine Cut Diamonds makes its classy choice of any type of diamond jewelry.

[Oval Old Mine Cut Diamonds]-[Ouros Jewels]

An Old Mine Cut Diamonds are not used as the solo in jewelry but also in Holy wearing rings and pendants, which protects negative symptoms from entering the body.

Important Tip:-

An Old Mine Cut Diamonds Have “X” Sign Facets With Double Line. Also, Old Mine Cut Diamonds Are Cross Size Table Surface And On Center Tiny Round Size Circle Placed For Authenticate.

When Purchasing Old Mine Cut Diamonds, Always Keep Remember About The Certification Of That Particular Cut Diamonds.

Usually, Old Mine Cut Diamonds are founded in a cushion cut, but there is a change now. Recently, we introduced the Old Mine Oval Cut Diamonds with brilliance and scintillation.

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  • Conclusion:-

If you are searching for a classic diamond ring for engagement, old mine cut diamonds are still an excellent choice. An old mine cushion cut diamond ring is known as a "precious diamond ring" due to its framework.

It can be enough for inspection after reading about Old Mine Cut Diamond's history, necessary characteristics, and benefits. Old Mine Cut Diamonds still maintain their demands in people's minds after four centuries. But, now, there's no exaggeration to say that "Old Mine Cut Diamonds" has emerged as a tough competitor of Modern Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

In Old Mine Cut Diamonds, there are all benefits and standards available, which diamonds must have to give enough satisfaction to buyers. Also, Old Mine Cut Diamonds have the badge of "Antique Cut Diamonds," so these cut diamonds can be appealing to vintage lovers.