What Is Blue Nuance In Diamond?

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  • Meaning Of Blue Nuance Diamond:-

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the earth, whatever the type is like Natural Diamond or Lab-Grown Diamond. On the Diamond surface, many factors affect the overall appearance. Also, Diamond cutting and polishing styles are the key factors that decide the Diamond looks on jewelry.

But, out of the factors, Blue Nuance is the most controversial and trending topic on the Diamond. In addition, Some people are threatened to purchase the Blue Nuance Diamond due to less sparkle, Really? No. It’s not a reality. When a Diamond has nuance, then it’s not a judging factor to purchase it or not. 


Diamond Nuance is not naturally placed, but sometimes Diamond fails to cover the pressure then, it leaves the sign called “
Nuance.” In Gemological Terms, we can say that a Nuance is not affecting a Diamond's appearance. For example, a Diamond Nuance is not affecting the sparkle that a Diamond releases on the eyes. So, don’t worry about that.

  • What Is Blue Nuance In Lab-Grown Diamond?

You now know why Diamonds are called “Lab-Grown” because they were created in a specific laboratory that is eco-friendly and man-friendly environments. So when Diamonds are produced in Lab, they are called “Lab-Grown Diamond.” Also, when Diamonds are produced from the Lab method, they have to bear thousands of Celsius of temperature.

So, when they tolerate this type of such a high level of temperature and pressure, then some signs are leaves on the surface of Diamonds. Any clever craftsmanship does not remove these signs from polish and cutting. So, the signs are the symbol of a Diamond's toughness.

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A Blue Nuance is the factor that buyers consider when purchasing a Diamond. He thinks that if the Diamond has blue nuance, it affects and disturbs his elegant jewelry. But unfortunately, we found that 78% of customers have not believe in purchasing the Blue Nuance Diamond.  

But the reality is different from their thinking. Diamond Blue Nuance is not know as defects of Lab-grown Diamond, but it’s an indicator of elegance beauty of the Diamond. When you purchase the colorless Diamond, you think you purchased the sparkly Diamond, so no doubt on it ! you’re right. 

On the other hand, Blue Nuance Diamond reflects two types of sparkle, and its name is as follows:- the first is White colored sparkle, and the Second is the Blue colored. So, if you have purchased the Blue Nuance Lab-grown Diamond, then wear it in an Lab Diamond engagement ring or wedding band proudly.

  • Do Natural Diamonds Have Blue Nuance As Lab-Grown Diamonds?

We must clarify this question in deep and with crystal clearity. Natural Diamonds are found in mines, and they don’t face the pressure level as Lab-Grown Diamonds. But Natural Diamonds tolerate higher pressure than Lab Diamonds from the digging machines in the mines.

Also, Natural Diamonds are precious stones which found naturally. So, sometimes Mined Diamonds also have Blue Nuance as the sign of pressure and heat.

In Mined Diamonds, during the digging process, the machines have a giant amount of force required to break the wall of mines. At the same time, Diamonds are found under the wall, so when workers try to brake the mine wall, they don’t know about the Diamonds cluster. Workers are continuously trying to break the rock which has Diamonds. 

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While Diamond Mined Workers hit the rock, the upper Diamonds bear the power of the hit. So, in Mined Diamonds, the Blue Nuance signifies the digging process. But, remember one thing, Due to Blue Nuance, Natural Diamond’s appearance doesn't affect as Lab-Grown Diamond.

  • Battle Of Diamond Fluorescence V/s Diamond Nuance:-

You know that Diamond is measured with the color grade, but why?? Let’s check it out. The Diamond’s color grade assures you that Diamond’s throwback sparkle in a lightning environment. Many customers are known that the color grade measures Diamond’s sparkle light grade. But, stop, in Diamond’s color grade, you can only know the sparkle ability in the gleamed environment.

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But if you wander in a dark environment in the jungle and you wear the engagement ring, then the Diamond ring sparkles then, and it clears an indication of the brilliant Diamond’s fluorescence. This is the power of Diamond Fluorescence. Likewise, when the Diamond is polished with clever artistry, the polish quality checker shows the Diamond’s flashing ability in Dark Environment with Ultraviolet Rays. 

Fluorescence of the Diamond has the mindblowing appearance of blue colored lights. If you want to search Diamond’s surfaces defects you can easily show them in the Fluorescence machine. If a Diamond releases the rainbow color and brilliance through all its surfaces then it scales at Very Strong Fluorescence grade.

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In addition, Diamond Fluorescence has five types of grades. If you want to know about the Diamond Fluorescence’s grade, then stay engaged with us.

On the other side, Diamond Nuance is totally different from Diamond Fluorescence. Let's check the difference and why it could be happening? Because Natural Diamond and Lab-Grown Diamond has the same process from rough to polish. Many customers are confused between Fluorescence and Nuance.

Diamond Nuance is the not sign of the defected originated process or polishing process. It’s the symbol of the Diamond’s tolerated ability. When the Diamond is scaled with “E color grade”, then it shows the brilliant sparkling ability of the Diamond(Colorless Diamond).

But, the Diamond’s color grade is the showing mirror of the sparkle and splash efficiency in a natural light environment. Sometimes, Diamond Grade Color is not telling about the Nuance.

In addition, Diamond Nuance tells the buyer that Diamond features a stylish and appealing look from its foundation. Sometimes, a Diamond polish worker or laser machine operator is more pressurized on Diamond’s surfaces. As a result, when the Diamond is ready through the polishing process, some facets reflect blue color light. So, that reflecting blue light is the “Blue Nuance.”


  • Can I Purchase Blue Nuance Lab-Grown Diamond?

Yes, Definitely You can freely purchase the Blue Nuance Appearance Lab-Grown Diamond proudly. Understands that Nuance is not a defect but is an auspicious sign on a Diamond’s surface. When Diamond sparkles reflects, a Nuance is beneficial for you as an owner.

Especially in Lab-Grown Diamonds, Blue Nuance was found due to its making process “HPHT Process.” But, don’t worry, you get two types of reflecting colors light in Blue Nuance Diamond.


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If some Diamonds have Blue Nuance facets, feel relaxed because the Nuance does not affect Diamond's appearance. In addition, you can select the Blue Nuance Diamond for your engagement ring and wedding accessories. 

  • Is any Color Of Nuance Available at Diamond Surfaces?

First of all, Diamond is made with the boron substance. A Boron is known for its crystallization and appearance. When in Lab-Grown Diamond HPHT making process, Diamond seed is mixed with up the boron element then it heated around the 3000°C temperature.

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When the boron was melted and spread on Diamond's internal & external surfaces, it left a sign called “
Blue Nuance.” In rare cases, the Lab Diamond surfaces are grown with extra pressure and heat. The pressure lefts the Nuance in the orange, red, pink, and yellow colors. So, You can buy the Nuance Diamond happily for your emerald and diamond engagement ring.

  •   Is Blue Nuance Diamond's Jewelry Worth Buying?

A Blue Nuance Diamond can be the perfect choice for your engagement and wedding accessories. Diamond is the hardest substance on the earth, so the Nuance doesn’t affect its durability and toughness. Also, Blue Nuance Diamond is made for colorful sparkle lovers. Now, most couples are preferred Blue Nuance Lab-Grown Diamonds for their engagement rings.

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You can also buy the Nuance Diamond’s Jewelry for your marriage anniversary, such as Bracelet, BANGLES, Earrings, and other types. If you need a Diamond purchase guide from our store, you freely contact our experienced gemologists. They guided you accurately and solved all your concerns regarding the purchase of Blue Nuance Diamond.

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