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White Gold v/s Platinum: A Difference

[White Gold And Platinum Difference]

White Gold and platinum metal look the same becuase they have the same color appearance, but when you know their truth or reality, like how they carry purities and qualities it, will be shown in this article. Also, see the benefits of white gold and platinum, then decide which is best for you. You can easily understand this article because it is written in a manageable level of language.

  • Fundamental difference between platinum v/s white gold:

A Fundamental Difference Of white gold and platinum is the alloying of other metals like palladium and other types of metals. Platinum is durable and glitters more than white gold becuase platinum is made with pure 95% of its components. White gold is mixed up with other elements of metals like palladium and rhodium. So, platinum has more purity than white gold.


  • How is 18kt white gold made?

18kt white gold metal made with the combination of a floating form of pure yellow gold and palladium or rhodium metals. In White Gold Metal, Yellow Gold has been added with the demanded variation like for 18KT White gold then 75% pure yellow gold taken and rest 25% other metals like palladium are added for durability.


  • How does 950 platinum metal get durability?

For making 950 platinum metal, the natural platinum element is mixed up with other metals like palladium from the chemistry process. In 950 Platinum metal, 95% of pure platinum was added for such a brilliant look, and the rest, 5% are alloyed with other types of metal to provide sustainability.

When you look at platinum metal and white gold metal in the same hands, then you can’t differentiate between them. So yes, it’s the truth. They both have the same appearance in white color. But, your mind urges the question about the different pricing of platinum and White Gold.

[Platinum Metal Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

So, when you go to purchase a platinum Metal Engagement Ring, the Jeweler asks you 30% more capital than an 18kt white gold engagement ring. But Why??

The difference between platinum and White Gold is very clear. Platinum has strong durability than White Gold Metal. Yes, some jewelers said white gold is tougher than platinum. As a customer, you are confused between the selection of platinum And White Gold. So, stay engaged with us for all answers. 


  • What is platinum metal?

A platinum Metal is very popular with its sparkle and exquisite appearance. In 950 platinum, 95% platinum is mixed up with 5% other alloy metal ingredients for toughness, such as 18KT white gold metal. Platinum is found naturally; it can't be created as white gold metal. So, platinum is a natural substance that carries its naturality with itself. Platinum has a more gorgeous appearance than other metals. As a result, 45% of customers choose 950 platinum metals for their wedding bands and engagement rings.

Platinum Metal is also found in specific mines. But compared to gold mines, platinum mines are available in a few numbers. A block of platinum is also found in the form of a gold block, but its color is different from yellow gold. If you want the best sparkling metal for your engagement ring or wedding bands, then no doubt select 950 platinum is the top choice. 

[Platinum Metal]-[Ouros Jewels]

Platinum is a formation or pattern of chemicals found in the mined or under the rocks. When mined workers are willing to find platinum in the block, they do artificial blasts in the mines. After the explosion's pressure hit the stone, platinum was founded in the form of liquid.

While platinum was formed in the block pattern with some process, it is ready for use in jewelry and the medical industry. If you want better shines and an optimum look, choose 950 platinum for your love-symbolism diamond ring.

  • Why should I choose 950 platinum metal? 

Platinum has more shining ability than white gold metal because platinum is pure than white gold metal. Platinum metal has more durability than white gold metal due to its foundations and natural characteristics. So, platinum metal is selected by whom look for glittering looks from jewelry. Platinum is made with fewer chemical experiments because sometimes the chemical process might affect the natural beauty of platinum. That's why 950 platinum metal is purest than other metals.

Platinum is the famous and most stylish metal type, which has 70%usage in the jewelry industry, and the rest is used in the medical industry for cancer therapy. Platinum has the following benefits and helps to make it more preferable than 18KT white gold metal. Platinum has bright and is more sustainable than 18KT white gold, which shows its big benefit.

950 platinum Metal has bright silver color than white gold metal. So if you tell the jeweler to make white gold as platinum, he recommends you choose only platinum metal.

1. Platinum has more shining ability from its foundation:-

Platinum is the only metal which not rub to increase its shining ability. At the same time, 18KT white gold was rubbed with the rhodium plating to shine as platinum metal. Fortunately, platinum metal is added to the engagement ring with its natural formation. Only 5% of alloy metals are added to the 950 platinum ring for solid durability.  

In short, if you want such a stunning shining appearance as white gold, then you can choose 950 platinum Metal.

[Platinum Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

2. Platinum is durable than white gold metal:-

Platinum is durable than white gold metal because it has purity and durability. In platinum jewelry, the buyer doesn't need to give jewelry for polish because platinum sustains its natural beauty for 2-3 years. When a buyer purchase jewelry in 18kt white gold, then you can’t be able to maintain its original beauty as newly purchased. 18kt white gold requires polish within 12-15 months for a stylish appearance. In contrast, platinum metal doesn’t require polish in just 1.5 years from purchase. As we know, platinum has 95% purity, and only 5% alloy other metal is added.

[Platinum Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

Platinum has more toughness than 18kt white gold. So, Yaa, it’s the correct factor. In platinum, toughness has been added from its foundation. We found that one section of Jewelers told us that platinum doesn’t have as strongness as 18kt white gold.

At the same time, other Jewelers have a strong belief that White Gold has not as hard as platinum. Therefore, we recommend that you can choose 950 platinum metals for sustainability.

3. Platinum metal makes a forever love signed jewelry: 

Platinum metal is known for its long-lasting ability. That’s why 41% of customers prefer platinum metal for their engagement rings. In addition, you can choose platinum metal if you are allergic to wearing white gold or yellow gold. Platinum will maintain your love of signed jewelry forever and looks like it as newly purchased. So, platinum metal helps to keep your love moments in jewelry and tell your grandchildren about your love story. Platinum jewelry is the sign or proof of your love to show to your grandchildren.

Platinum doesn’t harm your health but attracts wealth and luck. Now many celebrities wear platinum Jewelry to increase faith in their life. Also, platinum is your all-time motivation guide to solve your problems. (studies show)

  • What is white gold metal?

White gold is the converted form of yellow gold metal. So, it’s the reality of white gold metal. In addition, when the jeweler wants to make 18KT white gold metal, he takes 75% of yellow gold. Then, after taking yellow gold, he takes identical proportions of palladium, silver, and nickel metals and alloys these metals with yellow gold. After adding metals then, the work is based on rhodium plating. After the gold color became yellow to white, then white gold metal was ready to be added to jewelry.

Usually, gold is found in yellow color, which you know as a “yellow gold metal.” But, do you think about the key link between white gold and yellow gold metal? Right? So, we start to fall on the light between the yellow and white gold difference. White gold is very similar in appearance to platinum, but there’s a major difference that everyone does not know.

[White Gold Metal]-[Ouros Jewels]

When a customer wants a white gold metal in his jewelry, the jeweler starts to do rhodium plating on the yellow gold metal. Then, jewelers use equipment to give brightness to the yellow gold, known as “w
hite gold metal making.”


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  • Why should I choose white gold metal? (Benefits of white gold metal)

White gold is the alternative option to platinum because expert jewelers can't tell the difference between white gold and platinum. With white gold benefits, buyers can save an excessive amount to be spent on platinum, which is best for engagement rings, harder than platinum. 

1. White gold is an affordable option for engagement rings:-

The buyer has to pay for 18kt white gold metal jewelry with 30% less than the platinum metal price for the same designed jewelry. With that 30% saved price, you can invest in any beneficial or financial activities. Suppose you want a splendid appearance like platinum Metal, and you are stuck on a tight budget. So, don’t worry. White gold is an affordable option for your engagement rings. Also, white gold metal is now the trending metal type for wedding rings. Some couples like to wear White Gold Metal in their engagement rings or earrings.

2. White gold has 20% less brightness than platinum metal:-

White gold is the form of yellow gold and other metals amalgamation. In the battle of brightness between white gold and platinum metal, White Gold reflects only 20% less than platinum metal. So, the clear winner for brightness is platinum Metal. But, white gold metal still grips the brightness which you expect from gold jewelry, so you can freely select white gold.

White gold has the same brilliant appearance as platinum metal. In addition, if you don’t like to wear platinum, then white gold is quite a better choice. White gold metal comes in variations like 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. Among these variations, 18kt white gold has 75% gold and 25% alloyed with other metals.

[White Gold Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]


3. White gold is much harder than platinum:-

In 950 platinum, 95% platinum metal and 5% alloy of other metals are added. While in 18kt white gold, 75% gold has been used, and 25% of other metals are alloyed. So, white gold is much harder here than platinum because it consumes less pure gold. On the other hand, pure 24KT gold is very soft and easily scratchable in liquid form, so jewelers try to make tougher gold.

Other metals like palladium and silver are necessary to give durability to an engagement ring or any other type of white gold jewelry. So,18kt white gold metal is preferable if you want long-lasting durability.

[White Gold Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

  • Platinum or white gold, which is better for engagement ring?

If you are looking for something special which is durable and finest, then platinum metal is the best choice for your engagement ring. While you are searching for common metals like white gold for an engagement ring, then you get 30% less sparkle than platinum metal. But, still now, white gold is a priority for 78% of customers when they are going to purchase a white gold engagement ring. For an engagement ring, you can turn your hand to white gold metal, which is a good, affordable, and durable option.


  • Platinum and white gold durability:-

White gold metal has more durability than white gold metal because other strong types of metals are added to it, which provides more protective nature. So, platinum has less durability than white gold. Also, platinum has a protective shield due to its making, and it can be reduced all dust and pollution from your jewelry. Platinum is known as 950. But what does this indicate? It indicates that 95% pure platinum metal is used for ornaments or jewelry. But, only 5% of other metal mixup amounts make platinum less durable than white gold. 

White gold has different variations like 10KT, 14KT,18KT, and 24KT. But, only 24KT white gold is purest and other variation of gold has alloy of other metals. White gold metal is still in demand worldwide for engagement rings or wedding rings.

If you ask us for the durability of platinum and white gold, then we recommend white gold metal for such long durability.


  • Difference of white gold and platinum engagement rings and Jewelry:-

The difference between white gold and platinum jewelry is very clear. White gold jewelry is available at a cheap price than platinum jewelry. While platinum jewelry demands 20-30% more price than white gold jewelry. So, the difference between white gold and platinum jewelry is the price, durability, and appearance.

If you want to know the difference between white gold and platinum engagement rings, then you should have a fundamental between white gold and platinum. White gold engagement rings have best looks than platinum engagement rings. After you understand the fundamentals from the above clear-cut points then, you can self-decide what you will get. So, check out the rings of white gold and platinum ring.

White gold and platinum look the same, but they have different benefits, as we discussed above. 


1. White Gold Hoop Earrings:- 

White gold hoop earrings are the best choice for your valentine's birthday present or marriage anniversary presents. In white gold hoop earrings, you notice the sensational sparkling ability and optimum looking. 78% of women like white gold hoop earrings becuase they play a key role in increasing their appearance. So get these white gold hoop earrings for your better half's birthday and engagement anniversary present.

[Princess Cut White Gold Earrings]-[Ouros Jewels]


2. White gold tennis bracelet:-

In white gold tennis bracelet, you have to see the elegant appearance on your valentine's hand. When you get this type of white gold tennis bracelet then, you have a chance to express your love feelings. You can modify this type of white gold tennis bracelet to your valentine's taste. If you have to customize a white gold tennis bracelet, then we have happily done it for you, and we assure you that you will get a precious white gold bracelet.

[White Gold Tennis Bracelet]-[Ouros Jewels]


3. White gold engagement rings

In couples, white gold engagement rings are famous for its glittering appearance. In the white gold engagement ring, the ring shank and bridge accent part is engraved with white gold. Instead of yellow gold metal, white gold diamond engagement rings are famous, and 70% of wedding couples select white gold rings. 

[White Gold Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

In addition, white gold engagement rings are readily available in any jewelry. White gold engagement rings glitter more than other metal types. In white gold engagement rings, you can't show the scratches easily.

4. White gold bracelet for men

White Gold Bracelet For Men is the best gift from you to your husband or brother on their birthday. You have to chance to reveal your inner heart feelings towards them and thank them for their support to you in any situation. A white gold bracelet is the finest selection for gifts on special occasions like engagements or anniversary presents. So, get it now from us, and don't worry for your masterpiece. We will make it more classy and stylish.

[White Gold Men Bracelet]-[Ouros Jewels]


5. White gold necklace:

A white gold necklace is quite a better choice for wedding wear. If you want your wedding grander, then you have to select this white gold necklace for your better half or your fiancee. This white gold necklace is specially designed for wedding wear, especially for the bride. So, select now to express your love feelings towards your valentine.

[White Gold Necklace]-[Ouros Jewels]


  • Expert words on platinum and white gold:

In our analysis of platinum and white gold, we tell you that platinum metal wins all levels of standardized sections as sensational appearance, purity, rare to be found, and the sign of goodwill attract wealth to the wearer. Also, platinum is very easy to wear for allergic people who react to chemicals.

White gold is not far away chosen as an alternative option for platinum metal. You can get 27% more durabilityin white gold than in platinum metal. White gold metal is still in demand since its foundation. On the other hand, platinum has become a luxurious choice for customers. So, you can choose platinum metal to represent your love symbolism with accuracy and full of confidence.

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