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2 Carat Diamond Rings The Modern Buying Guide For 2023

2 carat pink pear diamond engagement ring for women

Every couple has a right to live happily with their spouse from a thread of emotional attachement and sympathy. Both individuals have the desire to enjoy themselves without any stress and desperation. They want to spend much time with their love partners to relieve depression and anxiety.

So, you have a question: how can couples live their lives with happiness even when surrounded by problems? The answer is a sign and symbol of love. The love sign is known as an engagement or wedding ring because it is always found on the hand of a love partner, which signifies remembrance of the spouse and those beautiful moments.

Exchanging the rings is not a task to perform formally, but it refers to emotional attachment, romance, love, gratitude, and commitment. You're offering your own life to your spouse, right? So, the ring for her could be in the perfect quality and condition that elaborately describes your emotions.

The engagement and wedding rings are made with diamonds and colored gemstones that look brilliant. But the condition is that you have to select the diamond's color, clarity, cut, and carat weights properly. This is called the 4cs of diamonds. You have to know its importance in cost and appearance.

In the 4cs of diamonds, the carat weight is the most important factor to consider when opting for diamonds for rings because it affects the overall appearance. The diamond carat ranges from .30 to 10.00 in weight and can vary from shape to shape.

In this article, we will discuss what 2-carat diamond ring is and why it matters to select for engagement. Also, the best shape, 4cs grades, metal, and ring styles to be chosen will be described here.

Ultimately, you can see the appearance of the different 2-carat diamonds in the engagement rings. Stay engaged with the ending to make an informed decision.

What Is A 2-Carat Diamond Ring?

The 2-carat diamond ring represents the weight of the stone measured in milligrams and carats. So, in 2-carat diamond, the stone has 400 milligrams in weight, and it's not referred to as metal or material, but it's symmetrical structure weightage that the diamond has. With a 2-carat diamond ring, you can get wider and longer surfaces of the stones that look captivating and ideal in quality.

In 2-carat diamonds, you can get different appearances from stone's shape to shape. For example, a 2-carat emerald cut diamond looks longer than a same-carat weighted round brilliant one. While a for the same carat weight square princess cut diamond has a broader surface than the same elongated modern radiant cut. The cost of the 2-carat diamonds significantly varies.

Remember, the 2-CTW (Carat Total Weight) and a single 2-carat diamond ring differ. The 2-CTW considers when the ring has small and big diamonds combination on the bands and center place. While only a 2-carat ring refers to the center diamond having 400 milligrams of weight. The carat weight has nothing relation with the size, also remember that.

Are Two-Carat Engagement Rings Looks Big Enough?

The answer is yes. A two-carat diamond engagement ring looks big enough than a typical 1-carat ring. In the 2-carat rings, the wider and longer surfaces of the diamonds look elegant and offer such beautiful brilliance reflections. But, the appearance of these weighted diamonds varies in shape.

For example, the 2-carat oval and marquise shapes have more length in 9 MM and 12 MM, respectively. While same-carat round or cushion cut diamonds feature 8 MM and 7 MM sizes, representing the width over length. Thus, keep in mind when purchasing the 2-carat diamond ring for engagement, make sure you consider the size, too.

The cost of the diamond influences from the diamond shape selection. For example, elongated shaped stones have more prices than square ones. So, it's best to compare the cost in different stores and keep checking the size they offer in 2-carat diamonds. You can get a perfect 2-carat weighted diamond in an elongated or square-shaped diamond.

Benefits To Choose 2-Carat Lab-grown Diamonds Rings

Opting for the 2-carat lab-grown diamond rings gives you an identical appearance as natural stones, from sparkle to symmetrical structure. In addition, with the lab diamonds, you carry forward the best quality and grades at a cheap price in the authentic certifications from GIA and IGI.

Also, the lab diamond rings are counted as ethical jewelry because they are made artificially using renewable energy and resources. Your 2-carat lab diamond carries an elegant and stylish appearance through the symmetrical structure.

Let's understand the benefits in detail for better understanding the importance of lab grown diamonds.

  • Great Quality and Grades

In 2-carat lab-grown diamonds, you can find identical quality and grades as natural diamonds. Sometimes, lab diamonds carry better sparkle reflections in their internal and external structures, making them preferable to mined diamonds. Because of the cheap cost, you can opt for an FL or IF clarity grade with the lab-grown diamonds. Also, there's an option to pick a fancy color.

Quality and grades exist in the lab diamonds when opting for the 2-carat weights. The durability, light reflections, facet placements, cutting style, and appearance of the lab-grown diamonds remain the same as mined stones.

From growing in the artificial environment, the laboratory made diamonds maintain their quality in all circumstances from the personal inspection. Unfortunately, this kind of attribute is missing in mined diamonds, where the natural process occurs to form carbon into a crystal structure as a diamond.

  • Cheaper But Smarter Choice

Lab-grown diamond prices are 40-50% less than a natural diamond with the same 4cs, polish, fluorescence, and all kinds of grades. Thus, it makes sense to save more money to spend on the same quality diamond ring. If you choose 2-carat lab diamond rings ahead of natural diamonds, you still can get an identical appearance on the hands. So, why are you willing to pay more?

For example, a 2-carat lab diamond ring price starts from $2500 to $8000. But, another side, the 2-carat natural diamond ring price starts from $6000 to $60000. Have you seen the difference? It shows that a natural diamond ring carries a high price tag representing only "Goodwill."

Within the 2-carat diamond ring cost, you can purchase two new lab diamond rings with the same color, clarity, carat, and cut grades. You have to pay a +140% price to gain the same quality grades in 2-carat rings. If you prefer only natural diamonds and have a sufficient allocation of budget, then smile and select it.

  • Authentically Certified From Recognized Institutions

Lab-grown diamonds are authentically certified by recognized institutions like GIA and IGI, making them more trustable. So, if you're considering buying a 2-carat lab diamond engagement ring, you can select it with the certification to make the purchase more transparent.

You can get an unbiased evaluation from certified lab-grown diamonds that reflects the stones' real color, clarity, carat, cut grades, and dimensions. With lab diamond certification, you can know the quality of the stones and understand you're paying the correct cost.

In Which Diamond Shape 2-Carat Rings Looks Better?

Due to the combined appearance of round cut and emerald cut, "Oval Diamond" is the best choice for 2-carat rings in any style. In two-carat weighted oval diamonds, the sparkle reflections match to brilliant cut, and the length refers to a modern emerald cut. That's why you can offer a beautiful appearance in an engagement ring with an oval diamond.

In oval cut diamonds, the brilliance reflections come out from every angle and corner for having the length. In addition, the internal facets of the oval cut control the reflections, and the external flat table surface complies with the natural light reflections.

Oval shaped diamond is the perfect choice for the 2-carat rings

The cost of the two-carat weighted diamonds is 10-30% cheaper than the same carat emerald and round-cut diamonds. So, with the remaining price, you can select the best clarity or more accent stones for your oval engagement ring.

For selecting the oval diamond cut in 2-carat rings, buyers can get the 5 benefits;as described below.

  • Exact girdle faceting placement
  • The combination of step and parallel facets
  • Less fluorescence ability
  • The wider crown top surface
  • The 15-30° angled curving edges

If your love partner refuses to pick a 2-carat oval cut diamond ring, you can select round, emerald, or asscher brilliant cut diamonds. Then, it's your call to choose a diamond shape according to your preference. Another side, there is an option to move with a fancy diamond shape family like cushion, oval, marquise, pear, heart, radiant, or princess cut.

What Is The Actual Cost For 2 Carat Diamond Rings?

The cost for 2-carat lab diamond rings starts from $2500 to $8000 in 18KT yellow or rose gold. The natural diamond ring price slab is $6000 to $60000, depending on the color, clarity, and cut grades. Simultaneously, the diamond sizes, clarity, ring style, and diamond symmetry decide how much you must pay to get a beautiful engagement ring in a 2-carat. 

While you have a budget of around $3000 but still need the best clarity, like FL or VVS and EF color grade, a 2-carat lab diamond is the perfect choice. While you have less provision to shop a diamond ring, you must compromise with the clarity, size, and color grade. But, in the lab-grown diamond ring, you doens't need to neglect your expectations. 

Here, the factors mentioned that influences the 2-carat diamond ring prices. Have a look on that.

  • 4cs of Diamonds = Diamond's color, carat, clarity, and cut

  • Diamond symmetry = Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor

  • Diamond Fluorescence = None, Faint, Medium, Strong, Very Strong

  • Diamond Polish = Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor

  • Dimensions = Table width(%), Crown angle(%), Depth(%), Pavilion(%)

  • Metal = Gold, Silver and Platinum

  • Ring Styles = Halo, Solitaire, Vintage, Eternity, Toi et Moi, Dainty, Three-stone, Bridal, Channel, Pave, and Solitaire Accent

The above mentioned factors remains same in 2-carat lab-grown and natural diamond ring, but the price is differ. 

After seeing the in which circumstances the 2 carat diamond rings prices are determines, now let's see the 4cs of diamonds to prefers in selection.

2 Carat Ring's Preferable For 4cs Of Diamonds

The 4cs of diamonds contain color, clarity, cut, and carat weights. In 2 carat diamond rings, we have to see only 3cs of diamonds as acceptable color, clarity, and cut because a carat weights remains as same. From the quality selection of 4cs in diamonds, you can determine the beautiful appearance of your engagement ring's brilliance.

You cannot get a more stylish appearance by selecting lower quality grades in 2-carat diamonds with coherence to color, clarity, and cut. Refer to the below to see the ideal 4cs grade selection.

First we explore what is the best color grade for the 2-carat diamond rings.

  • D to J Color Grade Is The Best Selection

In 2-carat diamond rings, D to J color grades are the best selection because they show the stone doesn't carry unrequired hues, especially a yellow tint. In this color grade range, your 2-carat ring releases natural light reflections, which you want in your love sign.

The diamond color grades tell which types of saturation are reflected by the anatomy, and it's evaluated from the D to Z color grade. These color grades are decided by the GIA(Gemological Institute of America).

  • Prefers FL to VS Diamond Clarity 

    For 2-carat rings, the FL (Flawless) To VS (Very Small Included) diamond clarity should be selected in all styles. These ranges of diamond clarity include Flawless, Internally Flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2. Choosing the FL clarity in the 2-carat diamond rings is the most excellent choice, offering a blemishes-free stone symmetry.

    The diamond clarity decides how the lights are reflected from surpassing the inclusions or blemishes. In lower clarity, diamonds fail to give the lights resonations, while the higher clarity grades (mentioned above) successfully share brilliant reflections.

    • Choose Excellent To Very Good Cut Diamonds

    Depending on the shapes, a 2-carat diamond ring has broader and longer anatomies, but select it in the Excellent to Very Good cut. These cut grades have ideal girdle thickness (ranges from very thin to thick) and pavilion depth that continuously resonates with the light's reflections.

    The diamond cuts show the accuracy of the girdle faceting and pavilion depth on the anatomy. The diamond cut has five types Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

    Which Metal Suits For The 2 Carat Diamond Rings?

    It's depends on your personal preferences and love partner's choices. There are three kinds of the metals available as gold, silver and platinum. If you selected halo or three-stone ring in 2 carat diamonds then 18KT white gold is enough choice. While for solitaire ring, 14KT yellow gold is elegant selection and it offers shiney appearance.

    Another side, there is an option to select silver metal in the 2-carat diamond rings in 925 Sterling Silver and 935 Argentium Silver. Prefers the silver metal if you have not carries a sufficient budget. It's a total buyer's choice of which metal they prefer in the 2-carat diamond rings.

    Meanwhile, see the below chart for the best metal selection coherently to the ring settings in 2-carat diamonds.

    Ring Styles

    Yellow Gold

    Rose Gold

    White Gold






    Toi et Moi


    Fancy Color






    Knowing the 2 carat diamond ring meaning, acceptable 4cs, benefits to select lab grown diamonds, and gold/platinum suitability, you desperately want to see its appearance, Right?

    Then the waiting time is over now. It's a moment to see different ring styles in 2-carat diamonds.

    2 Carat Diamond Shapes/Rings Styles

    In the 2-carat diamond ring selection, the shape selection is an important task for choosing the clarity grade selections. You have two choices for the shape of diamonds elongated and square. The options in long or rectangular diamond shapes are oval, emerald, pear, radiant, marquise, and cushion. While the square diamonds are Princess, cushion, and Asscher.

    While for the ring style choices are solitaire, three-stone, minimalist, customized pave engraved, matching bands as bridal sets, halo, vintage-inspired Art Deco, eternity, channel set, and Toi et Moi.

    From the mentioned ring styles, buyers have a variety selection for 2-carat diamond rings.

    Oval Diamond Ring: The Elegant Choice

    In a 2-carat oval diamond ring, you can select halo or pave engraved bands with round or cushion cut accent stones that increase overall brilliance. While you opt for a colorless center oval diamond, then consider selecting a fancy-colored stone of small size and weight, such as 2.00-CTW, where each has .10 carats.

    While talking about the clarity grade, choose VVS to VS clarity if you opted for a bow-tie affected oval. Because the bow tie refers to the black hole on the table surfaces, you have to think carefully about it. The color grade range should be E to G because it offers natural reflection in white colors.

    Oval lab-grown diamond pave engagement ring for women in 18KT yellow gold

    The best metal for a 2-carat oval diamond engagement ring is 18KT yellow gold. We recommend yellow gold for the real and shinier appearance that aparts it from white gold and rose gold. Also, yellow gold refers to traditional choice; in many beliefs, it is described as the Sun's blessings.

    In addition, consider the L/W ratio for oval diamond rings because it affects the appearance. Ideally, the 1.47 - 1.60 L/W ratio oval stone is the perfect choice if you need an elongated shape, while for the square shape, you have to go with the 1.20 - 1.30 L/W ratio. The cost is different for the long and square oval diamonds.

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    The final cost of a 2-carat oval diamond ring is between $1500 to $3000 in solitaire, three-stone, vintage, or any ring style you want for your spouse. You can opt for the 18KT gold and platinum metal and customization option within this price range. Also, you can select the tapered, reverse tapered, bypass, and cuff band styles.

    Emerald Cut Diamond Ring: The Longetivity Choice

    The emerald-cut diamond usually exists in an elongated shape with large step-cut facets that drive the elegance of light reflections. The 2-carat emerald diamonds look identical and excellent with the three-stone ring style, where an antique baguette or bullet cut stone supports these elongated shapes. Also, there is a choice to prefer a Trapezoid cut diamond.

    With a 2-carat emerald diamond selection, pay attention to picking a perfect L/W ratio that decides whether your stone appears rectangular or squared. The ideal L/W ratio for the emerald cut is 1.50 - 1.60, which offers excellent sparkle reflections. Note that the L/W ratio is the "Spinal" of your stone, so it has been selected without any compromise.

    2-carat emerald cut lab-grown diamond three-stone ring in 18KT yellow gold

    The concentric facets and step-cut pattern makes the emerald diamond preferable than a radiant or elongated cushion. Also, in emeralds, the least cropped corners and precise, transparent anatomy deliver the exquisite sparkle reflections that make your engagement ring distinctive.

    The best clarity for an emerald-cut diamond ring is the VVS because it contains the less inclusions and blemishes. It's best to consider choosing the diamond clarity according to your ring style because it affects the costs. For example, for a three-stone and solitaire ring style prefers only VVS diamonds. While the halo or cluster-style rings go with the least VS clarity and colorless grade.

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    For a 2-carat emerald cut lab diamond ring, you have to pay around $2500 to get 18KT yellow gold and three-stone ring style. While for soliatire rings, the price could be decreased to $2000 with the same color, clarity, and cut grades. Also, consider the comfortable ring size that's available from 3.25 US to 9.00 US. Pick the correct one.

    Princess Cut Diamond Ring: The Modern Fancy Choice

    The most beautiful fancy shape diamond is the "Square Princess Cut" that offers special light reflections. The sharp-edged corners of the princess diamond are the identical mark of the stone that drives the sparkle from the table to the pavilion surface. So, if you insist on the halo or pave engraved band ring style, then it's best to use white gold with a princess diamond.

    In engagement rings, the center stone appearance matters, so here you opted for the 2-carat princess diamond, then consider the clarity grade. Because if your diamond is free from blemishes, it reflects the best sparkle in a princess cut. You can go with the FL (Flawless) and VVS clarity.

    VS clarity graded princess cut lab diamond halo accent engagement ring in 18KT white gold

    While the color grade should be D to F which is independent from the yellow tint that affects the natural reflections. Remember that the princess diamond's square shape comes with internal bunches of facets and a flat table surface. So, consider the size and depth of the stone. Because the princess cut diamonds look like big bellies and appear as a fat stones.

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    For a princess diamond ring, the cost ranges from $3000 to $5000 with a halo accent and Toi et Moi styles. Meanwhile, if you need the best clarity, like FL or IF, then you have to increase your purchasing budget. Also, you can choose fancy colored diamonds from champagne, pink, blue, and yellow.

    Pear Shaped Diamond Ring: The Joy Of Tears

    The pear-shaped diamond ring refers to the joy of tears, reflecting the brilliant appearance of the symmetrical structure. The pear shape is an elegant combination of brilliant round and marquise-cut diamonds. The shape of the pear diamond resembles the pointed and rounded end that drives the sparkles.

    In the selection for a pear-shaped diamond, consider the symmetry. The two halves of this diamond create a mirror effect of each other where the pointed end is connected with the center of the rounded end of the stone. This symmetry indicates the diamond is in the well portioned and looks stylish.

    Pink pear shaped lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring in white gold

    Please ensure the pear-shaped diamond is made with the proper L/W ratio because it interacts with the appearance. For example, a long and narrower pear diamond carries more L/W ratio. While a wider stone has more rounded curves. Select the L/W ratio according to personal preference and ring settings.

    The best color grade for a pear diamond engagement ring is D to H, where the brilliance and shinier appearance are reflected. While for the clarity option, move with the Flawless to VS2, free from blemishes and inclusions. The Excellent to Good cut is the best choice for a teardrop-shaped diamond ring that reflects maximum sparkle.

    Due to rounded and pointed curved edges, the pear-shaped diamond ring is available between $1800 to $3000 in a 2-carat weight and VVS clarity. The ring style you can opt for pear diamond is solitaire, vintage, three-stone, and halo. Additionally, you can request the filigree work on the band, split shank band, and intricate detailing.

    The best metal tone for the pear-shaped diamond ring is the 18KT white gold metal for its natural appearance. While there is an option for yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum to offer a versatile wearing experience to your spouse. Every metal has benefits and attributes that increase the engagement ring's overall appearance.

    Radiant Cut Diamond Ring: The Special One

    The radiant diamond ring with 2-carat weights is the special one choice to offer as the engagement love sign to the spouse. This elongated diamond shape features cropped corners with a flat table surface reflecting brilliance and sparkle. So, if you need an ideal effect of elegant beauty, the radiant cut diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice.

    The Flawless to VVS is the ideal clarity grade for your engagement ring in a radiant diamond that helps to reflect the natural light reflections. The step-cut facets of the radiant sprinkles the brightness every moment; that's why it has been selected in the 2-carat weights.

    Radiant cut lab-grown diamond halo pave engraved band engagement ring in 18KT white gold

    The best L/W ratio for radiant diamonds could be 1.50 to 1.60 when you opted the rectangular shape. While for a squarish, the radiant cut exists in the 1.30 to 1.60 L/W ratio. Also, consider the D to H color grade radiant shape because it is free from the yellow tints. So, with perfect clarity, L/W ratio, and color grade, your radiant engagement rings look spectacular.

    Due to its elongated shape and brilliant cutting style, the radiant diamond shape is suitable for the three-stone, halo, vintage, and solitaire styles. Also the pave engraved band and split-shank band also excellent choices for the engagement ring. While you can opt for the bypass and cuff band for the ring.

    The prong settings for rings exist in claw, button, round, petite claw, V-shape, and tabs. Radiant diamond is the cropped corners stones, so it need a grip to hold and protect the symmetrical structure. Ensure that your jeweler has properly placed the elongated diamond properly in the prongs and inspect when it reaches your hands.

    You can spend around $3000 to $4000 for radiant cut engagement rings in any traditional to modern style, according to your preference. Consider the love partner's preference and quality. In 18KT white gold radiant diamond ring looks better and wonderful. Meanwhile, there is an option to pick yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum metal.

    Wedding Eternity Ring: The Eternal Love and Romance

    The wedding eternity ring represents the eternal love and romance between two individuals. So, when you've decided to pick a diamond as a gem in a wedding ring, consider at least 2.00-CTW that looks proper. The formation and placement of the eternity ring matter because that overall appearance depends. That's why sometimes, due to poor craftsmanship, the stones are fallen from the ring.

    Thus, when you opted the diamond eternity ring for a wedding, ensure that all gems have proper durability and grip from the prongs and basket settings. When discussing the best diamond shape for an eternity band, you can select round or radiant gems because they have more sparkling effects.

    2 carat wedding eternity ring for women

    White gold is ideal for this wedding ring because it matches the colorless diamond lights and sprinkles sparkle around the atmosphere. While for a colored diamond ring, the metal selection could be rose gold and yellow gold. Pick the favorite and most suitable metal for your ring while discussing it with your spouse.

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    For lab-grown diamond wedding eternity ring you can spend $1100 to $2000 to get 2-CTW round colorless gems in VS clarity. While a Flawless diamond clarity is an exquisite choice for eternity rings. Also, you can choose princess, cushion, emerald, and oval-shaped diamonds for your wedding ring selection.


    Keep in mind that the 2-carat diamond ring is not so massive but offers such a brilliant appearance when you opt for it in the ideal size, clarity, and color grades. Also, purchasing 2-carat diamonds depends on how much you know about bringing the precious gem into your hands.

    In 2-carat lab-grown diamonds, you can get identical quality, various options, and certification from the recognized certifications. Importantly, you don't have to spend more money to purchase 2-carat lab diamonds, even in fancy shapes and colors like blue, pink, yellow, champagne, and orange.

    There are many choices for picking an elongated or square shape diamond for your ring. But "Oval Diamond" is the best choice for the engagement ring because of its curlve surfaces from both ends. Also, oval is the proper combination of the round brilliant and marquise cut.

    In addition, the 2-carat rings appearance depends on the best clarity, color, and cut. These grades should be of the ideal quality mentioned above. Remember them when you opted for the diamond for your engagement ring. Consider the metal tone selection from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum according to the ring styles.

    We recommended spending around $1900 to $3000 on the 2-carat diamond rings, whatever the style or band you opted for. Also, within this price slab, you can get 18KT gold metal or maybe platinum in ring bands. Thus, with this guide now, you're able to make the informed decision to buy the diamond engagement ring.

    Key Points to Note For 2-Carat Diamond Rings

    When selecting the 2-carat diamond rings for engagements or weddings, check the list below and note it down for your convenience. The list includes how much to spend on rings, considering the best clarity, color, cut, diamond shape, metal, and ring styles.



    Make sure the diamond's L/W ratio and size is ideal.

    Prefers the lab-grown diamonds.

    Oval diamond shape is the best choice.

    Spend around $1800 to $3200.

    Pick FL to VS clarity grade diamonds.

    D to H color grade is elegant selection.

    Excellent to Good cut offer better sparkle reflections.

    Metal options are Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum.

    +10 ring styles existence offers a versatility.

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